USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

8: What is NOT an advantage of filler cargo?

80: You are on a cargo vessel carrying portable tanks of dangerous cargoes in bulk. Which statement is TRUE?

97: Chafing gear should be placed __________.

135: Corrosive liquids and acids should have which kind of label?

    N a. Skull and crossbones
    N b. Yellow and white
    N c. Red and white
    Y d. White and black

184: You are standing look-out duty at night. A dim light on the horizon will be seen quickest by looking __________.

    N a. at an area just a little below the horizon
    N b. at the horizon, where the sky and water appear to meet
    Y c. a little above the horizon
    N d. well below the horizon

247: The main advantage and chief characteristic of a Steulchen boom is that it can be __________.

    N a. operated by one winchman
    N b. cradled on deck
    Y c. swung from one hatch to the adjacent hatch
    N d. collared to the mast

325: A deck fitting, used to secure line or wire rope, consisting of a single body with two protruding horns is called a __________.

    N a. bitt
    N b. bollard
    N c. capstan
    Y d. cleat

370: Cottonseed oil is classed as a __________.

    Y a. combustible liquid
    N b. flammable liquid
    N c. flammable solid
    N d. poison B

465: Which structural members improve a towing vessel's chance of surviving punctured shell plating?

    N a. Stringers
    N b. Longitudinals
    Y c. Transverse watertight bulkheads
    N d. The rake

619: What is NOT a requirement for the safe and effective use of a crude oil washing system?

    N a. Strip all tanks and remove the bottom residue.
    N b. Use an inert gas system while washing tanks.
    Y c. Use portable washing machines to reach areas obscured by structural members in the tanks.
    N d. Decant one meter from the source tank for the tank cleaning machines.

732: Which action should be taken FIRST if your tow is sinking in shallow water?

    Y a. Pay out the towline until the sunken tow reaches bottom.
    N b. Sever the towline.
    N c. Immediately head for the nearest shoreline.
    N d. Contact the Coast Guard.

735: A heavy steel curved arch constructed athwartships and above the after deck on a towing vessel is sometimes called a __________.

    N a. main brace
    Y b. tow span
    N c. jockey bar
    N d. None of the above

755: When underway with a tow, you are required to notify the Coast Guard in which casualty situation?

    Y a. Accidental stranding or grounding
    N b. An injury requiring first aid treatment
    N c. Loss of bridge-to-bridge radio capability
    N d. Damage to property amounting to $12,500

838: You are going to load bales of wool having a stowage factor of 110 in #3 lower hold which has a bale cubic of 72,000. If broken stowage is figured at 15%, how many tons of the wool can be stowed?

    Y a. 556
    N b. 654
    N c. 752
    N d. 770

923: An advantage of nylon rope over manila rope is that nylon rope __________.

    Y a. can hold a load even when a considerable number of the yarns have been abraded
    N b. can be stored on deck, exposed to sunlight
    N c. can be used in conjunction with wire or spring-lay rope
    N d. gives audible warning of overstress whereas manila does not

1072: The normal and safest way for a sailor in a bosun's chair to be raised aloft is __________.

    N a. for the sailor to pull himself aloft and then make fast with a bosun's chair hitch
    Y b. manually by two or three sailors heaving away on deck
    N c. by taking the gantline to a winch drum and heaving away with the winch
    N d. by fairleading the gantline with a snatch block and pulling with a cargo runner

1088: As Master or person in charge, you must notify the U.S. Coast Guard if an injury leaves a crewman unfit to perform routine duties for more than __________.

    N a. 24 hours
    N b. 48 hours
    N c. 72 hours
    Y d. Any amount of time

1227: You have the "conn" at the time the helmsman who is steering by hand reports that the rudder is not responding to the wheel. Your FIRST action should be to __________.

    Y a. shift the selector switch to the other steering pump
    N b. signal the engineroom to stop the engines
    N c. call the engineroom
    N d. call the Master

1237: You are a watchstanding mate and have come to the bridge to relieve the watch. After reviewing the chart and having been briefed by the off-going mate, you are now ready to effect the relief. The watch is officially transferred to you after __________.

    N a. you state the vessel's charted position, present course and port of destination
    N b. the mate being relieved tells you the vessel's course and speed and states that you have the watch
    Y c. you say, "I relieve you" and you state the course per gyro and magnetic compasses
    N d. the mate being relieved says, "You have the conn" and you state the ship's course

1244: Nylon line is NOT suitable for __________.

    N a. towing
    Y b. lashings
    N c. stoppers
    N d. mooring lines

1316: The anchor chain should be kept moderately taut during a Mediterranean moor to __________.

    N a. facilitate speed of recovery during the weighing process
    N b. indicate the anchor's location to passing or mooring ships
    Y c. prevent damage to the stern in the event of a headwind
    N d. provide a steady platform for the gangway between the fantail and pier

1390: The body plan of a vessel is a(n) __________.

