USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

75: Frames to which the tank top and bottom shell are fastened are called __________.

99: What is meant by "thieving" a petroleum cargo?

134: Your ship is steaming at night on gyro-pilot when you notice that the vessel's course is slowly changing to the right. Which action should you take FIRST?

148: Overcarriage is best prevented by __________.

    N a. assuring heavy cargo is stowed low in the vessel
    N b. checking the vessel's load line calculations carefully
    Y c. inspection of the hold at completion of discharge
    N d. stowing the cargo which is to be discharged last on the bottom

250: The damage to a vessel is over $25,000. Who must notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Marine Inspection Office as soon as possible?

    N a. The crew members
    Y b. The Master of the vessel
    N c. The port authorities
    N d. All of the above

275: You have taken another vessel in tow. You can tell that the towing speed is too fast when the __________.

    N a. vessels are not in step
    N b. tow line feels like it is "jumping" when touched
    Y c. catenary comes clear of the water
    N d. towed vessel goes "in irons"

292: Stress on the topping lift of a swinging boom can be reduced by __________.

    N a. rigging a back stay
    Y b. raising the boom
    N c. increasing the mechanical advantage of the cargo purchase
    N d. taking all slack out of the preventer

296: You are on a course of 000°T and put the rudder right 30°. In which direction will the transfer be measured?

    N a. 000°T
    Y b. 090°T
    N c. 180°T
    N d. 270°T

309: When planning the loading or discharging of a VLCC (100,000 DWT+) what is the most important consideration?

    N a. Draft and trim
    Y b. Limits of the bending moments
    N c. Rate of discharging
    N d. Rate of loading

319: Static electricity may be built up by the __________.

    N a. flow of petroleum through pipes
    N b. spraying or splashing of petroleum
    N c. settling of solids or water in petroleum
    Y d. All of the above

319: Static electricity may be built up by the __________.

    N a. flow of petroleum through pipes
    N b. spraying or splashing of petroleum
    N c. settling of solids or water in petroleum
    Y d. All of the above

321: Which is a TRUE statement concerning the examining of cargo equipment at the time of a vessels Inspection for Certification.

    N a. Cargo booms must be weight tested at this time by the U.S. Coast Guard.
    N b. Cargo booms must be weight tested at this time by the American Bureau of Shipping.
    N c. Cargo booms must be weight tested at this time by the National Cargo Bureau.
    Y d. No test at this time is required.

324: A "chock" is a __________.

    N a. deck fitting used to secure mooring lines
    Y b. casting fitted at the side of a weather deck, used as a fairlead
    N c. sharp block of wood used to support hygroscopic cargo
    N d. smoke pipe for the galley stove

332: The helm command "Meet her" means __________.

    N a. steer more carefully
    Y b. use rudder to check the swing
    N c. decrease the existing rudder angle
    N d. note the course and steady on that heading

417: When inspecting wire rope that has been in use for some time, one must look for __________.

    N a. fishhooks
    N b. kinks
    N c. worn spots
    Y d. All of the above

487: One method of removing kinks from fiber rope is to __________.

    N a. coil the line against the lay
    Y b. tow the line astern until it straightens
    N c. stretch the line until it reaches its elastic limit
    N d. cut out each kink and splice

553: A bridle for an ocean tow consists of __________.

    Y a. two chains of equal length
    N b. a single nylon pendant rove through a heavy ring free to move on the pendant
    N c. two long legs of wire rope shackled to a fishplate
    N d. a single length of heavy chain with both ends secured on deck to welded pad eyes

633: A tug is best positioned for towing and maneuvering on rivers and other restricted waters where wave action is limited when __________.

    Y a. directly astern and pushing the tow
    N b. towing on a hawser
    N c. towing alongside and parallel to the vessel it is towing
    N d. towing on the hip

714: Using a safety factor of 6, determine the safe working load of manila line with a breaking stress of 8 tons.

    N a. 0.75 tons
    N b. 1.25 tons
    Y c. 1.33 tons
    N d. 8.00 tons

740: The extension of the after part of the keel in a single- screw vessel upon which the stern post rests is called the __________.

    N a. boss
    N b. knuckle
    Y c. skeg
    N d. strut

905: When should you conduct a visual inspection of your towline?

    N a. Whenever its serviceability is in doubt.
    N b. In accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation.
    N c. At least once a month.
    Y d. All of the above

1000: The "Mode" selector switch can be positioned and select all of the following EXCEPT __________.

    Y a. weather adjustments
    N b. hand-electric steering
    N c. automatic gyro
    N d. non-followup control

1060: You receive a package, for shipment aboard your vessel, containing Class 1 explosives. The package is damp, moldy and stained. You must __________.

    Y a. refuse to accept the package
    N b. note the exception(s) on the Bill of Lading
    N c. replace the packaging material before stowage
    N d. seek the approval of the USCG Captain of the Port

1128: The most accurate account of cargo on board will be found in the __________.

