USCG Safety: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

34: Which single-letter sound signal(s) may only be made in compliance with the Rules of the Road?

68: The MOST important element in administering CPR is __________.

148: First aid treatment for small cuts and open wounds is to __________.

409: What is the reduction in metacentric height due to free surface when a tank 60 feet long and 30 feet wide is partially filled with salt water, and is fitted with a centerline bulkhead? (The vessel has a displacement of 10,000 tons.)

    Y a. 0.1 foot
    N b. 0.8 foot
    N c. 1.0 foot
    N d. 1.2 feet

498: An unconscious person should NOT be __________.

    N a. placed in a position with the head lower than the body
    N b. given an inhalation stimulant
    Y c. given something to drink
    N d. treated for injuries until conscious

542: Before inserting a low-velocity fog applicator into an all-purpose nozzle, you must __________. (D004SA )

    N a. install the high-velocity nozzle tip
    N b. move the handle to position 2
    N c. move the handle to position 1
    Y d. remove the high-velocity nozzle tip

612: The service life of distress signals must be not more than __________.

    Y a. forty two months from the date of manufacture
    N b. thirty six months from the date of the last inspection
    N c. twenty four months from the date of approval
    N d. twelve months from the date of purchase

622: Most enclosed lifeboats will right themselves after capsizing IF the __________.

    N a. lower ballast tanks are filled with water
    Y b. passengers are strapped to their seats
    N c. sea anchor is deployed to windward
    N d. fuel tanks are not less than half full

682: How are lifelines attached to a life float?

    N a. By serving
    N b. By splicing one end of the line around the apparatus
    Y c. Securely attached around the outside in bights no longer than three feet
    N d. With an approved safety hook or shackle

739: A 7,000 ton displacement tankship carries two slack tanks of alcohol with a S.G. of 0.8. Each tank is 50 ft. long and 30 ft. wide. What is the reduction in GM due to free surface with the vessel floating in sea water, S.G. is 1.026?

    N a. .36 ft
    N b. .46 ft
    Y c. .72 ft
    N d. .82 ft

889: Small quantities of flammable liquids needed at a work site should be __________.

    N a. used only under the supervision and direction of a ship's officer
    N b. tightly capped and stowed with other tools near the job site when securing at the end of the day
    N c. used only when a pressurized fire hose is laid out ready for immediate use
    Y d. in a metal container with a tight cap

979: When should you first have any food or water after boarding a lifeboat or liferaft?

    N a. After 12 hours
    Y b. After 24 hours
    N c. Within 48 hours
    N d. Some food and water should be consumed immediately and then not until 48 hours later.

980: Assuming an even transverse distribution of weight in a vessel, which condition could cause a list?

    Y a. Empty double-bottoms and lower holds, and a heavy deck cargo
    N b. Flooding the forepeak to correct the vessel's trim
    N c. Having KG smaller than KM
    N d. Having a small positive righting arm

1233: The owner, agent, Master or person-in-charge of a small passenger vessel involved in a marine casualty is NOT required to notify the Coast Guard in cases where there is __________.

    N a. property damage less than $25,000
    N b. no injury which requires more than first aid treatment
    N c. death or injury to a shipyard worker or harbor worker not resulting from the vessel casualty
    Y d. All of the above

1430: The SS AMERICAN MARINER is ready to load the cargo listed. There is already 6422 tons of cargo on board with a KG of 26.6 feet. Use the white pages of the Stability Data Reference Book to determine the final KG of all the cargo after loading is completed. ST-0038

    Y a. KG 24.9 feet
    N b. KG 25.5 feet
    N c. KG 26.1 feet
    N d. KG 28.9 feet

1495: A weight of 350 tons is loaded on your vessel 85 feet forward of the tipping center. The vessel's MT1 is 1150 foot-tons. What is the total change of trim?

    N a. 12.93 inches
    N b. 23.75 inches
    Y c. 25.87 inches
    N d. 38.50 inches

1597: Which characteristic is an advantage of Halon as a fire extinguishing medium?

    Y a. Electrically non-conductive
    N b. Relatively inexpensive
    N c. Effective against chemicals containing an oxidizer
    N d. All of the above

1627: The canvas covering of fire hose is called the __________.

