USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

37: Your enrolled vessel is bound from Baltimore, MD, to Norfolk, VA, via Chesapeake Bay. Which statement about the required Pilot is TRUE?

134: Your ship is steaming at night on gyro-pilot when you notice that the vessel's course is slowly changing to the right. Which action should you take FIRST?

139: A "barrel" is a unit of liquid measure equivalent to __________.

189: Reid vapor pressure is __________.

    N a. exerted by liquid cargo on the sides of a tank
    N b. exerted by liquid cargo on a cargo hose body
    N c. the lowest temperature and pressure that will cause a flammable liquid to give off vapors
    Y d. a measurement of the amount of flammable vapors given off by a liquid at a certain temperature

201: Your vessel is in a foreign port and you find that one of the crew members has been incarcerated for drunkenness. The Official Logbook shows that the seaman doesn't have funds to cover the costs of the fine. Which action should the Master take?

    N a. Inventory his gear and send it and a pay voucher ashore with the agent.
    N b. Leave the seaman in jail and log him as a fail to join after the vessel sails.
    N c. Leave the seaman in jail and log him as a deserter after the vessel sails.
    Y d. Pay the seaman's fine.

257: The distance between the surface of the liquid and the tank top in a cargo tank is called __________.

    N a. thievage
    N b. innage
    Y c. ullage
    N d. tankage

268: When a deck cargo is secured with chain or wire lashings and grab (pear) links, which statement is FALSE?

    Y a. The amount of take-up is limited by the length of the turnbuckle.
    N b. At the grab (pear) link, the slack end of chain should be led back and secured to the chain above the link.
    N c. The lashings should be inspected each day and any slack taken up.
    N d. The turnbuckle should be secured with a stick or lock nuts.

277: Allied Naval Control of Shipping (NCS) has been established. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The Naval Control of Shipping Organization of each nation will serve their own ships only.
    N b. Allied ships, which are at sea when an emergency is declared, will all be controlled by a central authority.
    N c. The conduct of US-flag ships in an allied port will be controlled by US NCS authorities.
    Y d. After Naval Control of Shipping has been established, permission to sail must come from local naval authorities or consular officers.

429: A tank is loaded with 9,000 barrels of gasoline. The temperature of the product is 90F (32C), and it has a coefficient of expansion of .0008. What is the net amount of cargo loaded?

    N a. 8856 bbls
    Y b. 8784 bbls
    N c. 8820 bbls
    N d. 9216 bbls

474: On an anchor windlass, the wheel over which the anchor chain passes is called a __________.

    N a. brake compressor wheel
    N b. devil's claw
    Y c. wildcat
    N d. winchhead

502: You are proceeding under NCS (Naval Control of Shipping) and wish to send a message warning of a hurricane. Which precedence would you assign this message?

    N a. Z (FLASH)
    Y b. O (IMMEDIATE)
    N c. R (ROUTINE)
    N d. P (PRIORITY)

511: All U.S. Flag vessels engaged in foreign trade are required to have a(n) __________.

    N a. enrollment
    N b. license
    Y c. registry
    N d. sea letter

522: You are onboard a 120 GT uninspected sea going tug which carries one Master and one Mate of Towing Vessels and four (4) seamen when underway. How many of the four seamen must have a rating as able seamen if the voyage is under 600 miles?

    N a. 4
    N b. 3
    Y c. 2
    N d. 1

540: As seen from the tow, what should connect the leading ends of both towing bridle legs to the main towing hawser?

    N a. A cable clamp
    Y b. A fishplate, flounder, or towing plate
    N c. A pad eye
    N d. The towing bitts

620: You are on a container vessel. What concerning the handling and stowage of containerized hazardous materials is TRUE?

    Y a. Open-bed containers may be used to transport hazardous materials if the cargo is properly secured.
    N b. A portable cargo tank of a flammable, cryogenic liquid may not be in transit for a period exceeding its marked rated holding time unless the liquid is inhibited.
    N c. A portable cargo tank containing a cryogenic liquid must be shipped on deck unless forced ventilation is provided to the decks-decks.
    N d. A container loaded with packages of tear gas would display a placard reading "Irritant."

