USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

50: A vessel is entering port and has a Pilot conning the vessel. The Master is unsure that the Pilot is taking sufficient action to prevent a collision. What should the Master do?

125: Chafing gear is normally used __________.

230: You are the Master of a 500-gross ton passenger vessel operating on rivers. Your vessel accidentally runs aground. Under the regulations for passenger vessels, you must notify the __________.

268: When a deck cargo is secured with chain or wire lashings and grab (pear) links, which statement is FALSE?

    Y a. The amount of take-up is limited by the length of the turnbuckle.
    N b. At the grab (pear) link, the slack end of chain should be led back and secured to the chain above the link.
    N c. The lashings should be inspected each day and any slack taken up.
    N d. The turnbuckle should be secured with a stick or lock nuts.

272: When measuring the oxygen content of the cargo tanks prior to loading cargoes requiring vapor recovery, check it __________.

    N a. one meter from the tank bottom and one meter below the tank top
    Y b. one half the ullage of the tank and one meter below the tank top
    N c. one half the ullage of the tank and one meter above the tank bottom
    N d. at three meter intervals from the tank top to the bottom

287: On the cargo manifest, the weight of the cargo inside a box is called __________.

    N a. gross weight
    Y b. net weight
    N c. light weight
    N d. rate weight

451: What is official proof of a vessel's ownership?

    Y a. Certificate of Documentation
    N b. Bill of Lading
    N c. Transfer Certificate
    N d. Logbook

466: A twin screw vessel, making headway with both engines turning ahead, will turn more readily to starboard if you __________.

    N a. reverse port engine, apply right rudder
    N b. reverse port engine, rudder amidships
    Y c. reverse starboard engine, apply right rudder
    N d. reverse starboard engine, rudder amidships

477: When underway with a tow, you are required to notify the Coast Guard in which casualty situation?

    N a. An injury requiring first aid treatment
    N b. Damage of bridge-to-bridge radio capability
    Y c. Accidental stranding or grounding
    N d. Damage to property amounting to $12,500

498: When the dew point of the outside air is higher than the dew point of the air in the cargo hold, you should __________.

    N a. energize the exhaust blowers
    N b. energize the intake blowers
    Y c. not ventilate the cargo holds
    N d. ventilate the cargo holds

589: The terminal indicates to you that they are going to use a booster pump to assist the discharging operation. You start the discharge and in a few minutes the pressure drops sharply. This could be a result of the __________.

    Y a. booster pump coming on the line and discharging properly
    N b. booster pump failing to start
    N c. ship's pump speeding up
    N d. booster pump being lined up in the wrong direction

613: A lookout can leave his station __________.

    N a. at the end of the watch
    Y b. only when properly relieved
    N c. at any time
    N d. 15 minutes before the end of the watch

677: In illustration D044DG, the mooring line labeled "D" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

    N a. forward spring line
    Y b. after spring line
    N c. waist breast line
    N d. stern line

693: The effect of excessive catenary in shallow water may be __________.

    N a. dragging the towing hawser along the bottom and chafing it
    N b. snagging sunken or submerged objects
    N c. slowing, stopping or endangering the towing operation by placing the tug in irons
    Y d. All of the above

761: The Immigration and Naturalization Service is concerned with which document on a vessel making preliminary entry into a U.S. port from a foreign port?

    N a. Cargo Manifest
    Y b. Certified Crew List
    N c. Curio List
    N d. Shipping Articles

768: A cargo of canned foodstuff is packed in cartons. Each carton is 36 cubic feet and weighs 340 pounds. The stowage factor of the cargo is __________.

    N a. 9.5
    N b. 62
    N c. 212
    Y d. 237

769: The owner or Master of a towing vessel must ensure that each person that directs and controls the movement of the vessel knows all of the following EXCEPT ___________ .

    N a. the effects of maneuvering on the vessel and its tow
    N b. the speed and direction of any current for the area being transited
    N c. how to apply variation and deviation to readings from a magnetic compass
    Y d. the ownership of the vessel(s) being towed

815: A U.S. or foreign flag vessel that does not comply with the Officers Competency Certificates Convention of 1936 may be detained by certain designated officials. These officials include all of the following EXCEPT a/an ___________ .

    Y a. State Police officer
    N b. Coast Guard officer
    N c. Coast Guard petty officer
    N d. officer of the U.S. Customs Service

871: In writing up the logbook at the end of your watch, you make an error in writing an entry. What is the proper means of correcting this error?

    Y a. Cross out the error with a single line, and write the correct entry, then initial it.
    N b. Carefully and neatly erase the entry and rewrite it correctly.
    N c. Remove this page of the log book, and rewrite all entries on a clean page.
    N d. Blot out the error completely and rewrite the entry correctly.

941: Which logbook is required to be submitted to the Coast Guard?

    Y a. Official Log
    N b. Smooth log
    N c. Rough log
    N d. Bell log

969: A tank is loaded with 9,000 barrels of gasoline. The temperature of the product is 80F (27C), and it has a coefficient of expansion of .0008. The net amount of cargo loaded is __________.

