USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

19: The vessel's "quarter" is located __________.

29: You are in charge of a U.S. documented vessel. Under title 46 of the United States Code, if you fail to report a complaint of a sexual offense, you may be __________.

43: In illustration D044DG, the mooring line labeled "D" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

58: Odorous cargoes are those that __________.

    N a. are exceptionally dusty and leave a residue
    N b. are liquid but are in containers
    N c. are susceptible to damage by tainting
    Y d. give off fumes that may damage other cargoes

75: Frames to which the tank top and bottom shell are fastened are called __________.

    Y a. floors
    N b. intercostals
    N c. stringers
    N d. tank top supports

331: Shipping articles are a contract of agreement between the members of the crew and the __________.

    N a. charterers
    N b. Coast Guard
    Y c. Master
    N d. vessel's owner

335: You are steaming in a heavy gale and find it necessary to heave to. Under most circumstances, this is best done by __________.

    N a. stopping the engines and drifting beam to the seas
    N b. going slow astern and taking the seas on the quarter
    Y c. taking the sea fine on the bow and reducing the speed to the minimum to hold that position
    N d. maintaining speed and taking the sea broad on the bow

336: When a vessel with a single right-hand propeller backs to port the __________.

    Y a. bow falls off to starboard
    N b. vessel moves to port without changing heading
    N c. bow swings to port
    N d. vessel moves to starboard without changing heading

508: When the dew point of the outside air is lower than or equal to the dew point of the air in the cargo hold, you should __________.

    N a. secure all ventilation
    N b. shut down the exhaust blowers
    N c. shut down the intake blowers
    Y d. ventilate the cargo holds

510: You have loaded dangerous cargo on your vessel and must fill out a Dangerous Cargo Manifest. In which publication would you find the requirements to complete this form?

    N a. 33 CFR - Navigation and Navigable Waters
    Y b. 46 CFR - Shipping
    N c. IMCO - Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization
    N d. IMDG - International Maritime Dangerous Goods

609: While discharging a tanker, list can be controlled by __________.

    N a. shoreside personnel
    N b. using a center tank near the bow, discharging as necessary
    Y c. using wing tanks near the longitudinal center, discharging as necessary
    N d. using the after peak tank, loading as necessary

639: The complete details of a crude oil washing system aboard your vessel, including the operating sequences and procedures, design characteristics, a description of the system, and required personnel will be found in the __________.

    N a. Oil Transfer Procedures Manual
    Y b. Crude Oil Washing Operations and Equipment Manual
    N c. Code of Federal Regulations
    N d. Crude Oil Washing addendum to the Certificate of Inspection

652: When plugging holes below the waterline you should __________.

    N a. eliminate all water entering the hole
    N b. only plug holes in machinery or other vital spaces
    Y c. reduce the entry of water as much as possible
    N d. plug the largest holes first

701: The Safety Equipment Certificate shows that the vessel conforms to the standards of the __________.

    N a. U.S. Coast Guard
    N b. American Bureau of Shipping
    N c. American Salvage Association
    Y d. S.O.L.A.S. Convention

707: Is tripping limited to harbor and coastal towing?

    Y a. No! Forces tending to capsize a tug are as dangerous on the high seas as they are in harbor and coastal work.
    N b. Yes! The long towing hawser used in ocean towing eliminates the danger of tripping.
    N c. No! Tripping is common in ocean towing because of more frequent maneuvering
    N d. Yes! Because of increased water depths, forces required to capsize a tug are not usually found in ocean towing

751: A document which has a list of names, birthplaces, and residences of persons employed on a merchant vessel bound from a U.S. port on a foreign voyage and is required at every port is called the __________.

    Y a. Certified Crew List
    N b. Crew Manifest
    N c. Shipping Articles
    N d. Muster List ("Station Bill")

880: The projecting lugs of the rudderpost which furnish support to the rudder are called __________.

    N a. bases
    Y b. gudgeons
    N c. pintles
    N d. rudder lugs

881: The proper way to correct a mistake in the logbook is to __________.

    N a. erase the entry and rewrite
    N b. completely black out the entry and rewrite
    Y c. draw a line through the entry, rewrite, and initial
    N d. draw several lines through the entry and rewrite

884: When towing astern, each towline must meet all of these requirements, EXCEPT ___________ .

    Y a. being suitable for use as soon as it is removed from its normal stowage location
    N b. having wire clips for other than a temporary repair
    N c. having the end either spliced with a thimble or fitted with a poured socket
    N d. being free of knots

894: When taking a length of new manila rope from the coil, you should __________.

    N a. mount the coil so it will turn like a spool and unreel from the outside
    N b. roll the coil along the deck and allow the rope to fall off the coil
    Y c. lay the coil on end with the inside end down, then pull the inside end up through the middle of the coil
    N d. lay the coil on end with the inside end up then unwind the rope from the outside of the coil

935: The scuppers had been plugged as required at the time an oil spill occurs on deck. After shutting down the transfer, the engineroom should first be informed and then __________.

