USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

5: You are standing the wheelwatch when you hear the cry, "Man overboard starboard side". You should instinctively __________.

27: Under title 46 of the United States Code, the person in charge of a documented vessel who fails to report a complaint of a sexual offense may be __________.

75: Frames to which the tank top and bottom shell are fastened are called __________.

76: Leeway is the __________.

    N a. difference between the true course and the compass course
    N b. momentum of a vessel after her engines have been stopped
    Y c. lateral movement of a vessel downwind of her intended course
    N d. displacement of a vessel multiplied by her speed

90: You are on a multiple-product chemical tanker. The loading plan includes cargoes of diethylenetriamine and formamide. Which statement concerning the stowage of these cargoes is TRUE?

    N a. They must be separated by a void space or empty tank.
    N b. The cargoes must have individual venting systems.
    N c. The valves in common piping systems must be chained closed and locked.
    Y d. The minimum segregation required is a single bulkhead.

120: You are on a multiple-product tankship and scheduled to load a cargo classed as an aromatic amine. This cargo is incompatible with cargoes classed as __________.

    Y a. organic anhydrides
    N b. ketones
    N c. phenols
    N d. esters

134: Your ship is steaming at night on gyro-pilot when you notice that the vessel's course is slowly changing to the right. Which action should you take FIRST?

    N a. Call the Master.
    Y b. Change to hand steering.
    N c. Notify the engine room of the steering malfunction.
    N d. Send the Quartermaster to the emergency steering station.

158: A claim for cargo damages may be held against the ship owner if such damage is the result of failure of the ship's officers to __________.

    N a. correct all defects in the ship's construction
    Y b. ensure the fitness and safety of cargo spaces
    N c. ensure adequate packaging of the cargo
    N d. prevent delays due to quarantine restrictions

330: You have completed a Dangerous Cargo Manifest for dangerous cargoes loaded on board. It should be kept in a conspicuous location __________.

    N a. in the radio room
    N b. in the ship's office
    Y c. on or near the bridge
    N d. outside the Captain's stateroom

332: The helm command "Meet her" means __________.

    N a. steer more carefully
    Y b. use rudder to check the swing
    N c. decrease the existing rudder angle
    N d. note the course and steady on that heading

351: Which certificate is issued by the American Bureau of Shipping?

    N a. Certificate of Inspection
    Y b. Load Line Certificate
    N c. Safety Equipment Certificate
    N d. Permit to Proceed for repairs

370: Cottonseed oil is classed as a __________.

    Y a. combustible liquid
    N b. flammable liquid
    N c. flammable solid
    N d. poison B

384: A "strongback" refers to a __________.

    Y a. bar securing a cargo port
    N b. centerline vertical bulkhead
    N c. deep beam
    N d. spanner stay

445: Where are the towing bitts best placed for towing purposes?

    N a. Near the centerline and over the rudders
    N b. On each side of the vessel near the stern
    Y c. Forward of the rudder post and close to the tug's center of pivot
    N d. As far aft as possible

507: You are signing on your crew. Which is NOT authorized?

    Y a. A man presenting his Chief Mate's license to sign on as able seaman
    N b. An engineer presenting an MMD endorsed "QMED - any rating" to sign on as an Electrician
    N c. A man presenting an MMD endorsed as "Able Seaman" to sign on as Bosun
    N d. A man presenting an MMD endorsed "Steward's Department (F.H.)" to sign on as Chief Cook

556: You may BEST turn a twin-screw vessel about, to the right, in a narrow channel by using __________.

    N a. both engines ahead and helm
    N b. one engine only
    Y c. port engine ahead and the starboard engine astern
    N d. both engines astern and use helm

723: What safety precautions must you take when maneuvering on a towing hook?

    N a. The engines must be operated on the slow bell.
    Y b. Clear the afterdeck and fantail of personnel.
    N c. Lash the hook closed so it does not open accidentally.
    N d. The towing winch engine must be running.

733: Before leaving port on an ocean tow, a tug captain should assure himself of all the following EXCEPT __________.

    N a. the towing hawser can be released quickly in an emergency
    N b. the correct navigation lights are rigged and operable on the tug and tow
    Y c. an insurance underwriter has prepared a pre-sailing survey
    N d. a pick-up wire has been rigged on the tow in case of a breakaway.

966: When a boat turns broadside to heavy seas and winds, thus exposing the boat to the danger of capsizing, the boat has __________.

    Y a. broached
    N b. pitchpoled
    N c. trimmed
    N d. yawed

1068: You shall notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Inspection Office as soon as possible when your vessel has been damaged in excess of __________.

