USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

82: Floors aboard ship are __________.

88: Which is an example of cargo damage caused by inherent vice?

94: All of the following records are usually maintained by the watch-standing officers aboard a vessel EXCEPT the __________.

100: Which statement is ALWAYS true?

    Y a. Keep clear of any line that is under a strain.
    N b. A line will creak, make snapping sounds, and smoke before it parts.
    N c. Only synthetic lines will snap back after parting.
    N d. Stepping on the bight of a line is safer than stepping in the bight of a line.

128: Which is characteristic of a "special cargo"?

    N a. The cargo gives off toxic gases when heated.
    N b. Periodic inspection is required while in transit to prevent spoilage.
    Y c. It is of high value or easily pilferable.
    N d. It must be stowed on deck.

170: Which is NOT required on a tankship carrying hazardous liquid cargoes in bulk?

    N a. A copy of 46 CFR parts 35 and 150
    Y b. Certificate of Adequacy for the hazardous cargoes carried
    N c. Certificate of Inspection issued under the Tank Vessel Regulations
    N d. Cargo piping plan showing loading rates for all applicable cargo lines

176: The turning circle of a vessel is the path followed by the __________.

    N a. tipping center
    N b. bow
    N c. outermost part of the ship while making the circle
    Y d. center of gravity

201: Your vessel is in a foreign port and you find that one of the crew members has been incarcerated for drunkenness. The Official Logbook shows that the seaman doesn't have funds to cover the costs of the fine. Which action should the Master take?

    N a. Inventory his gear and send it and a pay voucher ashore with the agent.
    N b. Leave the seaman in jail and log him as a fail to join after the vessel sails.
    N c. Leave the seaman in jail and log him as a deserter after the vessel sails.
    Y d. Pay the seaman's fine.

220: The best method to secure a towline to bitts is to __________.

    N a. take a round turn on the bitt farthest from the pull and use figure-eights
    Y b. take a round turn on the bitt closest to the pull and use figure-eights
    N c. use figure-eights and take a round turn at the top of the bitts
    N d. use only figure-eights

312: If you are bunkering and you close off one tank in the line of tanks being filled, the rate of flow to other open tanks on the same line will __________.

    Y a. increase
    N b. decrease
    N c. stop
    N d. remain constant

419: A cargo of 10,000 barrels of gasoline is loaded at a temperature of 90F, and a cargo temperature of 55F, is expected on this voyage. It has a coefficient of expansion of .0006. How many barrels would you expect to discharge at your destination?

    Y a. 9790
    N b. 9994
    N c. 10210
    N d. 10410

531: Spring loaded towing hooks are used in towing to __________.

    N a. absorb and cushion the shock of towing
    N b. prevent whiplash
    Y c. trip and release when the pull of the towing hawser exceeds a predetermined limit
    N d. make it easier to attach and release the tow

539: Which type of shackle is used for most towing connections?

    Y a. Safety shackles
    N b. Round pin anchor shackles
    N c. Screw pin shackles
    N d. Heart shaped shackles

675: An advantage of the modified Christmas Tree towing method is to __________.

    N a. increase the towing hawser's catenary and provide more spring
    Y b. reduce catenary, allow operation in shallower water, and to release one barge without breaking up the entire tow
    N c. enable one tug and its crew without any outside assistance to make up or break down the tow
    N d. provide rapid delivery of logs from the northwestern United States to Hawaiian sawmills

697: What imminent danger results from tripping?

    N a. A crew member being knocked over the side
    Y b. Capsizing your tug
    N c. Your tug being pulled backwards by your tow
    N d. The tow being thrown off course

737: A heavy steel curved arch constructed athwartships and above the after deck on a towing vessel is sometimes called a __________.

    N a. chafing bar
    Y b. Dutch tow bar
    N c. carling
    N d. None of the above

766: Insufficient space between the hull and bottom in shallow water will prevent normal screw currents resulting in __________.

    N a. waste of power
    N b. sudden sheering to either side
    N c. sluggish rudder response
    Y d. All of the above

801: When oil is discharged overboard, an entry is required in the __________.

    N a. engine rough log
    Y b. Oil Record Book
    N c. Official Logbook
    N d. deck rough log

945: After having been pulled aloft in a bosun's chair on a mast, you must now make yourself fast in the chair prior to painting the mast. You should first __________.

    N a. have the sailor on deck make the hauling part fast to a cleat on the mast
    N b. make the tail of the line leading from the becket bend fast to a padeye on the mast
    Y c. seize the hauling part and the standing part firmly in one hand to support your weight
    N d. frap yourself to the mast to take the strain off the hauling part

1031: Which certificate is NOT issued by the Coast Guard?

    N a. Award of official number
    N b. Certificate of Inspection
    Y c. Classification of Hull and Machinery
    N d. Safety Equipment Certificate

1085: Which of the following statements concerning the rigging of bosuns' chairs and their use is TRUE?