    N a. rig a fire hose and call for water on deck
    Y b. spread an absorbent material, such as sawdust
    N c. remove the plugs from the scuppers
    N d. sound the general alarm

987: What does the helm command "shift the rudder" mean?

    N a. Stop the swing of the ship.
    N b. Shift the rudder control to the alternate steering method.
    N c. Put the rudder amidships and hold the heading steady as she goes.
    Y d. Put the rudder over to the opposite side, the same number of degrees it is now.

1057: The Certificate of Inspection of a damaged tank barge has expired. What certificate authorizes the barge to move to a repair facility for repair and inspection?

    N a. Application for Inspection
    N b. Change of Employment
    Y c. Permit to Proceed
    N d. Temporary Certificate of Inspection

1158: A vessel loads 100 tons of glass jars. The mate on watch discovers that some of the cartons have been damaged and has an exception made on the Bill of Lading. What is this document called?

    N a. Damage Bill of Lading
    N b. Letter of Indemnity
    N c. Non-negotiable Bill of Lading
    Y d. Unclean Bill of Lading

1164: Which type of line floats?

    N a. Dacron
    N b. Nylon
    N c. Old manila
    Y d. Polypropylene

1169: Static electricity may be built up by the __________.

    N a. spraying or splashing of petroleum
    N b. settling of solids or water in petroleum
    N c. flow of petroleum through pipes
    Y d. All of the above

1188: An implied warranty of seaworthiness on the part of the vessel's owner lies in the __________.

    N a. Cargo Manifest
    N b. Certificate of Inspection
    N c. Classification Certificate
    Y d. contract of carriage, i.e. Bill of Lading

1193: The main advantage of a Chinese stopper over the one line stopper is that it __________.

    Y a. will not jam on the mooring line
    N b. is stronger
    N c. is easier to use when under heavy tension
    N d. is safer to use when under heavy tension

1221: Your vessel is in Charleston, S.C. You need not clear Customs if __________.

    Y a. all the cargo on board is of U.S. origin and destined for New York
    N b. you took on no new cargo in Charleston, S.C. and are bound for Puerto Rico and thence foreign
    N c. you did not discharge any cargo in Charleston and are bound for Panama
    N d. you did not load any cargo in Charleston and are bound for Halifax

1316: The anchor chain should be kept moderately taut during a Mediterranean moor to __________.

    N a. facilitate speed of recovery during the weighing process
    N b. indicate the anchor's location to passing or mooring ships
    Y c. prevent damage to the stern in the event of a headwind
    N d. provide a steady platform for the gangway between the fantail and pier

1324: The forecastle card is a(n) __________.

    Y a. copy of the shipping agreement
    N b. quarters allocation
    N c. Muster List ("Station Bill")
    N d. unlicensed shipping card from the union

1465: The maneuver which will return your vessel in the shortest time to a person who has fallen overboard is __________.

    N a. engine(s) crash astern, no turn
    Y b. a single turn with hard rudder
    N c. a Williamson Turn
    N d. two 180 turns

1594: What is the breaking strain of steel wire rope with a 5/8" diameter?

    N a. 1.0 tons
    N b. 6.6 tons
    Y c. 9.6 tons
    N d. 15.6 tons

1688: Grade E combustible liquids have a flash point of __________.

    N a. 80F to 150F
    Y b. 150F or above
    N c. 60F to 100F
    N d. 90F to 120F

1700: Which letter designates the bilge strake of the vessel? (D001DG )

    N a. A
    N b. B
    N c. C
    Y d. D

1718: A combustible liquid with a flash point of 90F would be grade __________.

    N a. B
    N b. C
    Y c. D
    N d. E

1766: When anchoring in a current, you should __________.

    N a. drop the anchor with the bow headed downstream
    N b. back your vessel into the current
    Y c. anchor while stemming the current
    N d. All of the above

2001: You are using tackle number 9 in illustration DO29DG to lift a weight of 120 lbs. If you include 10 percent of the weight for each sheave for friction, what is the pull on the hauling part required to lift the weight? (DO29DG )

    N a. 52 lbs.
    Y b. 39 lbs.
    N c. 30 lbs.
    N d. 27 lbs.

2070: Which statement about the Williamson turn is FALSE?

    Y a. It requires the highest degree of shiphandling skills to accomplish.
    N b. It is the slowest of the methods used in turning the vessel.
    N c. It is the best turn to use when the victim is not in sight due to reduced visibility.
    N d. It returns the vessel to the original track-line on a reciprocal course.

2091: When operating in an area where sea ice and icebergs are present, which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. Icebergs may travel in a direction many degrees different from the sea ice.
    N b. Both icebergs and sea ice will move in approximately the same direction and at the same speed.
    N c. Icebergs and sea ice will move in the same direction, but at different speeds due to the sail effect of the berg.
    N d. Icebergs and sea ice will move in the same direction, but the iceberg will move slower because of its underwater bulk.

