USCG Safety: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

34: Which single-letter sound signal(s) may only be made in compliance with the Rules of the Road?

173: While adrift in an inflatable liferaft in hot, tropical weather __________.

401: On a vessel of 12,000 tons displacement, what is the reduction in metacentric height due to free surface when a tank 60 feet long and 60 feet wide is partially filled with water?

645: A tug should not come alongside a tank vessel in way of its cargo tanks while it is loading grade A, B, or C cargo without the permission of the __________.

    N a. the cognizant OCMI
    N b. superintendent of the shoreside facility
    N c. local fire department
    Y d. person in charge of the transfer

717: If your radiotelephone fails while underway, __________.

    N a. you must visually signal oncoming vessels
    N b. you must immediately tie up in the nearest port until the radiotelephone is repaired
    N c. you must anchor until the radiotelephone is repaired
    Y d. the loss of the radiotelephone must be considered in navigating the vessel

982: In continuous operation, the effective range of the 15 pound CO2 extinguisher is limited to __________.

    N a. 2 to 4 feet
    Y b. 3 to 8 feet
    N c. 9 to 12 feet
    N d. 10 to 15 feet

1025: Which group should be used to send the signal "Latitude 7325'North"?

    N a. G17325N
    Y b. L7325N
    N c. LA7325N
    N d. N7325

1087: A combination or all-purpose nozzle produces __________.

    N a. low-velocity fog only
    N b. a solid stream only
    N c. a solid stream and foam
    Y d. a solid stream and fog

1424: Halon gas will decompose and may form very hazardous toxic fumes when discharged __________.

    Y a. directly on flames
    N b. at room temperature
    N c. in an extremely cold climate
    N d. None of the above

1505: What is one of the FIRST things you would do on boarding an inflatable liferaft?

    N a. Open equipment pack.
    N b. Post a lookout.
    N c. Issue anti-seasickness medicine.
    Y d. Pick up other survivors.

1558: A Halon 1301 cylinder is periodically tested for weight loss and pressure loss. What minimum percentage of the full pressure can be lost before the cylinder must be recharged?

    N a. 3%
    N b. 5%
    Y c. 10%
    N d. 15%

1735: On a vapor control system, each vessel's vapor connection flange must have a __________.

    N a. 6" reducer
    Y b. stud at least 1" long projecting from the flange face
    N c. pressure gauge permanently attached to the flange
    N d. hose saddle

1752: Vapor recovery hoses must be tested yearly at what ratio to their maximum allowable working pressure?

    Y a. 1 mawp
    N b. 2 mawp
    N c. 3 mawp
    N d. 5 mawp

1785: What is a GMDSS functional or carriage requirement for compulsory vessels?

    N a. A compulsory vessel must carry at least two (2) licensed GMDSS operators
    N b. A compulsory vessel must satisfy certain equipment carriage requirements that are determined by where the vessel sails.
    N c. A compulsory vessel must be able to transmit and respond to Distress alerts.
    Y d. All of the above

1807: Which is standing rigging?

    N a. Halyards
    Y b. Stays
    N c. Sheets
    N d. Downhauls

1924: Your vessel displaces 645 tons and measures 132'L by 34'B. What is the reduction in GM due to free surface if the fish hold (30'L by 26'B by 8'D) is filled with 3.0 feet of water? (Each foot of water weighs 22.3 tons)

    Y a. 1.76 feet
    N b. 1.94 feet
    N c. 2.10 feet
    N d. 2.44 feet

1939: You have 520 tons of below deck tonnage. There is no liquid mud. If you have 160 tons of cargo above deck with a VCG above the deck of 3.2, what is the maximum allowed VCG of the remainder of the deck cargo that is permitted? (D036DG )

    N a. 1.43 feet
    Y b. 2.79 feet
    N c. 3.10 feet
    N d. 3.64 feet

1947: INTERNATIONAL AND INLAND Your 18-meter vessel is under sail at night displaying sidelights, stern light, and a red light over a green light at the masthead. If you start the auxiliary engine and engage the propeller, you must_______.

    N a. turn your stern light off
    N b. show two green lights instead of a red and green at the masthead
    N c. display a white light in sufficient time to prevent collision
    Y d. turn off the red over green, turn on the white masthead light

1980: What product is considered a noxious liquid substance for regulatory purposes?

    N a. Dodecyl methacrylate
    N b. Asphalt
    N c. Camphor oil
    Y d. Latex

2055: What agency issues the Ship Station license for the VHF marine radio on a mobile offshore drilling unit?

    N a. U.S. Coast Guard
    N b. Department of Transportation
    N c. Federal Broadcast Authority
    Y d. Federal Communications Commission

2329: The SS AMERICAN MARINER is ready to sail with the load shown. Use the white pages of The Stability Data Reference Book to determine the available GM. ST-0059

    N a. Available GM 3.2 ft
    Y b. Available GM 3.9 ft
    N c. Available GM 4.8 ft
    N d. Available GM 5.3 ft

2448: A person on a fixed or floating platform engaged in oil exploration MAY discharge food waste into the sea when the distance from the nearest land is at least __________.