690: A rescue helicopter's hoist area should have a radius of at least __________.

    N a. 6 feet of clear deck
    N b. 10 feet of clear deck
    N c. 25 feet of clear deck
    Y d. 50 feet of clear deck

693: The effect of excessive catenary in shallow water may be __________.

    N a. dragging the towing hawser along the bottom and chafing it
    N b. snagging sunken or submerged objects
    N c. slowing, stopping or endangering the towing operation by placing the tug in irons
    Y d. All of the above

694: An advantage of nylon rope over manila rope is that nylon rope __________.

    N a. can be used in conjunction with wire or spring-lay rope
    N b. can be stored on decks exposed to sunlight
    Y c. can hold a load even when a considerable amount of the yarns have been abraded
    N d. gives audible warning of overstress whereas manila does not

697: What imminent danger results from tripping?

    N a. A crew member being knocked over the side
    Y b. Capsizing your tug
    N c. Your tug being pulled backwards by your tow
    N d. The tow being thrown off course

706: How does the effect known as "bank suction" act on a single-screw vessel proceeding along a narrow channel?

    N a. It pulls the bow toward the bank.
    Y b. It pulls the stern toward the bank.
    N c. It pushes the entire vessel away from the bank.
    N d. It heels the vessel toward the bank.

797: A U.S. or foreign flag vessel that does not comply with the Officers Competency Certificates Convention of 1936 may be detained by certain designated officials. These officials include all of the following EXCEPT a/an ___________ .

    N a. Coast Guard officer
    N b. employee of the U.S. Customs Service
    N c. Coast Guard petty officer
    Y d. State Police officer

870: The terms "ceiling" and "margin plate" are associated with the __________.

    N a. crew's quarters
    N b. engine room
    N c. main deck
    Y d. tank top

951: The responsibility for maintaining the Official Logbook on voyages between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States rests with the __________.

    N a. Chief Mate of the vessel
    Y b. Master of the vessel
    N c. Deck Officer of the watch at the time of the occurrence
    N d. Purser of the vessel

972: The "rudder adjustment" control on an autopilot steering stand is used to __________.

    N a. align the rudder angle indicator with the true rudder angle
    Y b. set the number of degrees of rudder per degree of course error
    N c. set the departure from base course before actuating the rudder
    N d. set the rate at which the rudder responds

1007: When using the term "limber system" one is referring to a __________.

    N a. cleaning system
    Y b. drainage system
    N c. strengthening system
    N d. weight reduction system

1015: The tankship Northland is loaded as shown. Use the salmon colored pages in the Stability Data Reference to determine the sagging numeral. (Get Table Data)

    N a. 71.07 numeral
    N b. 74.95 numeral
    N c. 77.56 numeral
    Y d. 78.29 numeral

1068: You shall notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Inspection Office as soon as possible when your vessel has been damaged in excess of __________.

    N a. $1,000
    N b. $1,500
    N c. $10,000
    Y d. $25,000

1090: A chock __________.

    N a. is a deck fitting used to shackle gear to the deck
    N b. permits easy jettisoning of deck cargo in an emergency
    N c. prevents stress concentration in the bulwark
    Y d. provides openings through the bulwark for mooring lines

1369: What is meant by "spotting the boom"?

    N a. Lowering it into a cradle
    Y b. Placing it in a desired position
    N c. Spotting it with wash primer and red lead
    N d. Two-blocking it

1452: The helm command "Check her" means __________.

    N a. test the steering control
    N b. read the compass heading
    N c. stop the swing using hard over rudder
    Y d. slow the swing using moderate rudder

1508: While towing, sudden shock-loading caused during heavy weather can be reduced by __________.

    N a. using a short tow hawser
    N b. using a nonelastic type hawser
    Y c. using a heavier hawser
    N d. decreasing the catenary in the hawser

1546: What is the best guide for determining the proper scope of anchor chain to use for anchoring in normal conditions?

