USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

8: What is NOT an advantage of filler cargo?

24: A crack in the deck plating of a vessel may be temporarily prevented from increasing in length by __________.

39: Combustible liquids are divided into how many grades?

46: Which statement concerning the handling characteristics of a fully loaded vessel as compared with those of a light vessel is FALSE?

    N a. A fully loaded vessel will be slower to respond to the engines.
    N b. A fully loaded vessel will maintain her headway further.
    N c. A light vessel will be more affected by the wind.
    Y d. A light vessel loses more rudder effect in shallow water.

49: Flammable liquid means any liquid which gives off flammable vapors at or below __________.

    N a. 40F (4.4C)
    Y b. 80F (26.7C)
    N c. 110F (43.3C)
    N d. 150F (65.6C)

55: You are in charge of a U.S. documented vessel. Under title 46 of the United States Code, if you fail to report a complaint of a sexual offense, you may be __________.

    N a. held personally liable by the victim and sued
    N b. criminally charged and jailed
    Y c. civilly charged and fined
    N d. All of the above are correct.

212: Your vessel is port side to a pier with a spring line led aft from the bow. In calm weather, putting the engines ahead with the rudder hard left should bring __________.

    Y a. the bow in and the stern out
    N b. both the bow and stern in
    N c. the bow out and the stern in
    N d. both the bow and stern out

372: Keeping the draft at or below the load line mark will insure that the vessel has adequate __________.

    N a. ballast
    Y b. reserve buoyancy
    N c. displacement
    N d. rolling periods

591: What will NOT be found on the Certificate of Inspection of an ocean going tankship?

    N a. Manning requirements
    Y b. Minimum freeboard permitted
    N c. Grade(s) of cargoes that the vessel may carry
    N d. Waters upon which the vessel may be operated

597: Wages due a seaman may be attached by the court for the __________.

    N a. payment of monthly bills
    N b. payment of creditors
    Y c. support of a minor child
    N d. All of the above

629: You are planning to use a crude oil washing system. What precaution must be taken with the source tank for the washing machines?

    Y a. At least one meter must be decanted from the source tank.
    N b. The oil in the source tank must be sampled for compatibility.
    N c. The source tank must have been crude oil washed at least once in the past 150 days.
    N d. The inert gas system must lower the oxygen content in the source tank to a maximum of 12%.

785: With rudders amidships and negligible wind, a twin-screw vessel moving ahead on the port screw and backing on the starboard screw will __________.

    N a. move in a straight line
    Y b. pivot to starboard
    N c. pivot to port
    N d. walk sideways to starboard

801: When oil is discharged overboard, an entry is required in the __________.

    N a. engine rough log
    Y b. Oil Record Book
    N c. Official Logbook
    N d. deck rough log

868: You are going to load bales of wool having a stowage factor of 100 in #3 lower hold which has a bale cubic of 72,000. How many tons of the wool can be stowed in the compartment, assuming 10% broken stowage?

    N a. 493
    N b. 577
    N c. 602
    Y d. 648

930: Which of the signals listed is required to be displayed at night while bunkering at a dock?

    Y a. One red light
    N b. Two red lights
    N c. One red light over a yellow light
    N d. One red light over a white light

1064: Which factor is most likely to impair the strength and durability of synthetic line?

    N a. Dry rot
    N b. Mildew
    Y c. Sunlight
    N d. Washing with mild soap

1094: Which statement is TRUE with respect to the elasticity of nylon mooring lines?

    N a. Nylon can stretch over forty percent without being in danger of parting.
    N b. Nylon can be elongated by one-hundred percent before it will part.
    N c. Nylon will part if it is stretched any more than twenty percent.
    Y d. Under load, nylon will stretch and thin out but will return to normal size when free of tension.

1112: What is an advantage of the 6X37 class of wire rope over the 6X19 class of wire rope of the same diameter?

    Y a. Greater flexibility
    N b. More resistance to corrosion
    N c. More resistance to elongation
    N d. Lower weight per foot

1129: The main function of a stripping system is to __________.

    N a. maintain the temperature of the cargo throughout the vessel
    N b. dispose of dangerous vapors within the cargo tanks
    N c. increase the loading rate of the shoreside pumps
    Y d. discharge liquid left in the cargo tanks after the main pumps have discharged the bulk

1136: Your vessel is to dock bow first at a pier without the assistance of tugboats. Which line will be the most useful when maneuvering the vessel alongside the pier?

    N a. Bow breast line
    Y b. Bow spring line
    N c. Inshore head line
    N d. Stern breast line

1163: When piloting a vessel, how are visual references used to establish a constant rate of turn?

    Y a. Fixed objects that stay on the same relative bearing when the ship is turning indicate a constant rate of turn.
    N b. Visual references cannot be used to maintain a constant rate of turn.
    N c. Begin the turn when the fixed object is on the beam.
    N d. Keep the fixed object's relative relative bearing opening, for a constant rate of turn.