    Y a. 8,856 barrels
    N b. 8,944 barrels
    N c. 9,072 barrels
    N d. 9,144 barrels

1078: By law, the maximum penalty for failing (without reasonable cause) to give aid in the case of collision is __________.

    N a. one year imprisonment or $500
    Y b. two years imprisonment or $1000
    N c. two years imprisonment or $1500
    N d. two years imprisonment or $2000

1098: During the course of a voyage, a seaman falls on the main deck and injures his ankle. The Master should submit a Report of Marine Accident, Injury or Death if the __________.

    Y a. injured is unfit for duty
    N b. injured is able to return to work
    N c. injury results in loss of life only
    N d. injury is the result of misconduct

1103: What should you inspect to be sure that it is safe to go aloft in a bosun's chair?

    N a. The gantline
    N b. The tail block
    N c. The chair and bridle
    Y d. All of the above

1114: What type of stopper would you use on a nylon mooring line?

    N a. Chain
    Y b. Nylon
    N c. Manila
    N d. Wire

1162: How does a vessel's rate of turn change when entering shallow water?

    N a. It is faster.
    N b. It is slower.
    Y c. There is no change.
    N d. It remains constant for varying propeller revolutions.

1399: Which part of a cargo boom has the greatest diameter?

    N a. Head
    Y b. Middle
    N c. Heel
    N d. It has the same diameter along its complete length.

1404: Galvanizing would not be suitable for protecting wire rope which is used for __________.

    Y a. cargo runners
    N b. mooring wires
    N c. shrouds
    N d. stays

1533: What is the best splice for repairing a parted synthetic fiber mooring line?

    N a. Liverpool splice
    N b. Locking long splice
    N c. Long splice
    Y d. Short splice

1689: The mooring line shown as "C" is called a __________. (DO44DG )

    N a. stern line
    N b. spring line
    N c. shore line
    Y d. breast line

1713: The cheek length of a block in inches should be about __________.

    Y a. three times the circumference of a manila line
    N b. five times the diameter of a manila line
    N c. twice the diameter of its sheaves for manila line
    N d. twenty times the diameter of a manila line

1846: In a national emergency, when communicating via the Navy, messages are sent by precedence. A message designated IMMEDIATE will be delivered within __________.

    N a. 3 hours to start of business the following day
    N b. 1 to 6 hours
    Y c. 30 minutes to 1 hour
    N d. 10 minutes if possible

1869: You are using tackle number 10 in illustration DO29DG to lift a weight of 120 lbs. If you include 10 percent of the weight for each sheave for friction, what is the pull on the hauling part required to lift the weight? (DO29DG )

    N a. 57 lbs.
    N b. 42 lbs.
    N c. 39 lbs.
    Y d. 34 lbs.

2049: While the Pilot is maneuvering the vessel to a dock, what is the PRIMARY responsibility of the watch officer?

    N a. Supervise the signaling and flag etiquette.
    N b. Record the bells and their times in the bell book.
    N c. Judge the appropriateness of the Pilot's orders and countermand them if necessary.
    Y d. Insure that helm and throttle orders given by the Pilot are correctly executed.

2107: What is the name of the mark indicated by the letter A? (D003DG )

    N a. Winter North Atlantic load line
    N b. Fresh Water load line
    Y c. Deck line
    N d. Plimsoll line

2127: The maneuver which will return your vessel to a person who has fallen overboard in the shortest time is __________.

    N a. a Williamson Turn
    N b. engine(s) crash astern, no turn
    Y c. a single turn with hard rudder
    N d. two 180 turns

2131: If you carry packaged hazardous cargoes on a break bulk vessel bound foreign, you must __________.

    N a. stow the hazardous cargoes on deck available for jettisoning if necessary
    N b. remove the hazardous cargo labels from a portable tank after the tank is emptied
    Y c. have the shipping papers indicate the proper shipping name and the technical name of n.o.s. cargoes
    N d. log the receipt of hazardous cargoes in the Official Logbook

2152: Your vessel has the symbol shown inscribed on the side. Which statement concerning this symbol is TRUE? (DO22DG )

    N a. This represents the load line marks when engaged on a voyage upon the Great Lakes.
    N b. The line directly under the triangle is at the same level as the summer load line.
    N c. The symbol is the equivalent of a load line marking and is used by government vessels (USN, MSC, USCG) only.
    Y d. The applicable gross and net tonnage of the ship will change if this mark is submerged and the load line mark is visible.

2166: A ballasted vessel sinks enroute to a dry dock. Under these circumstances, the vessel's owner can claim __________.

    Y a. actual total loss
    N b. constructive total loss
    N c. general average
    N d. particular average

2175: Which is a negotiated charter?

    Y a. Fixture
    N b. Bill of Lading
    N c. Conference agreement
    N d. All of the above

2196: You are using tackle number 10 to lift a weight. The hauling part of this tackle is bent to the weight hook (w) of tackle number 4. What is the mechanical advantage of this rig? (DO29DG )

    N a. 24
    Y b. 20
    N c. 13
    N d. 9

2204: While writing in the logbook at the end of your watch, you make an error in writing an entry. What is the proper way of correcting this error?

