USCG Safety: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

56: The required number and type of hand portable fire extinguishers for staterooms on cargo vessels is __________.

68: The MOST important element in administering CPR is __________.

75: If you must abandon a rig in VERY HEAVY SEAS, in a survival craft, when should you remove the safety pin and pull the hook release?

145: Which statement concerning an accidental oil spill in the navigable waters of the U.S. is TRUE?

    N a. The Corps of Engineers is responsible for the clean up of the spill.
    N b. The Department of Interior is responsible for the clean up of the spill.
    N c. A warning broadcast must be made by radiotelephone.
    Y d. The person in charge must report the spill to the Coast Guard.

170: In order to minimize the effects of a tender vessel, when carrying a cargo of lumber, you should __________.

    N a. maximize your deck load
    N b. distribute lumber so that those stowing most compactly per unit of weight are in the upper holds
    Y c. place the heaviest woods in the lower holds
    N d. keep the vessel's frame spaces free from lumber

223: The steering oar in a lifeboat is __________.

    N a. shorter than the others
    N b. used for the stroke oar
    N c. used by the forward man in the boat to direct the bow
    Y d. longer than the others and should be lashed to the stern

267: Which type of EPIRB must each ocean-going ship carry?

    N a. Class A
    N b. Class B
    N c. Class C
    Y d. Category 1

302: If you are fighting a fire below the main deck of your vessel, which action is most important concerning the stability of the vessel?

    N a. Shutting off electricity to damaged cables
    Y b. Pumping fire-fighting water overboard
    N c. Maneuvering the vessel so the fire is on the lee side
    N d. Removing burned debris from the cargo hold

356: The number of pounds of carbon dioxide required for each cargo space on a cargo vessel is equal to __________.

    N a. the gross volume of the space in cubic feet divided by 100
    N b. one pound of CO2 per cubic foot of space
    N c. one pound of CO2 per square foot of deck area
    Y d. the gross volume of the space in cubic feet divided by 30

429: You are at sea and not in a special area as defined in ANNEX V of MARPOL. How many nautical miles from land must you be to discharge ground garbage that will pass through a one-inch (25 mm) screen into the sea?

    Y a. 3 nm
    N b. 6 nm
    N c. 12 nm
    N d. 25 nm

494: A message giving warning of a hurricane should have which prefix when sent by radiotelephone?

    N a. Pan-Pan (3 times)
    Y b. Securite Securite Securite
    N c. TTT TTT TTT
    N d. No special prefix

509: Placing a lashing across a hook to prevent a fitting from slipping out of the hook is called __________.

    N a. faking
    N b. flemishing down
    Y c. mousing
    N d. worming

537: What frequency has the FCC designated for the use of bridge-to-bridge radiotelephone communications?

    N a. 156.275 MHz channel 65
    Y b. 156.650 MHz channel 13
    N c. 157.000 MHz channel 28
    N d. 157.000 MHz channel 20

543: Aluminum lifeboats are subject to damage by electrolytic corrosion (the aluminum being eaten away). In working around boats of aluminum you must be very careful __________.

    N a. to keep the boats covered at all times
    Y b. not to leave steel or iron tools lying in or near these boats
    N c. to keep an electric charge on the hull at all times
    N d. to rinse these boats regularly with salt water

805: Application for a waiver of any requirements of the regulations for oil transfer operations must be submitted to the __________.

    N a. District Commander
    N b. Commandant
    Y c. Captain of the Port
    N d. nearest Coast Guard office

906: Inflatable liferafts shall be serviced at an approved servicing facility every 12 months or not later than the next vessel inspection for certification. However, the total elapsed time between servicing cannot exceed __________.

    N a. 12 months
    N b. 15 months
    Y c. 17 months
    N d. 18 months

1249: Which area is designated a special area by Annex V to MARPOL 73/78?

    N a. Gulf of Saint Lawrence
    N b. Sargasso Sea
    Y c. Red Sea
    N d. Great Lakes

1535: Limit switches __________.

    N a. control the descent rate of a lifeboat
    N b. control the ascent rate of a lifeboat
    Y c. cut off power to the winch when the lifeboat nears the final stowed position
    N d. cut off power to the winch when the lifeboat reaches the davit bumpers

1556: Which fire extinguishing agent has the greatest capacity for absorbing heat?

    Y a. Water
    N b. Foam
    N c. Dry chemical
    N d. Carbon Dioxide

1650: When compared to low-expansion foam, a high-expansion foam will __________.

    Y a. be drier
    N b. be heavier
    N c. be more heat resistant
    N d. not cling to vertical surfaces

1672: Which of the following would be considered downflooding on a fishing vessel as defined in regulation?

    Y a. Vessel heels until water enters a hatch.
    N b. Vessel in collision floods through a damaged area above the waterline.
    N c. Vessel takes on water due to the hatches being left open in heavy rain.
    N d. Vessel takes on water by the propeller shaft due to failure of the stern gland.

1676: Before you start an engine in a compartment, it's MOST important to __________.