    N a. casing
    N b. outer hose
    N c. line cover
    Y d. jacket

1736: On a hydrocarbon flammability chart the line which extends from 0% to 21.8% oxygen, lying tangent to the flammability range, is called the __________.

    N a. minimum oxygen content line
    N b. critical displacement line
    Y c. critical dilution line
    N d. upper threshold limit

1758: A flooded leg on a liftboat would adversely affect the vessel's stability underway by __________.

    N a. increasing the righting moment
    N b. decreasing the vessel's displacement
    N c. increasing the reserve buoyancy
    Y d. shifting the CG (center of gravity) off center

1778: The Sailing Plan, required by vessels participating in AMVER, should be sent __________.

    N a. after the first position report
    N b. 24 hours prior to departure
    N c. 24 hours after departure
    Y d. within a few hours before or after departure

1781: Which frequencies and modes are allocated for distress alerting in GMDSS?

    N a. 406 MHz via EPIRB
    N b. 1626.5-1645.5 MHz via INMARSAT
    N c. Channel 70 DSC plus six (6) MF/HF DSC frequencies
    Y d. All of the above

1894: The liquid mud tanks on your vessel measure 24'L by 16'B by 8'D. The vessel's displacement in salt water (specific gravity 1.025) is 864 T and the specific gravity of the mud is 1.47. What is the reduction in GM due to 2 of these tanks being slack?

    N a. 0.32 foot
    Y b. 0.78 foot
    N c. 0.96 foot
    N d. 1.12 feet

2092: According to regulations, cargo pumps in tank vessels carrying grade A, B, C, or D liquid cargo, shall be isolated from sources of vapor ignition by __________. (vessel constructed 1970)

    N a. cofferdams
    N b. general cargo spaces
    N c. passageways or living quarters
    Y d. gastight bulkheads

2132: On which vessels is GMDSS required?

    N a. All vessels capable of international voyages
    N b. Vessels operating outside of the range of VHF coastal radio stations
    Y c. SOLAS Convention ships of 300 gross tonnage or more.
    N d. Coastal vessels of less than 300 gross tons

2146: Aboard damaged vessels, the MOST important consideration is preserving __________.

    N a. bilge pumping capacity
    Y b. reserve buoyancy
    N c. level attitude
    N d. instability

2281: When retrieving the survival craft, the winch operator should stop the winch and check __________.

    N a. that all personnel are seated in the craft
    Y b. that the cable has not jumped any grooves on the drum
    N c. which way the wind is blowing
    N d. the hydraulic fluid level before lifting

2333: You are sailing into a harbor with the intention of picking up your mooring. There is no current. Which statement(s) is(are) TRUE?

    Y a. On a ketch, you will most likely strike the jib before making your final approach.
    N b. On a yawl, the last sail you will strike after you have picked up the mooring will normally be the mainsail.
    N c. On a sloop, if your initial approach is to be downwind you could slow your approach by striking the jib and letting your main sheet out as far as it will go.
    N d. All of the above are correct.

2402: How should the lifeboat sea painter be rigged?

    N a. Spliced into the ring on the stem post
    N b. Secured by a toggle around the outboard side of a forward thwart
    N c. Secured by a toggle to the stem post and led outboard of the falls
    Y d. Secured to the inboard side of the forward thwart and led inboard of the falls

2584: The grade C flammable liquid phenylethane is found in the Chemical Data Guide under the chemical name __________.

    N a. ethyl cyanide
    Y b. ethylbenzene
    N c. ethyl acetate
    N d. muriatic ether

2652: Which vessel is required to carry an efficient daylight signaling lamp? (Uninspected Vessel Regulations)

    N a. 99 GT towing vessel on Inland Waters
    N b. 199 GT towing vessel on a coastwise voyage
    N c. 299 GT towing vessel on a coastwise voyage
    Y d. 199 GT towing vessel on an international voyage

2889: Switchboards shall be ...... (small passenger vessel regulations)

    N a. Watertight.
    N b. Grounded to the main engine on a wooden hulled boat.
    Y c. The dead-front type, totally enclosed
    N d. Equipped with switch locks

2918: Which statement is TRUE concerning the ventilation of engine and fuel tank compartments on uninspected towing vessels using fuel with a flash point of 100F? (Uninspected Vessel Regulations)

    N a. There shall be at least 3 ventilator ducts open to the atmosphere.
    Y b. At least one exhaust duct shall extend from the open atmosphere to the lower portion of the bilge.
    N c. At least one intake duct shall extend from the open atmosphere to the lower portion of the bilge.
    N d. Only vessels using fuel with a flash point above 110F need ventilate engine and fuel compartments.

