USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

69: Ullages are measured from __________.

120: You are on a multiple-product tankship and scheduled to load a cargo classed as an aromatic amine. This cargo is incompatible with cargoes classed as __________.

188: Which cargoes require strips of common building lathe as dunnage in order to carry away heat generated by the cargo?

189: Reid vapor pressure is __________.

    N a. exerted by liquid cargo on the sides of a tank
    N b. exerted by liquid cargo on a cargo hose body
    N c. the lowest temperature and pressure that will cause a flammable liquid to give off vapors
    Y d. a measurement of the amount of flammable vapors given off by a liquid at a certain temperature

514: The part of an anchor which takes hold on the bottom is the __________.

    N a. arm
    N b. base
    Y c. fluke
    N d. stock

538: Using the graph shown, if the dry bulb temperature is 80F (27C) and the wet bulb temperature is 70F (21C), what is the relative humidity in a cargo hold? (D008DG )

    N a. 45%
    N b. 52%
    Y c. 58%
    N d. 65%

675: An advantage of the modified Christmas Tree towing method is to __________.

    N a. increase the towing hawser's catenary and provide more spring
    Y b. reduce catenary, allow operation in shallower water, and to release one barge without breaking up the entire tow
    N c. enable one tug and its crew without any outside assistance to make up or break down the tow
    N d. provide rapid delivery of logs from the northwestern United States to Hawaiian sawmills

804: Line is called "small stuff" if its circumference is less than __________.

    N a. 1/2"
    N b. 3/4"
    N c. 1"
    Y d. 1 3/4"

896: A V-shaped ripple with the point of the V pointing upstream in a river may indicate a __________.

    N a. submerged rock, not dangerous to navigation
    N b. sunken wreck, not dangerous to navigation
    Y c. towed-under buoy
    N d. All of the above

897: Which factor(s) might indicate that a towline should be removed from service?

    N a. Visible damage to the towline, including fishhooks.
    N b. Measurements showing a decrease in diameter.
    N c. A surface condition of corrosion and discoloration.
    Y d. All of the above

914: When natural fiber rope gets wet, the __________.

    N a. overall strength of the line will decrease
    Y b. line shrinks in length
    N c. line will become more elastic
    N d. line will be easier to handle

917: What is the period of validity of a Safety Management Certificate?

    Y a. 60 months
    N b. 48 months
    N c. 42 months
    N d. 36 months

928: Which of the signals listed is required to be displayed during the day while bunkering?

    Y a. A red flag
    N b. A yellow flag
    N c. A red and yellow flag
    N d. A red light

1005: Which device is designed to automatically hold the load if power should fail to an electric winch?

    N a. Pneumatic brake
    Y b. Electromagnetic brake
    N c. Hand brake
    N d. Motor controller

1056: In which situation could a vessel most easily capsize?

    N a. Running into head seas
    Y b. Running in the trough
    N c. Running with following seas
    N d. Anchored with your bow into the seas

1072: The normal and safest way for a sailor in a bosun's chair to be raised aloft is __________.

    N a. for the sailor to pull himself aloft and then make fast with a bosun's chair hitch
    Y b. manually by two or three sailors heaving away on deck
    N c. by taking the gantline to a winch drum and heaving away with the winch
    N d. by fairleading the gantline with a snatch block and pulling with a cargo runner

1078: By law, the maximum penalty for failing (without reasonable cause) to give aid in the case of collision is __________.

    N a. one year imprisonment or $500
    Y b. two years imprisonment or $1000
    N c. two years imprisonment or $1500
    N d. two years imprisonment or $2000

1110: One function of a bulwark is to __________.

    Y a. help keep the deck dry
    N b. prevent stress concentrations on the stringer plate
    N c. protect against twisting forces exerted on the frame of the vessel
    N d. reinforce the side stringers

1235: You are on watch entering port while the pilot has the conn. The pilot gives a steering command to the helmsman who partially repeats the command. You should immediately __________.

    Y a. repeat the Pilot's command and ensure that the helmsman repeats it completely
    N b. ask the Pilot to repeat the command since the helmsman failed to hear it completely
    N c. observe the helmsman's wheel action to be sure that it complies with the Pilot's command
    N d. ignore the helmsman's response as long as it was close to what the Pilot ordered

1238: A contract of affreightment is a __________.

    Y a. Bill of Lading
    N b. Bottomry Bond
    N c. manifest
    N d. Portage Bill

1240: Bilge keels are fitted on ships to __________.

    N a. assist in dry dock alignment
    N b. improve the vessel's stability
    N c. protect the vessel from slamming against piers
    Y d. reduce the rolling of the vessel

1289: What would you use to adjust the height of a cargo boom?