1190: A normal safe working load for used nylon rope in good conditon is __________.

    N a. 10% of its breaking strain
    Y b. 25% of its breaking strain
    N c. 33% of its breaking strain
    N d. 50% of its breaking strain

1226: You are docking a vessel starboard side to with the assistance of two tugs. You are attempting to hold the vessel off by operating both tugs at right angles to the vessel and at full power. You must ensure that __________.

    N a. steerageway is not taken off
    N b. the bow doesn't close the dock first
    N c. the bow closes the dock first
    Y d. the ship has no headway at the time

1282: When evacuating a seaman by helicopter lift, the vessel should be __________.

    N a. stopped with the wind dead ahead
    N b. stopped with the wind on the beam
    Y c. underway with the wind 30 on the bow
    N d. underway on a course to provide no apparent wind

1464: When talking about wire rope, the lay of the wire is the __________.

    Y a. direction wires and strands are twisted together
    N b. number of strands in the wire
    N c. direction the core is twisted
    N d. material used in the core

1560: Which arrangement of shell plating is used most in modern shipbuilding?

    N a. Clinker
    Y b. Flush
    N c. In-and-Out
    N d. Joggled

1562: Which situation requires you to furnish a notice of marine casualty to the Coast Guard?

    N a. A seaman slips on ice on deck and sprains his ankle, requiring an ace bandage.
    N b. You collide with a buoy and drag it off station with no apparent damage to the vessel or the buoy.
    N c. Storm damage to the cargo winch motors requires repairs costing $19,000.
    Y d. Your vessel is at anchor and grounds at low tide with no apparent damage.

1570: What is NOT an advantage of ship construction methods using welded butt joints in the shell plating?

    N a. Keeps practically 100% of tensile strength at the joints
    N b. Reduces frictional resistance
    Y c. Reduces plate stress
    N d. Reduces weight

1657: What is the perimeter of a circle with a radius of 5.1 feet?

    N a. 81.71 ft
    N b. 64.08 ft
    N c. 40.85 ft
    Y d. 32.04 ft

1661: Which document is NOT required by law to be posted aboard a vessel?

    N a. Certificate of Inspection
    Y b. Official Crew List
    N c. Officer's licenses
    N d. Muster list

1687: What is the perimeter of a circle with a radius of 4.2 feet?

    Y a. 26.39 ft
    N b. 21.19 ft
    N c. 17.81 ft
    N d. 13.20 ft

1722: In a national emergency, when communicating via the Navy, messages are sent by precedence. A message designated PRIORITY will be delivered within __________.

    N a. 3 hours to start of business the following day
    Y b. 1 to 6 hours
    N c. 30 minutes to 1 hour
    N d. 10 minutes if possible

1746: Which would you NOT use to report the amount of anchor chain out? "Three shots __________."

    N a. at the water's edge
    N b. on deck
    Y c. on the bottom
    N d. well in the water

1786: You are anchoring in a river where the current is from one direction only. The best way to lay out two anchors is to have them __________.

    N a. directly in line with the bow
    N b. side by side, with their lines on the port and starboard side
    Y c. so that their lines form an angle
    N d. on top of one another

1805: In towing it is desirable for the tug and the tow to ride wave crests simultaneously because __________.

    Y a. shock loading on the tow line is reduced
    N b. towing speed is improved
    N c. the tow is more visible from the tug
    N d. the catenary of the towline is reduced

1835: Your vessel's operators send a message that your vessel has been consigned to Naval Control of Shipping. The message will refer you to __________.

    Y a. Radio Aids to Navigation (PUB 117)
    N b. the Coast Pilot
    N c. the International Code of Signals (PUB 102)
    N d. the Light List

1897: The tankship Northland is loaded as shown. Use the salmon colored pages in the Stability Data Reference Book to determine the hogging numeral. (Get Table Data)

    Y a. 43.19 numeral
    N b. 46.56 numeral
    N c. 49.92 numeral
    N d. 55.72 numeral

1948: The Honolulu (Christmas tree) tow was devised to __________.

    Y a. keep the catenary to a minimum
    N b. allow easy removal of a center tow
    N c. reduce hawser length
    N d. increase the catenary

2011: The structural member indicated by the letter K is a __________. (D033DG )

    N a. longitudinal frame
    N b. stringer
    N c. girder
    Y d. floor

2039: There is a large shipment of case goods available to be loaded on your vessel. You are to load as many tons as possible in a hold which has 32,300 cubic feet left unfilled by cargo. Each case measures 2-feet high by 2-feet wide by 4-feet long and weighs 500 pounds. If you allow a broken stowage allowance of 10% of the 32,300 feet, what is the nearest whole number of tons which may be loaded?