    N a. 3 nautical miles
    N b. 5 nautical miles
    Y c. 12 nautical miles
    N d. 25 nautical miles

2546: Your vessel's drafts are: FWD 24'-07", AFT 25'-09"; and the KG is 24.0 feet. What is the righting moment when the vessel is inclined to 15? (Use the selected stability curves in Section 1, the blue pages, of the Stability Data Reference Book)

    N a. 5,202 foot-tons
    Y b. 8,666 foot-tons
    N c. 10,876 foot-tons
    N d. 11,424 foot-tons

2627: Deck beams on a MODU are generally spaced at equal intervals and run __________.

    N a. longitudinally
    N b. vertically
    Y c. transversely
    N d. intermittently

2634: Use the floodable length curve in Section 1, the blue pages, of the Stability Data Reference Book. If the curve represents 45 percent permeability and number 4 hold floods, the vessel will sink if the permeability exceeds what percent?

    N a. 40
    N b. 48
    N c. 53
    Y d. 60

2777: The lubber's line on a magnetic compass indicates __________.

    N a. compass north
    Y b. the direction of the vessel's head
    N c. magnetic north
    N d. a relative bearing taken with azimuth circle

2779: Error may be introduced into a magnetic compass by __________.

    N a. making a structural change to the vessel
    N b. a short circuit near the compass
    N c. belt buckles
    Y d. All of the above

2834: Your vessel's drafts are: FWD 27'-06", AFT 28'-02"; and the KG is 23.1 feet. Use the selected stability curves in the blue pages of the Stability Data Reference Book to determine the remaining righting arm at 60 inclination if the center of gravity is 2.4 feet off the centerline.

    N a. 2.4 feet
    N b. 1.8 feet
    Y c. 0.5 foot
    N d. 0.2 foot

2847: The required portable radio shall be stored in the proper location and be __________.

    N a. equipped with an approved carrying case
    N b. equipped with spare batteries
    Y c. readily accessible for transfer to a lifeboat
    N d. in a waterproof enclosure

2951: A jack-up displacing 350,000 cubic feet while floating in sea water (64 pounds per cubic foot) weighs __________.

    N a. 10,000 kips
    N b. 18,169 kips
    N c. 21,841 kips
    Y d. 22,400 kips

3078: If you see an individual fall overboard, you should __________.

    N a. throw him/her a life buoy
    N b. hail "man overboard"
    N c. pass the word to the bridge
    Y d. All of the above

3099: Which type of power may a towing vessel use to drive the cargo pumps of a tank barge?

    N a. Only air
    N b. Only steam
    N c. Air or steam only
    Y d. Steam, air, or electricity

3109: The SS AMERICAN MARINER has the liquid loading shown. Use the white pages of The Stability Data Reference Book to determine the KG of the liquid load. ST-0106

    Y a. 3.9 feet
    N b. 4.3 feet
    N c. 4.7 feet
    N d. 5.1 feet

3136: Where should the tops of vents from gasoline tanks terminate?

    Y a. In open air
    N b. Inside cabins near the overhead
    N c. In the machinery space near the engine air intake
    N d. Underwater

3385: A jack-up, 180 feet in length, has the center of flotation at 110 feet aft of frame zero. The draft at the bow is 11.0 feet and the draft at the stern is 13.0 feet. What is the true mean draft?

    N a. 11.78 feet
    N b. 12.00 feet
    Y c. 12.22 feet
    N d. 12.78 feet

3426: In illustration D011SA, number 1 operates the __________. (D011SA )

    N a. releasing gear
    N b. sea painter
    Y c. Fleming gear
    N d. McCluny hook

3655: You can indicate that your vessel is in distress by __________.

    N a. displaying a large red flag
    N b. displaying three black balls in a vertical line
    N c. sounding five or more short and rapid blasts on the whistle
    Y d. continuously sounding the fog whistle

3691: While drilling loaded as shown in Sample Load Form #4 (Drilling), the DEEP DRILLER suffers an unexpected but slowly increasing port and forward inclination. The wind and waves are light. This inclination could have been caused by __________.

    N a. the failure of mooring lines 5 and 6
    N b. the drilling crew dumping the mud
    N c. the drill string breaking
    Y d. ballast tanks equalizing into tank 1P

3702: You may have to give artificial respiration after an accidental __________.

    N a. drowning
    N b. electrocution
    N c. poisoning
    Y d. All of the above

3734: Which procedure should be followed when individuals are rescued in cold climates and suffer from hypothermia?

    N a. Give them brandy or other alcoholic stimulation to promote a return to an acceptable body temperature.
    Y b. Move them to a warm room to gradually raise their body temperature.
    N c. Keep them moving to stimulate circulation to raise their body temperature.
    N d. Warm them under an electric blanket to rapidly regain normal body temperature.

