USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

38: A cargo that has a stowage factor over 40 is known as a __________.

61: Deckhands onboard towing vessels shall be divided into 3 watches when on a trip exceeding __________.

88: Which is an example of cargo damage caused by inherent vice?

116: In relation to the turning circle of a ship, the term "transfer" means the distance __________.

    N a. gained in the direction of the original course
    Y b. gained at right angles to the original course
    N c. the ship moves sidewise from the original course away from the direction of the turn after the rudder is first put over
    N d. around the circumference of the turning circle

125: Chafing gear is normally used __________.

    N a. for portable fenders
    N b. for ground tackle
    N c. on the inside of the hawsepipe
    Y d. on mooring lines

137: The system of valves and cargo lines in the bottom piping network of a tank barge that connects one section of cargo tanks to another section is called a __________.

    N a. come-along
    Y b. crossover
    N c. manifold
    N d. runaround

184: You are standing look-out duty at night. A dim light on the horizon will be seen quickest by looking __________.

    N a. at an area just a little below the horizon
    N b. at the horizon, where the sky and water appear to meet
    Y c. a little above the horizon
    N d. well below the horizon

192: The mooring line labeled "H" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

    Y a. offshore bow line
    N b. onshore bow line
    N c. offshore spring line
    N d. forward breast line

195: You are transporting dangerous cargo on your vessel. The Dangerous Cargo Manifest must be signed by the __________.

    N a. shipper
    N b. U.S. Coast Guard Marine Inspector
    Y c. Master or his authorized representative
    N d. Master only

314: "Avast" means __________.

    N a. let go
    N b. pull
    N c. slack off
    Y d. stop

339: Oil product samples should be taken from the __________.

    N a. dock riser
    N b. ship's cargo tanks
    N c. shore tank discharge
    Y d. All of the above

400: You are on a containership carrying a tank container that had been filled with sodium hydroxide solution. The container is empty but has not been cleaned. Which, if any, placard is required?

    N a. No placard is required; the tank openings must be sealed
    N b. Empty placard with corrosive placard
    N c. Residue label with the UN number
    Y d. Black and white corrosive placard

428: Your vessel is going from a warm climate to a cold climate with a hygroscopic cargo. Which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. You must ventilate constantly and vigorously to combat ship sweat.
    N b. You should ventilate; there is little danger of ship sweat, but a possibility of cargo sweat.
    N c. There is danger of heavy cargo sweat if you ventilate.
    N d. There is little danger of any sweat problem.

451: What is official proof of a vessel's ownership?

    Y a. Certificate of Documentation
    N b. Bill of Lading
    N c. Transfer Certificate
    N d. Logbook

495: Which space(s) is (are) deducted from gross tonnage to derive net tonnage?

    Y a. Boatswain's stores
    N b. Companions and booby hatches
    N c. Passenger spaces
    N d. All of the above

509: Which factor must be considered when determining the order of loading of dissimilar products through the same piping system aboard a tanker?

    Y a. Contamination of the cargo
    N b. Flash points
    N c. Reid vapor pressures
    N d. Specific gravities

511: All U.S. Flag vessels engaged in foreign trade are required to have a(n) __________.

    N a. enrollment
    N b. license
    Y c. registry
    N d. sea letter

545: Repairing damage to the hull at or above the waterline reduces the threat of __________.

    N a. free surface effects
    N b. capsizing
    Y c. continued progressive flooding
    N d. wind heel

570: A chain bridle is preferable to a wire rope towing bridle on a long ocean tow because chain __________.

    N a. is more flexible and has the ability to absorb shock because of its weight
    N b. is less subject to wear and damage from abrasion
    N c. requires little maintenance
    Y d. All of the above

593: To lead the towing hawser over the center of the stern when not under a strain you could __________.

    N a. fairlead it through a stern roller chock
    N b. lead it through the Norman pins
    N c. hold it in the median position by a gob rope or lizard stopper
    Y d. All of the above when so equipped

695: A tug is "in irons" when held in a fixed position by __________.

    N a. the weight of its tow, its being anchored, or grounded
    Y b. the weight of its towing hawser on the bottom
    N c. an adverse current
    N d. lack of power or an engine breakdown

802: You are on watch at sea on course 090T. A man falls overboard on your starboard side. You immediately start a Williamson Turn. Which action is NOT a part of a Williamson Turn?

    Y a. Stop the engines until clear of the man.
    N b. Come right full rudder until the vessel heads 150T.
    N c. Shift the helm to left full rudder.
    N d. Continue with left rudder until on course 270T.

871: In writing up the logbook at the end of your watch, you make an error in writing an entry. What is the proper means of correcting this error?

    Y a. Cross out the error with a single line, and write the correct entry, then initial it.
    N b. Carefully and neatly erase the entry and rewrite it correctly.
    N c. Remove this page of the log book, and rewrite all entries on a clean page.
    N d. Blot out the error completely and rewrite the entry correctly.

