USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

111: You are the licensed Master of a towing vessels operating between New York and Tampa, Florida. If you carry four (4) deckhands onboard, how many must be able seamen?

148: Overcarriage is best prevented by __________.

205: A vessel is to make a voyage between New York and San Juan, Puerto Rico, and return. The crew should be signed on_____________.

218: What is the main purpose of dunnage?

    N a. To act as ballast for light vessels
    Y b. To provide ventilation and drainage for cargo
    N c. To secure the tarpaulins in place
    N d. To support weakened bulkheads

233: A vessel brought alongside should be fended off the towing vessel by __________.

    N a. crew members using their arms
    N b. a boat hook
    Y c. fenders
    N d. No fending is necessary due to the rugged construction of most towing vessels.

323: You are transporting dangerous cargo on your vessel. The regulations require you to __________.

    Y a. periodically inspect it and make an entry in a log
    N b. keep a warning sign posted nearby
    N c. keep a fire hose run out and ready for use if needed
    N d. allow no chipping or painting in the vicinity of the cargo

448: Hygroscopic cargoes should be ventilated when __________.

    Y a. going from a warm to a cold climate
    N b. the dew point of the outside air is greater than the dew point of the air in the hold
    N c. the dew point of the air in the hold is very low
    N d. the outside dew point is 60F (16C) and the cargo temperature is 54F (12C)

452: Where should the foundation supports for towing bitts terminate?

    N a. Forward of the towing winch
    Y b. In the frames or other substantial structural members below decks
    N c. On the deck plates in the engineroom
    N d. On deck, aft of the towing winch

478: The moisture equilibrium chart can be used to determine the __________.

    N a. absolute moisture content of the air surrounding a hygroscopic cargo when moisture equilibrium exists
    Y b. dew point temperature that the air surrounding a hygroscopic commodity will have when in moisture equilibrium with that commodity
    N c. enthalpy of the air surrounding a hydroscopic cargo which is in moisture equilibrium with the cargo
    N d. temperature at which moisture equilibrium will occur in a cargo hold containing a hygroscopic cargo

479: Your tank vessel is loaded down to her marks, and you find that she has too much trim by the stern. To adjust the trim you may __________.

    N a. add ballast forward
    N b. load more cargo forward
    Y c. shift bunkers forward
    N d. All of the above

570: A chain bridle is preferable to a wire rope towing bridle on a long ocean tow because chain __________.

    N a. is more flexible and has the ability to absorb shock because of its weight
    N b. is less subject to wear and damage from abrasion
    N c. requires little maintenance
    Y d. All of the above

607: A lashing used to secure two barges side by side, lashed in an "X" fashion, is called a __________.

    Y a. scissor wire
    N b. towing wire
    N c. breast wire
    N d. cross wire

658: When carrying a full or nearly full load of bulk ore in a general cargo type vessel which has engine spaces amidships, the cargo in each hold should be trimmed so that the bulk of the cargo lies __________.

    N a. along the centerline
    N b. toward the forward bulkhead of the forward holds and toward the after bulkhead of the after holds
    Y c. toward the after bulkhead of the forward holds and the forward bulkhead of the after holds
    N d. toward the after bulkhead of all holds

661: The number of certificated lifeboatmen required for a vessel is found on the __________.

    Y a. Certificate of Inspection
    N b. Muster List ("Station Bill")
    N c. lifeboats
    N d. Register or Enrollment

722: A tow can override its tug as a result of __________.

    N a. a mechanical breakdown on the tug
    N b. adverse tidal current conditions
    N c. the tug reducing its speed
    Y d. All of the above

724: Using a safety factor of five, determine what is the safe working load for 3-1/2 inch manila line with a breaking stress of 4.9 tons.

    N a. 0.82 ton
    Y b. 0.98 ton
    N c. 2.45 tons
    N d. 12.25 tons

738: How many board feet of dunnage are there in a draft 3 feet wide, 1-1/2 feet high, and 14 feet long?

    N a. 526
    Y b. 756
    N c. 876
    N d. 906

802: You are on watch at sea on course 090T. A man falls overboard on your starboard side. You immediately start a Williamson Turn. Which action is NOT a part of a Williamson Turn?

    Y a. Stop the engines until clear of the man.
    N b. Come right full rudder until the vessel heads 150T.
    N c. Shift the helm to left full rudder.
    N d. Continue with left rudder until on course 270T.

875: Which statement, concerning offshore supply vessel operations, correctly defines the length of a voyage?

    N a. The distance from the point of departure to the vessel's first stop
    N b. The distance from the point of departure to the most distant point offshore
    Y c. The total distance from the port of departure to the port of arrival, not including stops at offshore points
    N d. The shortest measurable distance from the port of departure to the port of arrival

883: The size and material used for towline(s) must meet all of the following requirements, EXCEPT ____________ .

