USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

22: A wildcat is a __________.

56: The effect of wind on exposed areas of the vessel is most noticeable when __________.

119: Sour crude oil __________.

143: Why are most break bulk vessels built with the transverse framing system rather than the longitudinal system?

    N a. The transverse system is more resistant to hog and sag stresses.
    N b. The numerous longitudinal frames cause excessive broken stowage.
    N c. The transverse system provides better support to the varying cargo densities on a break bulk vessel.
    Y d. The deep web frames interfere with the stowage of break bulk cargo.

189: Reid vapor pressure is __________.

    N a. exerted by liquid cargo on the sides of a tank
    N b. exerted by liquid cargo on a cargo hose body
    N c. the lowest temperature and pressure that will cause a flammable liquid to give off vapors
    Y d. a measurement of the amount of flammable vapors given off by a liquid at a certain temperature

220: The best method to secure a towline to bitts is to __________.

    N a. take a round turn on the bitt farthest from the pull and use figure-eights
    Y b. take a round turn on the bitt closest to the pull and use figure-eights
    N c. use figure-eights and take a round turn at the top of the bitts
    N d. use only figure-eights

340: Argon is classified as a __________.

    N a. corrosive
    N b. flammable gas
    N c. flammable liquid
    Y d. nonflammable gas

390: A package contains nitric acid solution and is radioactive. The radiation level at the package surface is .36 millirems per hour. How should this package be labeled?

    N a. Radioactive II and oxidizer
    N b. Radioactive II and poison
    Y c. Radioactive I and corrosive
    N d. Fissile class I

441: The document which shows a vessel's nationality, ownership, and tonnage is the __________.

    N a. Manifest Certificate
    N b. Bill of Lading Certificate
    Y c. Certificate of Documentation
    N d. Official Logbook

556: You may BEST turn a twin-screw vessel about, to the right, in a narrow channel by using __________.

    N a. both engines ahead and helm
    N b. one engine only
    Y c. port engine ahead and the starboard engine astern
    N d. both engines astern and use helm

576: In twin-screw engine installations while going ahead, maneuvering qualities are most effective when the tops of the propeller blades both turn __________.

    N a. to starboard
    Y b. outboard from the center
    N c. to port
    N d. inboard toward the center

628: Before loading bulk grain, bilge wells must be covered to __________.

    N a. add strength to the bilge well strainer
    N b. permit rapid flow of water to the bilge wells
    Y c. prevent cargo sifting into the bilge wells
    N d. prevent oil, water, or other liquid from reaching the cargo

635: A report of casualty to a vessel must include __________.

    Y a. the name of the owner or agent of the vessel
    N b. an evaluation of who was at fault
    N c. the amount of ballast on board
    N d. the estimated cost of damage

672: When towing alongside (breasted tow), more forward movement will be imparted to the tow by __________.

    N a. increasing the angle of line pull to the keel axis of the tow
    Y b. reducing the angle of line pull to the keel axis of the tow
    N c. positioning the towing vessel on the forward end of the tow
    N d. shortening the length of the tow line

724: Using a safety factor of five, determine what is the safe working load for 3-1/2 inch manila line with a breaking stress of 4.9 tons.

    N a. 0.82 ton
    Y b. 0.98 ton
    N c. 2.45 tons
    N d. 12.25 tons

760: The connection to the towline must be secured with a ____________ .

    N a. galvanized screw-pin shackle
    N b. hardened steel thimble
    Y c. shackle secured a nut and cotter pin
    N d. shackle fitted with a swivel piece

852: How can the Coast Guard determine that a crew member is "able to understand any order spoken by the officers"?

    Y a. Require a demonstration by the officer and the crew member
    N b. Require a written test
    N c. Require that an interpreter be provided
    N d. All of the above

894: When taking a length of new manila rope from the coil, you should __________.

    N a. mount the coil so it will turn like a spool and unreel from the outside
    N b. roll the coil along the deck and allow the rope to fall off the coil
    Y c. lay the coil on end with the inside end down, then pull the inside end up through the middle of the coil
    N d. lay the coil on end with the inside end up then unwind the rope from the outside of the coil

954: In order to correctly open a new coil of manila line, you should __________.

    N a. pull the tagged end from the top of the coil
    Y b. pull the tagged end through the eye of the coil
    N c. secure the outside end and unroll the coil
    N d. unreel the coil from a spool

1034: You are the licensed operator of a 100 GT towing vessel sailing coastwise. What percentage of the deck crew must be able to understand the language commonly used onboard the vessel?

    N a. 100%
    Y b. 75%
    N c. 65%
    N d. 50%

1036: What is meant by the term "broaching to"?

    N a. Having the vessel head toward the sea
    N b. Running before a sea
    Y c. Being turned broadside to the sea
    N d. Having the vessel filled with water

1290: What is NOT an advantage of double bottom ships?

    N a. The tank top forms a second skin for the vessel.
    N b. The center of gravity of a loaded bulk cargo ship may be raised to produce a more comfortable roll.
    N c. The floors and longitudinals distribute the upward push of the water on the ship's bottom.
    Y d. They are less expensive to construct because of increased access space.

