USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

49: Flammable liquid means any liquid which gives off flammable vapors at or below __________.

115: During the course of a voyage, a seaman falls on the main deck and injures his ankle. The Master should submit a Report of Marine Accident, Injury or Death if the __________.

162: Oil may NOT be transferred unless __________.

192: The mooring line labeled "H" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

    Y a. offshore bow line
    N b. onshore bow line
    N c. offshore spring line
    N d. forward breast line

238: A shore is a piece of securing dunnage that __________.

    Y a. runs from a low supporting level up to the cargo at an angle
    N b. is also known as a "distance piece"
    N c. is placed on the deck under the cargo to distribute its weight evenly
    N d. is run horizontally from a support to the cargo

297: Commercial ships or other persons or agencies requiring the assistance of Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers should first contact __________.

    N a. the Canadian Coast Guard
    Y b. Ice Sarnia
    N c. the Ice Navigation Center
    N d. the icebreaker assigned to the area

347: You are the person in charge of a 199 GRT uninspected towing vessel engaged in coastwise towing from the Gulf of Mexico to the New York area, a distance in excess of 600 miles. Which statement is FALSE?

    Y a. Certificates of Discharge are not required to be issued.
    N b. All crew members shall have Merchant Mariner's Documents.
    N c. Able seamen are required in the deck crew.
    N d. The sailors shall be divided into 3 watches.

363: Which space(s) is(are) deducted from gross tonnage to derive net tonnage?

    N a. Companions and booby hatches
    Y b. Chart room
    N c. Open structures
    N d. All of the above

560: You are loading a cargo that includes cylinders of acetylene aboard your break bulk vessel. Which statement is true?

    Y a. The cylinders must be stowed at least 10 horizontal feet from corrosive materials in the same space.
    N b. Stowage in the upper deck-deck is considered to be the equivalent of "on deck" stowage for this cargo.
    N c. The cylinders must have a red label for flammability and a green label for compressed gas.
    N d. The cylinders may be protected from the radiant heat of the Sun by laying a tarp on them.

561: Which space cannot be deducted from gross tonnage when calculating net tonnage?

    N a. Crew messroom
    Y b. Forepeak ballast tank
    N c. Master's cabin
    N d. Chain locker

708: The National Cargo Bureau represents the __________.

    N a. agent
    N b. operator
    N c. shipper
    Y d. All of the above

772: To reduce stress on the towing hawser when towing astern (ocean tow), the hawser should be __________.

    N a. secured to the aftermost fitting on the towing vessel
    N b. just touching the water
    Y c. underwater
    N d. as short as possible

798: How many cubic feet of space is required to stow 775 tons of a cargo with a stowage factor of 25? (estimated broken stowage is 15%)

    N a. 12,916
    Y b. 22,794
    N c. 25,833
    N d. 29,397

802: You are on watch at sea on course 090T. A man falls overboard on your starboard side. You immediately start a Williamson Turn. Which action is NOT a part of a Williamson Turn?

    Y a. Stop the engines until clear of the man.
    N b. Come right full rudder until the vessel heads 150T.
    N c. Shift the helm to left full rudder.
    N d. Continue with left rudder until on course 270T.

840: The terms "cant frame" and "counter" are associated with the vessel's __________.

    N a. cargo hatch
    N b. forecastle
    N c. steering engine
    Y d. stern

844: Using a safety factor of five, determine the safe working load of a line with a breaking strain of 20,000 pounds.

    Y a. 4,000
    N b. 5,000
    N c. 20,000
    N d. 100,000

857: On vessels over 100 gross tons, whose responsibility is it to ensure that all able seamen in the vessel's crew have the documents and qualifications required by law and regulation?

    Y a. Master of the vessel
    N b. USCG Officer in Charge of Marine Inspection
    N c. Owner or operator of the vessel
    N d. Company's personnel director

914: When natural fiber rope gets wet, the __________.

    N a. overall strength of the line will decrease
    Y b. line shrinks in length
    N c. line will become more elastic
    N d. line will be easier to handle

960: Gross tonnage indicates the vessel's __________.

    N a. displacement in metric tons
    N b. total weight including cargo
    Y c. volume in cubic feet
    N d. draft in feet

1227: You have the "conn" at the time the helmsman who is steering by hand reports that the rudder is not responding to the wheel. Your FIRST action should be to __________.

    Y a. shift the selector switch to the other steering pump
    N b. signal the engineroom to stop the engines
    N c. call the engineroom
    N d. call the Master

1289: What would you use to adjust the height of a cargo boom?

