USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

17: The mooring line labeled "E" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

101: You can safely step in the bight of a line __________.

186: The pivoting point of a vessel going ahead is __________.

233: A vessel brought alongside should be fended off the towing vessel by __________.

    N a. crew members using their arms
    N b. a boat hook
    Y c. fenders
    N d. No fending is necessary due to the rugged construction of most towing vessels.

277: Allied Naval Control of Shipping (NCS) has been established. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The Naval Control of Shipping Organization of each nation will serve their own ships only.
    N b. Allied ships, which are at sea when an emergency is declared, will all be controlled by a central authority.
    N c. The conduct of US-flag ships in an allied port will be controlled by US NCS authorities.
    Y d. After Naval Control of Shipping has been established, permission to sail must come from local naval authorities or consular officers.

284: The beam of a vessel refers to the __________.

    N a. depth between decks
    N b. internal cubic capacity
    N c. molded depth of the vessel
    Y d. width of the vessel

329: Litmus paste is used in order to determine __________.

    N a. innage
    Y b. thievage
    N c. ullage
    N d. the tank's datum point

411: Tonnage tax is officially based upon the figures obtained from the __________.

    Y a. Admeasurement Certificate
    N b. deadweight scale
    N c. displacement scale
    N d. Load Line Certificate

485: To clean a dirty fiber towing hawser used in ocean towing, you should __________.

    N a. use lye or other mild detergent
    Y b. wash it with fresh water, dry and store it
    N c. wash it with salt water
    N d. use cleaning fluid on nylon, dacron and other synthetic lines

598: What is NOT an advantage of containership operations over conventional break-bulk operations?

    Y a. Flexibility of operation
    N b. Greater operational safety
    N c. Lower stevedoring costs
    N d. Reduction of cargo damage

728: How many board feet of dunnage are in a draft 4 feet wide, 1-1/2 feet high and 13 feet long?

    N a. 84
    N b. 756
    Y c. 936
    N d. 1021

745: When carrying a cargo of asphalt or molten sulfur, which are carried at temperatures of over 300F, one of the biggest dangers is __________.

    Y a. water in the tanks or pipelines
    N b. having the cargo too cool
    N c. explosion of vapors after discharge
    N d. inadequate ullage space

810: In nautical terminology a "dog" is a __________.

    N a. crow bar
    Y b. device to force a water tight door against the frame
    N c. heavy steel beam
    N d. wedge

880: The projecting lugs of the rudderpost which furnish support to the rudder are called __________.

    N a. bases
    Y b. gudgeons
    N c. pintles
    N d. rudder lugs

1004: Uncoiling manila line improperly can result in a(n) __________.

    N a. number of fishhooks
    Y b. kink in the line
    N c. 50% loss of efficiency of the line
    N d. increase in deterioration of the line

1033: Each crewmember has an assigned firefighting station. This assignment is shown on the __________.

    N a. fire fighting plan
    N b. shipping articles
    N c. Certificate of Inspection
    Y d. muster list

1075: You are standing wheelwatch on entering port, and the Master gives you a rudder command that conflicts with a rudder command from the Pilot. What should you do?

    N a. Obey the Pilot
    Y b. Obey the Master
    N c. Ask the Pilot for guidance
    N d. Bring the rudder to midships

1090: A chock __________.

    N a. is a deck fitting used to shackle gear to the deck
    N b. permits easy jettisoning of deck cargo in an emergency
    N c. prevents stress concentration in the bulwark
    Y d. provides openings through the bulwark for mooring lines

1106: A vessel is underway with a work stage rigged over the side. A seaman may work on the stage, but only when __________.

    N a. wearing a life jacket
    N b. wearing a safety harness secured to the stage
    N c. wearing both a life jacket and a safety harness secured to the stage
    Y d. the vessel is not making way

1135: What equipment is customarily used when seamen are working on a stage rigged over the side of a vessel?

    N a. Jacob's ladder
    N b. Manropes
    N c. Heaving lines
    Y d. All of the above

1143: When rigging a stage, the standing part should be fastened to the horns of a stage with which of the following hitches?

    N a. Clove hitch
    N b. Timber hitch
    Y c. Marlinespike hitch
    N d. Double blackwall hitch

1236: You are docking a ship with a single-screw tug assisting on your starboard bow. How should the tug be tied up if you are anticipating that she will have to hold your bow off while you stem the current?

    N a. One head line would be sufficient.
    N b. The tug would need at least two head lines.
    N c. The tug should put a spring line up, leading astern on the ship.
    Y d. The tug should put a stern line up, leading ahead on the ship.

1283: Which statement about the fo'c'sle card is TRUE?

    N a. The fo'c'sle card is a blank sample of the articles.
    N b. It contains copies of the crew's signatures from the articles.
    Y c. Is an exact copy of shipping articles.
    N d. Each crewmember is given a copy of the fo'c'sle card.

1288: A document used to indicate suspected cargo damage caused by rough weather would be the __________.

