USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

69: Ullages are measured from __________.

95: You should keep clear of __________.

324: A "chock" is a __________.

337: On a coastwise tugboat of 199 GT, on a voyage over 600 miles, what percentage of the deck crew (excluding licensed officers) must hold a document of able seaman?

    Y a. 65%
    N b. 50%
    N c. 25%
    N d. 0%

363: Which space(s) is(are) deducted from gross tonnage to derive net tonnage?

    N a. Companions and booby hatches
    Y b. Chart room
    N c. Open structures
    N d. All of the above

391: A tonnage tax is levied according to the __________.

    N a. deadweight cargo tonnage aboard
    N b. displacement tonnage of vessel
    N c. gross tonnage of vessel
    Y d. net tonnage of vessel

463: A tow span __________.

    N a. prevents the towing hawser from snagging any equipment or gear on deck
    N b. may be equipped with a greased, free sliding spool to fairlead the towing hawser
    N c. allows the crew access to the fantail and to move safely on deck aft of the towing bitts or winch
    Y d. All of the above

463: A tow span __________.

    N a. prevents the towing hawser from snagging any equipment or gear on deck
    N b. may be equipped with a greased, free sliding spool to fairlead the towing hawser
    N c. allows the crew access to the fantail and to move safely on deck aft of the towing bitts or winch
    Y d. All of the above

495: Which space(s) is (are) deducted from gross tonnage to derive net tonnage?

    Y a. Boatswain's stores
    N b. Companions and booby hatches
    N c. Passenger spaces
    N d. All of the above

583: Which factor(s) must you consider when making up a towing bridle?

    N a. The horsepower of the tug
    N b. The desired amount of swing in the tow hook up
    N c. The weight of the tow
    Y d. All of the above

668: Which statement is correct concerning the carriage of coal in bulk?

    Y a. Coal should be vented with surface ventilation only.
    N b. Because of its inherent vice, coal should not be loaded wet.
    N c. Dunnage should be placed against ship's sides and around stanchions.
    N d. Through ventilation, as well as surface ventilation, should be provided whenever possible.

761: The Immigration and Naturalization Service is concerned with which document on a vessel making preliminary entry into a U.S. port from a foreign port?

    N a. Cargo Manifest
    Y b. Certified Crew List
    N c. Curio List
    N d. Shipping Articles

780: Bilge keels are more effective at dampening rolls as the __________.

    N a. pitching increases
    N b. list increases
    Y c. rolling increases
    N d. draft decreases

814: In the manufacture of line, plant fibers are twisted together to form __________.

    N a. cable
    N b. line
    N c. strands
    Y d. yarns

815: A U.S. or foreign flag vessel that does not comply with the Officers Competency Certificates Convention of 1936 may be detained by certain designated officials. These officials include all of the following EXCEPT a/an ___________ .

    Y a. State Police officer
    N b. Coast Guard officer
    N c. Coast Guard petty officer
    N d. officer of the U.S. Customs Service

871: In writing up the logbook at the end of your watch, you make an error in writing an entry. What is the proper means of correcting this error?

    Y a. Cross out the error with a single line, and write the correct entry, then initial it.
    N b. Carefully and neatly erase the entry and rewrite it correctly.
    N c. Remove this page of the log book, and rewrite all entries on a clean page.
    N d. Blot out the error completely and rewrite the entry correctly.

906: A snag or other underwater obstruction may form a __________.

    Y a. V-shaped ripple with the point of the V pointing upstream
    N b. V-shaped ripple with the point of the V pointing downstream
    N c. small patch of smooth water on a windy day
    N d. smoothing out of the vessel's wake

908: You must load as much of a large shipment of case goods as possible into a hold which has 24,400 cubic feet of space. Each case measures 2 feet by 2 feet by 4 feet and weighs 448 pounds. If you allow for broken stowage of 15%, how many long tons can be loaded?

    N a. 54
    N b. 207
    Y c. 259
    N d. 351

937: When towing astern, you notice that another vessel is about to pass between the towing vessel and the tow. You should immediately __________.

    N a. turn away from the approaching vessel
    N b. shine a spotlight in the direction of the approaching vessel
    N c. sever the towline
    Y d. slow down and pay out the main tow hawser

956: When a vessel is swinging from side to side off course due to quartering seas, the vessel is __________.

    N a. broaching
    N b. pitchpoling
    N c. rolling
    Y d. yawing

1141: A vessel has arrived in a U.S. port from a foreign voyage. Preliminary entry has been made. Formal entry at the U.S. Custom House must be made within how many hours after arrival (Sundays and holidays excepted)?