    N a. Lizard
    N b. Spanner guy
    Y c. Topping lift
    N d. Working guy

1361: On a voyage charter, when a vessel is ready to load cargo, the Master should render to the charterer a __________.

    Y a. Notice of Readiness
    N b. Master Certificate of Service
    N c. Shipmasters Declaration
    N d. Vessel Utilization and Performance Report

1396: Lifting the anchor from the bottom is called __________.

    N a. broaching the anchor
    N b. shifting the anchor
    N c. walking the anchor
    Y d. weighing the anchor

1422: A U.S. vessel engaged in foreign trade must be __________.

    N a. classed
    N b. enrolled
    N c. licensed
    Y d. registered

1567: The mooring line shown as "A" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

    N a. after breast line
    N b. after spring line
    N c. onshore stern line
    Y d. offshore stern line

1575: The key to rescuing a man overboard is __________.

    N a. good communication
    N b. a dedicated crew
    N c. good equipment
    Y d. well-conducted drills

1576: Using a scope of five, determine how many shots of chain you should put out to anchor in 5 fathoms of water?

    N a. 1
    Y b. 2
    N c. 3
    N d. 5

1625: All inspected vessels on unrestricted ocean routes must have equipment on board for testing an individual's __________.

    N a. blood
    Y b. breath
    N c. urine
    N d. All of the above

1766: When anchoring in a current, you should __________.

    N a. drop the anchor with the bow headed downstream
    N b. back your vessel into the current
    Y c. anchor while stemming the current
    N d. All of the above

1780: The term that indicates how many tons of cargo a vessel can carry is __________.

    N a. bale cubic
    Y b. deadweight
    N c. gross tonnage
    N d. loaded displacement

1819: The stringer plate is represented by which letter? (D033DG )

    Y a. A
    N b. C
    N c. I
    N d. N

1843: The sheave diameter to be used with a 3-inch manila rope is __________.

    N a. 3 inches
    Y b. 6 inches
    N c. 9 inches
    N d. 12 inches

1849: The knot lettered U is a __________. (DO30DG )

    Y a. half hitch
    N b. round knot
    N c. becket bend
    N d. plain whipping

2047: Progressive flooding is controlled by securing watertight boundaries and __________.

    N a. transferring water ballast
    N b. jettisoning cargo
    Y c. pumping out flooded compartments
    N d. abandoning ship

2230: What is the name of tackle number 1? (D029DG )

    Y a. Whip
    N b. One-fold purchase
    N c. Gun tackle
    N d. Runner

2345: A splice that can be used in running rigging, where the line will pass through blocks, is a __________.

    N a. short splice
    Y b. long splice
    N c. back splice
    N d. spindle splice

2354: What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 21 feet after a sector of 72 has been removed?

    Y a. 277.09 square ft.
    N b. 149.43 square ft.
    N c. 69.27 square ft.
    N d. 52.78 square ft.

2454: You are going astern (single-screw, right-handed propeller) with the anchor down at a scope of twice the depth of the water. As the anchor dredges, you should expect the __________.

    N a. stern to walk to the same side as the anchor being used
    N b. vessel to back in a straight line
    Y c. stern to walk to port but at a reduced rate
    N d. stern to walk to port at a faster rate than normal

2520: When a line is spirally coiled about its end and lying flat on deck, it is said to be __________.

    N a. coiled
    N b. faked
    Y c. flemished
    N d. seized

2568: You are proceeding along the right bank of a narrow channel aboard a right-handed single-screw vessel. The vessel starts to sheer due to bank suction/cushion effect. You should __________.

    N a. stop engines and put the rudder left full
    N b. back full with rudder amidships
    N c. decrease speed and put the rudder right full
    Y d. increase speed and put the rudder right full

2582: What is usually NOT required in preparing a hold for reception of a bulk grain cargo?

    N a. Remove residue of previous cargo.
    N b. Remove loose rust and scale.
    Y c. Steam clean areas obstructed by structural members.
    N d. Spray or fumigate any insect colonies.

2622: You must shore up the collision bulkhead due to solid flooding forward. The bulkhead approximates an inverted triangle. The center of pressure of the shores on the bulkhead should be located __________.

    N a. evenly over the surface of the bulkhead
    Y b. approximately two-thirds of the way up the bulkhead
    N c. approximately halfway up the bulkhead
    N d. at the bottom of the bulkhead

2714: The major components which determine the length of catenary in a deployed anchor cable are cable tension, cable weight, and __________.