    N a. cargo report
    N b. hull damage report
    Y c. Master's Note of Protest
    N d. Unseaworthy Certificate

1293: What is required to be posted in the pilothouse of a vessel?

    N a. Certificate of Inspection
    N b. Officer's licenses
    N c. Company Mission Statement
    Y d. Muster List ("Station Bill")

1367: Under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act of 1936, a vessel will be liable for damage to cargo when the damage arises out of __________.

    N a. poor stowage of cargo in a container
    N b. fire caused by lightning
    Y c. overloading
    N d. inherent vice

1468: What will NOT reduce yawing of a tow?

    N a. Increasing the length of the towing hawser
    N b. Trimming the tow by the stern
    Y c. Stowing deck loads forward
    N d. Drogues put over the stern

1548: What could be used as fairleads on a towed vessel?

    N a. Chocks
    N b. Double bitts
    N c. Roller chocks
    Y d. All of the above

1551: A majority of the crew requests a survey from the American Consul to determine a vessel's seaworthiness. The vessel is found unfit to continue her intended voyage. The Consul allows the vessel to sail to another port where deficiencies can be corrected. The crew must __________.

    N a. be discharged and given first class passage back to the original port of signing on in lieu of one month's wages
    N b. be discharged by the American Consul with additional one month's wages until repairs are made
    N c. be furnished employment on another vessel returning to the United States which is satisfactory to that crew
    Y d. comply with the judgment

1833: The standing part of a tackle is __________.

    N a. all the fall except the hauling part
    N b. the hook that engages the weight to be moved
    N c. that part to which power is applied
    Y d. that part of the falls made fast to one of the blocks

1974: In a national emergency, when communicating via the Navy, messages are sent by precedence. A message designated PRIORITY will be delivered within __________.

    Y a. 1 to 6 hours
    N b. 30 minutes to 1 hour
    N c. 3 hours to start of business the following day
    N d. 10 minutes if possible

1983: When a line is subject to wear where it passes through a mooring chock, it should be __________.

    N a. wormed, parceled, and served
    N b. wrapped with heavy tape
    Y c. wrapped with chafing gear
    N d. wrapped in leather

2000: The vessel has broken down and you are going to take her in tow. The wind is on her starboard beam. Both vessels are making the same amount of leeway. Where should you position your vessel when you start running lines? (D025DG )

    N a. A
    N b. B
    Y c. C
    N d. D

2000: The vessel has broken down and you are going to take her in tow. The wind is on her starboard beam. Both vessels are making the same amount of leeway. Where should you position your vessel when you start running lines? (D025DG )

    N a. A
    N b. B
    Y c. C
    N d. D

2037: You are riding to a single anchor. The vessel is yawing excessively. Which action should be taken to reduce the yawing?

    N a. Veer chain to the riding anchor
    N b. Heave to a shorter scope of chain on the riding anchor
    N c. Drop the second anchor at the extreme end of the yaw and veer the riding anchor
    Y d. Drop the second anchor at the extreme end of the yaw, then adjust the cables until the scope is equal

2063: A "spring line" is __________.

    N a. any wire rope used for mooring
    N b. a fire-warp
    Y c. a mooring line running diagonally to the keel
    N d. a mooring line perpendicular to the keel

2080: A Contract of Affreightment covering the movement of a particular cargo from one designated port to another at a specified rate for each ton of goods loaded is called a __________.

    N a. bareboat charter party
    N b. demise charter party
    N c. time charter party
    Y d. voyage charter party

2081: A seaman is reported missing in the morning and was last seen after coming off the mid-watch. Which type of turn would you use to return to the track-line steamed during the night?

    Y a. Williamson
    N b. Racetrack
    N c. 180 turn
    N d. Anderson

2143: Your vessel was damaged and initially assumed a significant list and trim; however, further increase has been slow. Based on this data, what should you expect?

    N a. The slowing is only temporary and the vessel will probably suddenly capsize or plunge from loss of stability due to change in the waterplane area.
    Y b. The vessel can probably be saved if further flooding can be stopped.
    N c. The vessel will continue to slowly list and/or trim due to the free surface effect and free communication effect.
    N d. The vessel will suddenly flop to the same or greater angle of list on the other side and may capsize.

2207: After an explosion, repair of emergency machinery and services should be accomplished __________.

    Y a. after control of fire, flooding, and structural repairs
    N b. immediately, before the emergency is under control
    N c. after control of fire, but before control of flooding
    N d. after stability is restored

2278: You will load and carry a bulk cargo of sulfur at ambient temperature. Which statement is true?

    N a. Wooden covers must be laid over the bilge wells to prevent the sulfur from entering the bilges.
    Y b. Bulk sulfur may be carried without a special permit providing the vessel complies with all applicable regulations.
    N c. The major characteristic of this cargo is that it forms sulfuric acid upon contact with water.
    N d. Other hazardous material may not be stowed in the same hold as the sulfur but may be carried on deck above the hold.

2281: Your vessel has run hard aground in an area subject to heavy wave action. Backing full astern failed to free her. Which action should be taken next?