    N a. check the flame arrester
    N b. check the fuel tank
    N c. check the battery
    Y d. ventilate the bilges

1701: Movement of liquid in a tank when a vessel inclines causes an increase in __________.

    N a. righting arm
    N b. metacentric height
    N c. height of the uncorrected KG
    Y d. natural rolling period

1832: For GMDSS, when may a compulsory vessel not be allowed to leave port?

    N a. When the vessel is in an overloaded condition
    N b. When the vessel has arranged for both duplication of equipment AND shore-based maintenance
    Y c. When the vessel has replaced a required piece of GMDSS-related equipment but its performance has not been verified or logged
    N d. When the vessel is carrying only two licensed GMDSS Radio Operators and is capable of performing all required functions

1940: Life jackets should be stowed in __________.

    N a. survival craft
    N b. messrooms
    Y c. readily accessible locations
    N d. locked watertight containers

1976: A capsized small sail vessel is best righted when what part of the vessel is downwind?

    N a. Stern
    N b. Bow
    N c. Centerboard
    Y d. Mast

2067: You are standing radio watch and monitoring VHF Channel 16 when you receive a call to your rig, TEXAS STAR, from a supply boat. What is the proper way to answer this call?

    N a. 'This is TEXAS STAR. Pick a channel.'
    N b. 'This is TEXAS STAR on Channel 16. Come back.'
    Y c. 'This is TEXAS STAR, WSR 1234, reply Channel 10.'
    N d. 'Please stand by. We're busy right now.'

2373: An uncontrolled flow of gas, oil, or other well fluids into the atmosphere is called a __________.

    N a. flow
    N b. breakout
    N c. kick
    Y d. blowout

2389: The best way to test the INMARSAT-C terminal is to __________.

    N a. send a message to a shore terminal and wait for confirmation
    Y b. compose and send a brief message to your own INMARSAT-C terminal
    N c. send a message to another ship terminal
    N d. see if the send light flashes, then proper operation has been confirmed

2515: Before personnel are lifted from a vessel in a personnel basket, the vessel should be ________________________

    Y a. directly under the boom
    N b. moving away from the boom
    N c. stopped dead in the water
    N d. tied to the boom

2528: Which action should you take after sending a false Distress alert on VHF?

    N a. Send a DSC cancellation message on Ch-70.
    Y b. Make a voice announcement to cancel the alert on Ch-16.
    N c. Make a voice announcement to cancel the alert on Ch-13.
    N d. Make a voice announcement to cancel the alert on Ch-22A.

2547: On a MODU crane, the load chart relates the allowable load to the combination of boom length and __________.

    N a. boom angle
    N b. boom strength
    Y c. load radius
    N d. cable strength

2620: According to the Chemical Data Guide, which extinguishing agent is NOT recommended for use on a retinol fire?

    N a. Dry chemical
    N b. Foam
    N c. CO2
    Y d. Water spray

2820: The SS AMERICAN MARINER will sail with the load shown. Use the white pages of The Stability Data Reference Book to determine the drafts. ST-0082

    N a. FWD 26'-02", AFT 26'-08"
    Y b. FWD 25'-09", AFT 27'-02"
    N c. FWD 25'-03", AFT 28'-09"
    N d. FWD 24'-11", AFT 29'-11"

3236: While at your lifeboat station, you hear a signal consisting of two short blasts of the whistle. This signal indicates __________.

    N a. "abandon ship"
    N b. "commence lowering boats"
    Y c. "stop lowering boats"
    N d. "secure from boat stations"

3358: Spaces containing batteries require good ventilation because __________.

    N a. ventilation avoids CO2 buildup
    N b. ventilation supplies extra oxygen for the battery
    Y c. ventilation avoids flammable gas accumulation
    N d. less water would be used

3462: A rigid lifesaving device only designed for survivors to hold on to while in the water is known as a __________.

    N a. liferaft
    N b. life float
    N c. life preserver
    Y d. buoyant apparatus

3498: Your passenger vessel is 130 feet (40 m) long and is alternatively equipped for operating in river service. The number of ring life buoys required for the vessel is __________.

    N a. 2
    Y b. 4
    N c. 6
    N d. 8

3581: The DEEP DRILLER, at a draft of 58 feet, has VM of 900,000 ft-tons, and FSMT of 20,000 ft-tons. What is the KGT?

    Y a. 51.6 feet
    N b. 52.3 feet
    N c. 53.8 feet
    N d. 55.0 feet

3853: Coast Guard Regulations (46 CFR) require inflatable liferafts to be equipped with __________.

    N a. a first aid kit
    N b. an instruction manual
    N c. a sea anchor
    Y d. All of the above

4003: The DEEP DRILLER is loaded as shown in Sample Load Form #4 (Drilling). What would be the new sum of transverse moments for Fuel Oil if the entire contents of Tank 4P are transferred to Tank 4S?

    N a. 995 foot-tons
    N b. 16,918 foot-tons
    N c. 17,713 foot-tons
    Y d. 34,381 foot-tons

4078: When shifting to a course where the wind comes more from astern, easing the mainsheet will __________.

