USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

25: The turning circle of a vessel making a turn over 360 degrees is the path followed by the __________.

156: When heading on a course, you put your rudder hard over. The distance traveled parallel to the direction of the original course from where you put your rudder over to any point on the turning circle is known as __________.

193: On a transpacific voyage, you receive a message from your vessel's operators saying that your vessel has been consigned to Naval Control of Shipping. Further information is contained in __________.

294: Displacement refers to the __________.

    N a. cubic capacity of a vessel
    N b. deadweight carrying capacity of a vessel
    N c. gross tonnage of a vessel
    Y d. number of long tons of water displaced by a vessel afloat

311: The Shipping Articles shall be signed by each seaman and the __________.

    Y a. Master of the vessel
    N b. Shipping Commissioner
    N c. U.S. Coast Guard
    N d. U.S. Customs Service

374: Holes in the bulwark, which allow deck water to drain into the sea, are __________.

    N a. doggers
    N b. fidleys
    Y c. freeing ports
    N d. swash ports

431: Official proof of an American vessel's nationality is contained in the __________.

    N a. Certificate of Inspection
    N b. Official Log
    Y c. Certificate of Documentation
    N d. Shipping Articles

513: Wire rope is used in the towing industry __________.

    N a. for back up wires and main towing hawsers
    N b. for face wires or jockeys when pushing ahead
    N c. as stern wires when pushing ahead
    Y d. All of the above

540: As seen from the tow, what should connect the leading ends of both towing bridle legs to the main towing hawser?

    N a. A cable clamp
    Y b. A fishplate, flounder, or towing plate
    N c. A pad eye
    N d. The towing bitts

576: In twin-screw engine installations while going ahead, maneuvering qualities are most effective when the tops of the propeller blades both turn __________.

    N a. to starboard
    Y b. outboard from the center
    N c. to port
    N d. inboard toward the center

669: Which statement describes the motion of a yawing tow?

    N a. The tow twists, sometimes violently, astern of the tug
    N b. The tow sheers to one side behind the tug and maintains a position in a line diagonal to the tug's forward movement
    N c. The tow snakes behind the tug
    Y d. All of the above

699: Under which condition is a tug likely to be tripped?

    N a. When the tow "jumps" on the line
    N b. While making up to tow a large oil rig
    Y c. When the towing hawser leads forward of the quarter
    N d. When the tug exerts maximum bollard pull with the tow close astern

750: On a single-screw vessel the stern frame _____________,

    Y a. furnishes support to the rudder, propeller shaft, and transom frame
    N b. provides foundations for after mooring winches
    N c. provides foundations for the main propulsion engines
    N d. transfers the driving force of the propeller to the hull

884: When towing astern, each towline must meet all of these requirements, EXCEPT ___________ .

    Y a. being suitable for use as soon as it is removed from its normal stowage location
    N b. having wire clips for other than a temporary repair
    N c. having the end either spliced with a thimble or fitted with a poured socket
    N d. being free of knots

951: The responsibility for maintaining the Official Logbook on voyages between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States rests with the __________.

    N a. Chief Mate of the vessel
    Y b. Master of the vessel
    N c. Deck Officer of the watch at the time of the occurrence
    N d. Purser of the vessel

990: Freeboard is measured from the upper edge of the __________.

    N a. bulwark
    Y b. deck line
    N c. gunwale bar
    N d. sheer strake

1081: You are Master of a U.S. flag vessel which was dry docked for bottom cleaning in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Upon return to a U.S. port, you must __________.

    Y a. file a customs' form for duty on this repair
    N b. file no extra reports
    N c. file a report of the dry docking with the U.S.C.G. Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection
    N d. obtain a U.S. Coast Guard diver to certify the work

1174: Compared to manila line, size for size, nylon line __________.

    N a. has less strength than manila line
    Y b. has more strength than manila line
    N c. is equivalent to manila line
    N d. will rot quicker than manila line

1191: Which statement is TRUE about the use of a "gob rope"?

    N a. The gob rope is a mooring line for tyhing up lighters for working cargo alongside a vessel anchored in an open roadstead.
    Y b. The gob rope is used to secure the towline aft over the centerline of a tug..
    N c. The gob rope is a line hung over a vessel's side to assist in boarding.
    N d. The gob rope is a rope used in mooring a vessel to a buoy.

1247: You are on watch and the Pilot has the conn. The Master has temporarily gone below. The Pilot orders a course change which you are certain will put the vessel into imminent danger. Your first action should be to __________.