    N a. Manifest
    N b. charter party
    Y c. Bill of Lading
    N d. Portage Bill

1213: What minimum size manila line is required to hold a weight of 932 pounds, if you use a safety factor of six?

    N a. 2.0"
    Y b. 2.5"
    N c. 3.0"
    N d. 3.5"

1270: When a man who is conscious has fallen overboard is being picked up by a lifeboat, the boat should approach with the wind __________.

    N a. astern and the victim just off the bow
    N b. ahead and the victim just off the bow
    N c. just off the bow and the victim to windward
    Y d. just off the bow and the victim to leeward

1459: When handling cargo, the majority of cargo gear breakdowns is due to __________.

    N a. compression bending of the boom
    N b. extension failure of the boom
    Y c. guy failures
    N d. topping lift failures

1477: Under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act of 1936, a vessel will be liable for damage to a cargo when the damage arises out of __________.

    N a. delays due to seizure of the vessel
    N b. fire caused by fault of the carrier
    N c. strikes or lockouts
    Y d. improper stowage

1497: Which of the pictures in illustration DO30DG represents a round turn and two half hitches? (DO30DG )

    N a. E
    Y b. F
    N c. Q
    N d. S

1500: Sometimes it is desirable to connect a member both by riveting and welding. Which statement is TRUE concerning this procedure?

    N a. Tearing through the member is more likely in this type connection.
    N b. The weld may be broken by the stresses caused by riveting.
    N c. The weld increases the tensile stress on the rivet heads.
    Y d. The welding must be completed before the riveting commences.

1534: Which statement(s) is(are) TRUE concerning wire rope?

    Y a. Wire rope should be condemned if the outside wires are worn to one-half their original diameter.
    N b. Wire rope should be condemned if the fiber core appears moist.
    N c. Wire rope which is right-hand laid should be coiled counterclockwise to prevent kinking.
    N d. All of the above

1802: Which picture represents a bowline? (DO30DG )

    N a. G
    N b. H
    N c. L
    Y d. Q

1854: The structural member indicated by the letter F is known as a(n) __________. (D033DG )

    N a. erection
    Y b. pillar
    N c. girder
    N d. deck support

1917: How many tons of salt water can be loaded into a flat-ended cylindrical tank with a diameter of 5 feet and a length of 14 feet?

    N a. 31.42
    N b. 15.71
    Y c. 7.85
    N d. 6.25

1983: When a line is subject to wear where it passes through a mooring chock, it should be __________.

    N a. wormed, parceled, and served
    N b. wrapped with heavy tape
    Y c. wrapped with chafing gear
    N d. wrapped in leather

2031: Multi-year ice is the hardest sea ice and should be avoided if possible. It is recognizable because of what tone to its surface color?

    N a. Greenish
    Y b. Bluish
    N c. Grey
    N d. Grey-white

2051: The tankship Northland is loaded as shown. Use the salmon colored pages in the Stability Data Reference Book to determine the sagging numeral. (Get Table Data)

    N a. 81.79 numeral
    N b. 85.02 numeral
    N c. 89.68 numeral
    Y d. 91.92 numeral

2074: You are proceeding to a distress site. The survivors are in liferafts. What will make your ship more visible to the survivors?

    N a. Steering a sinuous course
    N b. Steering a zig-zag course
    Y c. Turning on all available deck lights at night
    N d. Dumping debris over the side to make a trail to your vessel

2086: What is the mechanical advantage of tackle number 11? (DO29DG )

    N a. 7
    Y b. 6
    N c. 5.5
    N d. 5

2131: If you carry packaged hazardous cargoes on a break bulk vessel bound foreign, you must __________.

    N a. stow the hazardous cargoes on deck available for jettisoning if necessary
    N b. remove the hazardous cargo labels from a portable tank after the tank is emptied
    Y c. have the shipping papers indicate the proper shipping name and the technical name of n.o.s. cargoes
    N d. log the receipt of hazardous cargoes in the Official Logbook

2187: You are using tackle number 10 to lift a weight. The hauling part of this tackle is bent to the weight hook (w) of tackle number 5. What is the mechanical advantage of this rig? (DO29DG )

    Y a. 25
    N b. 20
    N c. 15
    N d. 10

2188: The forecastle card is a(n) __________.

    N a. quarters allocation
    N b. Muster List ("Station Bill")
    N c. unlicensed shipping card from the union
    Y d. copy of the shipping agreement

2263: You are using tackle number 1 in illustration DO29DG to lift a weight of 100 lbs. If you include 10 percent of the weight for each sheave for friction, what is the pull on the hauling part required to lift the weight? (DO29DG )

    N a. 50 lbs.
    N b. 55 lbs.
    N c. 100 lbs.
    Y d. 110 lbs.

