USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

83: The mooring line labeled "A" as shown is called a(n) __________. (D044DG )

171: You have determined the maneuvering characteristics of your vessel by taking the radar ranges and bearings of an isolated light while making a turn. The results are as listed. Based on this data what is the transfer for a turn of 30? d035dg

206: In stopping distances of vessels, "head reach" can best be described as the __________.

211: A seaman is entitled by law to a release from Foreign Articles when __________.

    N a. intoxicated
    Y b. the vessel is overloaded
    N c. there is a change of home port
    N d. there is a change of Master

212: Your vessel is port side to a pier with a spring line led aft from the bow. In calm weather, putting the engines ahead with the rudder hard left should bring __________.

    Y a. the bow in and the stern out
    N b. both the bow and stern in
    N c. the bow out and the stern in
    N d. both the bow and stern out

219: What refers to the depth of a petroleum product in a tank?

    Y a. Innage
    N b. Outage
    N c. Thievage
    N d. Ullage

432: A licensed Master of Towing Vessels may NOT serve as the person in charge of which towing vessel?

    N a. 99 GRT towing vessel operating on Chesapeake Bay
    N b. 199 GRT towing vessel operating in the Gulf of Alaska
    N c. 480 GRT towboat operating on the Western Rivers
    Y d. 405 GRT towing vessel operating between Florida and the US Virgin Islands

456: You are conning a twin-screw vessel going ahead with rudders amidships. If the port screw stops turning the bow will __________.

    Y a. go to port
    N b. go to starboard
    N c. not veer to either side
    N d. go first to port and then to starboard

601: Your vessel has completed an inspection for certification and is issued a temporary certificate. This __________.

    N a. expires six months after it is issued
    N b. must be exchanged for a regular Certificate of Inspection before going foreign or out of state
    Y c. has the full force of a regular Certificate of Inspection
    N d. must be posted in the vicinity of the officers' licenses

720: You suspect that a crewmember has fallen overboard during the night and immediately execute a Williamson turn. What is the primary advantage of this maneuver under these circumstances?

    Y a. You will be on a reciprocal course and nearly on the track-line run during the night.
    N b. The turn provides the maximum coverage of the area to be searched.
    N c. The turn enables you to reverse course in the shortest possible time.
    N d. You have extra time to maneuver in attempting to close in on the man for rescue.

879: Centrifugal pumps have what advantage(s) over reciprocating pumps?

    N a. They are less expensive.
    N b. They are smaller for equivalent pumping ability.
    N c. They pump more cargo in less time.
    Y d. All of the above

926: Usually the most gentle way of riding out a severe storm on a larger vessel is __________.

    N a. head on at slow speeds
    N b. hove to
    Y c. running before the seas
    N d. to rig a sea anchor

952: You have orders to load cargoes of carbon disulfide, diisopropylamine and pyridine on your multi-product tankship. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. Carbon disulfide may be carried in NOS. 1 and 2 center tanks and diisopropylamine in NOS. 1 and 2 wing tanks.
    N b. Pyridine and diisopropylamine may be carried in tanks having a common header vent.
    Y c. Pyridine need not be separated from carbon disulfide by two barriers (cofferdams, voids, empty tanks, etc.).
    N d. A tank of carbon disulfide may be used to separate a tank of pyridine from a tank of diisopropylamine.

1088: As Master or person in charge, you must notify the U.S. Coast Guard if an injury leaves a crewman unfit to perform routine duties for more than __________.

    N a. 24 hours
    N b. 48 hours
    N c. 72 hours
    Y d. Any amount of time

1130: The fittings used to secure a watertight door are known as __________.

    N a. clamps
    N b. clasps
    Y c. dogs
    N d. latches

1244: Nylon line is NOT suitable for __________.

    N a. towing
    Y b. lashings
    N c. stoppers
    N d. mooring lines

1264: Which type of line is best able to withstand sudden shock loads?

    N a. Polypropylene
    Y b. Nylon
    N c. Dacron
    N d. Manila

1350: A deck beam does NOT __________.

    N a. act as a beam to support vertical deck loads
    Y b. lessen the longitudinal stiffness of the vessel
    N c. act as a tie to keep the sides of the ship in place
    N d. act as a web to prevent plate wrinkling due to twisting action on the vessel

1361: On a voyage charter, when a vessel is ready to load cargo, the Master should render to the charterer a __________.

    Y a. Notice of Readiness
    N b. Master Certificate of Service
    N c. Shipmasters Declaration
    N d. Vessel Utilization and Performance Report

1381: The Master of a vessel may tender a Notice of Readiness to the charterer when the vessel __________.

    N a. has completed the terms of the charter party
    Y b. is in all respects ready to load
    N c. is in all respects ready to sail
    N d. is safely moored or at a suitable anchorage

1448: Nylon line is better suited than manila for __________.

    N a. towing alongside
    Y b. towing astern
    N c. holding knots and splices
    N d. resisting damage from chemicals

1448: Nylon line is better suited than manila for __________.

