Voyage 2007-2008: Chapter 2

Boat Show, Heading south, Hugging Goodbye

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12 Oct 2007, The curse continues, 38 46.500 N/ 076 33.790 W

After a lot of work on the hard for Moony and small projects for Jule III, we decided to conduct a shakedown cruise to Tilghman Creek on the Eastern Shore. We left at 1030 where the winds were light but on the nose. We had an enjoyable 5 hour motor cruise and set anchor at 1500. Everything was quiet except for the wakes from the power boats on their way to St. Michaels. It was hot but not as hot as on the hard.
In the evening, Bob checked the engine and found water in the drip pan. Where did the water come from. It was clear so it could not be coolant as that would be orange. So off he went and tightened a bunch of hose clamps. Oops! The hose barb on the transmission cooler broke right off the transmission. Not too good! After lots of thinking, he decided to bypass the cooler altogether and motor slowly back to Shipwright Harbour. Jule III told Moony to continue and we would catch up. Of course, they said 'Never!'. So back we came to Deale MD. Sigh! This picture is the opposite of Bob's mood (black)!
Bob decided that he would fix it himself. Scary thought. We ordered a new transmission cooler from Mack Boring along with gaskets, screw, nuts, and stuff. The old one came out without much difficulty but the gasket was a different matter. It took almost three hours to remove the residue. Bob installed the new unit in less than an hour. Not bad! We celebrated!!
But now the weather turns bad! and cold! Strong NW winds blow much of the water out of Deale MD. Moony can transit the channel with less than 6 inches to spare on a good day. So we have to wait for some of the water to return. Maybe tomorrow. However, today we decided to have a picnic at the 'People Park' at Shipwright. Wolfgang marinated and barbecued some excellent steaks and Italian sausages. It was a nice day. Maybe tomorrow we will head South.

16 Oct 2007, Heading South, at Last, 37 32.745 N/ 076 19.800 W

We left Rockhold Creek at high tide (0655) and had no difficulty passing through the narrows between the breakwaters. Wind was light but had enough to motorsail down to Solomon's Island area where we anchored in Mill Creek at 1310. As it was early, there was plenty of room to anchor. However, it filled up rather quickly and other vessels anchored quite close. One told us that we would all swing together. Bob was not convinced. Wolfgang and Denise came to visit in their dinghy then headed for town. We were lazy and decided to stay on board. Later, we saw them paddling back. Wolfgang had been complaining of 'outboarder problems' and the motor finally quit. Glad we had our motor recently overhauled.
Anchors up at 0655 and headed for Reedville. Not much wind so it was a motoring type of day. We arrived at the fork in Cockrell Creek at 1500 and anchored off of the Crazy Crab restaurant. As Moony's motor was still being difficult, we decided to use Jule's dinghy. We started up our outboard and headed for Moony. Sputter, sputter, dead! Not again!! Many eveil thoughts went through Bob's brain. After he calmed down, we rowed to the restaurant. We would try to fix the motor when we get to Deltaville. Restaurant was nice with good food and friendly people. But we lost too much time so we could not explore Reedville.
Next day, we left at 0700 headed for Deltaville. This day, we could actually sail but were were lazy and did not raise the mizzen. Big mistake. Moony quickly pulled away from us until the wind died and then we both resumed our motoring duties . We arrived at Jackson Creek and anchored on the western branch of the creek. Not the best location, as we were somewhat exposed to SE winds. Bob had some time so he took the Yamaha apart. He discovered that there was still some corrosion in the carburettor that would cause the needle valve to stick. Cleaned it up, but it together, and we had a dinghy motor again. The next day we went to shore and paid the $10.00/person dinghy dock tax. We wanted to use their bicycles and showers. This time they had a courtesy car with a two hour time limit. Of course we used it to provision and window shop at West Marine. As in times past, we stopped at Taylor's restaurant for a quick lunch.

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