USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

37: Your enrolled vessel is bound from Baltimore, MD, to Norfolk, VA, via Chesapeake Bay. Which statement about the required Pilot is TRUE?

97: Chafing gear should be placed __________.

126: The distance a vessel moves parallel to the original course from the point where the rudder is put over to any point on the turning circle is called the __________.

130: You are on a vessel carrying liquefied butadiene in bulk. Which document is NOT required to be either in the wheelhouse or easily accessible to the person on watch while underway?

    Y a. Cargo manual
    N b. Cargo information card
    N c. Certificate of Inspection
    N d. Shipping document

166: The distance gained in the direction of the original course when you are making a turn is known as __________.

    Y a. advance
    N b. drift
    N c. tactical diameter
    N d. transfer

207: A towing vessel's capability is BEST measured by horsepower, maneuverability, displacement, and __________.

    N a. stability
    N b. propeller design
    Y c. bollard pull
    N d. towing winch horsepower

260: You receive a package, for shipment aboard your vessel, containing Class 1 explosives. The package is damp, moldy and stained. You must __________.

    N a. have the U.S.C.G. Captain of the Port approve the shipment
    N b. note an exception on the Bill of Lading
    N c. repair or replace the packaging before stowage
    Y d. seek the shipper's advice with regard to withdrawal, repair, or replacement

319: Static electricity may be built up by the __________.

    N a. flow of petroleum through pipes
    N b. spraying or splashing of petroleum
    N c. settling of solids or water in petroleum
    Y d. All of the above

326: In order to back a right-handed, single-screw vessel in a straight line, you will probably need to use __________.

    N a. very little rudder
    N b. some left rudder
    Y c. some right rudder
    N d. full left rudder

341: The Certificate of Freeboard is the __________.

    Y a. Load Line Certificate
    N b. Certificate of Inspection
    N c. Admeasurer's Certificate
    N d. Forecastle Card

459: Petroleum cargo tanks should not be topped off at deck level when loading on a cold day because __________.

    Y a. a subsequent temperature rise will cause the cargo to overflow
    N b. air pockets may cause the cargo to bubble out of the ullage hole
    N c. the increased viscosity of the product requires higher loading pressure which increases the chances of a spill
    N d. the tank valve may be stiff and a spill will occur before the valve can be closed

511: All U.S. Flag vessels engaged in foreign trade are required to have a(n) __________.

    N a. enrollment
    N b. license
    Y c. registry
    N d. sea letter

535: In illustration D044DG, the mooring line labeled "G" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

    N a. offshore bow line
    Y b. inshore bow line
    N c. forward breast line
    N d. forward spring line

579: The terminal indicates to you that they are going to use a booster pump to assist the discharging operation. You start the discharge, and in a few minutes the pressure drops sharply. This could be a result of the __________.

    Y a. booster pump coming on the line and discharging properly
    N b. booster pump failing to start
    N c. booster pump being lined up in the wrong direction
    N d. ship's pump speeding up

591: What will NOT be found on the Certificate of Inspection of an ocean going tankship?

    N a. Manning requirements
    Y b. Minimum freeboard permitted
    N c. Grade(s) of cargoes that the vessel may carry
    N d. Waters upon which the vessel may be operated

592: When a helmsman receives the command "Right 15 degrees rudder," the helmsman's immediate reply should be __________.

    Y a. "Right 15 degrees rudder"
    N b. "Aye Aye Sir"
    N c. "Rudder is right 15 degrees"
    N d. No reply is necessary, just carry out the order.

684: Right-laid line should be coiled __________.

    Y a. clockwise
    N b. counterclockwise
    N c. either clockwise or counterclockwise
    N d. on a reel

826: In order to reduce your wake in a narrow channel you should __________.

    N a. apply enough rudder to counter the effect of the current
    N b. change your course to a zigzag course
    Y c. reduce your speed
    N d. shift the weight to the stern

837: When may foreign licensed or documented personnel be employed on a US-flag towing vessel?

    Y a. While on a foreign voyage and outside US jurisdiction, in order to meet manning requirements
    N b. While operating above the US outer continental shelf
    N c. On vessels operating on domestic voyages only
    N d. Never, under any circumstances

935: The scuppers had been plugged as required at the time an oil spill occurs on deck. After shutting down the transfer, the engineroom should first be informed and then __________.

    N a. rig a fire hose and call for water on deck
    Y b. spread an absorbent material, such as sawdust
    N c. remove the plugs from the scuppers
    N d. sound the general alarm

948: Twenty-five hundred (2500) tons of iron ore with a stowage factor of 17 is stowed in a cargo hold. The dimensions of the hold are 55 feet long and 45 feet wide and 35 feet high. What is the height of the center of gravity of the ore above the bottom of the hold?