1085: Which of the following statements concerning the rigging of bosuns' chairs and their use is TRUE?

    N a. Always secure the gantline to the chair with a bowline.
    N b. Always have the chair hoisted with at least three turns on a winch drum.
    Y c. Any tools, paint pots etc. should be secured by lanyards.
    N d. When riding a stay, make sure that the bow of the shackle passes through the becket of the bridle.

1108: In which casualty case is it UNNECESSARY to notify the local Coast Guard Marine Safety Office?

    N a. A seaman is injured and in the hospital for four days.
    N b. Nylon mooring line parts while the vessel is tied up and kills a harbor worker who was on the pier.
    N c. Your vessel is backing from a dock and runs aground, but is pulled off by tugs in 30 minutes.
    Y d. Your vessel strikes a pier and does $1,500 damage to the pier but none to the vessel.

1175: You have arrived at your anchorage location. You have put the engines astern prior to letting go the anchor. How will you know when the vessel has stopped making way?

    N a. The ship's Doppler log reads zero
    Y b. The backwash of the propeller reaches amidships
    N c. An azimuth bearing on the beam remains steady
    N d. All of the above

1245: While on watch at sea you must maintain a proper lookout at all times. On a 700-foot cargo vessel being hand-steered during daylight hours in good visibility and clear of any navigational hazards, the lookout may be __________.

    N a. the helmsman
    Y b. the mate on watch
    N c. Either A or B
    N d. Neither A nor B

1434: In the manufacture of wire rope, if the wires are shaped to conform to the curvature of the finished rope before they are laid up, the rope is called __________.

    N a. composite
    N b. left-lay
    N c. improved
    Y d. preformed

1594: What is the breaking strain of steel wire rope with a 5/8" diameter?

    N a. 1.0 tons
    N b. 6.6 tons
    Y c. 9.6 tons
    N d. 15.6 tons

1640: The garboard strake is the __________.

    N a. raised flange at the main deck edge
    N b. riveted crack arrester strap on all-welded ships
    N c. riveting pattern most commonly used in ship construction
    Y d. row of plating nearest the keel

1663: A bench hook is used for __________.

    N a. handling of cargo cases
    N b. hanging oilskins
    Y c. sewing canvas
    N d. splicing small stuff

1810: Using the graph shown, if the dry bulb temperature is 98, and the wet bulb temperature is 87, what is the relative humidity in a cargo hold? (D008DG )

    N a. 87%
    N b. 84%
    N c. 79%
    Y d. 65%

1822: What is the principal danger in attempting to swing a barge on a hawser in order to slow the barge's speed?

    N a. Dangerous wakes may result from the swinging barge and capsize the tug.
    N b. The barge may swing too quickly and run over the tug.
    N c. Free surface effect of liquid inside the barge may rupture the barge bulkheads if the turn is too quick.
    Y d. The barge may pass under the hawser and capsize the tug.

1827: What is the volume in a cone with a base diameter of 8 feet and a height of 6 feet?

    Y a. 100.53 Cu. Ft
    N b. 131.39 Cu. Ft
    N c. 172.72 Cu. Ft
    N d. 197.39 Cu. Ft

1967: Using the graph shown, if the dry bulb temperature is 92, and the wet bulb temperature is 85, what is the relative humidity in a cargo hold? (D008DG )

    Y a. 75%
    N b. 81%
    N c. 84%
    N d. 88%

2067: What is the mechanical advantage, neglecting friction, of tackle number 12? (DO29DG )

    N a. 3
    N b. 5.5
    N c. 6
    Y d. 7

2074: You are proceeding to a distress site. The survivors are in liferafts. What will make your ship more visible to the survivors?

    N a. Steering a sinuous course
    N b. Steering a zig-zag course
    Y c. Turning on all available deck lights at night
    N d. Dumping debris over the side to make a trail to your vessel

2149: When anchoring in a clay bottom, what is one hazard that may cause the anchor to drag?

    N a. The flukes may dig in unevenly and capsize the anchor when under stress.
    N b. The flukes may not dig in.
    Y c. The anchor may get shod with clay and not develop full holding power.
    N d. The anchor will tend to dig in and come to rest near the vertical.

2273: What is the area of a circle with a radius of 4 feet after a sector of 111 has been removed?

    N a. 3.90 sq. ft
    N b. 8.67 sq. ft
    Y c. 34.77 sq. ft
    N d. 50.27 sq. ft

2506: A tow of 9 barges is made up three abreast and three long. The towboat is faced up to the center string which is known as the __________.

    N a. main string
    Y b. push string
    N c. power string
    N d. face string

2567: When relieving the helm, the new helmsman should know the __________.

    N a. variation
    N b. gyro error
    Y c. course per magnetic steering compass
    N d. maximum rudder angle previously used

2810: Which document lists all the lifesaving equipment required for a vessel?

