USCG General Deck: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

5: You are standing the wheelwatch when you hear the cry, "Man overboard starboard side". You should instinctively __________.

17: The mooring line labeled "E" is called a(n) __________. (DO44DG )

56: The effect of wind on exposed areas of the vessel is most noticeable when __________.

66: Most of your vessel's superstructure is forward. How will the vessel lie when drifting with no way on?

    N a. With the wind from ahead
    N b. With the wind off the port beam
    N c. With the wind off the starboard beam
    Y d. With the wind from abaft the beam

129: Which knot is suitable for hoisting an unconscious person?

    N a. Bowline on a bight
    N b. Fisherman's loop
    Y c. French bowline
    N d. Spider hitch

178: Which can be prevented only by segregating two lots of cargo into separate holds?

    N a. Contamination of dry cargo by a wet cargo
    N b. Contamination of a clean cargo by a dirty cargo
    Y c. Contamination of a food cargo by an odorous cargo
    N d. Overcarriage, overstowage, and short landing

226: Which statement is TRUE concerning the vessel's slipstream?

    N a. It has no effect on the steering of the vessel.
    N b. It has no effect on the rudder when the helm is amidships.
    N c. Its velocity is the same as that of the wake.
    Y d. The propeller gives it a helical motion.

284: The beam of a vessel refers to the __________.

    N a. depth between decks
    N b. internal cubic capacity
    N c. molded depth of the vessel
    Y d. width of the vessel

291: You are the licensed operator of a 100 GT towing vessel making coastwise runs. Whenever a crew member is discharged from your vessel you must __________.

    N a. issue a Certificate of Discharge and make an entry in his Continuous Discharge Book
    Y b. issue a Certificate of Discharge or make an entry in his Continuous Discharge Book
    N c. retain the crew member's Continuous Discharge Book onboard
    N d. retain the crew member's Certificate of Discharge onboard

361: The strictest load line regulations apply to __________.

    N a. gas carriers
    N b. freighters (break-bulk)
    Y c. passenger ships
    N d. tankers

375: The best line for towing small vessels is __________.

    N a. three strand nylon
    Y b. double-braided nylon
    N c. polypropylene
    N d. manila

478: The moisture equilibrium chart can be used to determine the __________.

    N a. absolute moisture content of the air surrounding a hygroscopic cargo when moisture equilibrium exists
    Y b. dew point temperature that the air surrounding a hygroscopic commodity will have when in moisture equilibrium with that commodity
    N c. enthalpy of the air surrounding a hydroscopic cargo which is in moisture equilibrium with the cargo
    N d. temperature at which moisture equilibrium will occur in a cargo hold containing a hygroscopic cargo

551: The name and hailing port of a documented commercial vessel is __________.

    N a. not required to be marked anywhere on the vessel
    N b. required to be marked on both bows and on the keel
    Y c. required to be marked on the stern with the name of the vessel marked on both bows
    N d. required to be marked on the keel, stern, and both bows

565: When the pilot is embarked he or she __________.

    N a. relieves the officer of the watch
    N b. relieves the Master of his duties
    N c. is solely responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel
    Y d. is a specialist hired for his or her local navigational knowledge

579: The terminal indicates to you that they are going to use a booster pump to assist the discharging operation. You start the discharge, and in a few minutes the pressure drops sharply. This could be a result of the __________.

    Y a. booster pump coming on the line and discharging properly
    N b. booster pump failing to start
    N c. booster pump being lined up in the wrong direction
    N d. ship's pump speeding up

790: Which statement is TRUE of centrifugal pumps aboard tank vessels?

    N a. They are positive displacement pumps.
    Y b. They are gravity-fed.
    N c. They produce a pulsating flow.
    N d. They require more maintenance than a reciprocating pump.

860: Which category of able seaman is not authorized to be counted as an able seaman on a seagoing tug of over 100 gross tons?

    N a. Unlimited
    N b. Limited
    N c. Special
    Y d. Special (OSV)

1146: While your vessel is docked port side to a wharf, a sudden gale force wind causes the vessel's bow lines to part. The bow begins to fall away from the dock, and no tugs are immediately available. Which measure(s) should you take FIRST?

    N a. Call the Master and the deck gang.
    N b. Slip the stern lines, let the vessel drift into the river, and then anchor.
    Y c. Let go the starboard anchor.
    N d. Obtain assistance and attempt to put some new bow lines out.

1155: In the context of shiphandling, what would be the definition of shallow water?

    Y a. Water depth of less than twice a vessel's draft
    N b. Water depth of less than 1 times a vessel's draft
    N c. Under keel clearance of twice a vessel's draft
    N d. Under keel clearance of less than 10 feet

1182: Your vessel must moor port side to a berth limited by vessels ahead and astern using a single tug. You are stemming a slight current and there is a light breeze of the dock. Your tug should be made up to the vessel's __________.

    N a. stern on a hawser
    N b. quarter
    N c. waist
    Y d. bow

1185: As shown, the mooring line labeled "C" is called a __________. (DO44DG )

    N a. stern line
    N b. spring line
    Y c. breast line
    N d. shore line

1234: Which type of line will stretch the most when under strain?

