Voyage 2019: Chapter 3

Spring 2019 [Chesapeake Bound]

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22 Apr 2019, Family, Wilmington, and Easter, 34 14.412 N/ 077 57.168 W

This week is Spring Break and granddaughter Lilli is coming to visit. We have been lucky to have her most spring breaks since she was 4 years old. We have traditions now and Todd's are proud of their traditions. For instance we like to stay in our pajamas as long as we can. Lilli is really good with that.
We go to the local park on the Cape Fear River and throw rocks. Once in a while we try to skip rocks but the local rocks don't skip too well. We also have to spend some time on Jule III, just three miles up the River from the rock throwing park. After Jule times, we headed for a local restaurant at our marina (Port City Marina)
Then there is the annual ferry trip to Southport where Lilli and the Admiral feed the seagulls during the 30 minute ride. Mandatory stops include the 'Froggy Store', the Mexican restaurant, and a return trip on the ferry. Not bad. Of course, in the evenings, we get into our PJs, put a DVD in the player, and chill.
It rained a lot during Spring Break. Lilli loved the rain, especially when there were puddles on the driveway. This day, she played for nearly ten minutes. She certainly is her father's daughter. Chris would always make a beeline for puddles. They have the same technique!
Near the end of the week, we drove to Tregembo Zoo, a privately owned full featured zoo. In the past 10 years, we missed our visit only once. As Easter is approaching, Lilli and Ann spent that evening coloring Easter eggs. They will be given to the Easter bunny when we see her tomorrow.
It is Holy Saturday and we are heading to Lilli's house (and Chris' and Christina's also). Ann looks up the Easter bunny, we arrive at the house, then have dinner at the local Pho restaurant (another tradition).
Today is Easter Sunday and the Todds go to their respective churches. Actually, after our Service, we went to Lilli's church for the second service. Both services were beautiful. We had a great Easter prepared by Christina. Afterwards, we had to pack as we were leaving early tomorrow for Newport News to see our grandson, Collin.
We left early today, as we had a short window to see Collin and his friend Jamie as they have to go to work in the afternoon. We arrived a little after 1000, took some pictures in their back yard (facing the James River), checked out his vintage Chevy truck (GPO gave him some wiring tips) and headed to one of their favorite restaurants. Good food and good conversation. It was time for them to go to work and us to head back to Jule. End of Spring Break week. Sad.

18 May 2019, ILM -> Hobucken (RE Mayo), 35 14.682 N/ 076 35.472 W

We were ready to push off the face dock at Port City Marina. Problem was we had a 85 yacht on our bow and a 90' 'sport fish' on our stern with no more than 5' clearance on either side. Pete came with the pump out boat to tow us out. Even with the assistance, we cleared the bow boat by less than 1'. We passed the replica Santa Maria (ES) and headed down the Cape Fear with tonight's destination being Wrightsville.
Weather closed on the outside so we were again forced to the inside. First night was spent in Mile Hammock after another scary but uneventful transit of the New River inlet. The next day we continued through Swansboro and Bogue Sound with sustained winds 20 knots on the quarter. Bumpy trip with a few reminders of what happened during Florence.
Arrived in Morehead City in mid afternoon and decided to continue and anchor in Adams Creek. Captain Bob, got a little confused on where to go (Ann says because he didn't have a plotted route. He replied "old age". We found the path and went on our way. Current gods were not very favorable in the cut but it could have been worse.
Ann loves to look at the colorful and unique houses on the western side of the Canal, especially the one with all the colorful crab floats and Adirondack chairs. Once we left the Canal, we noticed some shoaling in the creek; not bad but we had to focus on the depth gauge. At 1615, we anchored in 7' on the east side of Adams Creek opposite of R"6". Shorty after, Wayne drove over in his runabout and offered us a beer, laundry, and a drive to the stores. We politely declined and had a nice chat learning some of the local gossip.
We left our anchorage around 0700 so that we could transit the Neuse before the wind established itself. We had an enjoyable motor-sail down the Neuse and up the Bay River. As we entered Hobucken Cut, we strained to see if RE Mayo (Fish and Bait) had space on their docks. Of course they did as much of their fleet was deployed in New England. We like this place!
In fact, we and one of the steel scallop boats were on the 1,000' dock. RE Mayo suffered substantial damage from Florence from both wind and flooding. Though the docks still need a little help, the buildings and the facility look good.
Miss Betty checked us in for slip, scallops, and shrimp. She spoke of the 'happenings' since Hurricane Florence. She showed us a picture of the facility during the height of Florence's wrath. Miss Betty introduced us to the 'new' owner, Mr. Carol, and told us all of the improvements since Mr. Roy. We have stopped here every time we have passed through in the last 20 years.
I was wrong. The men's outhouse was completely destroyed: just a hole in the ground. The lady's outhouse is intact but needs a bit of work. This is the only toilet in the area outside of the one in the USCG's secure SAR facility. Don't think they will open their gates for us. I forgot to ask what RE Mayo folks do for a toilet.

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