    N a. Always secure the gantline to the chair with a bowline.
    N b. Always have the chair hoisted with at least three turns on a winch drum.
    Y c. Any tools, paint pots etc. should be secured by lanyards.
    N d. When riding a stay, make sure that the bow of the shackle passes through the becket of the bridle.

1214: Which statement is TRUE about nylon line?

    N a. Manila line will usually last longer than nylon line.
    N b. Nylon line is excellent for use in alongside towing.
    N c. A normal safe working load will stretch nylon line 50%.
    Y d. Nylon stoppers should be used with nylon line.

1252: Control of flooding should be addressed __________.

    N a. first
    Y b. following control of fire
    N c. following restoration of vital services
    N d. only if a threat exists

1320: A cofferdam is __________.

    N a. any deck below the main deck and above the lowest deck
    N b. a member that gives fore-and-aft strength
    Y c. made by placing two bulkheads a few feet apart
    N d. a heavy fore-and-aft beam under the deck

1355: Ice concentration is measured in OKTAs. What percentage of the sea surface is ice-covered with 6 OKTAs concentration?

    N a. 6%
    N b. 50%
    N c. 60%
    Y d. 75%

1456: How many turns of wire normally mark either side of the shackle 45 fathoms from the anchor?

    N a. 1
    N b. 2
    Y c. 3
    N d. 4

1565: While in dry dock your vessel will be belt-gauged. This process involves __________.

    N a. measuring the thickness of the tail shaft liner
    N b. taking the vessel's offsets to check for hull deformation
    N c. testing and examining the anchor cables for defective links
    Y d. drilling or sonic-testing the hull to determine the plate thickness

1591: A complaint of unseaworthiness by a majority of crew members to the American Consul is found to be justified after a survey is completed. Who must pay the cost of the survey?

    N a. Crew members requesting the survey
    N b. American Consul
    Y c. Master
    N d. Vessel's owners

1593: A long splice in a line __________.

    Y a. is used in running rigging
    N b. doubles the size of the line
    N c. is only used on fiber rope
    N d. is very weak

1655: Which knot represents a double blackwall hitch? (DO30DG )

    N a. F
    N b. G
    Y c. L
    N d. R

1659: The safe working load for the assembled cargo gear and the minimum angle to the horizontal for which the gear is designed shall be marked on the __________.

    N a. deck
    N b. head of the boom
    Y c. heel of the boom
    N d. mast or king post

1680: In vessel construction, the garboard strake is __________.

    Y a. located next to and parallel to the keel
    N b. located next to and parallel to the gunwale
    N c. another term for the bilge keel
    N d. another term for the rub rail

1809: The greatest horizontal stress between the heads of the booms in the yard and stay rig occurs when the load is in such a position that the __________.

    Y a. falls are at an equal angle to the horizontal
    N b. stay fall is vertical
    N c. stay fall is at a greater angle to the horizontal than the yard fall
    N d. yard fall is at a greater angle to the horizontal than the stay fall

1809: The greatest horizontal stress between the heads of the booms in the yard and stay rig occurs when the load is in such a position that the __________.

    Y a. falls are at an equal angle to the horizontal
    N b. stay fall is vertical
    N c. stay fall is at a greater angle to the horizontal than the yard fall
    N d. yard fall is at a greater angle to the horizontal than the stay fall

1826: The knot lettered X in illustration DO30DG is a __________. (DO30DG )

    N a. timber hitch
    N b. becket bend
    Y c. clove hitch
    N d. blackwall hitch

2050: In illustration D044DG, the mooring line labeled "H" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

    N a. forward breast line
    N b. offshore spring line
    N c. onshore bow line
    Y d. offshore bow line

2133: The S.S. Hollowpoint has a charter party in which the charterer assumes no responsibility for the operation of the vessel but pays stevedoring expenses. What is the name of the charter party?

    N a. Bareboat
    N b. Dispatch
    Y c. Voyage
    N d. Demise

2155: A case received for shipment has the markings shown. Each carton measures 13" X 15" X 23". What is the total cubic capacity the entire consignment will occupy if you assume 10% broken stowage? (D043DG )

    N a. 779 cubic feet (22 cubic meters)
    Y b. 857 cubic feet (24 cubic meters)
    N c. 1047 cubic feet (30 cubic meters)
    N d. 112,125 cubic feet (3173 cubic meters)

2231: What is the mechanical advantage of tackle number 2? (DO29DG )

    N a. 0.5
    N b. 1
    Y c. 2
    N d. 3

2254: You are using tackle number 4 to lift a weight. The hauling part of this tackle is bent to the weight hook (w) of tackle number 10. What is the mechanical advantage of this rig? (D029DG )

    N a. 4
    N b. 5
    N c. 9
    Y d. 20

2289: A seaman you have just discharged has a Continuous Discharge Book. Which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. The record of entry in the continuous discharge book shall agree with the entry made in the Ship's Articles.
    N b. If the vessel was on coastwise articles, the record of discharge will be made in the Official Logbook.
    N c. An entry should be made in the book and a Certificate of Discharge issued to the seaman.
    N d. A Certificate of Discharge form should be attached to the book.