    N a. 324 tons
    N b. 360 tons
    N c. 363 tons
    Y d. 406 tons

2093: What is the mechanical advantage of tackle number 10? (DO29DG )

    N a. 4
    N b. 4.5
    Y c. 5
    N d. 5.5

2122: What is the name of tackle number 9? (DO29DG )

    N a. Single purchase
    N b. One-two tackle
    N c. Double whip
    Y d. Luff tackle

2157: You are in a fresh water port loading logs with gear rated at 5 tons, and suspect the weight of the logs exceeds the SWL of the gear. The logs are floating in the water alongside the vessel and have 95% of their volume submerged. The average length of the logs is 15 feet and the average diameter is 4.4 feet. What is the nearest average weight of the logs, based on these average measurements?

    N a. 5.5 tons
    Y b. 6.0 tons
    N c. 7.7 tons
    N d. 24.1 tons

2169: What is the mechanical advantage of tackle number 8? (DO29DG )

    Y a. 3
    N b. 1.5
    N c. 1
    N d. 0.5

2196: You are using tackle number 10 to lift a weight. The hauling part of this tackle is bent to the weight hook (w) of tackle number 4. What is the mechanical advantage of this rig? (DO29DG )

    N a. 24
    Y b. 20
    N c. 13
    N d. 9

2198: You are conducting trials to determine the maneuvering characteristics of your vessel. While making a turn, you take ranges and bearings of an isolated light with the results as shown. Based on this information, what is the transfer for a turn of 90? (D034DG )

    N a. 355 yards
    Y b. 380 yards
    N c. 410 yards
    N d. 455 yards

2249: Which knot should be used to secure a line to a spar when the pull is parallel to the spar? (DO30DG )

    N a. G
    N b. F
    Y c. P
    N d. Q

2315: Which splice is used to connect two separate lines together?

    N a. Back splice
    N b. Chain splice
    N c. Eye splice
    Y d. Long splice

2469: While cranking out a quadrantal davit, slippage of the quadrant due to excessive wear or failure of the teeth in the quadrant will cause the __________.

    Y a. davit arm to pivot on the traveling nut and the head to fall outboard
    N b. traveling nut to lock up in place on the worm gear
    N c. limit switch to engage and hold the traveling nut in position
    N d. winch brake to lock in position and prevent lowering the boat

2508: What is required to launch a boat stowed in a crescent davit?

    N a. Hoist the boat clear of the cradle.
    N b. Release the outboard part of the cradle.
    N c. Rig the tricing lines.
    Y d. Crank the crescent out.

2712: Which two Great Lakes are considered hydraulically as one?

    N a. Lakes Superior - Huron
    Y b. Lakes Michigan - Huron
    N c. Lakes Erie - St. Clair
    N d. Lakes Erie - Ontario

2858: Which characteristic is a disadvantage of a controllable- pitch propeller as compared to a fixed-pitch propeller?

    N a. Slightly higher fuel consumption
    N b. Lack of directional control when backing
    N c. Inefficient at high shaft RPM
    Y d. Some unusual handling characteristics

3098: A weight of 1,000 short tons is equivalent to __________.

    N a. 1,500 foot-pounds
    N b. 2,240 long tons
    N c. 2,000 pounds
    Y d. 2,000 kips

3167: Which statement concerning a 298 GRT inspected tug engaged in towing from Seattle, WA, to Alaska is TRUE?

    N a. No able seamen are required.
    Y b. Each crew member must be issued a certificate of discharge at the time of discharge.
    N c. A licensed Master of Towing Vessels may serve as Master.
    N d. Crew must be signed on before a Shipping Commissioner.

3431: A high cube container is designed specifically to __________.

    Y a. carry low density cargoes
    N b. protect fragile cargoes
    N c. stow cargoes with concentrated weights such as machinery
    N d. carry cargoes of very low stowage factors

3476: The strongest method of forming an eye in wire rope is using __________.

    N a. three wire rope clamps
    N b. an eye splice with four or five tucks
    N c. a thimble fastened with four or five tucks
    Y d. a wire rope socket attached with zinc

3561: A holder of a license as Operator of Uninspected Towing Vessels may work each 24 hours for a period not to exceed __________.

    N a. 24 hours
    N b. 18 hours
    Y c. 12 hours
    N d. 6 hours

4026: One of the greatest hazards of pushing ahead is parting which item shown? (D024DG )

    N a. A
    N b. B
    N c. F
    Y d. I

4110: Which standard operating procedure(s) should be adhered to on a Ro-Ro vessel?

    Y a. Periodic inspection and retensioning of lashings as required during voyage
    N b. Battery cables must be disconnected to prevent fire hazard
    N c. One deck engine mechanic assigned to oversee the initial loading and lashing
    N d. All of the above

4210: Pedestal cranes have limit switches to restrict the movement of which function?

    N a. Luff rate limits
    Y b. Slew travel limits
    N c. Swivel power limits
    N d. Slew rate limits