    N a. One shot of chain for every ten feet of water
    Y b. One shot of chain for every fifteen feet of water
    N c. One shot of chain for every thirty feet of water
    N d. One shot of chain for every ninety feet of water

1756: When anchoring a vessel, it is best to release the anchor when __________.

    N a. going full astern
    N b. going full ahead
    Y c. going slow astern
    N d. dead in the water

1818: When comparing twin screw tug to single-screw tugs, which statement about a twin-screw tug is FALSE?

    N a. If one engine fails, you do not lose control of the tow.
    N b. It is more maneuverable.
    Y c. It develops more bollard pull for the same horsepower.
    N d. It is generally subject to more propeller damage from debris in the water.

1845: You are proceeding under NCS (Naval Control of Shipping) and wish to send a message concerning an initial enemy contact. Which precedence would you assign this message?

    N a. O (IMMEDIATE)
    N b. P (PRIORITY)
    Y c. Z (FLASH)
    N d. R (ROUTINE)

1856: When passing a hawser to the dock you would first use what line?

    N a. Gantline
    Y b. Heaving line
    N c. Preventer
    N d. Warp

2029: When anchored, increasing the scope of the anchor chain normally serves to __________.

    N a. prevent fouling of the anchor
    N b. decrease swing of the vessel
    Y c. prevent dragging of the anchor
    N d. reduce strain on the windlass

2073: You are preparing to lubricate standing rigging on your vessel. When rigging a bosun's chair on a stay with a shackle, __________.

    N a. connect the shackle to the bosun's chair with a hook
    Y b. never allow the shackle pin to ride on the stay
    N c. run the gantline through the shackle and then make fast to the bosun's chair
    N d. tie the bitter end of the gantline to the shackle before shackling it to the bosun's chair

2159: What is the mechanical advantage of tackle number 9? (DO29DG )

    N a. 1
    N b. 2
    N c. 3
    Y d. 4

2279: In plugging submerged holes; rags, wedges, and other materials should be used in conjunction with plugs to __________.

    N a. reduce the water pressure on the hull
    N b. reduce the possibility of stress fractures
    N c. prevent progressive flooding
    Y d. reduce the water leaking around the plugs

2289: A seaman you have just discharged has a Continuous Discharge Book. Which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. The record of entry in the continuous discharge book shall agree with the entry made in the Ship's Articles.
    N b. If the vessel was on coastwise articles, the record of discharge will be made in the Official Logbook.
    N c. An entry should be made in the book and a Certificate of Discharge issued to the seaman.
    N d. A Certificate of Discharge form should be attached to the book.

2322: Fittings used for towing must be __________.

    N a. Coast Guard approved
    N b. stamped with maximum working loads
    Y c. securely fastened
    N d. positioned exactly at the bow of the towed vessel

2346: What is the volume of a sphere with a radius of 11 feet?

    N a. 506.75 cubic ft.
    N b. 696.78 cubic ft.
    Y c. 5,575.28 cubic ft.
    N d. 44,593.82 cubic ft.

2348: You are on a multiple-product chemical tanker and will carry cargoes of allyl alcohol, benzene, and propanolamine. Which of the following is true?

    N a. All of these cargoes are mutually compatible.
    N b. Benzene may not be carried in a tank adjacent to either of the other two cargoes.
    Y c. Allyl alcohol is incompatible with propanolamine but both are compatible with benzene.
    N d. Propanolamine is compatible with allyl alcohol but must be segregated from benzene.

2519: If a passenger vessel navigating the Great Lakes is required to carry 8 ring life buoys, how many of these buoys must have water lights attached?

    N a. 8
    Y b. 6
    N c. 4
    N d. 2

2596: A person who sees someone fall overboard should __________.

    N a. immediately jump into the water to assist the individual
    Y b. call for help and keep the individual in sight
    N c. run to the radio room to send an emergency message
    N d. go to the bridge for the distress flares

2629: Each open lifeboat carried on a vessel on an international voyage must have __________.

