USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

71: You are the licensed Master of a 199 GT uninspected towing vessel making a 500 mile coastwise trip. You carry a deck crew of six (6). Which statement is TRUE?

88: Which is an example of cargo damage caused by inherent vice?

100: Which statement is ALWAYS true?

128: Which is characteristic of a "special cargo"?

    N a. The cargo gives off toxic gases when heated.
    N b. Periodic inspection is required while in transit to prevent spoilage.
    Y c. It is of high value or easily pilferable.
    N d. It must be stowed on deck.

213: You are the Master of a single-screw vessel. You are docking at a port which has no tugs available. You decide to drop the offshore anchor to help in docking. The amount of chain you should pay out is __________.

    N a. 5 to 7 times the depth of the water
    Y b. 1 1/2 to 2 times the depth of the water
    N c. equal to the depth of the water
    N d. you should NEVER use the anchor to help in docking

215: How does the effect known as "bank suction" act on a single-screw vessel proceeding along a narrow channel?

    N a. It pulls the bow toward the bank.
    N b. It heels the vessel toward the bank.
    N c. It pushes the entire vessel away from the bank.
    Y d. It pulls the stern toward the bank.

222: A lot of special cargo of similar cartons, as shown, is to be loaded. What is the weight of the consignment? (D042DG )

    N a. 50 pounds
    N b. 1100 pounds
    N c. 1200 pounds
    Y d. 1250 pounds

270: The disadvantage of using a heaving line to pass a towline is that __________.

    N a. it increases the likelihood of collision between the towing vessel and the disabled vessel
    Y b. recreational boaters tend to make the heaving line fast to the towed vessel as if it were the towline
    N c. the monkey fist may injure someone
    N d. it may reduce the catenary and increase yawing

351: Which certificate is issued by the American Bureau of Shipping?

    N a. Certificate of Inspection
    Y b. Load Line Certificate
    N c. Safety Equipment Certificate
    N d. Permit to Proceed for repairs

432: A licensed Master of Towing Vessels may NOT serve as the person in charge of which towing vessel?

    N a. 99 GRT towing vessel operating on Chesapeake Bay
    N b. 199 GRT towing vessel operating in the Gulf of Alaska
    N c. 480 GRT towboat operating on the Western Rivers
    Y d. 405 GRT towing vessel operating between Florida and the US Virgin Islands

471: The official identification of a vessel is found in the __________.

    N a. Certificate of Inspection
    N b. Classification Certificate
    N c. Load Line Certificate
    Y d. Certificate of Documentation

561: Which space cannot be deducted from gross tonnage when calculating net tonnage?

    N a. Crew messroom
    Y b. Forepeak ballast tank
    N c. Master's cabin
    N d. Chain locker

630: You are doing a Williamson turn. Your vessel has swung about 60° from the original course heading. You should __________.

    N a. put the rudder amidships and check the swing
    N b. stop the engines and prepare to maneuver to pick up the man in the water
    Y c. shift your rudder
    N d. increase to maximum speed

695: A tug is "in irons" when held in a fixed position by __________.

    N a. the weight of its tow, its being anchored, or grounded
    Y b. the weight of its towing hawser on the bottom
    N c. an adverse current
    N d. lack of power or an engine breakdown

785: With rudders amidships and negligible wind, a twin-screw vessel moving ahead on the port screw and backing on the starboard screw will __________.

    N a. move in a straight line
    Y b. pivot to starboard
    N c. pivot to port
    N d. walk sideways to starboard

801: When oil is discharged overboard, an entry is required in the __________.

    N a. engine rough log
    Y b. Oil Record Book
    N c. Official Logbook
    N d. deck rough log

804: Line is called "small stuff" if its circumference is less than __________.

    N a. 1/2"
    N b. 3/4"
    N c. 1"
    Y d. 1 3/4"

911: Which entry is NOT required in the Official Logbook?

    N a. Steering gear tests
    N b. Position of the load line and freeboard upon sailing
    Y c. Commencement and termination of cargo operations
    N d. Closure of hatches and sideports upon sailing

991: When an azimuth of the Sun has been taken and the deviation of the standard magnetic compass computed, the watch officer should record the results __________.

    N a. in the vessel's Official Logbook
    N b. on the compass deviation card
    Y c. in the compass deviation log
    N d. on a Napier diagram

1069: Which step is NOT generally taken when gas-freeing a tank?

    N a. Washing the tank interior with sea water
    Y b. Application of degreasing solvents
    N c. Removal of corrosion products and sludge
    N d. Fresh air ventilation

1130: The fittings used to secure a watertight door are known as __________.

    N a. clamps
    N b. clasps
    Y c. dogs
    N d. latches

1267: You are on watch while your vessel is entering port with a pilot conning. The pilot gave a steering command to the helmsman who failed to acknowledge it by repeating the order. You have now enunciated the pilot's order to the helmsman and there is still no response. If the helmsman continues on the original course, you should immediately __________.