3758: To treat a person suffering from heat exhaustion, you should __________.

    N a. administer artificial respiration
    N b. put him in a tub of ice water
    Y c. give him sips of cool water
    N d. cover him with a light cloth

4056: Which installed equipment must be tested and logged when a new Master assumes command?

    N a. Internal communications, including sound-powered telephones
    N b. Navigational lights and search lights
    N c. Vessel control alarms
    Y d. All of the above must be tested

4078: When shifting to a course where the wind comes more from astern, easing the mainsheet will __________.

    N a. bring the boom more fore and aft
    N b. decrease the force needed to haul on the mainsheet
    N c. bring the head of the sail down from the top of the mast
    Y d. allow the sail to catch more wind

4215: A mat-type jack-up drilling unit is the best selection for __________.

    Y a. soft mud bottoms
    N b. uneven bottoms
    N c. deep water
    N d. hard bottoms

4655: The COASTAL DRILLER is loaded as shown in the Sample Load Form #1 (Rig Move). If the drill water in drill water tanks #6 and #25 are discharged, what is the new draft?

    N a. 8.26 feet
    Y b. 10.66 feet
    N c. 10.88 feet
    N d. 11.10 feet

5075: What lighting characteristic is required of an obstruction light on a mobile offshore drilling unit on the waters of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf?

    N a. Fixed
    N b. Flashing
    Y c. Quick-flashing
    N d. Occulting

5273: The DEEP DRILLER, loaded as shown in Sample Load Form #5 (Survival), suffers major damage which results in flooding in tank C3S. Your best countermeasure is to __________.

    N a. pump from 10S
    N b. counterflood in 1P
    Y c. pump from 8S
    N d. pump from C3S

5563: Most large anchors are manufactured with a __________.

    N a. bow type shackle
    Y b. D-type shackle
    N c. U-type shackle
    N d. Kenter shackle

5693: In a storm, the leeward lines of a MODU's mooring system will __________.

    Y a. pull the unit in the same direction that the weather is pushing it
    N b. pull the unit in the opposite direction that the weather is pushing it
    N c. tend to keep the unit on its original location over the well head
    N d. affect the unit's draft and inclination as maximum mooring tensions are reached

6127: On offshore drilling units, the minimum number of persons required to be trained in the use of fireman's outfits is __________.

    N a. 1
    Y b. 2
    N c. 3
    N d. 4

6246: The ventilation system of your ship has fire dampers restrained by fusible links. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. A fusible link will automatically open after a fire is extinguished and reset the damper.
    N b. Fusible links must be replaced at every inspection for certification.
    Y c. Fusible links must be replaced if a damper is activated.
    N d. Fusible links are tested by applying a source of heat to them.

6707: The immersion suit requirements apply to MODU's operating in all waters above __________.

    N a. 20N and below 25S
    N b. 25N and below 30S
    N c. 23N and below 23S
    Y d. 32N and below 32S

7655: In small angle stability, the metacentric height __________.

    N a. is found in the hydrostatic tables for a level vessel
    N b. multiplied by the displacement yields the righting moment
    N c. is always positive
    Y d. is calculated by subtracting KG from KM

8277: An effective braking system for windlasses on rigs in deep water is a(n) __________.

    N a. larger chain stopper
    N b. disc backstopping brake
    N c. hydraulic clutch
    Y d. electrical regenerative braking system

8357: What is the principle behind dynamic braking as used on an anchor windlass?

    Y a. Electrical loading
    N b. Mechanical distribution
    N c. Compressibility of air
    N d. Mechanical friction

8535: You are transferring fuel from a supply vessel to your MODU. If you close off one tank in the line of tanks being filled, the rate of flow to other open tanks on the same line will __________.

    Y a. increase
    N b. decrease
    N c. stop
    N d. stabilize

8775: While drilling loaded as shown in Sample Load Form #4 (Drilling), the DEEP DRILLER suffers a sudden unexpected forward inclination. The wind and waves are light from the starboard bow. Among the possible causes, you should consider __________.

    N a. failure of mooring lines 2 and 3
    N b. drilling crew has dumped the mud
    Y c. the drill string has broken
    N d. ballast tanks equalizing into tank 1P

9293: An elevated jack-up weighs 14,000 kips. The drill floor, weighing 700 kips, is skidded 10.0 feet to starboard. The change in TCG is __________.

    N a. 9.00 feet starboard
    Y b. 0.50 foot starboard
    N c. 1.50 foot starboard
    N d. 1.00 foot starboard

9465: When inclined to an angle of list, the value of the righting arm is __________.

    N a. negative
    Y b. zero
    N c. positive
    N d. maximum

9523: When the height of the metacenter is the same as the height of the center of gravity, the upright equilibrium position is __________.

    N a. stable
    Y b. neutral
    N c. unstable
    N d. negative