    N a. bring the boom more fore and aft
    N b. decrease the force needed to haul on the mainsheet
    N c. bring the head of the sail down from the top of the mast
    Y d. allow the sail to catch more wind

4222: The SS AMERICAN MARINER has the liquid loading shown. Use the white pages of The Stability Data Reference Book to determine the LCG-FP of the liquid load. ST-0157

    Y a. 273.5 ft
    N b. 288.8 ft
    N c. 292.3 ft
    N d. 305.3 ft

4262: Which statement about immersion suits is TRUE?

    Y a. Prior to abandonment, the suit allows body movement such as walking, climbing a ladder and picking up small objects.
    N b. The immersion suit seals in body heat and provides protection against hypothermia for weeks.
    N c. The suit is flameproof and provides protection to the wearer while swimming through burning oil.
    N d. The wearer of the suit is severely restricted and requires twice the time to climb a ladder than without the suit

4413: The COASTAL DRILLER, while in a normal transit, experiences single amplitude rolling of three degrees. What is the minimum period of roll which does not exceed the design limits of the legs?

    N a. 1.5 seconds
    N b. 3.0 seconds
    Y c. 5.5 seconds
    N d. 7.0 seconds

4603: The COASTAL DRILLER is elevated while preparing for the passage of a severe storm. With ideal loading, the static loading on each of the three legs would be 4,715 kips. However, the LCG is 121 feet AFO and TCG is 0.5 foot to starboard of the centerline. By how many kips does the starboard leg reaction exceed the ideal loading?

    N a. 00 kips
    N b. 32 kips
    Y c. 149 kips
    N d. 181 kips

4681: The COASTAL DRILLER is in transit loaded as shown in the Sample Load Form #1 (Rig Move). What would be the new KGT if, during the move, 170.9 kips of fuel oil is consumed from Diesel Oil Tanks #13 and #14?

    N a. 48.98 feet
    N b. 50.08 feet
    Y c. 50.70 feet
    N d. 51.21 feet

4718: The Sailing Plan, required by vessels participating in AMVER, must be sent __________.

    N a. prior to departure
    Y b. within a few hours before or after departure
    N c. within 12 hours of departure
    N d. within 24 hours of departure

5077: The requirements for obstruction lights on mobile offshore drilling units apply on all waters __________.

    N a. outside the boundary lines that are covered by International Rules of the Road
    N b. outside the lines of demarcation that are covered by the U.S. navigational rules
    Y c. over the Outer Continental Shelf and on waters under the jurisdiction of the United States
    N d. over the prohibited zone defined in the Oil Pollution Control Act of 1961

5093: A jack-up drilling unit elevated on the Outer Continental Shelf must have a fog horn that will sound __________.

    Y a. a 2-second blast every 20 seconds
    N b. a 4-second blast every 20 seconds
    N c. an 8-second blast every 30 seconds
    N d. a 10-second blast every 30 seconds

5381: While preparing for a storm when elevated, the total weight of the COASTAL DRILLER is 14,150 kips, LM are 1,712,150 ft-kips, and TM are -9,905 ft-kips. The bow leg reaction is __________.

    Y a. 4,536 kips
    N b. 4,716 kips
    N c. 4,748 kips
    N d. 4,866 kips

5485: The maximum angular tolerance for a bent link of an anchor chain is __________.

    N a. 1 degree
    Y b. 3 degrees
    N c. 5 degrees
    N d. 7 degrees

5547: In a combination chain and wire rope mooring system, the chain is deployed at the anchor end of the line to __________.

    N a. increase fatigue life
    N b. eliminate the need for mooring buoys
    N c. prevent the anchor from fouling
    Y d. increase the catenary

6507: Especially in adverse weather, risk of collision with an offshore supply vessel increases when the vessel is moored to what side of the unit?

    Y a. Upwind
    N b. Downwind
    N c. Crosswind
    N d. Downcurrent

6585: When weight-testing a davit launched liferaft on a mobile offshore drilling unit, the deadweight equivalent for each person in the allowed capacity of the raft is __________.

    N a. 155 pounds
    Y b. 165 pounds
    N c. 175 pounds
    N d. 185 pounds

6721: Each hand portable, semi-portable and fixed fire extinguishing unit on a MODU must be tested and inspected at least once every __________.

    N a. six weeks
    N b. six months
    Y c. twelve months
    N d. two years

6925: After a report of casualty to a mobile offshore drilling unit, what record must be kept on board?

    N a. The Oil Record Book
    Y b. The crane record book
    N c. All chart catalogs
    N d. The machinery maintenance logbook

7035: If a diabetic suffers an insulin reaction and is conscious, he should be given __________.

    N a. soda crackers and water
    Y b. orange juice
    N c. an ounce of whiskey
    N d. a glass of milk

7071: The sorting of accident victims according to the severity of their injuries is called __________.

    N a. evaluation
    Y b. triage
    N c. surveying
    N d. prioritizing

8118: Most medium and slow speed diesels are started by what medium?

    N a. Electric starting motors
    N b. Hydraulics
    Y c. Compressed air
    N d. Ether