2951: A jack-up displacing 350,000 cubic feet while floating in sea water (64 pounds per cubic foot) weighs __________.

    N a. 10,000 kips
    N b. 18,169 kips
    N c. 21,841 kips
    Y d. 22,400 kips

2956: The SS AMERICAN MARINER arrived in port with drafts of: FWD 21'-10.6", AFT 22'-11.6". Cargo was loaded and discharged as shown. Use sheet 2 in the white pages of The Stability Data Reference Book to determine the final drafts. ST-0089

    N a. FWD 22'-00.1", AFT 23'-00.1"
    N b. FWD 21'-11.0", AFT 23'-01.2"
    Y c. FWD 21'-10.0", AFT 22'-10.0"
    N d. FWD 21'-08.9", AFT 22'-11.1"

3146: The SS AMERICAN MARINER has on board 6048 tons of cargo with an LCG-FP of 270.89 feet. See the distribution of the cargo to be loaded. Use the white pages of the Stability Data Reference Book to determine the final LCG-FP of the cargo. ST-0109

    N a. LCG-FP 263.4 feet
    Y b. LCG-FP 266.6 feet
    N c. LCG-FP 267.8 feet
    N d. LCG-FP 269.4 feet

3230: Which statement is TRUE concerning a power driven fire pump on board a small passenger vessel?

    N a. The hand fire pump shall be located adjacent to the main engine spaces.
    N b. It shall be of at least 2 gallons per minute capacity.
    N c. It shall be painted red.
    Y d. It may also serve as a bilge pump.

3252: Before any machinery is put in operation, you should __________.

    Y a. ventilate all compartments, see that the machinery is clean and there are no obstructions
    N b. just turn the key and start up
    N c. take for granted that there are no fuel leaks
    N d. assume there are no volatile fumes in the engine space

3264: If you reef a marconi mainsail, the sail area __________.

    N a. stays the same
    N b. moves aft
    N c. becomes more
    Y d. becomes less

3284: Unless the COI is endorsed for adults only, there shall be provided a number of approved life jackets suitable for children equal to at least __________. (small passenger vessel regulations)

    N a. 20% of the passengers carried
    Y b. 10% of the total number of persons carried
    N c. 10% of the passengers carried
    N d. 20% of the total number of persons carried

3687: While drilling loaded as shown in Sample Load Form #4 (Drilling), the DEEP DRILLER suffers an unexpected but slowly increasing port and aft inclination. The wind and waves are light. This inclination could have been caused by __________.

    N a. the failure of mooring lines 2 and 3
    N b. the drilling crew dumping the mud
    N c. the drill string breaking
    Y d. ballast tanks equalizing into tank 10P

3692: Before CPR is started, you should __________.

    Y a. establish an open airway
    N b. treat any bleeding wounds
    N c. insure the victim is conscious
    N d. make the victim comfortable

3923: Among the valves that must be opened on the DEEP DRILLER to pump bilge water out of the port pump room using the #1 bilge pump is valve __________.

    N a. 28
    N b. 36
    Y c. 41
    N d. 42

3939: You board an inflatable liferaft that has been hand launched from a sinking vessel. What should you do FIRST after everyone is onboard the liferaft?

    Y a. Cut the painter.
    N b. Operate the radio equipment.
    N c. Open the equipment pack.
    N d. Ventilate the liferaft of CO2.

4067: The DEEP DRILLER is operating as shown in Sample Load Form #4 (Drilling). Assume ballast added or discharged to remain at a constant draft is at a VCG of 10 feet. How much non-liquid load would have to be removed from an average height of 130 feet above the keel to meet the maximum allowable KG at a draft of 60 feet for winds greater than 70 knots?

    N a. 373 long tons
    N b. 457 long tons
    N c. 484 long tons
    Y d. 524 long tons

4073: The DEEP DRILLER is loaded as shown in the Sample Load Form #1 (Transit). What are the new TM (transverse moments) if the entire contents of Salt Water Ballast Tanks 1P and 1S are discharged?