    N a. hand-propelling gear
    Y b. a davit span with at least 2 lifelines
    N c. a mast and a sail
    N d. a motor

2754: Which statement is TRUE concerning vessels over 1600 gross tons certificated for service solely on the Great Lakes?

    N a. They must have magnetic compasses.
    N b. They must have gyro compasses.
    Y c. They must carry a deep-sea hand lead.
    N d. All of the above statements are TRUE.

2760: When the wave period and the apparent rolling period are the same __________.

    Y a. synchronous rolling occurs
    N b. roll period decreases
    N c. roll period increases
    N d. roll amplitude is dampened

2784: Which of the Great Lakes generally has the shortest navigation season?

    N a. Lake Erie
    N b. Lake Huron
    N c. Lake Michigan
    Y d. Lake Superior

2791: What is the period of validity of a Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate?

    N a. 72 months
    Y b. 60 months
    N c. 48 months
    N d. 42 months

2832: You are transiting the Straits of Mackinac by way of an improved channel. You have information which indicates that the channel's Federal project depth is 28 ft. Which of the following statements is true with regards to this channel?

    N a. The least depth within the limits of the channel is 28 ft.
    Y b. The design dredging depth of the channel is 28 ft.
    N c. The channel has 28 ft. in the center but lesser depths may exist in the remainder of the channel.
    N d. The maximum depth which may be expected within the limits of the channel is 28 ft.

2930: A large vessel is equipped with a controllable pitch propeller. Which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. When dead in the water, it is often difficult to find the neutral position and slight headway or sternway may result.
    N b. When going directly from full ahead to full astern, there is complete steering control.
    N c. When the vessel has headway and the propeller is in neutral, there is no effect on rudder control.
    N d. When maneuvering in port, full ahead or astern power can usually be obtained without changing shaft RPM.

3042: A Great Lakes vessel bound for Anticosti Island is exempt from the IMO Grain Regulations if the vessel meets all of the following standards EXCEPT __________.

    N a. the metacentric height corrected for free surface must meet regulatory minimums throughout the voyage
    Y b. slack surfaces should be in a mound
    N c. the longitudinal strength of the vessel must not be imperiled
    N d. the Master must ascertain the expected weather conditions enroute

3086: Which statement concerning the navigation of a vessel in ice is FALSE?

    N a. Anchoring in the presence of ice is not recommended except in an emergency.
    N b. Towing a vessel through an ice field is not recommended except in an emergency.
    N c. The "Free and Proceed" system of escorting a beset vessel cuts down on the number of freeing operations.
    Y d. When anchoring in ice, it is advisable to increase the scope of the chain over what is normally used for non-icing conditions.

3381: A half-height container is used __________.

    N a. to carry cargoes of low density
    N b. when stowage space is limited
    Y c. to carry cargoes such as steel products or drums
    N d. to double the stowage capacity of the vessel

3602: What is the penalty for desertion?

    N a. Fine of not more than 2000 dollars and forfeiture of wages
    N b. Imprisonment for not more than 2 years and/or a fine of not more than 2000 dollars
    N c. Revocation of Merchant Mariner's Document (and license if applicable) and forfeiture of wages due
    Y d. Forfeiture of money and property left on the vessel, and wages due

3606: A spreader bar is used to __________.

    N a. increase the lifting capacity
    N b. increase the lifting radius
    N c. protect the slings
    Y d. protect the upper part of a load

4173: What should be done before energizing the cargo hold ventilation on a Ro-Ro vessel, prior to loading or discharging cargo?

    N a. Call out the deck department for all hands.
    N b. Notify the boarding agent.
    Y c. Notify the engine room.
    N d. All of the above

4378: Which statement concerning an automatic towing engine is FALSE?

    N a. It automatically maintains tow line tension.
    N b. It prolongs the life of the hawser by distributing chafing as the hawser is paid out and taken in.
    Y c. As tension on the hawser increases, more line is taken in by the automatic towing engine.
    N d. As tension on the hawser decreases, more line is taken in by the automatic towing engine.