    N a. Continue backing to scour out the bottom.
    N b. Wait for high tide and then try backing.
    Y c. Flood empty tanks to increase bottom pressure and prevent inshore creep.
    N d. Shift weight aft to reduce the forward draft.

2342: How many tons of salt water can be loaded into a flat ended cylindrical tank with a diameter of 3 feet and a length of 8 feet?

    Y a. 1.62
    N b. 1.98
    N c. 3.23
    N d. 6.46

2389: What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 17 feet after a sector of 111 has been removed?

    N a. 36.94 square ft.
    Y b. 156.99 square ft.
    N c. 226.98 square ft.
    N d. 627.47 square ft.

2474: Generally speaking, the more destructive storms occurring on the Great Lakes usually come from the __________.

    N a. northeast or east
    Y b. southwest or west
    N c. northwest or north
    N d. southeast or south

2493: Your U.S. tankship is designed to carry anhydrous ammonia in bulk. The keel was laid in 1980. Which statement concerning the carriage of this cargo is TRUE?

    N a. A flammable gas detection system must be installed in each cargo pump room.
    N b. Tanks may not be located "on deck".
    N c. Carriage of this cargo is authorized by issuance of an IMO Certificate.
    Y d. Aluminum and copper alloys are prohibited from being in valve parts in contact with the cargo.

2581: How does the effect known as "bank suction" act on a single-screw vessel proceeding along a narrow channel?

    Y a. It pulls the stern toward the bank.
    N b. It heels the vessel toward the bank.
    N c. It pushes the entire vessel away from the bank.
    N d. It pulls the bow toward the bank.

2719: Which publication would give detailed information on the commercial vessel traffic reporting system for connecting waters from Lake Erie to Lake Huron?

    N a. United States Coast Pilot - Great Lakes #6
    N b. U.S. Coast Guard Light List - Vol. VII
    Y c. Code of Federal Regulations - Title 33
    N d. The appropriate Great Lakes Navigation Chart

2745: While standing look-out at night, a dim light on the horizon will be seen quickest by looking __________.

    Y a. a little above the horizon
    N b. directly towards the light
    N c. a little below the horizon
    N d. quickly above then quickly below the horizon

2785: You are proceeding under NCS (Naval Control of Shipping) and wish to send a message by rapid transmission which does not require a higher precedence. Which precedence would you assign this message?

    N a. P (PRIORITY)
    Y b. R (ROUTINE)
    N c. O (IMMEDIATE)
    N d. Z (FLASH)

2869: When more than one vessel is being assisted by an icebreaker, distances between vessels should be constant. Which signal should be given by a vessel which is ahead of another and whose speed suddenly begins to drop?

    N a. Four short blast on the whistle
    N b. A flag hoist consisting of the code figure "4"
    Y c. A flag hoist consisting of the code figure "5"
    N d. A flag hoist consisting of the code letters "FE" (Foxtrot-Echo)

2900: Which statement about Naval Control of Shipping in wartime is TRUE?

    Y a. It is mandatory in wartime.
    N b. It is mandatory in hazardous areas and voluntary in other areas.
    N c. It is mandatory only for vessels sailing in convoy.
    N d. It is mandatory for vessels bound foreign and voluntary for vessels in the coastwise trade.

2986: Sulfuric acid is a __________.

    N a. clear syrupy liquid with no odor
    Y b. colorless-to-brown liquid with a choking odor when hot
    N c. colorless liquid with a pleasant fruity odor
    N d. whitish liquid with a faint, pleasant odor

3346: When connecting the tow bridle to a tug, the end of the bridle is passed with a __________.

    N a. heaving line
    N b. shot line
    N c. high line
    Y d. messenger line

3381: A half-height container is used __________.

    N a. to carry cargoes of low density
    N b. when stowage space is limited
    Y c. to carry cargoes such as steel products or drums
    N d. to double the stowage capacity of the vessel

3564: The angle at which the fluke penetrates the soil is called the __________.

    Y a. fluke angle
    N b. tripping angle
    N c. penetration angle
    N d. holding angle

3820: When making a Scharnow turn, the __________.

    N a. rudder must be put over towards the side the man went over
    N b. initial turn direction is away from the side the man went over
    Y c. rudder is put hard over and the initial turn is maintained until about 240 from the original course
    N d. man overboard must be not more than 300 feet astern when starting the turn

4136: A disadvantage of using chain lashing on heavy vehicles aboard Ro-Ro vessels is that it __________.

    N a. can wrap around cargo
    N b. is easily damaged
    N c. is affected by temperature
    Y d. does not absorb shock

4141: What is/are the advantage(s) of using web lashing on light vehicles aboard Ro-Ro vessels?

    N a. Good working life
    N b. Light and easy to handle
    N c. Flexible
    Y d. All of the above

4250: Which action(s) is/are included in crane operations?

    N a. Pre-operation checks and start-up
    N b. Removing booms from stowage
    N c. Luff, slew, and hoist operations
    Y d. All of the above