2466: The pillar shape that gives the greatest strength for the least weight is the __________.

    N a. octagonal pillar
    N b. "H" Beam pillar
    N c. "I" Beam pillar
    Y d. circular type pillar

2536: Wages due a seaman may be attached by the court for the __________.

    N a. payment of any fines imposed by the court
    N b. payment of back taxes to the IRS
    Y c. support of a spouse
    N d. All of the above

2588: Rivets are usually made of __________.

    N a. wrought-iron
    N b. aluminum
    N c. high-tensile steel
    Y d. mild steel

2745: While standing look-out at night, a dim light on the horizon will be seen quickest by looking __________.

    Y a. a little above the horizon
    N b. directly towards the light
    N c. a little below the horizon
    N d. quickly above then quickly below the horizon

2762: Which vessel is exempt from the load line and marking requirements for vessels operating on the Great Lakes System?

    N a. A 300 GT tank barge operating exclusively on Lake Michigan
    N b. A 200 GT passenger vessel operating between Duluth, MN and Munising, MI
    N c. A 79-foot, 150 GT pleasure craft operating on the St. Lawrence River
    Y d. A 500 GT dry cargo river barge operated continuously between Calumet Hbr Chicago, IL and Burns Hbr, IN

3004: What is NOT a basic shiphandling rule for navigating in ice concentrations on the Great Lakes?

    N a. Keep moving - even very slowly, but keep moving.
    N b. Work with the ice movement, not against.
    Y c. Transit ice along pressure ridges when possible.
    N d. Excessive speed means ice damage.

3064: What is the meaning of a flag hoist consisting of the code letters "WM" (Whiskey Mike) when displayed by an icebreaker?

    N a. "I am going ahead; follow me."
    N b. "You should stop your vessel instantly."
    Y c. "Icebreaker support is now commencing."
    N d. "Icebreaker support is finished."

3145: You are the operator of a towing vessel which collides with a buoy and drags it off station. What should you do if the damage to your vessel is not serious?

    N a. If the buoy is afloat, no action is necessary.
    N b. Wait one week and submit form CG-2692 to the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office.
    N c. Immediately notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office and then submit form CG-2692.
    Y d. Immediately notify the nearest Coast Guard Marine Safety or Inspection Office and no further action is necessary.

3248: The rope which is the lightest is __________.

    N a. manila
    N b. nylon
    Y c. polypropylene
    N d. dacron

3463: Deckhands onboard towing vessels shall be divided into 3 watches when the trip exceeds __________.

    N a. 1000 miles
    N b. 800 miles
    N c. 700 miles
    Y d. 600 miles

3692: What provides little or no indication that a vessel is dragging anchor?

    N a. Increasing radar range to a fixed object ahead
    Y b. Drift lead with the line leading perpendicular to the centerline
    N c. Vibrations felt by placing a hand on the anchor cable
    N d. Changing bearings to distant fixed objects abeam

4030: While discharging a cargo, the stripping of the tanks falls behind schedule. This would indicate the __________.

    N a. main pumps are working at a high discharge pressure
    Y b. main pumps are leaving too much oil in the tanks
    N c. stripping pump is not primed
    N d. stripping line is cross-connected to the main line

4151: Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding lashing requirements to secure vehicles aboard Ro-Ro vessels?

    N a. It is NOT imperative that the securing of cargo on flats and trailers and in containers be adequate for BOTH road and sea motions.
    Y b. The generally recommended lash angle should not be greater than 45 degrees relative to the deck in any direction.
    N c. For effective securing vehicles should be stowed athwartships whenever possible.
    N d. It is not necessary to lash automobiles since setting the brakes is sufficient to keep them from moving.

4224: What does item "K" refer to in this illustration of a 30-ton pedestal crane? (D045DG )

    N a. Manual slewing cables
    Y b. Rider block taglines
    N c. Jib luffing cables
    N d. Cargo snaking cables

4228: Which of the following is/are the component(s) of a twin crane set as shown? (D047DG )

    N a. Boom assembly
    N b. Hook block assembly
    N c. Operator's cab
    Y d. All of the above

4263: Which statement(s) is/are TRUE concerning crane cargo operations?

    N a. Lifting points on all equipment must be safely checked prior to commencing a lift.
    N b. Cargo loaded into vehicles and/or containers prior to lifting needs to be properly secured so as to prevent shifting during transport.
    N c. Never exceed crane manufacturer’s limits concerning the safe working loads of cargo jibs.
    Y d. All the above

4390: When a helmsman receives the command "Right 15 degrees rudder," the helmsman's immediate reply should be __________.

    N a. "Rudder is right 15 degrees"
    N b. "Aye Aye Sir"
    N c. No reply is necessary, just carry out the order
    Y d. "Right 15 degrees rudder"