USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

70: You are on a tankship designed to carry molten sulfur. Which statement is TRUE?

87: A set of interior steps on a ship leading up to a deck from below is know as __________.

89: Ullage measurements are taken from the top of the liquid to __________.

108: Damage to cargo caused by dust is known as __________.

    Y a. contamination
    N b. oxidation
    N c. tainting
    N d. vaporization

117: If two mooring lines are to be placed on the same bollard, which method is BEST?

    N a. Place the eye from the forward line on the bollard and then place the eye from the second line directly over the first.
    N b. It makes no difference how the lines are placed.
    Y c. Place the eye from either line on the bollard, and then bring the eye of the other line up through the eye of the first, and place it on the bollard.
    N d. Place both eyes on the bollard, in any manner, but lead both lines to the same winch head on the vessel and secure them on the winch.

137: The system of valves and cargo lines in the bottom piping network of a tank barge that connects one section of cargo tanks to another section is called a __________.

    N a. come-along
    Y b. crossover
    N c. manifold
    N d. runaround

184: You are standing look-out duty at night. A dim light on the horizon will be seen quickest by looking __________.

    N a. at an area just a little below the horizon
    N b. at the horizon, where the sky and water appear to meet
    Y c. a little above the horizon
    N d. well below the horizon

194: A vessel spotted at 45 relative can be reported as __________.

    N a. on the starboard beam
    Y b. broad on the starboard bow
    N c. 4 points forward of starboard bow
    N d. 4 points abaft the starboard beam

303: What requires a Report of Marine Accident, Injury or Death?

    N a. Collision with a bridge
    N b. Injury beyond first aid
    N c. loss of life
    Y d. All of the above

492: You are the Master of a 500-gross ton passenger vessel operating on rivers. Your vessel accidentally runs aground. Under the regulations for passenger vessels, you must notify the __________.

    N a. Coast Guard, only if the grounding results in injury to personnel
    N b. Coast Guard, only if the grounding results in damage to property in excess of $(SA)25,000
    Y c. nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Marine Inspection Office as soon as possible
    N d. Coast Guard, only if the grounding results in loss of life

621: Which document shows details of a tank vessel, cargoes it may carry, manning and safety equipment required?

    N a. Safety Construction Certificate
    N b. Cargo Gear Certificate
    Y c. Certificate of Inspection
    N d. Declaration of Inspection

651: Fire fighting equipment requirements for a particular vessel may be found on the __________.

    Y a. 4Certificate of Inspection
    N b. Certificate of Seaworthiness
    N c. Classification Certificate
    N d. Certificate of Registry

663: While towing astern, if your towing hawser becomes taut it results in __________.

    N a. more catenary in the towing hawser
    Y b. less catenary in the towing hawser
    N c. more yaw
    N d. less yaw

667: While towing in shallow water you should consider __________.

    N a. using a short towing hawser
    Y b. using a floating hawser
    N c. the catenary and the effect it may have on the tow
    N d. All of the above

742: Lighter longitudinal stiffening frames on the vessel's side plating are called __________.

    Y a. stringers
    N b. side frames
    N c. side stiffeners
    N d. intercostals

824: The larger sizes of manila line are measured by their __________.

    N a. radius
    N b. diameter
    Y c. circumference
    N d. weight per foot

868: You are going to load bales of wool having a stowage factor of 100 in #3 lower hold which has a bale cubic of 72,000. How many tons of the wool can be stowed in the compartment, assuming 10% broken stowage?

    N a. 493
    N b. 577
    N c. 602
    Y d. 648

874: Which type of line would have the LEAST resistance to mildew and rot?

    Y a. Manila
    N b. Nylon
    N c. Dacron
    N d. Polypropylene

946: Which measure should NOT be taken to reduce the pounding of a vessel in a head sea?

    Y a. Add ballast in the after peak.
    N b. Add ballast forward.
    N c. Alter course.
    N d. Reduce speed.

946: Which measure should NOT be taken to reduce the pounding of a vessel in a head sea?

    Y a. Add ballast in the after peak.
    N b. Add ballast forward.
    N c. Alter course.
    N d. Reduce speed.

1026: When making way in heavy seas you notice that your vessel's screw is being lifted clear of the water and racing. One way to correct this would be to __________.

    N a. increase speed
    Y b. decrease speed
    N c. move more weight forward
    N d. shift the rudder back and forth several times

1045: If a hydraulic pump on a winch accidentally stops while hoisting, the load will stay suspended because __________.

    Y a. a check valve will close and prevent reverse circulation
    N b. a centrifugal counterweight counteracts the force of gravity.
    N c. the electric pump motor will cut out
    N d. the control lever will move to the stop position

1077: A seaman dies during a voyage. What is NOT required to be entered into the Official Log?