    N a. Polypropylene
    N b. Dacron
    Y c. Nylon
    N d. Manila

1240: Bilge keels are fitted on ships to __________.

    N a. assist in dry dock alignment
    N b. improve the vessel's stability
    N c. protect the vessel from slamming against piers
    Y d. reduce the rolling of the vessel

1289: What would you use to adjust the height of a cargo boom?

    N a. Lizard
    N b. Spanner guy
    Y c. Topping lift
    N d. Working guy

1308: The S.S. Sheet Bend arrives in New York after encountering heavy weather on a voyage from Cape Town. Who will note the protest for the Master?

    N a. Collector of Customs
    Y b. Notary Public
    N c. Officer in Charge Marine Inspection
    N d. U.S. Shipping Commissioner

1406: How many fathoms are in a shot of anchor cable?

    N a. 6
    Y b. 15
    N c. 20
    N d. 30

1464: When talking about wire rope, the lay of the wire is the __________.

    Y a. direction wires and strands are twisted together
    N b. number of strands in the wire
    N c. direction the core is twisted
    N d. material used in the core

1680: In vessel construction, the garboard strake is __________.

    Y a. located next to and parallel to the keel
    N b. located next to and parallel to the gunwale
    N c. another term for the bilge keel
    N d. another term for the rub rail

1811: You are towing a large barge on a hawser. Your main engine suddenly fails. What is the greatest danger?

    N a. The tug and the tow will go aground.
    N b. The tow will endanger other traffic.
    Y c. The tow will overrun tug.
    N d. The tow will block the channel.

1862: How much force would be required to lift a weight of 200 lbs. using a gun tackle rigged to disadvantage (do not consider friction)?

    N a. 50 lbs.
    Y b. 100 lbs.
    N c. 150 lbs.
    N d. 200 lbs.

1869: You are using tackle number 10 in illustration DO29DG to lift a weight of 120 lbs. If you include 10 percent of the weight for each sheave for friction, what is the pull on the hauling part required to lift the weight? (DO29DG )

    N a. 57 lbs.
    N b. 42 lbs.
    N c. 39 lbs.
    Y d. 34 lbs.

1918: Which statement is TRUE concerning hawser towing?

    N a. The catenary in a hawser should be sufficient so that the hawser just touches the bottom.
    N b. The hawser is of sufficient length for towing when taut between tug and tow.
    N c. Increasing speed usually increases the catenary in the hawser.
    Y d. Shortening the tow hawser generally decreases the maneuverability of the tug.

1988: When towing, what is the main reason for using a chain bridle on a wire hawser?

    N a. It makes for an easy connection.
    Y b. It gives a spring effect to cushion the shock.
    N c. It eliminates the necessity of a swivel.
    N d. It does not chafe.

1999: When shoring a damaged bulkhead, effort should be taken to spread the pressure over the __________.

    Y a. maximum possible area
    N b. minimum possible area
    N c. nearest watertight door
    N d. nearest longitudinal girder

2002: The structural member indicated by the letter K was fitted in segments between continuous longitudinals. It is known as which type of floor? (D033DG )

    Y a. Intercostal
    N b. Open
    N c. Lightened
    N d. Non-watertight

2018: When towing astern, one way to reduce yawing of the tow is to __________.

    Y a. trim the tow by the stern
    N b. trim the tow by the head
    N c. have the tow on an even keel
    N d. list the tow on the side it is yawing

2064: While underway in thick fog you are on watch and hear the cry "man overboard". Which type of maneuver should you make?

    N a. figure eight turn
    N b. Round turn
    N c. Racetrack turn
    Y d. Williamson turn

2081: A seaman is reported missing in the morning and was last seen after coming off the mid-watch. Which type of turn would you use to return to the track-line steamed during the night?

    Y a. Williamson
    N b. Racetrack
    N c. 180 turn
    N d. Anderson

2172: The lower hold of your vessel has a bale cubic of 52,000 cu. ft. You will load a cargo of cases, each weighing 380 lbs. and measuring 3 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft. The estimated broken stowage is 15%. How many tons of cases can be loaded?

    N a. 137 tons
    N b. 161 tons
    Y c. 625 tons
    N d. 969 tons

2184: The lashings on a stack of containers with interlocking fittings restrain the forces that cause __________.

    N a. toppling
    Y b. racking
    N c. buckling
    N d. crushing

2263: You are using tackle number 1 in illustration DO29DG to lift a weight of 100 lbs. If you include 10 percent of the weight for each sheave for friction, what is the pull on the hauling part required to lift the weight? (DO29DG )

    N a. 50 lbs.
    N b. 55 lbs.
    N c. 100 lbs.
    Y d. 110 lbs.

2299: You are on a multiple-product chemical tanker and will carry cargoes of isophorone, ethylenediamine, and creosote. Which of the following is TRUE?

    Y a. All of these cargoes are compatible.
    N b. Isophorone is incompatible with ethylenediamine but may be stowed adjacent to creosote.
    N c. All of these cargoes are incompatible.
    N d. Ethylenediamine is compatible with isophorone but both are incompatible with creosote.

