USCG Safety: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

119: What would be considered a vessel under the International Rules of the Road?

132: The most serious effect of air trapped in a diesel engine jacket water cooling system is that it __________.

157: On a tankship, sanitary inspections of the crew's quarters are the responsibility of the __________.

230: Initial stability of a vessel may be improved by __________.

    N a. removing loose water
    N b. adding weight low in the vessel
    N c. closing crossover valves between partly filled double bottom tanks
    Y d. All of the above

369: A cargo vessel of 9,000 tons displacement is carrying a slack deep tank of molasses (SG 1.4). The tank measures 20 feet long and 30 feet wide. What will be the reduction in metacentric height due to free surface, with the vessel floating in sea water (SG 1.026)?

    N a. .142 ft.
    N b. .177 ft.
    Y c. .195 ft.
    N d. .212 ft.

412: To get low-velocity fog from an all-purpose nozzle, you would __________.

    N a. attach the bronze nozzle tip to the fog outlet of the nozzle
    Y b. attach an applicator to the nozzle in place of the bronze nozzle tip
    N c. attach an applicator to the solid stream outlet on the nozzle
    N d. simply move the handle to the vertical position on the nozzle

472: When the handle of an all-purpose nozzle is pulled all the way back, it will __________.

    N a. produce high-velocity fog
    N b. produce low-velocity fog
    Y c. produce a straight stream
    N d. shut off the water

532: Fire hose should be washed with __________.

    N a. salt water and a wire brush
    N b. caustic soap
    Y c. mild soap and fresh water
    N d. a holystone

615: The operator of each vessel subject to the pollution regulations is NOT required to keep written records of __________.

    N a. the name of each person designated as a person in charge
    N b. the date and results of the most recent equipment inspection
    Y c. cargoes carried and dates delivered, including destinations
    N d. hose information not marked on the hose

633: A sweep oar is an oar that is __________.

    N a. generally shorter than the others and is used to steer with
    N b. is longer than the others and is used as the stroke oar
    N c. is raised in the bow of the boat for the steersman to steer by
    Y d. longer than the others used for steering

671: When signaling a course using the International Code of Signals, the signal __________.

    N a. must be followed by "T", "M" or "C" to indicate if it is true, magnetic or compass
    N b. should be preceded by the letters CSE
    N c. should include the compass deviation if a compass course is signaled
    Y d. always indicates a true course unless indicated otherwise in the message

695: The Declaration of Inspection made before oil transfer operations must be signed by the __________.

    N a. Master of the vessel
    N b. Captain of the Port
    Y c. person(s) in charge
    N d. All of the above

759: Determine the free surface correction for a fuel oil tank 30 ft. long by 40 ft. wide by 15 ft. deep, with a free surface constant of 3794. The vessel is displacing 7,000 tons in saltwater.

    N a. 0.35 foot
    Y b. 0.54 foot
    N c. 0.65 foot
    N d. 1.38 feet

840: If a vessel is sagging, what kind of stress is placed on the sheer strake?

    Y a. Compression
    N b. Tension
    N c. Thrust
    N d. Racking

1248: In the event of fire in a machinery space, __________.

    Y a. the fixed carbon dioxide system should be used only when all other means of extinguishment have failed
    N b. the fixed carbon dioxide system should be used immediately, as it is the most efficient means of extinguishment
    N c. water in any form should not be used as it will spread the fire
    N d. the space should be opened 5 minutes after flooding CO2 to prevent injury to personnel

1353: In heavy seas the helmsman should steer the motor lifeboat __________.

    Y a. into the seas
    N b. broadside to the seas
    N c. in the same direction as the seas
    N d. in a series of figure-eights

1543: The ship station license for your radiotelephone is valid for __________.

    N a. one year
    N b. two years
    Y c. ten years
    N d. the life of the vessel

1580: Which statement is TRUE concerning the placard entitled "Discharge of Oil Prohibited"?

    N a. It is required on all vessels.
    N b. It is only required in the wheelhouse.
    Y c. It may be located at the bilge and ballast pump control station.
    N d. All of the above

1591: You discharge garbage overboard at sea. When recording your vessel's position as required, you must include __________.

    N a. latitude, longitude, and approximate depth of water
    Y b. latitude, longitude, and estimated distance from shore
    N c. latitude and longitude only
    N d. latitude, longitude, course, speed, and a copy of that days noon position slip

1607: A bilge suction line, in a fishing vessel with more than 16 individuals aboard, must have a strainer with an open area not less than how many times the open area of the suction line?

    N a. one
    N b. two
    Y c. three
    N d. four

2012: What is the primary purpose for Digital Selective Calling (DSC)?

    N a. DSC provides reception of weather and navigational warnings plus search and rescue information.
    N b. DSC provides low-cost, routine communications for the vessel operator.
    Y c. DSC is to be used for transmitting and receiving distress alerts to and from other ships or coast radio stations via radio.
    N d. This aids SAR authorities in tracking a vessel's position by satellite.