    Y a. take the helm and expedite the maneuver that the pilot ordered
    N b. ask the Pilot to repeat the command since the helmsman failed to hear it
    N c. tell the helmsman to ask the Pilot to repeat any command that he fails to hear or understand
    N d. repeat the Pilot's command a second time and notify the Master

1276: When moored with a Mediterranean moor, the ship should be secured to the pier by having __________.

    Y a. a stern line and two quarter lines crossing under the stern
    N b. a stern line, 2 bow lines, and 2 quarter lines leading aft to the pier
    N c. all regular lines leading to the pier in opposition to the anchor
    N d. two bow lines and two midship lines leading aft to the pier

1296: To ensure the best results during the Mediterranean moor, the chains should __________.

    N a. be crossed around the bow
    N b. tend out at right angles to the bow
    N c. tend aft 60°From each bow
    Y d. tend forward 30° on either bow

1503: Which knot should be used to send a man over the side when he may have to use both hands?

    N a. Bowline
    Y b. French bowline
    N c. Bowline on a bight
    N d. Running bowline

1515: In a national emergency, when communicating via the Navy, messages are sent by precedence. A message designated ROUTINE will be delivered within __________.

    N a. 30 minutes to 1 hour
    N b. 1 to 6 hours
    Y c. 3 hours to start of business the following day
    N d. 10 minutes if possible

1543: Which is normally used to hold wire rope for splicing?

    N a. Come along
    N b. Jigger
    Y c. Rigger's screw
    N d. Sealing clamp

1548: What could be used as fairleads on a towed vessel?

    N a. Chocks
    N b. Double bitts
    N c. Roller chocks
    Y d. All of the above

1564: What is the main reason to slush a wire rope?

    N a. Keep the wire soft and manageable
    Y b. Lubricate the inner wires and prevent wear
    N c. Prevent kinking
    N d. Prevent rotting

1584: The size of wire rope is determined by the __________.

    N a. number of strands
    N b. number of wires in each strand
    N c. circumference
    Y d. diameter

1655: Which knot represents a double blackwall hitch? (DO30DG )

    N a. F
    N b. G
    Y c. L
    N d. R

1665: Which picture in illustration DO30DG represents a sailmaker's whipping? (DO30DG )

    N a. E
    N b. F
    N c. J
    Y d. K

1680: In vessel construction, the garboard strake is __________.

    Y a. located next to and parallel to the keel
    N b. located next to and parallel to the gunwale
    N c. another term for the bilge keel
    N d. another term for the rub rail

1749: A sling is rigged on a piece of pipe weighing 1000 lbs. The angle between the sling legs is 140° and the legs are of equal length. What stress is exerted on each sling leg when the pipe is lifted?

    N a. 1318 lbs.
    N b. 1366 lbs.
    N c. 1414 lbs.
    Y d. 1462 lbs.

1799: The maximum theoretical stress that can be developed on a guy in a yard and stay rig is limited by the __________.

    Y a. lifting capacity of the winch
    N b. location of the boom
    N c. position of the guy
    N d. weight of the load

1836: While towing, what is the principal danger in attempting to swing a barge on a hawser in order to slow the barge's speed?

    N a. The barge may swing too quickly and run over the tug.
    Y b. The barge may pass under the hawser and capsize the tug.
    N c. Free surface affect of liquid inside the barge may rupture the barge bulkheads when turning too quickly.
    N d. Dangerous wakes may result from the swinging barge and capsize the tug.

1848: You are docking a vessel. Wind and current are most favorable when they are __________.

    N a. crossing your course in the same direction
    N b. crossing your course in opposite directions
    Y c. parallel to the pier from ahead
    N d. setting you on the pier

1862: How much force would be required to lift a weight of 200 lbs. using a gun tackle rigged to disadvantage (do not consider friction)?

    N a. 50 lbs.
    Y b. 100 lbs.
    N c. 150 lbs.
    N d. 200 lbs.

1929: How many tons of salt water can be loaded into a flat-ended cylindrical tank with a diameter of 5 feet and a length of 10 feet?

    N a. 22.44 T
    N b. 11.22 T
    N c. 7.48 T
    Y d. 5.61 T

2119: You are coming to anchor in 8 fathoms of water. In this case, the __________.

    Y a. anchor may be dropped from the hawsepipe
    N b. anchor should be lowered to within 2 fathoms of the bottom before being dropped
    N c. anchor should be lowered to the bottom then the ship backed and the remainder of the cable veered
    N d. scope should be less than 3 times the depth of the water

2218: If reefer spaces are not properly cleaned prior to loading cargo, it will most likely cause __________.

    Y a. mold to develop on commodities
    N b. malfunction of the refrigeration equipment
    N c. contamination of the insulation in the space
    N d. All of the above

2345: A splice that can be used in running rigging, where the line will pass through blocks, is a __________.