    Y a. countermand the order and immediately notify the Master
    N b. make an appropriate entry in the deck log concerning the Pilot's order
    N c. immediately call the Master and await further orders from him
    N d. immediately sound a short ring on the general alarm

1302: Reinforcing frames attached to a bulkhead on a vessel are called __________.

    N a. side longitudinals
    N b. intercostals
    Y c. stiffeners
    N d. brackets

1376: Generally speaking, the most favorable bottom for anchoring is __________.

    N a. very soft mud
    N b. rocky
    Y c. a mixture of mud and clay
    N d. loose sand

1381: The Master of a vessel may tender a Notice of Readiness to the charterer when the vessel __________.

    N a. has completed the terms of the charter party
    Y b. is in all respects ready to load
    N c. is in all respects ready to sail
    N d. is safely moored or at a suitable anchorage

1422: A U.S. vessel engaged in foreign trade must be __________.

    N a. classed
    N b. enrolled
    N c. licensed
    Y d. registered

1566: In bad weather, what length of chain should be used with a single anchor?

    N a. 3 times the depth of water
    N b. 6 times the depth of water
    Y c. 10 times the depth of water
    N d. 15 times the depth of water

1581: A vessel is found to be seaworthy after a complaint in writing to the American Consul by the Chief and Second Mates. The cost of the survey is to be paid by the __________.

    N a. American Consul
    Y b. Chief and Second Mates
    N c. Vessel's agent
    N d. vessel's owners

1639: All wire rope used in shipboard cargo gear must be identified and described in a certificate. The certificate shall certify all of the following EXCEPT the __________.

    N a. date of the test
    N b. load at which a test sample broke
    Y c. name of the vessel
    N d. number of strands and of wires in each strand

1794: A "figure eight" knot is used to __________.

    N a. be a stopper
    N b. shorten a line
    N c. join lines of equal size
    Y d. keep a line from passing through a sheave

1818: When comparing twin screw tug to single-screw tugs, which statement about a twin-screw tug is FALSE?

    N a. If one engine fails, you do not lose control of the tow.
    N b. It is more maneuverable.
    Y c. It develops more bollard pull for the same horsepower.
    N d. It is generally subject to more propeller damage from debris in the water.

1844: A wooden float placed between a ship and a dock to prevent damage to both is called a __________.

    Y a. camel
    N b. dolphin
    N c. rat guard
    N d. wedge

1852: What is normally used to pass a mooring line to a dock?

    N a. Distance line
    N b. Gantline
    Y c. Heaving line
    N d. Tag line

1854: The structural member indicated by the letter F is known as a(n) __________. (D033DG )

    N a. erection
    Y b. pillar
    N c. girder
    N d. deck support

1916: Using the graph shown, if the dry bulb temperature is 68, and the wet bulb temperature is 65, what is the relative humidity in a cargo hold? ( D008DG )

    N a. 66%
    N b. 74%
    Y c. 82%
    N d. 90%

2014: You are using tackle number 12, as shown, to lift a weight. The hauling part of this tackle is bent to the weight hook (w) of tackle number 2. What is the mechanical advantage of this rig? (D029DG )

    N a. 9
    N b. 10
    Y c. 14
    N d. 21

2029: When anchored, increasing the scope of the anchor chain normally serves to __________.

    N a. prevent fouling of the anchor
    N b. decrease swing of the vessel
    Y c. prevent dragging of the anchor
    N d. reduce strain on the windlass

2068: You intend to tow a barge with one tug and expect continuous high winds from the north. To reduce the yaw of your tow, you should __________.

    N a. reduce the draft of the barge
    Y b. shorten one leg of the bridle
    N c. place bulky deck loads as far aft as possible
    N d. trim the barge down by the bow

2175: Which is a negotiated charter?

    Y a. Fixture
    N b. Bill of Lading
    N c. Conference agreement
    N d. All of the above

2207: After an explosion, repair of emergency machinery and services should be accomplished __________.

    Y a. after control of fire, flooding, and structural repairs
    N b. immediately, before the emergency is under control
    N c. after control of fire, but before control of flooding
    N d. after stability is restored

2227: You are using tackle number 4 in illustration DO29DG to lift a weight of 120 lbs. If you include 10 percent of the weight for each sheave for friction, what is the pull on the hauling part required to lift the weight? (DO29DG )

    N a. 20 lbs.
    N b. 30 lbs.
    Y c. 42 lbs.
    N d. 57 lbs.