2252: According to the Chemical Data Guide, piperylene possesses which characteristic?

    N a. Specific Gravity of 0.86
    N b. A boiling point of 43F
    N c. A Reid vapor pressure of 14 psia
    Y d. Insoluble in water

2318: A vessel's drafts are FWD 19'-02", AFT 23'-10". Use the information in Section 1, the blue pages, of the Stability Data Reference Book to determine the final drafts if 98 tons of fuel is pumped 116 feet forward.

    N a. FWD 19'-04", AFT 23'-06"
    Y b. FWD 19'-07", AFT 23'-04"
    N c. FWD 19'-09", AFT 23'-01"
    N d. FWD 19'-09", AFT 23'-06"

2497: In MODU drilling operations, the term tripping means __________.

    N a. releasing the tongs from the drill pipe
    N b. welding hard metal to tool joints
    Y c. hoisting drill pipe out of and returning it to the wellbore
    N d. sliding a joint of drill pipe down to the pipe rack ramp

2552: When can routine communications be resumed when radio silence has been imposed?

    N a. After determining that the frequency or channel appears to be no longer in use
    N b. After determining that geographic distance from the distress situation will prohibit any other signal from interfering with emergency communications
    Y c. Routine communications can resume after the Rescue Coordination Center transmits a message on the frequency or channel being used for emergency communications stating that such traffic has concluded.
    N d. If, in the Master's opinion, communications on that frequency will interfere with emergency communications

2598: A vessel displaces 12,000 tons and has a KG of 22.8 feet. What will be the length of the remaining righting arm at an angle of inclination of 60 if the center of gravity shifts 1.8 feet transversely? (Use the information in Section 1, the blue pages, of the Stability Data Reference Book)

    N a. -1.6 feet
    N b. -0.1 foot
    N c. 1.2 feet
    Y d. 1.9 feet

2718: Your vessel's drafts are: FWD 22'-04", AFT 22'-10"; and the KG is 18.4 feet. Use the selected stability curves in the blue pages of the Stability Data Reference Book to determine the righting arm at 30 inclination.

    N a. 1.6 feet
    N b. 2.9 feet
    N c. 3.8 feet
    Y d. 4.6 feet

2776: The lubber's line of a magnetic compass __________.

    N a. always shows true north direction
    Y b. indicates the vessel's heading
    N c. is always parallel to the vessel's transom
    N d. is located on the compass card

2917: For a jack-up, the angle of maximum stability corresponds approximately to the angle of __________.

    Y a. deck edge immersion
    N b. the load line
    N c. downflooding
    N d. loll

2977: A slow and easy motion of a MODU in a seaway is an indication of a __________.

    Y a. small GM
    N b. low center of gravity
    N c. stiff vessel
    N d. large GZ

2985: For a MODU with list, a decrease in GMT will cause the angle of inclination to __________.

    N a. stabilize at an angle of loll
    N b. decrease
    Y c. increase
    N d. remain constant

3051: The external flotation bladder on an immersion suit should be inflated __________.

    N a. only after two hours in the water
    N b. only after four hours in the water
    N c. before entry into the water
    Y d. upon entry into the water

3066: Prior to getting underway for the day's operations, every small passenger vessel shall have it's steering gear tested by __________.

    N a. the Mate on watch
    Y b. the Master
    N c. a Mate or Designated Duty Engineer
    N d. a licensed Engineer

3225: The SS AMERICAN MARINER arrived in port with drafts of: FWD 18'-05", AFT 20'-11". Cargo was loaded and discharged as indicated. Use sheet 2 in the white pages of the Stability Data Reference Book to determine the final drafts. ST-0114

    Y a. FWD 18'-07", AFT 20'-11"
    N b. FWD 18'-09", AFT 20'-09"
    N c. FWD 18'-11", AFT 20'-07"
    N d. FWD 19'-01", AFT 20'-05"

3240: When a vessel is required to have a power-driven fire pump, the pump may also be used for __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)

    N a. the drinking water supply system
    Y b. the bilge pump
    N c. engine cooling water
    N d. None of the above

3280: Which type of fire extinguishers are permitted on inspected vessels? (small passenger vessel regulations)

    N a. Foam
    N b. Carbon dioxide
    N c. Dry chemical
    Y d. All of the above

3341: Inflatable liferafts are provided with a __________.

    N a. Very pistol
    Y b. towing connection
    N c. portable radio
    N d. canned milk

3420: How should the number "1" be pronounced when spoken on the radiotelephone?

    N a. OO-NO
    Y b. OO-NAH-WUN
    N c. NUM-EV-WUN
    N d. NEW-MAL-WON

3451: As shown, number 1 operates the __________. (D011SA )

    Y a. Fleming gear
    N b. McCluny hook
    N c. sea painter
    N d. releasing gear

3569: If help has not arrived in 10-12 hours after abandoning a vessel in a rescue boat, you should __________.