    N a. 7.8 feet
    Y b. 8.6 feet
    N c. 17.1 feet
    N d. 34.6 feet

952: You have orders to load cargoes of carbon disulfide, diisopropylamine and pyridine on your multi-product tankship. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. Carbon disulfide may be carried in NOS. 1 and 2 center tanks and diisopropylamine in NOS. 1 and 2 wing tanks.
    N b. Pyridine and diisopropylamine may be carried in tanks having a common header vent.
    Y c. Pyridine need not be separated from carbon disulfide by two barriers (cofferdams, voids, empty tanks, etc.).
    N d. A tank of carbon disulfide may be used to separate a tank of pyridine from a tank of diisopropylamine.

1059: You are cleaning the tanks after carrying a cargo of crude oil. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. Washing water should be recirculated if possible because it has the same electric potential as the cargo tank being cleaned.
    N b. The hoses to portable cleaning machines should be disconnected before the machines are removed from the tank.
    N c. The principal hazard with steaming cargo tanks is raising the ambient temperature above the flame point of the cargo residue.
    Y d. Steam cleaning and water washing are both capable of generating electrostatic charges within a tank.

1165: The Muster List ("Station Bill") shows each person's lifeboat station, duties during abandonment, basic instructions, and __________.

    Y a. all emergency signals
    N b. instructions for lowering the lifeboats
    N c. the time each weekly drill will be held
    N d. work schedule

1217: The proper way to correct a mistake in the logbook is to __________.

    N a. erase the entry and rewrite
    Y b. draw a line through the entry, rewrite, and initial the correction
    N c. draw several lines through the entry, rewrite, and initial the correction
    N d. completely black out the entry, rewrite, and initial the correction

1243: You are on watch at sea and find it prudent to call the Master to the bridge due to traffic congestion. The moment that the Master officially relieves you of the conn is whenever __________.

    N a. a watchstander announces "Captain's on the bridge"
    N b. you call the Captain to the bridge in a traffic situation
    Y c. the Master specifically informs you that he has the conn
    N d. the Captain states the course being steered

1252: Control of flooding should be addressed __________.

    N a. first
    Y b. following control of fire
    N c. following restoration of vital services
    N d. only if a threat exists

1500: Sometimes it is desirable to connect a member both by riveting and welding. Which statement is TRUE concerning this procedure?

    N a. Tearing through the member is more likely in this type connection.
    N b. The weld may be broken by the stresses caused by riveting.
    N c. The weld increases the tensile stress on the rivet heads.
    Y d. The welding must be completed before the riveting commences.

1526: One shot of anchor chain is equal to how many feet (meters)?

    N a. 6 (1.8 meters)
    N b. 15 (4.6 meters)
    N c. 45 (13.7 meters)
    Y d. 90 (27.4 meters)

1609: For vessels fitted with cargo gear, an initial test of the units under a proof load shall be conducted. Subsequent tests and exams of the same nature shall be carried out at what time interval?

    N a. 1 year
    N b. 3 years
    N c. 4 years
    Y d. 5 years

1684: Temporary seizings on wire rope are made with __________.

    N a. marline
    N b. sail twine
    N c. tape
    Y d. wire

1720: Your vessel is to dock bow first at a pier. Which line will be the most useful when maneuvering the vessel alongside the pier?

    Y a. Bow spring line
    N b. Bow breast line
    N c. Stern breast line
    N d. Inshore head line

1748: An Official Logbook is required on which vessel?

    N a. A 150-G.T. tug going from Boston to New Orleans.
    Y b. A 100-G.T. tug going from New York to San Pedro, California.
    N c. A 50-G.T. tug going from Miami to Seattle.
    N d. A 199-G.T. tug on a coastwise trip of 650 miles.

1862: How much force would be required to lift a weight of 200 lbs. using a gun tackle rigged to disadvantage (do not consider friction)?

    N a. 50 lbs.
    Y b. 100 lbs.
    N c. 150 lbs.
    N d. 200 lbs.

1886: The knot lettered R is a __________. (DO30DG )

    Y a. double becket bend
    N b. bowline
    N c. fisherman's bend
    N d. round turn and two half hitches

1889: The helm command "Nothing to the left" means do NOT __________.

    N a. use left rudder
    Y b. steer left of the ordered course
    N c. steer right of the ordered course
    N d. leave any buoys on the port side

1931: You are using tackle number 12 to lift a weight of 300 lbs. If you include 10 percent of the weight for each sheave for friction, what is the pull on the hauling part required to lift the weight? (DO29DG )

    N a. 80 lbs.
    Y b. 69 lbs.
    N c. 55 lbs.
    N d. 50 lbs.

1966: The turning circle of a vessel making a turn of over 360 degrees is the path followed by the __________.

    N a. bow
    N b. bridge
    Y c. center of gravity
    N d. centerline

1980: What is the name of the mark indicated by the letter C? (DO03DG )

    Y a. Fresh water line
    N b. Tropical water line
    N c. Summer water line
    N d. Winter North Atlantic water line

2037: You are riding to a single anchor. The vessel is yawing excessively. Which action should be taken to reduce the yawing?