    N a. be appropriate to the vessel's horsepower or bollard pull
    N b. be strong enough to handle any static or dynamic loads expected during its service life
    Y c. fit any spare wire clips carried on board the vessel for repair purposes
    N d. be suitable for exposure to the marine environment

970: What is the difference between net tonnage and gross tonnage?

    Y a. Net tonnage is the gross tonnage less certain deductions for machinery and other areas.
    N b. Net tonnage is tonnage of cargo compared to tonnage of whole ship.
    N c. Net tonnage is the net weight of the ship.
    N d. There is no difference.

1089: The system of valves and cargo lines in the bottom piping network of a tank vessel that connects one section of cargo tanks to another section is called a __________.

    Y a. crossover
    N b. runaround
    N c. come-along
    N d. manifold

1092: When a helmsman receives the command "Right 15 degrees rudder," the helmsman's immediate reply should be __________.

    N a. "Rudder is right 15 degrees"
    N b. "Aye Aye Sir"
    Y c. "Right 15 degrees rudder"
    N d. No reply is necessary, just carry out the order.

1132: A lookout can leave his station __________.

    N a. at the end of the watch
    N b. at any time
    Y c. ONLY when properly relieved
    N d. 15 minutes before the end of the watch

1182: Your vessel must moor port side to a berth limited by vessels ahead and astern using a single tug. You are stemming a slight current and there is a light breeze of the dock. Your tug should be made up to the vessel's __________.

    N a. stern on a hawser
    N b. quarter
    N c. waist
    Y d. bow

1321: Which type of carrier accepts without discrimination all legal cargoes of a shipper?

    Y a. Common
    N b. Industrial
    N c. Private
    N d. Tramp

1326: After casting off moorings at a mooring buoy in calm weather, you should __________.

    N a. go full ahead on the engine(s)
    Y b. back away a few lengths to clear the buoy and then go ahead on the engines
    N c. go half ahead on the engines and put the rudder hard right
    N d. go half ahead on the engines and pass upstream of the buoy

1341: The owners of the S.S. Short Haul agree to a charter with the Longsplice Steamship Company. The owners stipulate in the charter party that the regular Master must be employed as the vessel's Master for the entire life of the contract. Which charter has been affected?

    N a. Bareboat
    N b. Lease
    Y c. Time
    N d. Voyage

1384: The wire rope used for cargo handling on board your vessel has a safe working load of eight tons. It shall be able to withstand a breaking test load of __________.

    N a. 32 tons
    Y b. 40 tons
    N c. 48 tons
    N d. 64 tons

1416: What is meant by veering the anchor chain?

    N a. Bringing the anchor to short stay
    N b. Heaving in all the chain
    N c. Locking the windlass to prevent more chain from running out
    Y d. Paying out more chain

1448: Nylon line is better suited than manila for __________.

    N a. towing alongside
    Y b. towing astern
    N c. holding knots and splices
    N d. resisting damage from chemicals

1526: One shot of anchor chain is equal to how many feet (meters)?

    N a. 6 (1.8 meters)
    N b. 15 (4.6 meters)
    N c. 45 (13.7 meters)
    Y d. 90 (27.4 meters)

1553: The correct way to make an eye in a wire rope with clips is to place the clips with the __________.

    N a. first and third U-bolts on the bitter end and the second U-bolt on the standing part
    N b. first and third U-bolts on the standing part and the second U-bolt on the bitter end
    Y c. U-bolts of all clips on the bitter end
    N d. U-bolts of all clips on the standing part

1583: Which statement concerning a short splice is TRUE?

    N a. It is used to temporarily join two lines together.
    Y b. A short splice is stronger than two lines joined by a knot.
    N c. A short splice decreases the diameter of the line.
    N d. None of the above

1740: The group of markings shown is called a __________. (D003DG )

    N a. loft mark
    Y b. load line mark
    N c. test mark
    N d. water mark

1755: Which knot shown is a French bowline? (DO30DG )

    N a. L
    Y b. T
    N c. Q
    N d. W

1817: Refrigeration machinery is often surveyed before loading reefer cargo. This survey is usually performed by the __________.

    N a. U.S. Coast Guard
    Y b. American Bureau of Shipping
    N c. National Cargo Bureau
    N d. local port authority

1862: How much force would be required to lift a weight of 200 lbs. using a gun tackle rigged to disadvantage (do not consider friction)?

    N a. 50 lbs.
    Y b. 100 lbs.
    N c. 150 lbs.
    N d. 200 lbs.

1945: One of your crew members falls overboard from the starboard side. You should IMMEDIATELY __________.