    N a. short splice
    Y b. long splice
    N c. back splice
    N d. spindle splice

2391: Determine the weight of a rectangular piece of 40.8 lbs. steel measuring 3 feet by 5 feet.

    N a. 326.4 lbs
    N b. 453.6 lbs
    Y c. 612.0 lbs
    N d. 1224.0 lbs

2646: Which statement is true concerning repairs on the hull of a vessel which is to be riveted and welded?

    N a. Riveting must be completed before welding begins.
    N b. Riveting and welding should be done alternately.
    Y c. Welding must be completed before the riveting begins.
    N d. It does not matter in what order the operations are done.

2838: A U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker, while escorting ships in ice, may sound four short and one long blasts on the whistle to indicate that the icebreaker __________.

    Y a. has become beset in fast ice
    N b. is increasing speed; watch for broken ice
    N c. has its engines full astern
    N d. is increasing the distance between vessels

2906: You are planning to anchor in an area where several anchors have been lost due to fouling. As a precaution, you should __________.

    N a. anchor using both anchors
    N b. anchor with scope of 8 or more to 1
    N c. use a stern anchor
    Y d. fit a crown strap and work wire to the anchor

2908: How should you signal the crane operator to use the whip line?

    N a. Extend arm with the thumb pointing up, and flex the fingers in and out for as long as the load movement is desired.
    Y b. First tap your elbow with one hand, and then proceed to use regular signals.
    N c. First tap the top of your head with your fist, and then proceed to use regular signals.
    N d. Use one hand to give any motion signal, and place the other hand motionless in front of the hand giving the motion signal.

2959: A metal ring on the bottom of a block, to which the standing part of a tackle is spliced, is known as a(n) __________.

    Y a. becket
    N b. loop
    N c. swivel
    N d. eye

3083: You are signing on crew members. The minimum number of people required aboard, and the qualifications of each, is listed on the __________.

    N a. fo'c'sle card
    N b. Crew list
    N c. Articles of Agreement
    Y d. Certificate of Inspection

3112: A tug is to assist in docking an oceangoing vessel on a hawser. The greatest danger to the tug is __________.

    N a. from the ship's propeller when making up aft
    N b. from being overrun if making up forward
    N c. hull damage while alongside passing a hawser
    Y d. getting in a tripping position

3432: A vessel is wind rode when it is __________.

    Y a. at anchor and heading into the wind
    N b. backing into the wind
    N c. carrying lee rudder
    N d. necessary to apply a leeway correction to the course

3604: The Jews' harp is indicated by which letter? (D038DG )

    Y a. K
    N b. J
    N c. H
    N d. F

3726: You are lifting a one-ton weight with a swinging boom. When comparing the stresses on the rig with the boom at 20° to the horizontal to the stresses when the boom is at 60° to the horizontal, which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The angle of elevation does not change the stresses in the masthead fairlead for the topping lift.
    Y b. The stress on the head block is greater at 60°.
    N c. The stress on the heel block is greater at 60°.
    N d. The thrust on the boom is greater at 20°.

4044: You are arriving in port and are assigned to anchor in anchorage circle B-4. It has a diameter of 500 yards and your vessel's LOA is 484 feet. If you anchor in 8 fathoms at the center of the circle, what is the maximum number of shots of chain you can use and still remain in the circle?

    N a. 6 shots
    N b. 5 shots
    N c. 4 shots
    Y d. 3 shots

4090: The BEST holding ground for conventional anchors is_____.

    N a. very soft mud
    Y b. hard mud
    N c. shale
    N d. rock

4101: Which of the following is a characteristic of a Ro-Ro vessel?

    N a. Passenger tours available upon docking
    N b. Long port stays necessary to secure vehicles
    Y c. Short in port turnaround times
    N d. Heavy vehicles only require lightweight securing equipment

4207: Which piece of equipment is required to "twin-up" 30-ton pedestal cranes aboard a crane vessel?

    N a. Portable power swivel
    N b. 20-foot container spreader
    N c. 40-foot container spreader
    Y d. None of the above

4260: Which statement(s) is/are TRUE regarding the operation of a crane?

    Y a. The load is handled by the hoisting winch and cargo block.
    N b. The crane jib is raised and lowered by the hoisting winch.
    N c. The cargo block is raised and lowered by the luffing winch.
    N d. All the above

4269: Which action(s) should the operator of a pedestal crane take if crane control is lost?

    N a. Let go of both control levers and return to neutral position.
    N b. Press the emergency stop.
    N c. Notify the mate on watch.
    Y d. All of the above

4443: You are signing on a deck officer, who will be designated as one of the GMDSS operators, before sailing foreign. Which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. He/she must have an STCW certificate endorsed as "Valid for Service on Vessels Operating in the GMDSS System".
    N b. He/she must present either an FCC-issued license or a Coast Guard-issued license.
    N c. You must consult the "List of Qualifications" on the reverse of his/her FCC-issued license.
    N d. His/her Merchant Mariners Document must have an added endorsement as "Radio Electronics Officer".