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S/V Jule III is licensed for commerical operations in the areas of chartering, multi-mast vessel training, and onboard electronics. We requested commercial status in early 2001 and were granted approval in August 2001. Jule III is available for chartering and onboard training (e.g., crusing, marine electronics, multimedia communications, etc.) in the Chesapeake Bay region from April through September. We provide similar services in Florida from October through March. We also conduct communications related research (e.g., RF propagation analysis, wireless coverage mapping, marine electronics interoperability, etc.) during our spring and fall operations. Please contact the Crew for details.

Until 2013, SV Jule III has provided the primary office environment for the Advanced Research Corporation. Jule III provided a secure operating environment for Advanced Research's information security efforts. Her extensive worldwide communications capabilities guaranteed "24/7" customer support. Advanced Research had equipped the Jule III with state-of-the-art security and encryption tools to ensure secure and private operations.