    N a. $1,000
    N b. $1,500
    N c. $10,000
    Y d. $25,000

1134: The critical point in nylon line elongation is about __________.

    N a. 20%
    N b. 30%
    Y c. 40%
    N d. 50%

1287: The term "shift the rudder" means __________.

    Y a. change from right (left) to left (right) rudder an equal amount
    N b. use right or left rudder
    N c. check, but do not stop the vessel from swinging
    N d. put the rudder amidships

1289: What would you use to adjust the height of a cargo boom?

    N a. Lizard
    N b. Spanner guy
    Y c. Topping lift
    N d. Working guy

1404: Galvanizing would not be suitable for protecting wire rope which is used for __________.

    Y a. cargo runners
    N b. mooring wires
    N c. shrouds
    N d. stays

1527: A 30,000 DWT tankship is required to have an IOPP certificate when __________.

    N a. engaged in the coastwise trade
    N b. going foreign
    Y c. calling at ports in another country signatory to MARPOL 73/78
    N d. carrying cargoes listed in the MARPOL regulations

1616: In moderate wind and current what should be the length of chain with a single anchor?

    Y a. 5 times the depth of the water in good holding ground
    N b. 10 times the depth of the water in shallow water
    N c. 2 times the depth of the water in poor holding ground
    N d. 8 times the depth of the water in deep water

1663: A bench hook is used for __________.

    N a. handling of cargo cases
    N b. hanging oilskins
    Y c. sewing canvas
    N d. splicing small stuff

1694: A "whipping" is __________.

    N a. a messenger
    N b. a stopper for nylon line
    N c. a U-bolt for securing a cargo whip to the winch drum
    Y d. turns of twine around a rope end

1787: Which picture represents a blackwall hitch? (DO30DG )

    N a. F
    N b. H
    N c. P
    Y d. S

1845: You are proceeding under NCS (Naval Control of Shipping) and wish to send a message concerning an initial enemy contact. Which precedence would you assign this message?

    N a. O (IMMEDIATE)
    N b. P (PRIORITY)
    Y c. Z (FLASH)
    N d. R (ROUTINE)

1858: The easiest way to anchor a vessel in a current is to __________.

    N a. stem the current and make very slow headway when the anchor is dropped
    Y b. stem the current and be falling aft very slowly when the anchor is dropped
    N c. stem the current and endeavor to make neither headway nor sternway when the anchor is dropped
    N d. stop all headway through the water and keep the current astern when the anchor is dropped

1874: The label required for magnesium scrap is __________.

    N a. oxidizer
    N b. yellow
    N c. corrosive
    Y d. None of the above

1874: The label required for magnesium scrap is __________.

    N a. oxidizer
    N b. yellow
    N c. corrosive
    Y d. None of the above

1966: The turning circle of a vessel making a turn of over 360 degrees is the path followed by the __________.

    N a. bow
    N b. bridge
    Y c. center of gravity
    N d. centerline

2124: You are on watch aboard a vessel heading NW, with the wind from dead ahead, in heavy seas. You notice a man fall overboard from the starboard bow. Which action would NOT be appropriate?

    N a. Hard right rudder
    N b. Throw a lifebuoy to the man, if possible
    N c. Send a man aloft
    Y d. Get the port boat ready

2150: The vessel shown has broken down and you are going to take her in tow. The wind is coming from her starboard beam. You are making more leeway than she. Where should you position your vessel when you start running lines? (DO25DG )

    Y a. A
    N b. B
    N c. C
    N d. D

2228: You have determined the maneuvering characteristics of your vessel by taking the radar ranges and bearings of an isolated light while making a turn. The results are listed. Based on this data what is the transfer for a turn of 60? (D035DG )

    Y a. 140 yards (126 meters)
    N b. 180 yards (162 meters)
    N c. 225 yards (203 meters)
    N d. 270 yards (243 meters)

2257: "Cribbing" is __________.

    Y a. wooden blocks or dunnage placed between a deck load and the deck
    N b. the chains and shackles used to secure a deck cargo
    N c. a crate in which a deck cargo is packaged
    N d. cardboard separation pieces placed between deck loads to prevent chafing

2275: When inspecting wire rope before a hoisting operation, one must look for __________.

    N a. fishhooks
    N b. kinks
    N c. worn spots
    Y d. All of the above

2466: The pillar shape that gives the greatest strength for the least weight is the __________.

    N a. octagonal pillar
    N b. "H" Beam pillar
    N c. "I" Beam pillar
    Y d. circular type pillar

2470: Which type of bottom provides most anchors with the best holding ability?

    N a. Clay and rocks
    N b. Soft mud
    Y c. Sandy mud
    N d. Soft sand

2472: A "liner" in riveted construction of a vessel is a(n) __________.