1300: Tonnage openings must be closed by means of __________.

    N a. press board
    N b. steel hatch boards
    Y c. steel plates
    N d. wooden hatch boards

1311: Before arriving at the first U.S. port from foreign, you must fill out a Crewman's Landing Permit for each __________.

    N a. alien crewmember
    N b. crew member
    Y c. nonresident alien crewmember
    N d. unlicensed crew member

1358: Seeing that all hands are familiar with their duties, as specified in the muster list, is the responsibility of the __________.

    Y a. Master
    N b. Chief Mate
    N c. safety officer
    N d. department heads

1361: On a voyage charter, when a vessel is ready to load cargo, the Master should render to the charterer a __________.

    Y a. Notice of Readiness
    N b. Master Certificate of Service
    N c. Shipmasters Declaration
    N d. Vessel Utilization and Performance Report

1444: If kinking results while wire rope is being coiled clockwise, you should __________.

    N a. coil it counterclockwise
    N b. not coil it
    Y c. take a turn under
    N d. twist out the kinks under a strain

1512: You are proceeding under NCS (Naval Control of Shipping) and wish to send a message warning of a hurricane. Which precedence would you assign this message?

    N a. R (ROUTINE)
    N b. Z (FLASH)
    Y c. O (IMMEDIATE)
    N d. P (PRIORITY)

1530: Shell plating is __________.

    N a. the galvanizing on steel
    N b. a hatch cover
    Y c. the outer plating of a vessel
    N d. synonymous with decking

1558: When making up a tow connection, you should use __________.

    N a. safety hooks
    N b. plain eye hooks
    N c. round pin shackles
    Y d. screw pin shackles

1766: When anchoring in a current, you should __________.

    N a. drop the anchor with the bow headed downstream
    N b. back your vessel into the current
    Y c. anchor while stemming the current
    N d. All of the above

1766: When anchoring in a current, you should __________.

    N a. drop the anchor with the bow headed downstream
    N b. back your vessel into the current
    Y c. anchor while stemming the current
    N d. All of the above

1889: The helm command "Nothing to the left" means do NOT __________.

    N a. use left rudder
    Y b. steer left of the ordered course
    N c. steer right of the ordered course
    N d. leave any buoys on the port side

1931: You are using tackle number 12 to lift a weight of 300 lbs. If you include 10 percent of the weight for each sheave for friction, what is the pull on the hauling part required to lift the weight? (DO29DG )

    N a. 80 lbs.
    Y b. 69 lbs.
    N c. 55 lbs.
    N d. 50 lbs.

2049: While the Pilot is maneuvering the vessel to a dock, what is the PRIMARY responsibility of the watch officer?

    N a. Supervise the signaling and flag etiquette.
    N b. Record the bells and their times in the bell book.
    N c. Judge the appropriateness of the Pilot's orders and countermand them if necessary.
    Y d. Insure that helm and throttle orders given by the Pilot are correctly executed.

2092: You are signing on a crew. When they present their Merchant Mariner's Documents, you should suspect a fraudulent document if it has a single endorsement that says __________.

    N a. see Certificate of Registry
    N b. any unlicensed rating in the deck department including AB
    N c. Steward's Department (F.H.)
    Y d. Bosun

2141: You are Master of a vessel that is sold in a foreign country after discharge of cargo. What is your responsibility to the crew in regards to return to the United States?

    N a. You must provide air transportation to the nearest port of entry in the United States.
    Y b. You must provide passage to the port of original engagement.
    N c. There is no requirement for return to the United States provided the voyage has exceeded 4 weeks duration.
    N d. The crew can be employed on another United States vessel, but only if it is returning to the port of original engagement.

2157: You are in a fresh water port loading logs with gear rated at 5 tons, and suspect the weight of the logs exceeds the SWL of the gear. The logs are floating in the water alongside the vessel and have 95% of their volume submerged. The average length of the logs is 15 feet and the average diameter is 4.4 feet. What is the nearest average weight of the logs, based on these average measurements?

    N a. 5.5 tons
    Y b. 6.0 tons
    N c. 7.7 tons
    N d. 24.1 tons

2171: The order of importance in addressing damage control is __________.

    N a. control flooding, control fire, repair structural damage
    N b. restore vital services, control fire, control flooding
    N c. control fire, restore vital services, control flooding
    Y d. control fire, control flooding, repair structural damage

2172: The lower hold of your vessel has a bale cubic of 52,000 cu. ft. You will load a cargo of cases, each weighing 380 lbs. and measuring 3 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft. The estimated broken stowage is 15%. How many tons of cases can be loaded?

    N a. 137 tons
    N b. 161 tons
    Y c. 625 tons
    N d. 969 tons

2289: A seaman you have just discharged has a Continuous Discharge Book. Which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. The record of entry in the continuous discharge book shall agree with the entry made in the Ship's Articles.
    N b. If the vessel was on coastwise articles, the record of discharge will be made in the Official Logbook.
    N c. An entry should be made in the book and a Certificate of Discharge issued to the seaman.
    N d. A Certificate of Discharge form should be attached to the book.