    Y a. Statement that the Master has taken custody of the deceased's MMD and passport
    N b. An inventory of the money and property
    N c. Statement of the wages due
    N d. Statement as to the total deductions to be made from the wages

1160: In a longitudinally-framed ship, the longitudinal frames are held in place and supported by athwartship members called __________.

    N a. floors
    N b. margin plates
    N c. stringers
    Y d. web frames

1254: Under identical load conditions, nylon, when compared with natural fiber line, will stretch __________.

    N a. less and have less strength
    N b. more and have less strength
    Y c. more and have greater strength
    N d. less and have greater strength

1267: You are on watch while your vessel is entering port with a pilot conning. The pilot gave a steering command to the helmsman who failed to acknowledge it by repeating the order. You have now enunciated the pilot's order to the helmsman and there is still no response. If the helmsman continues on the original course, you should immediately __________.

    Y a. take the helm and expedite the maneuver that the pilot ordered
    N b. ask the Pilot to repeat the command since the helmsman failed to hear it
    N c. tell the helmsman to ask the Pilot to repeat any command that he fails to hear or understand
    N d. repeat the Pilot's command a second time and notify the Master

1280: Vertical structural members attached to the floors that add strength to the floors are called __________.

    N a. boss plates
    N b. buckler plates
    Y c. stiffeners
    N d. breast hooks

1390: The body plan of a vessel is a(n) __________.

    Y a. endwise view of the ship's molded form
    N b. longitudinal side elevation view
    N c. plan made looking down on the ship, showing it's hull cut horizontally by the first set of planes
    N d. vertical view made looking up in the ship, with the keel at the center

1497: Which of the pictures in illustration DO30DG represents a round turn and two half hitches? (DO30DG )

    N a. E
    Y b. F
    N c. Q
    N d. S

1497: Which of the pictures in illustration DO30DG represents a round turn and two half hitches? (DO30DG )

    N a. E
    Y b. F
    N c. Q
    N d. S

1525: The term "shift the rudder" means __________.

    N a. use right or left rudder
    Y b. change from right (left) to left (right) rudder an equal amount
    N c. check, but do not stop the vessel from swinging
    N d. put the rudder amidships

1764: The "square knot" is used for __________.

    N a. forming temporary eyes in lines
    Y b. joining two lines of equal size
    N c. keeping line from unlaying or fraying
    N d. joining two lines of different size

1939: You are on a vessel that has broken down and are preparing to be taken in tow. You will use your anchor cable as part of the towline. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The anchor cable should be veered enough to allow the towline connection to be just forward of your bow.
    N b. The anchor cable should be veered enough to allow the towline connection to be immediately astern of the towing vessel.
    Y c. The strain of the tow is taken by the riding pawl, chain stopper, and anchor windlass brake.
    N d. The anchor cable should be led out through a chock, if possible, to avoid a sharp nip at the hawsepipe lip.

2011: The structural member indicated by the letter K is a __________. (D033DG )

    N a. longitudinal frame
    N b. stringer
    N c. girder
    Y d. floor

2077: While assigned to a 150 GRT vessel, you are required to sign "foreign" articles on a voyage from New Orleans to which port?

    N a. Houston, Texas
    N b. Veracruz, Mexico
    N c. Kingston, Jamaica
    Y d. Cristobal Colon, Panama

2098: Snow has obliterated surface features and the sky is covered with uniform, altostratus clouds. There are no shadows and the horizon has disappeared. What is this condition called?

    N a. Ice blink
    Y b. Whiteout
    N c. Water sky
    N d. Aurora reflection

2098: Snow has obliterated surface features and the sky is covered with uniform, altostratus clouds. There are no shadows and the horizon has disappeared. What is this condition called?

    N a. Ice blink
    Y b. Whiteout
    N c. Water sky
    N d. Aurora reflection

2196: You are using tackle number 10 to lift a weight. The hauling part of this tackle is bent to the weight hook (w) of tackle number 4. What is the mechanical advantage of this rig? (DO29DG )

    N a. 24
    Y b. 20
    N c. 13
    N d. 9

2207: After an explosion, repair of emergency machinery and services should be accomplished __________.

    Y a. after control of fire, flooding, and structural repairs
    N b. immediately, before the emergency is under control
    N c. after control of fire, but before control of flooding
    N d. after stability is restored

2247: The knot lettered M in illustration DO30DG is a __________. (DO30DG )

    N a. stopper
    N b. lashing
    N c. becket bend
    Y d. carrick bend

2266: Your vessel has been damaged and is partially flooded. The first step to be taken in attempting to save the vessel is to __________.

    Y a. establish flooding boundaries and prevent further spread of flood water
    N b. plug the hole(s) in the outer shell
    N c. pump out the water inside the vessel
    N d. calculate the free surface effect and lost buoyancy to determine the vessel's stability

2398: How many tons of salt water can be loaded into a flat-ended cylindrical tank with a diameter of 4.5 feet and a length of 8 feet?

