USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

18: To determine the weight capacity of a deck in a cargo hold, you would refer to the __________.

24: A crack in the deck plating of a vessel may be temporarily prevented from increasing in length by __________.

36: The distance that a vessel travels from the time that the order to put engines full astern until the vessel is dead in the water is known as __________.

190: You are on a vessel that carries liquefied gasses in bulk. The person on watch is required to have what information about the cargo easily accessible?

    N a. Port of loading
    N b. Exact quantity on board
    N c. Name and address of consignee
    Y d. Firefighting procedures

200: Which statement concerning a 298 GRT inspected tug engaged in towing from Seattle, WA, to Alaska is TRUE?

    N a. No able seamen are required.
    N b. Crew must be signed on before a Shipping Commissioner.
    N c. A licensed Master of Towing Vessels may serve as Master.
    Y d. Each crew member must be issued a certificate of discharge at the time of discharge.

218: What is the main purpose of dunnage?

    N a. To act as ballast for light vessels
    Y b. To provide ventilation and drainage for cargo
    N c. To secure the tarpaulins in place
    N d. To support weakened bulkheads

290: What is NOT a form used by ice support services to disseminate information?

    N a. Ice Analyses
    N b. Ice Forecasts
    N c. Ice Outlooks
    Y d. Ice Bulletins

303: What requires a Report of Marine Accident, Injury or Death?

    N a. Collision with a bridge
    N b. Injury beyond first aid
    N c. loss of life
    Y d. All of the above

417: When inspecting wire rope that has been in use for some time, one must look for __________.

    N a. fishhooks
    N b. kinks
    N c. worn spots
    Y d. All of the above

420: In handling break bulk hazardous materials, it is forbidden to use __________.

    N a. cargo nets
    Y b. metal bale hooks
    N c. pallets
    N d. slings

475: In illustration D044DG, the mooring line labeled "F" is called a __________. (DO44DG )

    N a. bow line
    Y b. breast line
    N c. forward spring line
    N d. None of the above

525: To lay out a towing hawser in a fore-and-aft direction so each bight is clear and can run out freely without snagging describes __________.

    N a. flemishing
    Y b. faking
    N c. spooling
    N d. worming, parceling and serving

571: You are in port A in the United States, and your Certificate of Inspection has expired. You wish to go to port B in the United States for repairs and to complete the inspection. If the Officer-in-Charge Marine Inspection deems it safe, he may issue a __________.

    N a. Certificate of Seaworthiness
    N b. Limited Certificate of Inspection
    N c. Temporary Certificate of Inspection
    Y d. Permit to Proceed

621: Which document shows details of a tank vessel, cargoes it may carry, manning and safety equipment required?

    N a. Safety Construction Certificate
    N b. Cargo Gear Certificate
    Y c. Certificate of Inspection
    N d. Declaration of Inspection

660: You receive word that a person has fallen overboard from the starboard side. You should FIRST __________.

    N a. notify the Master
    Y b. put the wheel hard right
    N c. put the engines full astern
    N d. sound the man overboard alarm

689: When your tug reduces speed to shorten tow, the __________.

    N a. length of the tow gets shorter as the strain is reduced
    N b. tow may continue its momentum and overtake the tug
    N c. towing hawser may drag the bottom and put the tug in irons
    Y d. All of the above

691: On U.S. flag vessels, which certificate is always issued by the Coast Guard?

    N a. Load Line Certificate
    Y b. Safety Equipment Certificate
    N c. Safety Construction Certificate
    N d. Register of cargo gear

775: You are on a large merchant vessel entering a U.S. port. There is a Pilot onboard and he has the conn. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The Pilot becomes solely responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel only if the Master relinquishes the conn.
    N b. The Pilot is solely responsible for the internal working of the ship.
    N c. The Pilot is solely responsible for the safe maneuvering of the ship only if he is required to be on board by law.
    Y d. The Master is responsible for the safe navigation of the ship and the Pilot is employed for his local knowledge.

794: "White Line" is made from __________.

    Y a. cotton
    N b. hemp
    N c. manila
    N d. sisal

863: When underway with a tow, you are required to notify the Coast Guard in which casualty situation?

    N a. Damage to property amounting to $12,500
    Y b. Accidental stranding or grounding
    N c. Loss of bridge-to-bridge radio capability
    N d. An injury requiring first aid treatment

936: A precaution you should take before bunkering is to __________

    N a. plug the vents
    N b. plug the sounding pipes
    Y c. plug the scuppers
    N d. close the lids on the vents

953: When bunkering at anchorage which of the following signals must be displayed?