    N a. Veer chain to the riding anchor
    N b. Heave to a shorter scope of chain on the riding anchor
    N c. Drop the second anchor at the extreme end of the yaw and veer the riding anchor
    Y d. Drop the second anchor at the extreme end of the yaw, then adjust the cables until the scope is equal

2191: A wooden deck installed on top of the plating lettered N is known as __________. (D033DG )

    N a. spar decking
    N b. furring
    Y c. ceiling
    N d. flooring

2203: A Chinese stopper (two lines) will hold best when you __________.

    N a. fasten the bitter ends to the mooring line with half hitches
    Y b. twist the ends together and hold them in the direction of the pull
    N c. twist the ends together and hold them in the direction opposite to the pull
    N d. twist the ends together and hold them at right angles to the mooring line

2321: Your vessel has run aground and is touching bottom for the first one-quarter of its length. What is the LEAST desirable method from the standpoint of stability to decrease the bottom pressure?

    N a. Discharge forward deck cargo.
    Y b. Pump out the forepeak tank.
    N c. Shift deck cargo aft.
    N d. Flood an after double-bottom tank.

2459: Tripping defects in anchors frequently occur in __________.

    N a. deep water
    N b. shallow water
    N c. stiff soils
    Y d. soft soils

2475: The use of liners in riveted construction is eliminated by using __________.

    N a. lapped construction
    N b. strapped construction
    Y c. joggled construction
    N d. belted construction

2499: Single hull vessels operating exclusively on the Great Lakes must be dry docked at intervals not to exceed __________.

    N a. 12 months
    N b. 24 months
    N c. 48 months
    Y d. 60 months

2521: The period of roll is the time difference between __________.

    N a. zero inclination to full inclination on one side
    N b. full inclination on one side to full inclination on the other side
    Y c. full inclination on one side to the next full inclination on the same side
    N d. zero inclination to the next zero inclination

2602: As you hold a piece of manila line vertically in front of you, the strands run from the lower right to the upper left. Which type of line is this?

    N a. Plain-laid
    N b. Shroud-laid
    Y c. Left-hand laid
    N d. Water-laid

2976: Which statement is TRUE with respect to shiphandling procedures in ice?

    N a. Never go "full astern" at any time while in ice.
    Y b. Go astern in ice with extreme care - always with rudder amidships.
    N c. Enter ice at medium speeds to reduce impact.
    N d. The presence of a snow cover on the ice assists a vessel's progress through an ice field.

3048: The proximity of pack ice may be indicated by __________.

    N a. changes in seawater salinity
    Y b. glare on clouds on the horizon
    N c. changes in air temperature
    N d. icebergs

3167: Which statement concerning a 298 GRT inspected tug engaged in towing from Seattle, WA, to Alaska is TRUE?

    N a. No able seamen are required.
    Y b. Each crew member must be issued a certificate of discharge at the time of discharge.
    N c. A licensed Master of Towing Vessels may serve as Master.
    N d. Crew must be signed on before a Shipping Commissioner.

3340: It is NOT advisable to use nylon for alongside towing because it __________.

    Y a. stretches too much
    N b. is too difficult to make fast
    N c. parts too readily
    N d. is too susceptible to mildew

3516: The signal man has both arms extended out, palms down, and is moving his arms back and forth. This is the signal for __________.

    N a. keep lifting
    N b. swing right
    N c. swing left
    Y d. emergency stop

3550: When can a look-out leave his duty station?

    N a. 15 minutes before the end of the watch
    N b. At the end of the watch
    Y c. When properly relieved
    N d. At any time

3589: A vessel has been surveyed in a foreign port and found unseaworthy as a result of neglect. A seaman on this vessel is entitled to discharge and __________.

    N a. transportation to the port of engagement
    N b. one month's pay only
    N c. one month's pay or transportation to the nearest U.S. port, whichever is the least amount
    Y d. one month's pay or transportation to the nearest U.S. port, whichever is the greater amount

4014: The facewire refers to item __________. (D024DG )

    Y a. I
    N b. H
    N c. B
    N d. A

4071: The head block is located___________.

    N a. at the base of the boom
    Y b. at the head of the boom
    N c. at the head of the mast
    N d. on top of the jack staff

4225: What does item "G" refer to in this illustration of a 30-ton pedestal crane? (D045DG )

    N a. Mast
    N b. Pillar
    Y c. Turntable
    N d. Pedestal

4277: Which wire rope purchases may be used with a 30-ton pedestal crane?

    N a. Hoist
    N b. Luff
    N c. Rider block
    Y d. All of the above

4383: What does item "A" refer to in this illustration of a 30-ton pedestal crane? (D045DG )

    N a. Boom luffing falls
    Y b. Cargo hoist falls
    N c. Remote block tagline system
    N d. Slewing cable