    N a. water density
    N b. bottom conditions
    N c. environmental forces
    Y d. water depth

2824: While being assisted by an icebreaker on Lake Superior, you receive a single letter code instructing you to slow your vessel. Which signal could you use to signify that you are complying with the request?

    N a. Three blasts of the whistle
    N b. The code flag "A" (Alpha) displayed from a halyard
    Y c. Four blasts of the whistle, namely 1 short 2 long and 1 short
    N d. The code flag "L" (Lima) displayed from a halyard

2936: Storms that enter the Great Lakes Basin from the west and northwest at a peak in October are the products of pressure systems known as __________.

    N a. Northwesters
    Y b. Alberta lows
    N c. Fata morgana
    N d. Polar highs

3145: You are the operator of a towing vessel which collides with a buoy and drags it off station. What should you do if the damage to your vessel is not serious?

    N a. If the buoy is afloat, no action is necessary.
    N b. Wait one week and submit form CG-2692 to the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office.
    N c. Immediately notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office and then submit form CG-2692.
    Y d. Immediately notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office and no further action is necessary.

3152: The danger of a towing vessel tripping is increased the closer the towline is secured to __________.

    N a. the stern
    Y b. amidships
    N c. the bow
    N d. the quarter

3176: The part of the anchor indicated by the letter G is the __________. (D038DG )

    N a. fluke
    N b. shank
    Y c. tripping palm
    N d. crown

3347: The opening in the deck beneath the anchor windlass that leads to the chain locker is the __________.

    N a. hawsepipe
    N b. fallpipe
    N c. drop-pipe
    Y d. spill pipe

3350: It is not advisable to use nylon for alongside towing because it __________.

    Y a. stretches too much
    N b. is too expensive for everyday towing usage
    N c. binds on the cleats
    N d. parts too readily

3430: What is NOT considered "jewelry"?

    N a. Steamboat ratchets
    N b. Manila lines
    Y c. Buttons
    N d. Shackles

3447: The best method to secure a tow line to a cleat is to __________.

    Y a. take a turn around the cleat, then figure-eights, and a half-hitch
    N b. make figure-eights, followed by a half-hitch, then a figure-eight knot
    N c. take a turn, a half turn, and a figure-eight
    N d. take several turns around the cleat only

3589: A vessel has been surveyed in a foreign port and found unseaworthy as a result of neglect. A seaman on this vessel is entitled to discharge and __________.

    N a. transportation to the port of engagement
    N b. one month's pay only
    N c. one month's pay or transportation to the nearest U.S. port, whichever is the least amount
    Y d. one month's pay or transportation to the nearest U.S. port, whichever is the greater amount

3724: What part of the ground tackle is the most likely to develop fractures due to extensive anchor use?

    N a. Anchor shank
    N b. Swivel
    Y c. Jews' harp
    N d. Fluke

4036: When a cargo boom or crane is rated at varying capacities, there will be a table at the controls which relates safe working load to __________.

    N a. winch speed
    N b. boom strength
    Y c. load radius
    N d. cable strength

4067: When steering a vessel, a good helmsman does NOT __________.

    N a. use as little rudder as possible to maintain course
    N b. advise his relief of the course being steered
    N c. consider steering a vessel a highly responsible job
    Y d. use as much rudder as possible to maintain course

4106: Which of the following are considered to be "road vehicles" that can be carried on Ro-Ro vessels?

    N a. Semi-trailer
    N b. Road train
    N c. Articulated road train
    Y d. All of the above

4122: The lashings used on Ro-Ro vessels should be capable of withstanding the forces of __________.

    N a. pitching and heaving
    N b. rolling
    N c. any force of gravity acting on the lashes
    Y d. All of the above

4146: Which of the following tensioning devices is used with webbing to secure light vehicles aboard Ro-Ro vessels?

    N a. Chain lever
    Y b. Buckle tensioner
    N c. Adjust-a-matic tensioner
    N d. Turnbuckle

4267: Which statement is TRUE concerning the tandem working arrangement of pedestal cranes when completing a quad lift?

    Y a. The discharge is slow due to the size of the cargo and all the cranes working together.
    N b. The cargo discharge can be accomplished with controlled pendulation.
    N c. The cargo discharge can be performed in port or at anchor.
    N d. The cranes enable the handling of heavy cargos without shoreside assistance.