2342: How many tons of salt water can be loaded into a flat ended cylindrical tank with a diameter of 3 feet and a length of 8 feet?

    Y a. 1.62
    N b. 1.98
    N c. 3.23
    N d. 6.46

2388: What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 4 feet after a sector of 120 has been removed?

    N a. 2.67 square ft.
    N b. 4.19 square ft.
    Y c. 8.38 square ft.
    N d. 10.67 square ft.

2471: To determine the number of able seamen required on an inspected vessel, you should check the __________.

    N a. Load Line Certificate
    N b. operations manual
    N c. Safety of Life at Sea Certificate
    Y d. Certificate of Inspection

2494: The major components which determine the length of a catenary in a deployed anchor cable are water depth, cable weight, and __________.

    Y a. cable tension
    N b. water temperature
    N c. bottom conditions
    N d. water density

2508: What is required to launch a boat stowed in a crescent davit?

    N a. Hoist the boat clear of the cradle.
    N b. Release the outboard part of the cradle.
    N c. Rig the tricing lines.
    Y d. Crank the crescent out.

2656: What is an example of the term "Restraint of Rulers, Princes, or Peoples" in a marine insurance policy?

    Y a. A prohibition from loading a cargo from a country when the cargo may be a carrier of infectious diseases.
    N b. Arrest of a vessel by legal authorities to satisfy claims through exercise of a maritime lien.
    N c. Damage caused by riot of the population of a port.
    N d. Losses caused by fines from polluting the harbor after malfunction of a piping system.

2802: The single line located directly above the diamond is the __________. (D031DG )

    N a. load line
    N b. water line
    N c. freeboard line
    Y d. deck line

2832: You are transiting the Straits of Mackinac by way of an improved channel. You have information which indicates that the channel's Federal project depth is 28 ft. Which of the following statements is true with regards to this channel?

    N a. The least depth within the limits of the channel is 28 ft.
    Y b. The design dredging depth of the channel is 28 ft.
    N c. The channel has 28 ft. in the center but lesser depths may exist in the remainder of the channel.
    N d. The maximum depth which may be expected within the limits of the channel is 28 ft.

2980: What is a step in attaching a poured metal socket to a wire rope?

    Y a. Etch the wire with acid.
    N b. Install a wire seizing on the wire that will be inside the socket.
    N c. Ensure the fiber core is well lubricated.
    N d. Pour molten babbitt metal into the socket.

3142: Why are stern towing bitts placed well forward of the rudder when hawser towing?

    N a. To keep the hawser from fouling the rudder
    N b. To keep the towing bitts as far away as possible from the tugs pivoting point
    Y c. To allow the stern to swing more freely when using rudder
    N d. To have as much of the towing hawser in use as possible

3275: When underway with a tow, you are required to notify the Coast Guard in which casualty situation?

    N a. Damage to property amounting to $12,500
    N b. Loss of bridge-to-bridge radio capability
    N c. An injury requiring first aid treatment
    Y d. Accidental stranding or grounding

3320: Which type of bottom is best suited for holding an anchor of a small boat?

    Y a. Mud and clay
    N b. Rocky
    N c. Sandy
    N d. Gravel

3521: Once a towline is connected between the towing vessel and the disabled vessel, the towing vessel should __________.

    N a. not exceed bare steerageway during the transit
    N b. take a strain as soon as you can to control the tow
    Y c. come up to speed very slowly and maintain a "safe speed"
    N d. come up to speed quickly, then cut back power considerably to ease the strain

3584: The tripping palm is indicated by which letter? (D038DG )

    N a. F
    Y b. G
    N c. H
    N d. J

3726: You are lifting a one-ton weight with a swinging boom. When comparing the stresses on the rig with the boom at 20 to the horizontal to the stresses when the boom is at 60 to the horizontal, which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The angle of elevation does not change the stresses in the masthead fairlead for the topping lift.
    Y b. The stress on the head block is greater at 60.
    N c. The stress on the heel block is greater at 60.
    N d. The thrust on the boom is greater at 20.

4020: You are on a tankship discharging oil. When all of the oil that the main cargo pumps can handle is pumped out of a tank, the remainder is __________.

    N a. stripped out and pumped directly ashore into the mainline as the remaining cargo tanks are pumped out with the main pumps
    Y b. stripped to one tank and then pumped out with the main pumps
    N c. stripped out and pumped directly ashore after all the tanks have been emptied by the main pumps
    N d. gravitated to the centers from the wings and pumped out with the main pumps

4240: It is the responsibility of the crane operator to, at all times, be aware of the location of the __________.

    N a. load
    N b. hook
    N c. boom
    Y d. All of the above

4247: Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding crane operations?

    N a. Radio communications allow the crane operator to disregard the use of hand signals.
    Y b. The crane operators and signalman must be familiar with the correct hand signals.
    N c. The forward cranes can be operated from the bridge.
    N d. The aft cranes can be operated from the aft steering station.