    N a. 12
    N b. 24
    Y c. 48
    N d. 72 without exception

1174: Compared to manila line, size for size, nylon line __________.

    N a. has less strength than manila line
    Y b. has more strength than manila line
    N c. is equivalent to manila line
    N d. will rot quicker than manila line

1206: You are landing a single-screw vessel with a left-handed propeller, starboard side to the dock. As you approach the dock you back your engine with your rudder amidships. You would expect the vessel to __________.

    N a. lose headway without swinging
    N b. turn its bow towards the dock
    Y c. turn its stern towards the dock
    N d. drift away from the dock

1267: You are on watch while your vessel is entering port with a pilot conning. The pilot gave a steering command to the helmsman who failed to acknowledge it by repeating the order. You have now enunciated the pilot's order to the helmsman and there is still no response. If the helmsman continues on the original course, you should immediately __________.

    Y a. take the helm and expedite the maneuver that the pilot ordered
    N b. ask the Pilot to repeat the command since the helmsman failed to hear it
    N c. tell the helmsman to ask the Pilot to repeat any command that he fails to hear or understand
    N d. repeat the Pilot's command a second time and notify the Master

1293: What is required to be posted in the pilothouse of a vessel?

    N a. Certificate of Inspection
    N b. Officer's licenses
    N c. Company Mission Statement
    Y d. Muster List ("Station Bill")

1338: A "dangerous cargo manifest" is needed for you to carry a combustible cargo. You should obtain the shipping papers to make this "manifest" from the __________.

    N a. manufacturer
    N b. ABS
    N c. Coast Guard
    Y d. shipper

1354: A 6x19 wire rope would be __________.

    N a. 6 inches in diameter and 19 fathoms long
    N b. 6 inches in circumference with 19 strands
    Y c. 6 strands with 19 wires in each strand
    N d. 19 strands with 6 wires in each strand

1371: Delivery of a vessel to a charterer is called __________.

    N a. chartering
    N b. dispatching
    N c. fixing
    Y d. tendering

1488: What does the term "end-for-end" refer to in regard to a wire towing hawser?

    N a. Cutting off the bitter and towing ends of the wire rope
    N b. Splicing two wire ropes together
    Y c. Removing the wire rope from the drum and reversing it so that the towing end becomes the bitter end
    N d. Removing the wire rope from the drum and turning it over so that the wire bends in the opposite direction when rolled on a drum

1494: After splicing an eye in a piece of wire rope, the splice should be parceled and served to __________.

    N a. strengthen the line
    N b. increase its efficiency
    Y c. prevent hand injury by covering loose ends
    N d. make the line more flexible

1499: In illustration D044DG, the mooring line labeled "E" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

    N a. bow line
    N b. forward breast line
    N c. after spring line
    Y d. bow spring line

1499: In illustration D044DG, the mooring line labeled "E" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

    N a. bow line
    N b. forward breast line
    N c. after spring line
    Y d. bow spring line

1499: In illustration D044DG, the mooring line labeled "E" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

    N a. bow line
    N b. forward breast line
    N c. after spring line
    Y d. bow spring line

1571: As Chief Officer of a vessel underway, it comes to your attention that the vessel is, in some manner, unseaworthy. Under such circumstances the Master is required to take action upon receiving __________.

    N a. information of such condition from yourself
    Y b. notification of such condition from yourself and the Second Officer
    N c. notification of such condition from yourself and any other member of the crew
    N d. notification of such condition from yourself or the Second Officer

1800: The figure obtained by dividing the total volume of the ship in cubic feet (after omission of exempted spaces) by 100 is the __________.

    N a. bale cubic
    Y b. gross tonnage
    N c. light displacement
    N d. net tonnage

1817: Refrigeration machinery is often surveyed before loading reefer cargo. This survey is usually performed by the __________.

    N a. U.S. Coast Guard
    Y b. American Bureau of Shipping
    N c. National Cargo Bureau
    N d. local port authority

1908: When towing astern, increased catenary will __________.

    N a. increase control of the tow
    N b. prevent the towing vessel from going in irons
    N c. make the towing vessel less maneuverable
    Y d. reduce shock stress on the towing hawser

1965: A maritime lien may be placed against __________.

    N a. any assets that a ship's owner may have
    Y b. a vessel, cargo, or freight
    N c. objects that are fixed and immovable, such as wharves
    N d. the vessel only

1973: Which statement is TRUE about placing the eyes of two mooring lines on the same bollard?

    N a. Put one line at the low point and one at the high point of the bollard so they don't touch.
    Y b. Take the eye of the second line up through the eye of the first line before putting the second line on the bollard.
    N c. Never put two mooring lines on the same bollard.
    N d. The mooring line forward should be put on the bollard first.