    N a. towing alongside
    Y b. towing astern
    N c. holding knots and splices
    N d. resisting damage from chemicals

1511: A vessel has been damaged by fire. The survey shows the cost of repairs will exceed the value of the repaired vessel. This is an example of a(n) __________.

    Y a. constructive total loss
    N b. salvage loss
    N c. actual loss
    N d. preferred loss

1551: A majority of the crew requests a survey from the American Consul to determine a vessel's seaworthiness. The vessel is found unfit to continue her intended voyage. The Consul allows the vessel to sail to another port where deficiencies can be corrected. The crew must __________.

    N a. be discharged and given first class passage back to the original port of signing on in lieu of one month's wages
    N b. be discharged by the American Consul with additional one month's wages until repairs are made
    N c. be furnished employment on another vessel returning to the United States which is satisfactory to that crew
    Y d. comply with the judgment

1577: You are the Chief Mate of a 30,000-DWT tankship. The vessel is engaged in trade with another country signatory to MARPOL 73/78. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The Certificate of Inspection serves as prima facie evidence of complying with MARPOL 73/78.
    Y b. The IOPP Certificate for an inspected vessel is valid for 5 years.
    N c. An IOPP Certificate is invalidated if the ship carries cargoes outside the classes authorized thereon.
    N d. An IOPP Certificate is renewed at each inspection for certification.

1580: Shell plating that has curvature in two directions and must be heated and hammered to shape over specially prepared forms is called __________.

    N a. compound plate
    Y b. furnaced plate
    N c. flat plate
    N d. rolled plate

1615: A towing vessel should be on the crest of a wave at the same time as its tow and in the trough at the same time. The term used to describe this is __________.

    N a. tow strain
    N b. catenary length
    Y c. being in step
    N d. Williamson's Tow

1622: What is NOT an indication that pack ice may be nearby?

    Y a. The presence of icebergs
    N b. Ice blink
    N c. Absence of wave motion
    N d. Sighting a walrus in the Arctic

1675: What is the name of the mark indicated by the letter D? (D003DG )

    Y a. Tropical load line
    N b. Summer load line
    N c. Fresh load line
    N d. Winter load line

1707: You are proceeding under NCS (Naval Control of Shipping) when it becomes necessary to send a distress message. What precedence would you assign this message?

    N a. R (ROUTINE)
    N b. Z (FLASH)
    N c. P (PRIORITY)
    Y d. O (IMMEDIATE)

1864: Progressive flooding may be indicated by __________.

    N a. ballast control alarms
    N b. excessive draft
    N c. excessive list or trim
    Y d. a continual worsening of list or trim

1873: How much weight can you lift by applying 100 lbs. of force to a twofold purchase rigged to disadvantage (do not consider friction)?

    N a. 200 lbs.
    N b. 300 lbs.
    Y c. 400 lbs.
    N d. 500 lbs.

1991: Using the graph shown, if the dry bulb temperature is 91, and the wet bulb temperature is 87, what is the relative humidity in a cargo hold? (D008DG )

    N a. 79%
    Y b. 85%
    N c. 91%
    N d. 98%

2046: The structural member indicated by the letter I is the __________. (D033DG )

    N a. garboard strake
    N b. center pillar
    Y c. keel
    N d. girder

2064: While underway in thick fog you are on watch and hear the cry "man overboard". Which type of maneuver should you make?

    N a. figure eight turn
    N b. Round turn
    N c. Racetrack turn
    Y d. Williamson turn

2185: You are using tackle number 7 to lift a weight of 100 lbs. If you include 10 percent of the weight for each sheave for friction, what is the pull on the hauling part required to lift the weight? (DO29DG )

    N a. 200 lbs.
    N b. 150 lbs.
    N c. 110 lbs.
    Y d. 55 lbs.

2220: The load chart of a crane enables the operator to combine the load radius with boom length to determine the __________.

    N a. maximum counter weight required
    N b. minimum horsepower required
    N c. hoist rope strength
    Y d. allowable load

2282: Using the graph in illustration D008DG, if the dry bulb temperature is 77 and the wet bulb temperature is 69, what is the relative humidity in a cargo hold? (D008DG )

    Y a. 67%
    N b. 70%
    N c. 77%
    N d. 81%

2289: A seaman you have just discharged has a Continuous Discharge Book. Which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. The record of entry in the continuous discharge book shall agree with the entry made in the Ship's Articles.
    N b. If the vessel was on coastwise articles, the record of discharge will be made in the Official Logbook.
    N c. An entry should be made in the book and a Certificate of Discharge issued to the seaman.
    N d. A Certificate of Discharge form should be attached to the book.

2343: When securing a hook to the end of a wire rope you should use __________.

    N a. a bowline knot
    N b. a long splice
    N c. an overhand knot with a wire rope clip
    Y d. wire rope clips with a thimble eye

2377: You are the operator of a towing vessel which collides with a buoy and drags it off station. What should you do if the damage to your vessel is not serious?