2168: What is the name of tackle number 6? (DO29DG )

    N a. Triple purchase
    N b. Clew garnet tackle
    N c. Boat falls
    Y d. Threefold purchase

2213: You are using tackle number 6 to lift a weight. The hauling part of this tackle is bent to the weight hook (w) of tackle number 8. Disregarding friction, what is the mechanical advantage of this rig? (DO29DG )

    N a. 11
    N b. 16
    Y c. 18
    N d. 24

2271: You are signing on a crew. You can determine the minimum number and qualifications of the crew that you are required to carry by consulting which document?

    N a. Crew list
    Y b. Certificate of Inspection
    N c. Articles of Agreement
    N d. fo'c'sle card

2353: Which mooring line prevents sideways motion of a vessel moored to a pier?

    N a. A line led forward from the bow
    N b. A line led aft from the bow
    N c. A line led in the same direction as the keel
    Y d. A line led at a right angle to the keel

2397: Determine the area of a triangle with a base of 6.7 feet and a height of 9.1 feet.

    N a. 61.0 square ft.
    Y b. 30.5 square ft.
    N c. 22.9 square ft.
    N d. 15.8 square ft.

2676: Who cannot commit the crime of barratry?

    N a. Master
    N b. Ship's officer(s)
    N c. Ship's unlicensed crewmember(s)
    Y d. Ship owner

2792: When relieving the helm, the new helmsman should find it handy to know the __________.

    N a. variation in the area
    Y b. amount of helm carried for a steady course
    N c. leeway
    N d. deviation on that heading

3050: Which characteristic is an advantage of a butterfly valve as compared to a gate valve?

    N a. Precise control over cargo flow
    Y b. Quick operation
    N c. No resistance to cargo flow when open
    N d. Less maintenance required

3073: You are on a large merchant vessel entering a U.S. port. There is a Pilot on board and he has the conn. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The Pilot becomes solely responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel only if the Master relinquishes the conn.
    N b. The Pilot is solely responsible for the safe maneuvering of the ship only if he is required to be on board by law.
    Y c. The Master is responsible for the safe navigation of the ship and the Pilot is employed for his local knowledge.
    N d. The Pilot is solely responsible for the internal working of the ship.

3096: When loading a cargo of taconite, proper sequencing of loading by hatch number is necessary to __________.

    N a. provide the proper trim
    N b. prevent negative stability from developing
    Y c. prevent excessive longitudinal stresses
    N d. control list

3148: The part of the anchor indicated by the letter H is the __________. (D038DG )

    N a. fluke
    N b. shank
    N c. tripping palm
    Y d. crown

3411: When steering a vessel, a good helmsman does NOT __________.

    N a. consider steering a vessel a highly responsible job
    N b. use as little rudder as possible to maintain course
    Y c. use as much rudder as possible to keep the vessel on course
    N d. advise his relief of the course being steered

3583: Indicated horsepower refers to a towing vessel's power which is __________.

    Y a. theoretically available
    N b. measured on a test bed
    N c. developed at the shaft
    N d. measured by dynamometer

3599: What term indicates the outward curvature of the hull above the waterline?

    N a. sheer
    N b. tumble home
    N c. deadrise
    Y d. flare

3631: The number of certificated able seamen and lifeboatmen required on board is listed in the __________.

    Y a. Certificate of Inspection
    N b. American Bureau of Shipping code
    N c. Muster List ("Station Bill")
    N d. Safety of Life at Sea Convention

4010: You have completed a crude oil wash. What action should be taken with the oil in the lines running to the washing machines?

    Y a. Open a COW nozzle forward and one aft and drain the line into the after tank by gravity
    N b. Blow the line out using compressed air
    N c. Pull a suction using the supply line pump
    N d. Close off all valves in the system and leave the oil in the line primed for the next crude oil wash

4016: Which statement is TRUE concerning weather conditions on the Great Lakes?

    N a. When a vessel is south of an eastward-moving storm center, the approach of the low is evidenced by winds from the north to northeast.
    Y b. When a vessel is north of an eastward-moving storm center, changes in the weather are less distinctive than when sailing south of the center.
    N c. The most destructive storms usually come from the northwest or north.
    N d. Thunderstorms are most likely to develop from November through April.

4068: What produces the MOST dangerous vapors?

    Y a. Anhydrous ammonia
    N b. Camphor oil
    N c. Methyl alcohol
    N d. Pentane

4070: Small floes of rough, hummocky sea ice capable of damaging a vessel __________.

    Y a. can usually be detected by radar in a smooth sea at a range of 4 to 6 kilometers
    N b. are indistinguishable from sea return on the PPI
    N c. are invisible to radar when covered with a thick layer of snow
    N d. are usually seen at night before they are close enough to provide a radar echo

4278: Which wire rope purchase(s) is/are optional with a 30-Ton pedestal crane?

    N a. Hoist
    N b. Luff
    Y c. Rider block
    N d. All of the above