    N a. A red flag by day, red light by night
    Y b. A red flag by day ONLY
    N c. A red light by night ONLY
    N d. No signal required at anchorage

1016: Your vessel is off a lee shore in heavy weather and laboring. Which action should you take?

    Y a. Put the sea and wind about two points on either bow and reduce speed.
    N b. Heave to in the trough of the sea.
    N c. Put the sea and wind on either quarter and proceed at increased speed.
    N d. Put the bow directly into the sea and proceed at full speed.

1254: Under identical load conditions, nylon, when compared with natural fiber line, will stretch __________.

    N a. less and have less strength
    N b. more and have less strength
    Y c. more and have greater strength
    N d. less and have greater strength

1316: The anchor chain should be kept moderately taut during a Mediterranean moor to __________.

    N a. facilitate speed of recovery during the weighing process
    N b. indicate the anchor's location to passing or mooring ships
    Y c. prevent damage to the stern in the event of a headwind
    N d. provide a steady platform for the gangway between the fantail and pier

1355: Ice concentration is measured in OKTAs. What percentage of the sea surface is ice-covered with 6 OKTAs concentration?

    N a. 6%
    N b. 50%
    N c. 60%
    Y d. 75%

1374: Which type of stopper should be used to stop off wire rope?

    Y a. Chain
    N b. Manila
    N c. Polypropylene
    N d. Wire

1456: How many turns of wire normally mark either side of the shackle 45 fathoms from the anchor?

    N a. 1
    N b. 2
    Y c. 3
    N d. 4

1477: Under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act of 1936, a vessel will be liable for damage to a cargo when the damage arises out of __________.

    N a. delays due to seizure of the vessel
    N b. fire caused by fault of the carrier
    N c. strikes or lockouts
    Y d. improper stowage

1513: Which knot is suitable for hoisting an unconscious person?

    N a. Bowline in a bight
    Y b. French bowline
    N c. Fisherman's loop
    N d. Spider hitch

1725: The term "shift the rudder" means __________.

    N a. use right or left rudder
    N b. check, but do not stop the vessel from swinging
    Y c. change from right (left) to left (right) rudder an equal amount
    N d. put the rudder amidships

1795: Which knot represents a double sheet bend? (DO30DG )

    N a. F
    N b. L
    Y c. R
    N d. T

1836: While towing, what is the principal danger in attempting to swing a barge on a hawser in order to slow the barge's speed?

    N a. The barge may swing too quickly and run over the tug.
    Y b. The barge may pass under the hawser and capsize the tug.
    N c. Free surface affect of liquid inside the barge may rupture the barge bulkheads when turning too quickly.
    N d. Dangerous wakes may result from the swinging barge and capsize the tug.

2063: A "spring line" is __________.

    N a. any wire rope used for mooring
    N b. a fire-warp
    Y c. a mooring line running diagonally to the keel
    N d. a mooring line perpendicular to the keel

2130: In a racetrack turn, to recover a man overboard, the vessel is steadied for the SECOND time after a turn of how many degrees from the original heading?

    N a. 60
    N b. 135
    N c. 180
    Y d. 360

2176: The tankship Northland is loaded as shown. Use the salmon colored pages in the Stability Data Reference Book to determine the hogging numeral. (Get Table Data)

    N a. 91.42 numeral
    N b. 85.60 numeral
    Y c. 79.23 numeral
    N d. 74.73 numeral

2240: What is the mechanical advantage of tackle number 1? (DO29DG )

    N a. 0.5
    Y b. 1
    N c. 1.5
    N d. 2

2299: You are on a multiple-product chemical tanker and will carry cargoes of isophorone, ethylenediamine, and creosote. Which of the following is TRUE?

    Y a. All of these cargoes are compatible.
    N b. Isophorone is incompatible with ethylenediamine but may be stowed adjacent to creosote.
    N c. All of these cargoes are incompatible.
    N d. Ethylenediamine is compatible with isophorone but both are incompatible with creosote.

2302: What is NOT required to be approved or certified by the U.S. Coast Guard before being used on inspected vessels?

    N a. Lifesaving equipment that is in excess of the regulatory minimum
    N b. Ship's stores that are Class A poisons or Class A explosives
    Y c. Steel plate used in hull construction
    N d. EPIRBs

2463: The crane manufacturer's load chart should be posted at or near the __________.

    N a. crane pedestal
    N b. wire rope locker
    N c. main deck
    Y d. crane control console

2506: A tow of 9 barges is made up three abreast and three long. The towboat is faced up to the center string which is known as the __________.