2325: Which line cannot be spliced?

    N a. Braided line with a hollow core
    N b. Double-braided line
    Y c. Braided line with a solid core
    N d. Any line can be spliced

2536: Wages due a seaman may be attached by the court for the __________.

    N a. payment of any fines imposed by the court
    N b. payment of back taxes to the IRS
    Y c. support of a spouse
    N d. All of the above

2906: You are planning to anchor in an area where several anchors have been lost due to fouling. As a precaution, you should __________.

    N a. anchor using both anchors
    N b. anchor with scope of 8 or more to 1
    N c. use a stern anchor
    Y d. fit a crown strap and work wire to the anchor

3079: What is a solid at ambient temperature?

    N a. Aniline
    N b. Formic acid
    N c. Methyl chloride
    Y d. Napthalene

3085: Naval Control of Shipping (NCS) publications should be __________.

    N a. in the Master's custody
    N b. safely stowed
    N c. turned over to the relieving Master
    Y d. All of the above

3291: The riding pawl is __________.

    N a. a safety interlock in a cargo winch that prevents the runner from overspeeding
    Y b. a stopper that prevents the anchor cable from running free if the cable jumps the wildcat
    N c. the device that locks the deck lashings of the Peck and Hale system
    N d. the lug that rides on the eccentric rib and engages the locking ring on the windlass

3400: In a tow made up astern, the fishplate __________.

    Y a. connects the hawser to the bridle
    N b. connects the bridle to the tow
    N c. keeps the hawser amidships on the tug
    N d. is the capping piece on the "H" bitt

3430: What is NOT considered "jewelry"?

    N a. Steamboat ratchets
    N b. Manila lines
    Y c. Buttons
    N d. Shackles

3504: Metal plates that cover the top of the hawsepipe are called __________.

    N a. footings
    N b. plugs
    Y c. buckler plates
    N d. stop waters

3631: The number of certificated able seamen and lifeboatmen required on board is listed in the __________.

    Y a. Certificate of Inspection
    N b. American Bureau of Shipping code
    N c. Muster List ("Station Bill")
    N d. Safety of Life at Sea Convention

3710: A new crewman reports on board. He must be trained in the use of the ship's lifesaving appliances within what time period?

    N a. 2 months
    N b. 1 month
    Y c. 2 weeks
    N d. Before sailing

4028: Which statement about the carriage of coal is true?

    N a. Most problems with spontaneous combustion will occur within 72 hours of loading and after that the risk decreases.
    N b. Wet coal is more liable to spontaneous heating than dry coal.
    N c. Coal absorbs nitrogen from the air which reacts with methane and causes spontaneous heating.
    Y d. Freshly worked coal is more dangerous than weathered coal.

4066: What is the MOST irritating to the skin?

    N a. Carbon disulfide
    N b. Ethyl alcohol
    N c. Isoprene
    Y d. Oleum

4118: Which factor(s) affect lashing requirements aboard Ro-Ro vessels?

    Y a. Ships characteristics and motion in a seaway
    N b. Trim of the vessel
    N c. Wide variations of air temperature
    N d. All of the above

4178: Which of the following actions are stated in the correct order prior to loading or discharging cargo on a Ro-Ro vessel?

    Y a. Lower the stern ramp, raise/open the stern door, turn on ventilation for cargo holds
    N b. Turn on ventilation for cargo holds, raise/open the stern door, lower the stern ramp
    N c. Turn on ventilation for cargo holds, lower the stern ramp, raise/open the stern door
    N d. Raise/open the stern door, lower the stern ramp, turn on ventilation for cargo holds

4221: What does item "D" refer to in this illustration of a 30-ton pedestal crane? (D045DG )

    N a. Heel block
    N b. Gin block
    N c. Rider block
    Y d. Hook block

4266: Which statement is TRUE concerning the tandem working arrangement of pedestal cranes when completing a quad lift?

    N a. The cranes require shoreside assistance to handle heavy cargos.
    N b. The cargo discharge cannot be accomplished without pendulation.
    N c. The cargo discharge cannot be performed at anchor.
    Y d. The discharge is slow due to the size of the cargo and all the cranes working together.

4268: Which statement is TRUE concerning the tandem working arrangement of pedestal cranes when completing a quad lift?

    N a. The cargo discharge can be accomplished with controlled pendulation.
    Y b. The discharge is slow due to the size of the cargo and all the cranes working together.
    N c. The cargo discharge can be performed in port or at anchor.
    N d. The cranes enable the handling of heavy cargos without shoreside assistance.

4390: When a helmsman receives the command "Right 15 degrees rudder," the helmsman's immediate reply should be __________.

    N a. "Rudder is right 15 degrees"
    N b. "Aye Aye Sir"
    N c. No reply is necessary, just carry out the order
    Y d. "Right 15 degrees rudder"