    N a. Blot out the error completely and rewrite the entry correctly.
    N b. Carefully and neatly erase the entry and rewrite it correctly.
    Y c. Cross out the error with a single line, write the correct entry, and initial it.
    N d. Remove this page of the log book and rewrite all entries on a clean page.

2205: On the fully containerized ship, approximately one-third or more of the cargo is on deck above the rolling center. Top stowed containers are subject to __________.

    Y a. accelerations greater than on conventional vessels
    N b. accelerations less than on conventional vessels
    N c. accelerations the same as on conventional vessels
    N d. no accelerations

2265: You are conducting trials to determine the maneuvering characteristics of your vessel. While making a turn, you take ranges and bearings of an isolated light with the results shown. Based on this information, what is the transfer for a turn of 45? (D034DG )

    Y a. 130 yards
    N b. 165 yards
    N c. 195 yards
    N d. 230 yards

2288: What will cause wire rope to fail?

    N a. Operating the winch too fast
    N b. Using a sheave 9 times the wire's diameter
    N c. Kinking
    Y d. All of the above

2529: Which condition would NOT entitle a vessel to carry goods on deck?

    N a. The shipper agrees to deck stowage
    Y b. The cargo will damage other cargoes by tainting or contamination
    N c. Deck stowage is required by law or regulation
    N d. Deck stowage is customary in the trade (i.e. timber cargoes)

2599: When several salvors are on-scene at the same time to assist a vessel that has not been abandoned, which principal governs the decision as to which one's services will be accepted?

    Y a. The Master of the ship needing assistance has the absolute right to decide.
    N b. The first salvor on-scene has the prior claim providing he has adequate facilities to assist the vessel needing assistance.
    N c. The salvors must agree to a division of any salvage among themselves with the major share allotted to those doing the most work.
    N d. The first salvor on-scene has the absolute right to provide assistance; however, he is liable if the ship is lost due to his lack of experience, equipment, etc.

2607: Which statement is TRUE concerning lifeboat installations on Great Lakes vessels?

    N a. All davit installations shall have 3 lifelines fitted to a davit span.
    N b. All vessels over 3,000 gross tons must be fitted with gravity davits.
    Y c. All lifelines shall be able to reach the water at the vessel's lightest draft with a 20 list.
    N d. All of the above

2648: The smallest size of flaw that can be detected on a radiograph examination of a weld will be indicated by the __________.

    N a. film speed
    Y b. penetrometer
    N c. exposure reading
    N d. time of exposure

2838: A U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker, while escorting ships in ice, may sound four short and one long blasts on the whistle to indicate that the icebreaker __________.

    Y a. has become beset in fast ice
    N b. is increasing speed; watch for broken ice
    N c. has its engines full astern
    N d. is increasing the distance between vessels

2909: A mechanical davit is designed to automatically __________.

    N a. position the boat at the embarkation station
    Y b. lift the boat off the inboard chocks
    N c. energize the winch for the falls
    N d. set the brake on the winch

3308: What term indicates a curvature of the decks in a longitudinal direction?

    N a. Deadrise
    N b. Camber
    Y c. Sheer
    N d. Flare

3681: While you are on watch entering port, the Master gives the helmsman a rudder command which conflicts with a rudder command from the Pilot. You should make sure the helmsman __________.

    N a. obeys the Pilot
    Y b. obeys the Master
    N c. asks you for instructions
    N d. brings the rudder to a point midway between the two conflicting positions

4043: When backing down with sternway, the pivot point of a vessel is __________.

    N a. aft of the propellers
    Y b. about one-quarter of the vessel's length from the stern
    N c. about one-third of the vessel's length from the bow
    N d. at the bow

4048: You are arriving in port and are assigned to anchor in anchorage circle B-4. It has a diameter of 600 yards and your vessel's LOA is 525 feet. If you anchor in 10 fathoms at the center of the circle, what is the maximum number of shots of chain you can use and still remain in the circle?

    Y a. 4 shots
    N b. 5 shots
    N c. 6 shots
    N d. 7 shots

4121: The lashings used on Ro-Ro vessels should be capable of withstanding the forces of __________.

    N a. rolling
    N b. pitching
    N c. heaving
    Y d. All of the above

4126: Which variable factor affects the initial lashing requirements aboard Ro-Ro vessels?

    Y a. Number, position and angle of lashings
    N b. Vessel's draft
    N c. Port of origin
    N d. ABS requirements

4269: Which action(s) should the operator of a pedestal crane take if crane control is lost?

    N a. Let go of both control levers and return to neutral position.
    N b. Press the emergency stop.
    N c. Notify the mate on watch.
    Y d. All of the above

4274: During which condition should the operator of a pedestal crane shutdown operations?

    N a. Bunkering barge alongside
    N b. Potable water spill on deck
    Y c. Crane hydraulic hose bursts
    N d. Trim greater than 4 feet