2231: What is the mechanical advantage of tackle number 2? (DO29DG )

    N a. 0.5
    N b. 1
    Y c. 2
    N d. 3

2289: A seaman you have just discharged has a Continuous Discharge Book. Which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. The record of entry in the continuous discharge book shall agree with the entry made in the Ship's Articles.
    N b. If the vessel was on coastwise articles, the record of discharge will be made in the Official Logbook.
    N c. An entry should be made in the book and a Certificate of Discharge issued to the seaman.
    N d. A Certificate of Discharge form should be attached to the book.

2353: Which mooring line prevents sideways motion of a vessel moored to a pier?

    N a. A line led forward from the bow
    N b. A line led aft from the bow
    N c. A line led in the same direction as the keel
    Y d. A line led at a right angle to the keel

2617: The operator of an uninspected vessel MUST assist people affected by an accident if he or she can do so without __________.

    N a. undue delay
    Y b. serious danger to his or her own vessel
    N c. creating a panic on either vessel
    N d. further damaging the other vessel

2662: What will NOT increase friction of a liquid flowing in a pipe and cause a loss of suction head?

    N a. Bends in the piping
    Y b. Slowing the pumping rate
    N c. Pipeline valves
    N d. Backing rings for pipe welds

2791: What is the period of validity of a Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate?

    N a. 72 months
    Y b. 60 months
    N c. 48 months
    N d. 42 months

2810: Which document lists all the lifesaving equipment required for a vessel?

    Y a. Certificate of Inspection
    N b. American Bureau of Shipping Classification Certificate
    N c. International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea Certificate
    N d. Certificate of Registry

2914: Your vessel has been ordered to proceed to the United Grain Growers Wharf at Thunder Bay, Lake Superior, for the purpose of taking on a load of wheat. Which publication(s) would you consult for such information as the length of the wharf, the depth of the water alongside, and the loading capacity at the facility?

    N a. The Navigational Chart and Light List Vol. VII
    N b. The International Guide to Canadian Ports and Facilities
    N c. The Lake Carriers Association Facilities Directory
    Y d. The United States Coast Pilot #6

2946: Which single-letter signal, when used by icebreakers on the Great Lakes, may be made by using the ship's whistle?

    N a. E
    N b. I
    Y c. M
    N d. None

3047: When backing down with sternway, the pivot point of a vessel is __________.

    Y a. about one-quarter of the vessel's length from the stern
    N b. at the bow
    N c. about one-third of the vessel's length from the bow
    N d. aft of the propellers

3148: The part of the anchor indicated by the letter H is the __________. (D038DG )

    N a. fluke
    N b. shank
    N c. tripping palm
    Y d. crown

3234: Rolling is angular motion of the vessel about what axis?

    Y a. Longitudinal
    N b. Transverse
    N c. Vertical
    N d. Centerline

3338: What is used to prevent wear on towlines that bear on hard surfaces?

    Y a. Chafing gear
    N b. Chocks
    N c. Grease
    N d. Boots

3394: The crown of the anchor shown is indicated by which letter? (D038DG )

    N a. K
    N b. J
    Y c. H
    N d. G

3540: While on duty as a look-out, which other duty may you perform?

    N a. Sweep down the fo'c'sle
    N b. Paint any area near your station
    N c. Overhaul a block, as long as it is at your look-out station
    Y d. None of the above

4088: With a given load on the cargo hook, the thrust on a cargo boom __________.

    Y a. increases as the angle to the horizontal increases
    N b. increases as the angle to the horizontal decreases
    N c. is greatest at an angle of 45 and decreases as the boom is raised or lowered
    N d. is least at an angle of 45 and increases as the boom is raised or lowered

4111: What is(are) standard operating procedure(s) used on a Ro-Ro vessel?

    N a. Two deck officers assigned to oversee the initial loading and lashing
    N b. Lashings may be completed after leaving port
    Y c. Periodic inspection and retensioning of lashings as required during voyage
    N d. All of the above

4136: A disadvantage of using chain lashing on heavy vehicles aboard Ro-Ro vessels is that it __________.

    N a. can wrap around cargo
    N b. is easily damaged
    N c. is affected by temperature
    Y d. does not absorb shock

4184: Which of the following lashing gear used aboard Ro-Ro vessels should be stowed when not in use?

    N a. Chain
    N b. Wire rope
    N c. Webbing
    Y d. All of the above

4223: What does item "A" refer to in this illustration of a 30-ton pedestal crane? (D045DG )

    N a. Boom luffing falls
    Y b. Cargo hoist falls
    N c. Remote block tagline system
    N d. Slewing cable

4226: What does item "E" refer to in this illustration of a 30-ton pedestal crane? (D045DG )

    Y a. Tagline
    N b. Electric cable
    N c. Cargo snaking wire
    N d. Hook release cable