    Y a. Certificate of Inspection
    N b. American Bureau of Shipping Classification Certificate
    N c. International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea Certificate
    N d. Certificate of Registry

2883: While you are on watch entering port, the Master gives the helmsman a rudder command which conflicts with a rudder command from the Pilot. You should make sure the helmsman __________.

    N a. brings the rudder to a point midway between the two conflicting positions
    N b. obeys the Pilot
    N c. asks you for instructions
    Y d. obeys the Master

2892: What is LEAST likely to be used to strip a cargo tank?

    Y a. Centrifugal pump
    N b. Eductor
    N c. Rotary pump
    N d. Reciprocating pump

2911: The wooden plug inserted in the vent of a damaged tank should be removed if you are going to __________.

    Y a. pump from the damaged tank
    N b. fight a fire
    N c. abandon ship
    N d. use the crossover system

2919: Which statement about general average is TRUE?

    N a. Damage to a ship must have been incurred while the ship and/or its machinery was being used for its intended purpose.
    Y b. Property must have been sacrificed or an expenditure of money incurred.
    N c. The loss or damage to deck cargo due to heavy weather constitutes general average.
    N d. Of the ship, the freight, and the cargo interests, only one need be involved.

2979: Which statement about shipping coal is TRUE?

    N a. Anthracite will generate more methane than bituminous coal.
    N b. Coal should not be shipped while wet.
    Y c. Coal should be surface ventilated to remove methane gas.
    N d. The methane gas generated by coal will react with moisture on the ship's structure and accelerate corrosion.

3044: When you have a tow alongside, your stern should extend aft of the tow in order to __________.

    N a. avoid obscuring your stern light
    N b. provide a better lead for your lines
    Y c. obtain better steering control
    N d. let the barge deflect floating objects from your propeller

3073: You are on a large merchant vessel entering a U.S. port. There is a Pilot on board and he has the conn. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The Pilot becomes solely responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel only if the Master relinquishes the conn.
    N b. The Pilot is solely responsible for the safe maneuvering of the ship only if he is required to be on board by law.
    Y c. The Master is responsible for the safe navigation of the ship and the Pilot is employed for his local knowledge.
    N d. The Pilot is solely responsible for the internal working of the ship.

3218: The term "bollard pull" refers to a towing vessel's __________.

    N a. propulsion horsepower available
    N b. pulling ability at cruise power
    N c. towing winch capability
    Y d. pulling ability under static conditions

3438: One advantage of chain over wire rope for a tow bridle is that chain __________.

    N a. is better suited for inland towing
    Y b. resists damage from chafing
    N c. handles more easily
    N d. equalizes towing forces better

3447: The best method to secure a tow line to a cleat is to __________.

    Y a. take a turn around the cleat, then figure-eights, and a half-hitch
    N b. make figure-eights, followed by a half-hitch, then a figure-eight knot
    N c. take a turn, a half turn, and a figure-eight
    N d. take several turns around the cleat only

3480: When barge headlogs do not meet or are not even with one another, the void or opening between them is called a __________.

    Y a. notch
    N b. hole
    N c. spacing
    N d. gap

4020: You are on a tankship discharging oil. When all of the oil that the main cargo pumps can handle is pumped out of a tank, the remainder is __________.

    N a. stripped out and pumped directly ashore into the mainline as the remaining cargo tanks are pumped out with the main pumps
    Y b. stripped to one tank and then pumped out with the main pumps
    N c. stripped out and pumped directly ashore after all the tanks have been emptied by the main pumps
    N d. gravitated to the centers from the wings and pumped out with the main pumps

4116: Onboard a Ro-Ro vessel many decks are used for the carriage of both rolling and container cargoes, as such it is most useful if a deck socket accepts both __________.

    Y a. twist-Locks and lashing hooks
    N b. container locks and bridge fittings
    N c. bridge fittings and lashing hooks
    N d. twist-locks and container locks

4136: A disadvantage of using chain lashing on heavy vehicles aboard Ro-Ro vessels is that it __________.

    N a. can wrap around cargo
    N b. is easily damaged
    N c. is affected by temperature
    Y d. does not absorb shock

4183: Which of the following lashing gear used aboard Ro-Ro vessels should be maintained when not in use?

    N a. Chain
    N b. Wire rope
    N c. Webbing
    Y d. All of the above

4186: How could lashing gear used aboard Ro-Ro vessels be stowed when not in use?

    Y a. Drape along brackets
    N b. Leave in place while back loading cargo to save time
    N c. Hang vertically in the paint locker
    N d. All of the above

4205: Which piece of equipment is required to "twin-up" 30-ton pedestal cranes aboard a crane vessel?

    N a. Portable power swivel
    Y b. Equalizing beam
    N c. 20-foot container spreader
    N d. 40-foot container spreader

4254: Which of the following statement(s) is/are TRUE regarding twin pedestal cranes?

    N a. Each single boom is of the partial-level luffing type and is capable of limited rotation.
    N b. A slew drive system provides for rotation of each crane.
    N c. Maintenance logs and records are to be kept for each crane.
    Y d. All of the above