    N a. main string
    Y b. push string
    N c. power string
    N d. face string

2568: You are proceeding along the right bank of a narrow channel aboard a right-handed single-screw vessel. The vessel starts to sheer due to bank suction/cushion effect. You should __________.

    N a. stop engines and put the rudder left full
    N b. back full with rudder amidships
    N c. decrease speed and put the rudder right full
    Y d. increase speed and put the rudder right full

2734: The tankship Northland is loaded as shown. Use the salmon colored pages in the Stability book to determine the hogging numeral. (Get Table Data)

    N a. 98.23 numeral
    Y b. 95.70 numeral
    N c. 84.46 numeral
    N d. 81.37 numeral

2912: When tank cleaning with a portable machine, the weight of the machine is suspended from __________.

    N a. solid iron bars clamped to the Butterworth opening
    Y b. the supply hose
    N c. the suspension line, usually manila or natural fiber line
    N d. a wire rope suspension line

3042: A Great Lakes vessel bound for Anticosti Island is exempt from the IMO Grain Regulations if the vessel meets all of the following standards EXCEPT __________.

    N a. the metacentric height corrected for free surface must meet regulatory minimums throughout the voyage
    Y b. slack surfaces should be in a mound
    N c. the longitudinal strength of the vessel must not be imperiled
    N d. the Master must ascertain the expected weather conditions enroute

3046: What is an explosion hazard when exposed to flame?

    N a. Formic acid
    N b. Nitrous oxide
    N c. Tallow
    Y d. Toluene

3144: A tow consists of 8 barges: 6 jumbo barges made up 3 abreast and 2 long, with 2 standard barges abreast as lead barges. How long is this tow?

    N a. 525 feet
    N b. 545 feet
    Y c. 565 feet
    N d. 595 feet

3242: What term indicates the line drawn at the top of the flat plate keel?

    Y a. Base line
    N b. Molded line
    N c. Designer's waterline
    N d. Keel line

3250: You are operator of a towing vessel which collides with a buoy and drags it off station. What should you do if the damage to your vessel is not serious?

    N a. If the buoy is afloat, no action is necessary.
    N b. Wait one week and submit form GG-2692 to the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office.
    Y c. Immediately notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office and no further action is necessary.
    N d. Immediately notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office and then submit form CG-2692.

3392: What term indicates the midships portion of a vessel that has a constant cross section?

    N a. Half length
    N b. Amidships
    Y c. Middle body
    N d. Molded length

3491: You are the licensed Master of a towing vessel operating between New York and Tampa, Florida. If you carry four (4) deckhands onboard, how many must be able seamen?

    N a. 4
    Y b. 3
    N c. 2
    N d. 1

3514: Which type of anchor is depicted? (D038DG )

    N a. Stock
    N b. Danforth
    Y c. Patent
    N d. Old-fashioned

3616: A tug in irons is __________.

    N a. rudder bound
    N b. being tripped by the towline
    Y c. unable to maneuver
    N d. broached

3662: Unless extremely flexible wire rope is used, the sheave diameter should always be as large as possible, but should never be less than __________.

    Y a. 20 times the rope diameter
    N b. 10 times the rope diameter
    N c. 2 times the rope diameter
    N d. the rope diameter

3712: When should a crane boom-up so high that the boom hits the stops?

    N a. Only if the load has not exceeded the limit at that angle
    N b. Only if the load contains non-hazardous materials
    N c. Only if necessary to perform a given lift
    Y d. Never

3982: Fairleads perform the same function as __________.

    N a. deadeyes
    N b. bollards
    N c. bitts
    Y d. chocks

4022: Your vessel is being assisted through an ice field in Thunder Bay by the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Alexander Henry. The starboard lookout reports that the icebreaker has run up the code flag "N" (November). What action should you take?

    N a. Reduce speed
    Y b. Stop your engines
    N c. Reverse your engines
    N d. Stop your vessel instantly

4036: When a cargo boom or crane is rated at varying capacities, there will be a table at the controls which relates safe working load to __________.

    N a. winch speed
    N b. boom strength
    Y c. load radius
    N d. cable strength

4101: Which of the following is a characteristic of a Ro-Ro vessel?

    N a. Passenger tours available upon docking
    N b. Long port stays necessary to secure vehicles
    Y c. Short in port turnaround times
    N d. Heavy vehicles only require lightweight securing equipment

4233: The 30 ton capacity pedestal cranes shown in the illustration can lift a maximum weight of how many tons when two cranes are married together in twin with the other pair of cranes at the opposite end of the hatch? (D051DG )

    N a. 30 tons
    N b. 60 tons
    N c. 90 tons
    Y d. 120 tons