    N a. apply left rudder
    Y b. throw the crew member a life preserver
    N c. begin backing your engines
    N d. position your vessel to windward and begin recovery

2080: A Contract of Affreightment covering the movement of a particular cargo from one designated port to another at a specified rate for each ton of goods loaded is called a __________.

    N a. bareboat charter party
    N b. demise charter party
    N c. time charter party
    Y d. voyage charter party

2100: The primary purpose of a load line is to establish required __________.

    Y a. minimum freeboard
    N b. GM
    N c. transverse stability
    N d. fresh water allowances

2286: Cargo that is highly susceptible to damage by tainting from odorous cargo is called __________.

    N a. clean cargo
    Y b. delicate cargo
    N c. dry cargo
    N d. immune cargo

2302: What is NOT required to be approved or certified by the U.S. Coast Guard before being used on inspected vessels?

    N a. Lifesaving equipment that is in excess of the regulatory minimum
    N b. Ship's stores that are Class A poisons or Class A explosives
    Y c. Steel plate used in hull construction
    N d. EPIRBs

2349: What is the volume of a sphere with a radius of 7 feet?

    N a. 11,491.87 cubic ft.
    Y b. 1,436.76 cubic ft.
    N c. 963.72 cubic ft.
    N d. 205.21 cubic ft.

2529: Which condition would NOT entitle a vessel to carry goods on deck?

    N a. The shipper agrees to deck stowage
    Y b. The cargo will damage other cargoes by tainting or contamination
    N c. Deck stowage is required by law or regulation
    N d. Deck stowage is customary in the trade (i.e. timber cargoes)

2745: While standing look-out at night, a dim light on the horizon will be seen quickest by looking __________.

    Y a. a little above the horizon
    N b. directly towards the light
    N c. a little below the horizon
    N d. quickly above then quickly below the horizon

2761: A short ton is a unit of weight consisting of __________.

    N a. 1,000 pounds
    Y b. 2,000 pounds
    N c. 2,205 pounds
    N d. 2,240 pounds

2785: You are proceeding under NCS (Naval Control of Shipping) and wish to send a message by rapid transmission which does not require a higher precedence. Which precedence would you assign this message?

    N a. P (PRIORITY)
    Y b. R (ROUTINE)
    N c. O (IMMEDIATE)
    N d. Z (FLASH)

2842: By definition, a "spar deck" is the __________.

    N a. lower most continuous deck not broken by water tight bulkheads
    N b. after most weather deck above the main strength deck
    Y c. upper or weather deck above the main strength deck
    N d. deck of light construction below the main or strength deck

2897: Form 2692 (Notice of Marine Casualty), when required, must be filed to the U.S. Coast Guard within how many days?

    N a. 1 day
    N b. 3 days
    Y c. 5 days
    N d. 7 days

2980: What is a step in attaching a poured metal socket to a wire rope?

    Y a. Etch the wire with acid.
    N b. Install a wire seizing on the wire that will be inside the socket.
    N c. Ensure the fiber core is well lubricated.
    N d. Pour molten babbitt metal into the socket.

3031: Before a Master relieves a Pilot of the conn, the __________.

    N a. vessel must be in extremis
    N b. Master must request the Pilot to take corrective action
    N c. Master should release the Pilot from all liability
    Y d. Master should foresee any danger to the vessel on the present course

3122: When a tug is "in irons", she __________.

    N a. is made fast to the dock with engines secured
    N b. is in dry dock
    Y c. may be in danger of being overrun by her tow
    N d. should pay out more towline

3308: What term indicates a curvature of the decks in a longitudinal direction?

    N a. Deadrise
    N b. Camber
    Y c. Sheer
    N d. Flare

3322: The fluke is indicated by which letter? (D038DG )

    N a. F
    N b. G
    N c. H
    Y d. I

3550: When can a look-out leave his duty station?

    N a. 15 minutes before the end of the watch
    N b. At the end of the watch
    Y c. When properly relieved
    N d. At any time

4096: Yawing is angular motion of the vessel about what axis?

    N a. Longitudinal
    N b. Transverse
    Y c. Vertical
    N d. Centerline

4214: What does a jib refer to on a crane?

    Y a. Boom
    N b. Topping lift
    N c. Control cab
    N d. Slewing control

4223: What does item "A" refer to in this illustration of a 30-ton pedestal crane? (D045DG )

    N a. Boom luffing falls
    Y b. Cargo hoist falls
    N c. Remote block tagline system
    N d. Slewing cable

4248: Which of the following statements is/are TRUE regarding crane operations?

    Y a. The crane operator and signalman must be familiar with hand signals.
    N b. The cranes can be operated from shoreside.
    N c. The cranes can be operated from the bridge.
    N d. All of the above