    Y a. small plate which fills the aperture between riveted strakes and the vessel framing
    N b. backing plate which is used to level the strakes while riveting, and then removed
    N c. internal frame to which the side shell is riveted
    N d. seam that is welded after riveting is completed

2564: The major components which determine the length of catenary in a deployed anchor cable are water depth, cable tension, and __________.

    N a. environmental forces
    N b. bottom conditions
    Y c. cable weight
    N d. water density

2568: You are proceeding along the right bank of a narrow channel aboard a right-handed single-screw vessel. The vessel starts to sheer due to bank suction/cushion effect. You should __________.

    N a. stop engines and put the rudder left full
    N b. back full with rudder amidships
    N c. decrease speed and put the rudder right full
    Y d. increase speed and put the rudder right full

2604: The joint formed when two steel plates are placed end-to-end is called a __________.

    N a. bevel
    N b. seam
    Y c. butt
    N d. bond

2692: Your vessel is on a voyage from Ogdensburg, NY, to Chicago, IL, via the Great Lakes. The date is October 3 of the current year. If your vessel is subject to the load line requirements, to which of her marks should she be loaded? (D031DG )

    N a. Fresh water - Winter
    N b. Salt water - Intermediate
    Y c. Fresh water - Intermediate
    N d. Salt water - Winter

2763: When a merchant vessel is under the Naval Control of Shipping Organization in wartime, naval authorities may give orders pertaining to __________.

    N a. minimum manning standards
    Y b. regulations about darkening ship
    N c. the stowage of explosives
    N d. the types of cargoes permitted on board

2970: What material may be substituted for zinc when making a poured metal socket ending to a wire rope?

    N a. Lead
    N b. Babbitt
    N c. Solder
    Y d. Nothing

2990: When cutting regular-lay wire rope, what is the minimum number of seizings to be placed on each side of the cut?

    N a. One
    N b. Two, and three on rope diameters over 1 inch
    Y c. Three, and more on larger diameter wire ropes
    N d. Four

3079: What is a solid at ambient temperature?

    N a. Aniline
    N b. Formic acid
    N c. Methyl chloride
    Y d. Napthalene

3248: The rope which is the lightest is __________.

    N a. manila
    N b. nylon
    Y c. polypropylene
    N d. dacron

3321: By law, the maximum penalty for failing (without reasonable cause) to give aid in the case of collision is __________.

    N a. one year imprisonment or $500
    N b. two years imprisonment or $500
    Y c. two years imprisonment or $1000
    N d. two years imprisonment or $2000

3645: Conventional anchors are least likely to hold in a bottom consisting of __________.

    N a. soft clay
    N b. hard mud
    Y c. very soft mud
    N d. sand

3722: The next-to-last shot of an anchor cable is usually painted __________.

    N a. white
    N b. international orange
    Y c. yellow
    N d. red

4049: Tugs sometimes shackle a length of chain in the towline in order to __________.

    N a. take the wear should the towline drag bottom
    N b. assure that if the towline is overstressed it will part close to the bridle
    N c. prevent the towline from whipping should it part
    Y d. put spring in the towline

4131: What is used when securing light vehicles aboard Ro-Ro vessels?

    Y a. Buckle or ratchet tensioner
    N b. Chain
    N c. Wire
    N d. Manila rope

4152: Which of the following statement(s) is/are TRUE regarding lashing requirements to secure vehicles aboard Ro-Ro vessels?

    N a. It is imperative that the securing of cargo on flats and trailers and in containers be adequate for both road and sea motions.
    N b. The movements experienced by road borne cargo differ significantly from the roll and sway movements of a ship at sea.
    N c. It is necessary for adequate number and strength of securing points on the vehicles themselves in order that lashings may be properly and safely utilized.
    Y d. All the above

4232: The 30 ton capacity pedestal cranes shown in the illustration can lift a maximum weight of how many tons in the twin mode? (D049DG )

    N a. 15 tons
    N b. 30 tons
    Y c. 60 tons
    N d. 120 tons

4266: Which statement is TRUE concerning the tandem working arrangement of pedestal cranes when completing a quad lift?

    N a. The cranes require shoreside assistance to handle heavy cargos.
    N b. The cargo discharge cannot be accomplished without pendulation.
    N c. The cargo discharge cannot be performed at anchor.
    Y d. The discharge is slow due to the size of the cargo and all the cranes working together.

4278: Which wire rope purchase(s) is/are optional with a 30-Ton pedestal crane?

    N a. Hoist
    N b. Luff
    Y c. Rider block
    N d. All of the above