    Y a. endwise view of the ship's molded form
    N b. longitudinal side elevation view
    N c. plan made looking down on the ship, showing it's hull cut horizontally by the first set of planes
    N d. vertical view made looking up in the ship, with the keel at the center

1402: What form of ice is of land origin?

    N a. Shuga
    N b. Floe
    N c. Spicule
    Y d. Bergy bit

1600: A person who sees someone fall overboard should __________.

    Y a. call for help and keep the individual in sight
    N b. immediately jump in the water to assist the individual
    N c. run to the radio room to send an emergency message
    N d. go to the bridge for the distress flares

1767: What is the name of the mark indicated by the letter E? (DO03DG )

    N a. Fresh water line
    N b. Winter water line
    N c. Tropical water line
    Y d. Summer water line

1783: Which mooring line is likely to undergo the most strain when docking a ship under normal conditions?

    N a. Bow line
    N b. Breast line
    Y c. Spring line
    N d. Stern line

1835: Your vessel's operators send a message that your vessel has been consigned to Naval Control of Shipping. The message will refer you to __________.

    Y a. Radio Aids to Navigation (PUB 117)
    N b. the Coast Pilot
    N c. the International Code of Signals (PUB 102)
    N d. the Light List

1858: The easiest way to anchor a vessel in a current is to __________.

    N a. stem the current and make very slow headway when the anchor is dropped
    Y b. stem the current and be falling aft very slowly when the anchor is dropped
    N c. stem the current and endeavor to make neither headway nor sternway when the anchor is dropped
    N d. stop all headway through the water and keep the current astern when the anchor is dropped

1875: A seam is indicated by which letter in illustration D033DG? (D033DG )

    Y a. E
    N b. H
    N c. L
    N d. M

1989: If you were to pass a stopper on a wire rope, what should the stopper be made of?

    N a. Wire
    N b. Manila
    N c. Nylon
    Y d. Chain

2081: A seaman is reported missing in the morning and was last seen after coming off the mid-watch. Which type of turn would you use to return to the track-line steamed during the night?

    Y a. Williamson
    N b. Racetrack
    N c. 180 turn
    N d. Anderson

2106: A racetrack turn would be better than a Williamson turn in recovering a man overboard if __________.

    N a. the man has been missing for a period of time
    Y b. the sea water is very cold and the man is visible
    N c. there is thick fog
    N d. the wind was from astern on the original course

2186: What is the mechanical advantage of tackle number 7? (DO29DG )

    N a. 0
    N b. 0.5
    N c. 1
    Y d. 2

2191: A wooden deck installed on top of the plating lettered N is known as __________. (D033DG )

    N a. spar decking
    N b. furring
    Y c. ceiling
    N d. flooring

2198: You are conducting trials to determine the maneuvering characteristics of your vessel. While making a turn, you take ranges and bearings of an isolated light with the results as shown. Based on this information, what is the transfer for a turn of 90? (D034DG )

    N a. 355 yards
    Y b. 380 yards
    N c. 410 yards
    N d. 455 yards

2275: When inspecting wire rope before a hoisting operation, one must look for __________.

    N a. fishhooks
    N b. kinks
    N c. worn spots
    Y d. All of the above

2502: A tow of 9 barges is made up three abreast by three long. The towboat is faced up to the last barge of the center string. The outer two strings of barges are the __________.

    N a. port and starboard strings
    N b. outer strings
    Y c. drag strings
    N d. side strings

2546: The dangerous cargo manifest does NOT indicate __________.

    N a. the stowage location of hazardous material aboard the vessel
    N b. a description of the packaging (drums, boxes, etc.)
    N c. UN identification numbers
    Y d. the net weight of each hazardous cargo

2568: You are proceeding along the right bank of a narrow channel aboard a right-handed single-screw vessel. The vessel starts to sheer due to bank suction/cushion effect. You should __________.

    N a. stop engines and put the rudder left full
    N b. back full with rudder amidships
    N c. decrease speed and put the rudder right full
    Y d. increase speed and put the rudder right full

2598: Where, due to the arrangement of the vessel, lifejackets may become inaccessible, additional lifejackets shall be carried __________.

    N a. for the people on bridge watch
    N b. for the forward lifeboats
    Y c. as determined by the OCMI
    N d. for 50% of the crew of the vessel, not including those assigned to engineering duties

2636: When riveted joints occur at the ends of plating they are called __________.

    N a. trailers
    N b. terminals
    N c. seams
    Y d. butts

2748: The Lake Carriers Association and the Canadian Shipowners Association prescribe separation routes for upbound and downbound vessels on the Great Lakes. The recommended courses for these routes are shown on the Great Lakes Charts in the form of __________.

