Voyage 2019: Chapter 1

Fall 2018 [Back South]

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16 Oct 2018, Jule III Splashes, 34 15.21 N/ 077 56.898 W

Jule III has been on the hard for three months hiding from hurricanes and getting stuff fixed. Bright and early yesterday, the BBY crew prepared the boat for an early morning launch. She was directed to her temporary slip where her loyal crew and the crew from SV Endaxi re-hoisted the jib, dressed the lines, and confirmed that stuff really worked. Good so far.

29 Oct 2018, Leaving Wilmington for points South, 34 14.988 N/ 077 57.162 W

We left Bennett Brothers two days ago on a beautiful day at the 10:00 bridge opening. Everything is working great. Wilmington is a beautiful town, especially from the Cape Fear River. The battleship, USS North Carolina, guards the Brunswick County coast. It is a sight to see in and out. The other shore hosts the USCG Cutter Dilligence. We'll see you in 6 months. We stopped for two days in Southport waiting on weather and favorable tide.

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