2299: You are on a multiple-product chemical tanker and will carry cargoes of isophorone, ethylenediamine, and creosote. Which of the following is TRUE?

    Y a. All of these cargoes are compatible.
    N b. Isophorone is incompatible with ethylenediamine but may be stowed adjacent to creosote.
    N c. All of these cargoes are incompatible.
    N d. Ethylenediamine is compatible with isophorone but both are incompatible with creosote.

2375: You are on a multiple-product chemical tanker and will carry cargoes of ethanolamine, methyl acrylate, and glycerine. Which statement is true?

    N a. All of these cargoes are mutually incompatible.
    N b. Glycerine may be stowed adjacent to methyl acrylate but must be segregated from ethanolamine.
    N c. Methyl acrylate and ethanolamine are compatible but both must be segregated from glycerine.
    Y d. Glycerine is compatible with both of the other cargoes.

2456: Which term describes a part of a natural fiber line?

    N a. Lacings
    N b. Lays
    Y c. Strands
    N d. Twines

2472: A "liner" in riveted construction of a vessel is a(n) __________.

    Y a. small plate which fills the aperture between riveted strakes and the vessel framing
    N b. backing plate which is used to level the strakes while riveting, and then removed
    N c. internal frame to which the side shell is riveted
    N d. seam that is welded after riveting is completed

2520: When a line is spirally coiled about its end and lying flat on deck, it is said to be __________.

    N a. coiled
    N b. faked
    Y c. flemished
    N d. seized

2604: The joint formed when two steel plates are placed end-to-end is called a __________.

    N a. bevel
    N b. seam
    Y c. butt
    N d. bond

2768: Which of the Great Lakes lies entirely within the United States?

    N a. Lake Ontario
    N b. Lake St. Clair
    Y c. Lake Michigan
    N d. Lake Superior

2795: The York-Antwerp Rules relate to the __________.

    N a. minimum required number of officers and crew
    Y b. settlement of general average claims
    N c. ship owner's responsibilities to provide a well-found vessel in a charter party
    N d. navigation regulations that apply in the English Channel

2852: On a small passenger vessel the collision bulkhead is __________.

    N a. amidships forward of the engine room
    N b. just forward of the steering compartment
    N c. in the engine room
    Y d. A distance of 5% to 15% of the waterline length abaft the stem measured at the load waterline

2939: A vessel operating on the Great Lakes, and whose position is south of an approaching eastward-moving storm center, would NOT experience __________.

    N a. a falling barometer
    N b. lowering clouds and drizzle
    Y c. a southwest to west wind
    N d. rain or snow

2996: Advection fog, a common occurrence on the Great Lakes, forms when __________.

    N a. air comes in contact with a rapidly cooling land surface
    N b. frigid arctic air moves across the lakes and becomes saturated
    Y c. relatively warm air flows over cooler water
    N d. cool air contacts warm river currents

3050: Which characteristic is an advantage of a butterfly valve as compared to a gate valve?

    N a. Precise control over cargo flow
    Y b. Quick operation
    N c. No resistance to cargo flow when open
    N d. Less maintenance required

3200: A license issued by the U.S. Coast Guard for apprentice mate (steersman) of Uninspected Towing Vessels is valid for __________.

    N a. 2 years and must be renewed
    N b. 3 years and must be renewed
    Y c. 5 years and must be renewed
    N d. None of the above

3442: The part of the anchor indicated by the letter J is the __________. (D038DG )

    N a. crown
    N b. shank
    Y c. bill
    N d. tip

3589: A vessel has been surveyed in a foreign port and found unseaworthy as a result of neglect. A seaman on this vessel is entitled to discharge and __________.

    N a. transportation to the port of engagement
    N b. one month's pay only
    N c. one month's pay or transportation to the nearest U.S. port, whichever is the least amount
    Y d. one month's pay or transportation to the nearest U.S. port, whichever is the greater amount

4060: You are arriving in port and are assigned to anchor in anchorage circle B-4. It has a diameter of 550 yards and your vessel's LOA is 449 feet. If you anchor in 9 fathoms at the center of the circle, what is the maximum number of shots of chain you can use and still remain in the circle?

    N a. 6 shots
    N b. 5 shots
    Y c. 4 shots
    N d. 3 shots

4096: Yawing is angular motion of the vessel about what axis?

    N a. Longitudinal
    N b. Transverse
    Y c. Vertical
    N d. Centerline

4225: What does item "G" refer to in this illustration of a 30-ton pedestal crane? (D045DG )

    N a. Mast
    N b. Pillar
    Y c. Turntable
    N d. Pedestal

4257: Which of the following statement(s) is/are TRUE regarding twin pedestal cranes?

    N a. A slew drive system provides for rotation of each crane.
    N b. An independent slew drive system rotates the turntable.
    N c. Each crane is supplied with luff, hoist, and slew functions for crane load handling.
    Y d. All of the above