    N a. Lizard
    N b. Spanner guy
    Y c. Topping lift
    N d. Working guy

1323: "Ease the rudder" means to __________.

    Y a. decrease the rudder angle
    N b. move the rudder slowly in the direction of the most recent rudder command
    N c. bring the rudder amidships
    N d. steer the course which is your present heading

1543: Which is normally used to hold wire rope for splicing?

    N a. Come along
    N b. Jigger
    Y c. Rigger's screw
    N d. Sealing clamp

1568: A tackle is "two blocked" when the blocks are __________.

    N a. equally sharing the load
    Y b. jammed together
    N c. as far apart as possible
    N d. rove to the highest mechanical advantage

1594: What is the breaking strain of steel wire rope with a 5/8" diameter?

    N a. 1.0 tons
    N b. 6.6 tons
    Y c. 9.6 tons
    N d. 15.6 tons

1617: Using the graph in illustration D008DG, if the dry bulb temperature is 84, and the wet bulb temperature is 81, what is the relative humidity in a cargo hold? (D008DG )

    N a. 71%
    N b. 79%
    N c. 81%
    Y d. 87%

1622: What is NOT an indication that pack ice may be nearby?

    Y a. The presence of icebergs
    N b. Ice blink
    N c. Absence of wave motion
    N d. Sighting a walrus in the Arctic

1731: You are in charge of a 225-gross ton tug preparing to depart from Houston, Texas, with a loaded 2500-gross ton tank barge bound for New York. Prior to departure, regulations require that you __________.

    N a. record the status of all firefighting equipment
    Y b. record the barge's load line and draft readings
    N c. record the condition of the towing gear
    N d. have on board an Official Logbook in lieu of other forms of records

1753: To reeve a right-angle threefold purchase start with the __________.

    N a. left sheave bottom block
    N b. left sheave top block
    Y c. middle sheave top block
    N d. right sheave bottom block

1762: What is the perimeter of a circle with a radius of 2.5 feet?

    N a. 7.86 ft
    Y b. 15.71 ft
    N c. 19.63 ft
    N d. 22.71 ft

1784: The "rolling hitch" could be used to __________.

    N a. join two lines of different sizes
    N b. join two lines of equal sizes
    N c. add strength to a weak spot in a line
    Y d. act as a stopper to transfer a line under strain

1811: You are towing a large barge on a hawser. Your main engine suddenly fails. What is the greatest danger?

    N a. The tug and the tow will go aground.
    N b. The tow will endanger other traffic.
    Y c. The tow will overrun tug.
    N d. The tow will block the channel.

1939: You are on a vessel that has broken down and are preparing to be taken in tow. You will use your anchor cable as part of the towline. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The anchor cable should be veered enough to allow the towline connection to be just forward of your bow.
    N b. The anchor cable should be veered enough to allow the towline connection to be immediately astern of the towing vessel.
    Y c. The strain of the tow is taken by the riding pawl, chain stopper, and anchor windlass brake.
    N d. The anchor cable should be led out through a chock, if possible, to avoid a sharp nip at the hawsepipe lip.

2007: The helm command "shift your rudder" means __________.

    N a. double your rudder angle or go to full rudder
    Y b. change from right rudder to left rudder an equal number of degrees
    N c. bring your rudder amidships
    N d. check the swing of the vessel

2010: On the cargo manifest, the total weight of a box containing cargo is the __________.

    N a. tare weight
    N b. net weight
    Y c. gross weight
    N d. cargo weight

2078: While towing, bridle legs of unequal lengths may cause __________.

    N a. the bridle to foul
    Y b. the shorter leg to fail
    N c. chafing on the fairlead or bitts
    N d. a bent swivel

2215: Given a dry bulb temperature of 78F and wet bulb temperature of 66.5F, the dew point is __________.

    N a. 47.0F
    N b. 51.5F
    Y c. 59.0F
    N d. 70.0F

2239: You are using tackle number 3 to lift a weight of 120 lbs. If you include 10 percent of the weight for each sheave for friction, what is the pull on the hauling part required to lift the weight? (DO29DG )

    Y a. 52 lbs.
    N b. 49 lbs.
    N c. 40 lbs.
    N d. 27 lbs.

2283: What is the area of a circle with a radius of 2 feet after a sector of 86 has been removed?

    N a. 2.39 sq. ft
    N b. 3.02 sq. ft
    Y c. 9.55 sq. ft
    N d. 12.57 sq. ft

2394: Determine the area of a triangle with a base of 3.5 feet and a height of 4.0 feet.

    Y a. 7.0 square ft.
    N b. 7.5 square ft.
    N c. 11.5 square ft.
    N d. 14.0 square ft.

2549: An example of a modern anchor which has a stock is a(n) __________.