    N a. If the buoy is afloat, no action is necessary.
    Y b. Immediately notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office and no further action is necessary.
    N c. Wait one week and submit form CG-2692 to the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office.
    N d. Immediately notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office and then submit form CG-2692.

2386: A vessel has an amidships superstructure. Which location would be most suitable for main deck stowage of vehicles?

    N a. On top of #1 hatch
    N b. Beside the hatches, forward of the midships house
    N c. On top of the aftermost hatch on the vessel
    Y d. On top of the hatch immediately aft of the midships house

2390: Determine the weight of a rectangular piece of 20.4 lb. steel measuring 4 feet by 6 feet.

    N a. 204.0 lbs.
    Y b. 489.6 lbs.
    N c. 734.4 lbs.
    N d. 979.2 lbs.

2392: Determine the weight of a rectangular piece of 12.75 lbs. steel measuring 5 feet by 8 feet.

    Y a. 510.00 lbs.
    N b. 255.00 lbs.
    N c. 198.89 lbs.
    N d. 165.75 lbs.

2646: Which statement is true concerning repairs on the hull of a vessel which is to be riveted and welded?

    N a. Riveting must be completed before welding begins.
    N b. Riveting and welding should be done alternately.
    Y c. Welding must be completed before the riveting begins.
    N d. It does not matter in what order the operations are done.

2716: A channel is stated as having a controlling depth of 38 feet. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. At least 80% of the channel is cleared to the charted depth.
    N b. At least 50% of the channel is cleared to the charted depth.
    Y c. 100% of the channel width is clear to 38 feet.
    N d. The sides of the channel conform to at least 50% of the controlling depth.

2748: The Lake Carriers Association and the Canadian Shipowners Association prescribe separation routes for upbound and downbound vessels on the Great Lakes. The recommended courses for these routes are shown on the Great Lakes Charts in the form of __________.

    Y a. red or magenta figures over a segmented course line track
    N b. red figures over a solid course line track
    N c. black figures over a segmented course line track
    N d. green figures over a solid course line track

2879: The vertical reference for all water levels and bench marks on the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River System is known as __________.

    N a. Mean Sea Level Datum
    Y b. International Great Lakes Datum
    N c. Great Lakes Low Water Datum
    N d. North Central Reference Datum

2911: The wooden plug inserted in the vent of a damaged tank should be removed if you are going to __________.

    Y a. pump from the damaged tank
    N b. fight a fire
    N c. abandon ship
    N d. use the crossover system

3062: How should you signal the crane operator to swing?

    N a. With both arms extended out and palms down, move arms back and forth.
    N b. With arm extended downwards and forefinger pointing down, move hand in small horizontal circles.
    Y c. Extend arm and point finger in the direction to move the boom.
    N d. Place both fists in front of the body with the thumbs pointing outward.

3234: Rolling is angular motion of the vessel about what axis?

    Y a. Longitudinal
    N b. Transverse
    N c. Vertical
    N d. Centerline

3242: What term indicates the line drawn at the top of the flat plate keel?

    Y a. Base line
    N b. Molded line
    N c. Designer's waterline
    N d. Keel line

3439: Horizontal fore or aft motion of a vessel is known as __________.

    N a. pitch
    Y b. surge
    N c. sway
    N d. roll

3484: You are on watch and see a man fall overboard. Which man- overboard turn should NOT be used in this situation?

    Y a. Scharnow
    N b. Single turn
    N c. Racetrack
    N d. Williamson

3654: Horizontal transverse motion of a vessel is known as __________.

    N a. pitch
    N b. surge
    Y c. sway
    N d. heave

4009: What is used to prevent twisting of a towing bridle?

    N a. A bitt
    N b. A bulkhead
    N c. A V-spring
    Y d. A fishplate

4010: You have completed a crude oil wash. What action should be taken with the oil in the lines running to the washing machines?

    Y a. Open a COW nozzle forward and one aft and drain the line into the after tank by gravity
    N b. Blow the line out using compressed air
    N c. Pull a suction using the supply line pump
    N d. Close off all valves in the system and leave the oil in the line primed for the next crude oil wash

4147: Which tensioning device is used with wire rope lashing to secure vehicles aboard Ro-Ro vessels?

    N a. Chain lever.
    Y b. Adjust-a-matic tensioner
    N c. Buckle tensioner
    N d. Ratchet tensioner

4203: Which of the following statements is/are FALSE concerning cranes being installed on the centerline of vessels?

    N a. One crane is able to work both sides of the ship.
    N b. One crane is able to work one end of two adjacent hatches.
    Y c. A centerline crane can never work more than one hatch.
    N d. All of the above

4275: During which condition should the operator of a pedestal crane shutdown operations?

    N a. Lightning
    N b. High winds
    N c. Fire aboard
    Y d. All of the above