    N a. -3,436 ft-tons
    Y b. 3,446 ft-tons
    N c. 3,594 ft-tons
    N d. 22,682 ft-tons

4288: The Master or person in charge of a vessel subject to the "Vessel Bridge-to-Bridge Radiotelephone Act" who fails to comply with the Act or the regulations thereunder may be charged a civil penalty of __________.

    N a. $2,000
    N b. $1,500
    N c. $1,000
    Y d. $650

4563: While loaded as shown in the COASTAL DRILLER sample load form #3 (drilling), 200 kips are discharged from 60 feet AF0 and 30 feet to starboard of the centerline. What is the starboard leg reaction?

    N a. 4,271 kips
    Y b. 5,393 kips
    N c. 5,410 kips
    N d. 5,571 kips

5785: In storm conditions, with the wind and waves from the port bow of the DEEP DRILLER in 600 feet water depth, the offset is 9%. Completely slacking mooring lines 5 and 6 reduces the offset to __________.

    Y a. 6.5%
    N b. 5.0%
    N c. 2.5%
    N d. 0.0%

6635: What is the minimum required number of ring life buoys on a MODU?

    N a. 4
    Y b. 8
    N c. 12
    N d. 16

6965: In the case of a casualty involving a MODU, the Master, owner, agent or person in charge shall make the records required by regulation available upon request to __________.

    N a. anyone involved in the casualty
    Y b. any Coast Guard official authorized to investigate the casualty
    N c. the local Captain of the Port
    N d. All of the above

7072: The SS AMERICAN MARINER has drafts of: FWD 15'-06", AFT 18'-06". Use the white pages of the Stability Data Reference Book to determine the drafts if you ballast the forepeak with 62 tons of seawater.

    N a. FWD 15'-11.5", AFT 18'-02.7"
    N b. FWD 16'-00.1", AFT 18'-02.1"
    Y c. FWD 16'-00.7", AFT 18'-01.5"
    N d. FWD 16'-01.3", AFT 18'-00.9"

8181: When the COASTAL DRILLER is afloat, the water for the saltwater eductor system is provided by __________.

    N a. raw water tower pumps
    Y b. fire pumps
    N c. bilge pumps
    N d. mud pumps

8198: On a vessel of 6500 tons displacement, a tank 30 ft. long, 32 ft. wide and 15 ft. deep is half filled with oil cargo (S.G. 0.948) while the vessel is floating in saltwater (S.G. 1.026). What is the free surface constant for this tank?

    N a. 3240
    N b. 2731
    Y c. 2162
    N d. 1336

8384: A moment of 300 ft-tons is created by a force of 15,000 tons. What is the moment arm?

    N a. 50.00 feet
    N b. 25.00 feet
    N c. 0.04 foot
    Y d. 0.02 foot

8511: An elevated jack-up weighs 17,000 kips. Its center of gravity is located 110 feet aft of frame zero (AF0). What would be the new LCG if the cantilever (weight 900 kips) and drill floor (weight 800 kips) were skidded 70 feet aft?

    N a. 103.0 feet AF0
    N b. 113.4 feet AF0
    Y c. 117.0 feet AF0
    N d. 180.0 feet AF0

8735: The DEEP DRILLER is loaded as shown in Sample Load Form #4 (Drilling). What would be the new sum of FSML for Fresh Water if the entire contents of Drill Water Tank #5P are transferred to Tank #5S?

    N a. 3,645 ft-tons
    N b. 3,328 ft-tons
    Y c. 317 ft-tons
    N d. 0 ft-tons

8985: The time required to incline from bow down to stern down and return to bow down again is called __________.

    N a. rolling period
    N b. amplitude moment
    N c. inclining moment
    Y d. pitching period

9283: A jack-up with displacement of 10,000 kips has its LCG 100 feet aft of frame zero (AFO). If 200 kips are loaded at 60 feet AFO and 100 kips are discharged from 20 feet AFO, what is the new LCG?

    Y a. 100.0 feet
    N b. 100.4 feet
    N c. 100.8 feet
    N d. 101.2 feet

9642: The carbon dioxide cylinders of a fixed fire extinguishing system may be located inside the protected space, if the quantity of CO2 required to protect that space is not more than __________.

    Y a. 300 pounds
    N b. 400 pounds
    N c. 500 pounds
    N d. 600 pounds