    N a. go in one direction until the fuel runs out
    N b. steer a course for the nearest land
    N c. steer a course for the nearest sea lane
    Y d. shut down the engines if installed and put out the sea anchor

3867: Each OSV must carry __________.

    N a. one category I 406 Mhz satellite EPIRB
    N b. at least one life buoy on each side of the vessel fitted with a buoyant life line
    N c. at least 12 rocket parachute flares
    Y d. All of the above

3903: Among the valves on the DEEP DRILLER which may be opened when using the Salt-Water Service Pump to pump water into Tank 1P is __________.

    N a. 33
    N b. 36
    Y c. 46
    N d. 48

4108: A Certificate of Inspection for vessels of less than 100 gross tons carrying more than twelve passengers on an international voyage will be issued for a period of __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)

    N a. four years
    N b. three years
    N c. two years
    Y d. one year

4283: When underway at a draft of 10.5 feet in a severe storm, the COASTAL DRILLER has a maximum allowed KG of __________.

    Y a. 40 feet
    N b. 50 feet
    N c. 55 feet
    N d. 65 feet

4288: The Master or person in charge of a vessel subject to the "Vessel Bridge-to-Bridge Radiotelephone Act" who fails to comply with the Act or the regulations thereunder may be charged a civil penalty of __________.

    N a. $2,000
    N b. $1,500
    N c. $1,000
    Y d. $650

4397: What maximum wind velocity is assumed when determining the limits of elevated service for the COASTAL DRILLER?

    Y a. 100 knots
    N b. 70 knots
    N c. 50 knots
    N d. It varies with the Allowable Wind and Wave charts.

4415: While in ocean transit, the COASTAL DRILLER has a roll period of 9 seconds. What is the largest angle each side of vertical that does not exceed the design limits of the legs in good weather?

    N a. 14
    N b. 11
    N c. 9
    Y d. 7

4421: While the COASTAL DRILLER is in normal transit, the roll period is 8 seconds. What would be the limiting angle of pitch which does not exceed the design limits of the legs?

    N a. 10
    N b. 8
    Y c. 6
    N d. 4

4507: The height of the transverse metacenter of the COASTAL DRILLER at a displacement of 13,011 kips is __________.

    N a. 144.21 feet
    Y b. 145.33 feet
    N c. 267.98 feet
    N d. 270.13 feet

4783: The COASTAL DRILLER is loaded as shown in the Sample Load Form #1 (Rig Move). What is the margin on the maximum allowable KG if winds remain less than 70 knots?

    N a. 0.00 feet
    Y b. 14.35 feet
    N c. 14.82 feet
    N d. 65.00 feet

4813: The COASTAL DRILLER is loaded as shown in the Sample Load Form #1 (Rig Move). What is the value of KML if the entire contents of drill water tanks 6 and 7 are discharged?

    N a. 253.90 feet
    N b. 253.24 feet
    Y c. 252.92 feet
    N d. 252.24 feet

5071: A mobile offshore drilling unit is on the waters of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf. It has a length of 220 feet and a breadth of 190 feet. Where must the obstruction lights be located?

    N a. At the top of the drill mast
    Y b. On each corner of the rig
    N c. At the bow of the rig
    N d. At the bow and stern of the rig

5565: What is the bow type anchor shackle primarily used for?

    N a. Chain to chain connections
    N b. Chain to anchor connections
    N c. Kenter link to anchor connections
    Y d. Wire rope connections

5595: An anchor winch should be equipped with mechanical brakes capable of holding __________.

    N a. half the breaking strength of the mooring line
    Y b. the full breaking strength of the mooring line
    N c. the maximum expected tension of the mooring line
    N d. 50% over the working tension of the mooring line

5651: On a semisubmersible drilling unit, decreasing riser tension reduces __________.

    Y a. KG
    N b. KM
    N c. GM
    N d. free surface moments

6595: How often must a rated load test be performed on a crane on a MODU?

    N a. Every 12 months
    N b. Every 24 months
    N c. Every 36 months
    Y d. Every 48 months

6611: Any firefighting equipment that is carried in addition to the minimum required number on a MODU must __________.

    Y a. meet the applicable standards
    N b. be marked as additional equipment
    N c. be stowed in a separate area
    N d. All of the above

8983: The time required to incline from port to starboard and back to port again is called __________.

    N a. initial stability
    N b. range of stability
    N c. inclining moment
    Y d. rolling period

9521: Aboard a vessel, dividing the sum of the vertical moments by the total weight yields the vessel's __________.

    Y a. height of the center of gravity
    N b. vertical moments
    N c. righting moments
    N d. inclining moments

9533: Unstable equilibrium exists at small angles of inclination when __________.

    Y a. G is above M
    N b. G is off the centerline
    N c. B is off the centerline
    N d. B is above G