    N a. 1.82
    Y b. 3.64
    N c. 7.27
    N d. 14.54

2452: Which is an advantage of using watertight longitudinal divisions in double bottom tanks?

    Y a. Cuts down free surface effect
    N b. Increases the rolling period
    N c. Decreases weight because extra stiffeners are unneeded
    N d. Lowers the center of buoyancy without decreasing GM

2547: In a national emergency, when communicating via the Navy, messages are sent by precedence. A message designated IMMEDIATE will be delivered within __________.

    N a. 3 hours to start of business the following day
    Y b. 30 minutes to 1 hour
    N c. 1 to 6 hours
    N d. 10 minutes if possible

2648: The smallest size of flaw that can be detected on a radiograph examination of a weld will be indicated by the __________.

    N a. film speed
    Y b. penetrometer
    N c. exposure reading
    N d. time of exposure

2942: How should you signal the crane operator to move slowly?

    Y a. Use one hand to give any motion signal, and place the other hand motionless in front of the hand giving the motion signal.
    N b. Extend arm with the thumb pointing up, and flex the fingers in and out for as long as the load movement is desired.
    N c. First tap your elbow with one hand and then proceed to use regular signals.
    N d. First tap the top of your head with your fist and then proceed to use regular signals.

2944: Your ship is navigating independently in heavy ice when it becomes beset. Which statement is FALSE?

    N a. The vessel will most likely require an icebreaker to free her.
    N b. The vessel may be able to free herself by pumping ballast from side to side.
    Y c. The propeller is more susceptible to ice damage when turning slowly than when stopped.
    N d. It is advisable to clear the rudder area of ice by using ahead turns before backing down.

3350: It is not advisable to use nylon for alongside towing because it __________.

    Y a. stretches too much
    N b. is too expensive for everyday towing usage
    N c. binds on the cleats
    N d. parts too readily

3494: Nylon rope is often used in the makeup of a towline because it __________.

    N a. floats
    Y b. stretches
    N c. handles easily
    N d. resists rot

4024: An icebreaker displaying a flag hoist which consists of the code letters "WO" (Whiskey Oscar) is indicating that __________.

    Y a. icebreaker support is finished
    N b. icebreaker support is commencing
    N c. the icebreaker is icebound
    N d. the icebreaker is beset

4028: Which statement about the carriage of coal is true?

    N a. Most problems with spontaneous combustion will occur within 72 hours of loading and after that the risk decreases.
    N b. Wet coal is more liable to spontaneous heating than dry coal.
    N c. Coal absorbs nitrogen from the air which reacts with methane and causes spontaneous heating.
    Y d. Freshly worked coal is more dangerous than weathered coal.

4030: While discharging a cargo, the stripping of the tanks falls behind schedule. This would indicate the __________.

    N a. main pumps are working at a high discharge pressure
    Y b. main pumps are leaving too much oil in the tanks
    N c. stripping pump is not primed
    N d. stripping line is cross-connected to the main line

4038: Which cargo would require a dangerous cargo manifest?

    Y a. Cotton
    N b. Wheat
    N c. Sugar
    N d. Lumber

4051: You are the operator of an uninspected vessel which is involved in an accident. You are not required to assist people affected by the accident if __________.

    N a. the other vessel did not appear to be sinking
    N b. it would unduly delay your voyage
    N c. the other vessel was at fault
    Y d. it would cause serious danger to your vessel

4071: The head block is located___________.

    N a. at the base of the boom
    Y b. at the head of the boom
    N c. at the head of the mast
    N d. on top of the jack staff

4120: Which of the following is considered auxiliary securing equipment that provides extra reliability to lashing in Ro-Ro transport operations?

    N a. Trailer trestles
    N b. Pedestals
    N c. Wheel chocks
    Y d. All of the above

4125: Which variable factor affects the initial lashing requirements aboard Ro-Ro vessels?

    N a. Age of vehicle or cargo unit
    Y b. Size and weight of vehicle/cargo unit
    N c. Reputation of shipper concerning condition of cargo
    N d. Air pressure in the vehicles tires

4229: Which of the following is/are the optional component(s) of a twin crane set as shown? (D047DG )

    N a. Boom assembly
    N b. Hook block assembly
    Y c. Rider block tagline system
    N d. All of the above

4231: The 30 ton capacity pedestal cranes shown in the illustration can lift a maximum weight of how many tons in the single mode? (D047DG )

    N a. 15 tons
    Y b. 30 tons
    N c. 60 tons
    N d. 120 tons

4238: Most pedestal crane power is provided by __________.

    Y a. Electro-hydraulic units
    N b. Steam units
    N c. Independent internal combustion power units
    N d. All of the above