    N a. articulated anchor
    N b. Flipper Delta anchor
    N c. Baldt anchor
    Y d. Danforth anchor

2598: Where, due to the arrangement of the vessel, lifejackets may become inaccessible, additional lifejackets shall be carried __________.

    N a. for the people on bridge watch
    N b. for the forward lifeboats
    Y c. as determined by the OCMI
    N d. for 50% of the crew of the vessel, not including those assigned to engineering duties

2609: Which tanker discharge pattern would be the safest and most efficient?

    N a. Empty the forward tanks and start working aft, emptying each tank in sequence
    Y b. Start discharging with most of the discharge coming from forward, but include some from midships and after tanks
    N c. Start pumping from forward, midships, and aft with the discharge distributed equally among the tanks
    N d. Start pumping from midships and then work forward and aft simultaneously as the midships tank is emptied

2642: Which line is two-stranded, left-handed small stuff?

    N a. Houseline
    Y b. Marline
    N c. Ratline
    N d. Lagline

2658: A Kip is equal to __________.

    Y a. 1000 lbs.
    N b. 1000 kgs.
    N c. 2000 lbs.
    N d. 2240 lbs.

2742: The internal volume of a cargo hold measured from the inside of the side shell, the underside of the deck, and the tank top is known as the __________.

    N a. gross tonnage
    N b. deadweight space
    N c. measurement space
    Y d. grain cubic

2924: You are on a large vessel fitted with a right-handed controllable-pitch propeller set at maximum forward pitch. Which statement about reversing is TRUE?

    N a. When the pitch is reversed, the stern will slew to port even with headway.
    N b. The vessel will respond to the rudder until sternway is developed, then the stern will slew to starboard.
    Y c. There will probably be a loss of steering control.
    N d. The vessel will have full rudder control throughout the speed change from ahead to astern.

2938: Which statement concerning storm surges on the Great Lakes is FALSE?

    Y a. They are common along the deeper areas of the lakes.
    N b. They cause rapid differences in levels between one end of the lake and the other.
    N c. The greatest water level difference occurs when the wind is blowing along the axis of the lake.
    N d. If the wind subsides rapidly, a seiche effect will most likely occur.

3130: What is NOT required on an uninspected towing vessel?

    N a. Certificate of Documentation
    Y b. Certificate of Inspection
    N c. Operators Merchant Marine license
    N d. FCC Station License

3321: By law, the maximum penalty for failing (without reasonable cause) to give aid in the case of collision is __________.

    N a. one year imprisonment or $500
    N b. two years imprisonment or $500
    Y c. two years imprisonment or $1000
    N d. two years imprisonment or $2000

3589: A vessel has been surveyed in a foreign port and found unseaworthy as a result of neglect. A seaman on this vessel is entitled to discharge and __________.

    N a. transportation to the port of engagement
    N b. one month's pay only
    N c. one month's pay or transportation to the nearest U.S. port, whichever is the least amount
    Y d. one month's pay or transportation to the nearest U.S. port, whichever is the greater amount

3645: Conventional anchors are least likely to hold in a bottom consisting of __________.

    N a. soft clay
    N b. hard mud
    Y c. very soft mud
    N d. sand

4066: What is the MOST irritating to the skin?

    N a. Carbon disulfide
    N b. Ethyl alcohol
    N c. Isoprene
    Y d. Oleum

4184: Which of the following lashing gear used aboard Ro-Ro vessels should be stowed when not in use?

    N a. Chain
    N b. Wire rope
    N c. Webbing
    Y d. All of the above

4222: What does item "C" refer to in this illustration of a 30-ton pedestal crane? (D045DG )

    N a. Equalizing beam
    N b. Hoist fall spreader
    Y c. Rider block
    N d. Block/hook assembly

4241: What should be given, as a minimum, to personnel who are involved in crane cargo handling?

    Y a. Protective head gear, gloves, and steel-toed safety shoes
    N b. A survival suit for work on the stern or side port
    N c. A life preserver for going aloft to work on the crane
    N d. All of the above

4246: What does "level-luffing" accomplish during crane operations?

    N a. It prevents the load from swinging when the boom level is adjusted.
    N b. Less power is needed when topping the boom with a load on the hook.
    N c. It maintains the height of the load above the deck.
    Y d. All of the above

4262: Which statement(s) is/are TRUE concerning crane cargo operations?

    N a. Do not exceed rated load capacity of crane and container spreader or slings.
    N b. During any cargo handling operation, the safety of personnel is paramount.
    N c. Cargo handlers must be outfitted with adequate protection from personal injury.
    Y d. All the above

4382: What does item "C" refer to in this illustration of a 30-ton pedestal crane? (D045DG )

    N a. Equalizing beam
    N b. Hoist fall spreader
    Y c. Rider block
    N d. Block/hook assembly