    Y a. red or magenta figures over a segmented course line track
    N b. red figures over a solid course line track
    N c. black figures over a segmented course line track
    N d. green figures over a solid course line track

2774: There are basically three categories of water level fluctuations on the Great Lakes. What is NOT included as one of these?

    N a. Long range fluctuations
    Y b. Controlled outflow fluctuations
    N c. Seasonal fluctuations
    N d. Short period fluctuations

2900: Which statement about Naval Control of Shipping in wartime is TRUE?

    Y a. It is mandatory in wartime.
    N b. It is mandatory in hazardous areas and voluntary in other areas.
    N c. It is mandatory only for vessels sailing in convoy.
    N d. It is mandatory for vessels bound foreign and voluntary for vessels in the coastwise trade.

3000: The pipe used to connect two separate piping systems on a tank vessel is known as a __________.

    Y a. crossover
    N b. transfer
    N c. connection
    N d. junction

3360: On a light tow, what could you substitute for a fishplate?

    Y a. heart-shaped shackle
    N b. pelican hook
    N c. swivel
    N d. ring

3487: The opening in the deck that leads the anchor cable outside the hull is the __________.

    Y a. hawsepipe
    N b. fall pipe
    N c. drop-pipe
    N d. spill pipe

3504: Metal plates that cover the top of the hawsepipe are called __________.

    N a. footings
    N b. plugs
    Y c. buckler plates
    N d. stop waters

3519: Strengthening damaged bulkheads by using wood or steel is called __________.

    N a. bracing
    N b. battening
    N c. blocking
    Y d. shoring

3521: Once a towline is connected between the towing vessel and the disabled vessel, the towing vessel should __________.

    N a. not exceed bare steerageway during the transit
    N b. take a strain as soon as you can to control the tow
    Y c. come up to speed very slowly and maintain a "safe speed"
    N d. come up to speed quickly, then cut back power considerably to ease the strain

3561: A holder of a license as Operator of Uninspected Towing Vessels may work each 24 hours for a period not to exceed __________.

    N a. 24 hours
    N b. 18 hours
    Y c. 12 hours
    N d. 6 hours

3590: When steering a vessel, a good helmsman does NOT __________.

    Y a. use as much rudder as possible to maintain course
    N b. consider steering a vessel a highly responsible job
    N c. use as little rudder as possible to maintain course
    N d. advise his relief of the course being steered

3710: A new crewman reports on board. He must be trained in the use of the ship's lifesaving appliances within what time period?

    N a. 2 months
    N b. 1 month
    Y c. 2 weeks
    N d. Before sailing

3726: You are lifting a one-ton weight with a swinging boom. When comparing the stresses on the rig with the boom at 20 to the horizontal to the stresses when the boom is at 60 to the horizontal, which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The angle of elevation does not change the stresses in the masthead fairlead for the topping lift.
    Y b. The stress on the head block is greater at 60.
    N c. The stress on the heel block is greater at 60.
    N d. The thrust on the boom is greater at 20.

3950: In general, an unreinforced vessel can safely navigate in ice provided the concentration does not exceed how many OKTAs?

    N a. 1
    Y b. 2
    N c. 3
    N d. 4

4114: When accepting vehicles for shipment, the Master should ensure that __________.

    N a. all decks intended for the stowage of vehicles are, in so far as is practicable, free from oil and grease
    N b. the ship has on board an adequate supply of cargo securing gear, which is maintained in sound working condition
    N c. vehicles are in apparent good order and condition suitable for sea transport, particularly with regards to securing
    Y d. All of the above

4206: Which piece(s) of equipment is/are required to "twin-up" 30-ton pedestal cranes aboard a crane vessel?

    Y a. Equalizing beam
    N b. Portable power swivel
    N c. 20-foot container spreader
    N d. All of the above

4226: What does item "E" refer to in this illustration of a 30-ton pedestal crane? (D045DG )

    Y a. Tagline
    N b. Electric cable
    N c. Cargo snaking wire
    N d. Hook release cable

4280: Which statement is FALSE concerning a tagline as used with a 30-ton pedestal crane?

    Y a. Taglines are wire rope purchases that raise and lower the jib.
    N b. Taglines are wire ropes for horizontal positioning of the rider block.
    N c. Taglines can be fastened to corners of vehicles or containers.
    N d. The crane might not have taglines installed in its rigging system.

4443: You are signing on a deck officer, who will be designated as one of the GMDSS operators, before sailing foreign. Which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. He/she must have an STCW certificate endorsed as "Valid for Service on Vessels Operating in the GMDSS System".
    N b. He/she must present either an FCC-issued license or a Coast Guard-issued license.
    N c. You must consult the "List of Qualifications" on the reverse of his/her FCC-issued license.
    N d. His/her Merchant Mariners Document must have an added endorsement as "Radio Electronics Officer".