1991: Using the graph shown, if the dry bulb temperature is 91, and the wet bulb temperature is 87, what is the relative humidity in a cargo hold? (D008DG )

    N a. 79%
    Y b. 85%
    N c. 91%
    N d. 98%

2041: Which tackle arrangement has the LEAST mechanical advantage?

    Y a. Single whip
    N b. Gun tackle
    N c. Luff tackle
    N d. Twofold purchase

2126: You have anchored in a mud and clay bottom. The anchor appears to be dragging in a storm. What action should you take?

    N a. Shorten the scope of the cable.
    N b. Veer cable to the anchor.
    N c. Drop the other anchor underfoot.
    Y d. Drop the second anchor, veer to a good scope, then weigh the first anchor.

2224: When improperly tied, which knot shown is called a granny or thief's knot? (D030DG )

    N a. F
    N b. M
    N c. R
    Y d. W

2243: You are using tackle number 4, as shown, to lift a weight. The hauling part of this tackle is bent to the weight hook of tackle number 11. What is the mechanical advantage of this rig? (DO29DG )

    N a. 4
    N b. 6
    N c. 10
    Y d. 24

2343: When securing a hook to the end of a wire rope you should use __________.

    N a. a bowline knot
    N b. a long splice
    N c. an overhand knot with a wire rope clip
    Y d. wire rope clips with a thimble eye

2475: The use of liners in riveted construction is eliminated by using __________.

    N a. lapped construction
    N b. strapped construction
    Y c. joggled construction
    N d. belted construction

2508: What is required to launch a boat stowed in a crescent davit?

    N a. Hoist the boat clear of the cradle.
    N b. Release the outboard part of the cradle.
    N c. Rig the tricing lines.
    Y d. Crank the crescent out.

2516: Which statement about the dangerous cargo manifest, carried on a ship, is TRUE?

    N a. The manifest must be made up by the Master or other designated ship's officer.
    N b. Shipments of hazardous and non-hazardous cargo may be listed on the manifest if they are destined for the same consignee.
    Y c. The manifest must be kept in a designated holder on or near the bridge.
    N d. The type of label(s) required for each cargo must be indicated.

2551: What welding pattern is NOT used to permanently attach a stiffener to a plate?

    N a. Chain intermittent
    Y b. Tack
    N c. Continuous
    N d. Staggered intermittent

2595: Yawing can be described as __________.

    N a. jumping on the towline as the tow pitches
    N b. jumping on the towline as the tow slams into waves
    Y c. veering from side to side on the end of the towline
    N d. corkscrew motion of the tow due to wave action

2746: Which of the Great Lakes experiences the least amount of water level fluctuation between seasonal high and low water marks?

    N a. Lake Huron
    N b. Lake Erie
    Y c. Lake Superior
    N d. Lake Michigan

2783: The effect of ocean current is usually more evident on a tug and tow than on a tug navigating independently because the __________.

    Y a. speed of the tug and tow is less
    N b. towline catches the current
    N c. current causes yawing
    N d. current will offset the tow

3050: Which characteristic is an advantage of a butterfly valve as compared to a gate valve?

    N a. Precise control over cargo flow
    Y b. Quick operation
    N c. No resistance to cargo flow when open
    N d. Less maintenance required

3644: You are drifting in a locale where there is no current. As a rule, your vessel will lie __________.

    N a. bow to the wind
    Y b. beam to the wind
    N c. stern to the wind
    N d. with the wind on the quarter

3722: The next-to-last shot of an anchor cable is usually painted __________.

    N a. white
    N b. international orange
    Y c. yellow
    N d. red

3742: It is good practice to use long towlines for ocean tows because the __________.

    N a. wear on the towline is equalized
    N b. weight of the towline increases the towing force
    Y c. dip in the towline absorbs shock loads
    N d. danger of overriding is reduced

3982: Fairleads perform the same function as __________.

    N a. deadeyes
    N b. bollards
    N c. bitts
    Y d. chocks

4046: Which statement about tunnel bow thrusters fitted to large vessels is TRUE?

    N a. They are effective on most vessels at speeds up to 10 knots.
    N b. Because of their location, most modern installations have as much power as a tug.
    N c. They are fully effective at all drafts.
    Y d. When going astern at slow speed, they provide effective steering control.

4230: Which of the following is/are the optional component(s) of a twin crane set as shown? (D047DG )

    N a. Boom assembly
    N b. Hook block assembly
    N c. Crane house assembly
    Y d. Rider block tagline system

4875: The crane manufacturer's operating tables are posted near the __________.

    N a. crane pedestal
    N b. wire-rope locker
    N c. main deck
    Y d. crane controls