USCG Navigation Problems: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

48: The Clinch River empties into which river?

58: What daymark will you see as you approach Warnicott Bar Lt. (mile 351.3 AHP)?

84: What is the distance from the Amoco Docks at Baton Rouge, LA, to the mouth of the Ohio River?

105: On 19 January , your 0300 zone time DR position is LAT 2213'N, LONG 4019'W. You are on course 297T at a speed of 17 knots. You observed 3 celestial bodies. Determine the latitude and longitude of your 0545 running fix?

    Y a. LAT 2229.0'N, LONG 4106.5'W
    N b. LAT 2230.3'N, LONG 4100.2'W
    N c. LAT 2231.1'N, LONG 4258.6'W
    N d. LAT 2233.0'N, LONG 4255.9'W

188: At 2020, what is the course to steer to enter the inbound lane of North Chesapeake Entrance traffic separation scheme if a northwesterly wind causes 3 of leeway?

    N a. 227pgc
    Y b. 221pgc
    N c. 218pgc
    N d. 215pgc

189: At 0645, Watch Hill Point (left tangent) bears 316.5pgc at 2.75 miles. What was the speed made good between 0600 and 0645?

    N a. 8.1 knots
    N b. 9.8 knots
    Y c. 10.3 knots
    N d. 11.4 knots

207: If your height of eye is 35 feet (10.7 meters), what is the approximate geographic range of Block Island North Light?

    N a. 7.4 nm
    N b. 13.0 nm
    Y c. 15.8 nm
    N d. 17.5 nm

259: The south coast of Long Island Sound between Mattituck Inlet and Port Jefferson is __________.

    N a. composed of high rocky bluffs
    N b. a high, flat plateau with sheer cliffs
    N c. low and marshy with isolated beaches
    Y d. fringed by rocky shoals

358: From your 0410 fix, what is the course per standard magnetic compass to the entrance to York Spit Channel between buoys "37" and "38"?

    N a. 152
    N b. 156
    Y c. 176
    N d. 178

421: At 0345, you set a course to depart New London Harbor. Assuming no set and drift, which standard magnetic compass course must you steer to stay in the middle of the channel?

    N a. 192psc
    N b. 190psc
    Y c. 187psc
    N d. 175psc

424: From your 0530 position, you set a course of 271psc with an engine speed of 9 knots. At 0645, Cornfield Safe-Water Buoy is abeam to starboard. What speed have you averaged since 0530?

    N a. 9.5 knots
    N b. 9.0 knots
    Y c. 8.6 knots
    N d. 7.5 knots

472: The great circle distance from LAT 3817.0'N, LONG 12316.0'W to LAT 3501.0'N, LONG 14221.0'E is 4330 miles and the initial course is 300.9T. The latitude of the vertex is 4740.5'N. What is the longitude of the vertex?

    N a. 17304.6'E
    N b. 16718.0'E
    N c. 17304.6'W
    Y d. 16718.5'W

485: Determine the great circle distance and initial course from LAT 0853.0'N, LONG 7931.0'W to LAT 3351.5'S, LONG 15113.0'E.

    N a. 7809 miles, 247.0T
    N b. 7763 miles, 247.0T
    Y c. 7635 miles, 233.9T
    N d. 7618 miles, 230.3T

675: You are planning a voyage from Godthab, Greenland, to Cayenne, French Guiana. Using chart WOXZC 5274, determine which statement is TRUE.

    N a. Godthab is located at the Northern Hemisphere vertex.
    Y b. The rhumb line track approximates a great circle track.
    N c. A great circle track will be considerably shorter due to the length of the voyage.
    N d. Distance is measured by using the length of meridian at the point of tangency.

733: On 12 March , your 1846 zone time DR position is LONG 12916.5'W. At that time you observe Polaris with a sextant altitude (hs) of 2801.5'. The chronometer time of the sight is 03h 44m 10s, and the chronometer error is 01m 55s slow. The index error is 2.2' off the arc, and the height of eye is 59.8 feet (18.2 m). What is your latitude by Polaris?

    Y a. 2733.7'N
    N b. 2740.9'N
    N c. 2754.4'N
    N d. 2806.9'N

840: On 29 October , in DR position LAT 4112.0'N, LONG 5018.9'W, you take an ex-meridian observation of the Sun's lower limb, near upper transit. The chronometer time of the sight is 03h 21m 12s, and the chronometer error is 01m 50s slow. The sextant altitude (hs) is 3454.2'. The index error is 2.0' on the arc, and your height of eye is 45 feet. What is the latitude at meridian transit?

    N a. 4112.0'N
    Y b. 4116.0'N
    N c. 4120.2'N
    N d. 4123.6'N

983: On 17 January , your 0730 zone time position was LAT 2226.0'N, LONG 15217.0'E. Your vessel was steaming on course 136T at a speed of 17.0 knots. An observation of the Sun's lower limb was made at 1015 ZT. The chronometer read 00h 13m 23s and was slow 01m 49s. The observed altitude (Ho) was 4025.7'. LAN occurred at 1222 zone time. The observed altitude (Ho) was 4748.1'. What was the longitude of your 1200 zone time running fix?

    N a. LONG 15304.2'E
    N b. LONG 15308.3'E
    Y c. LONG 15313.1'E
    N d. LONG 15318.6'E

1021: On 30 March , your 0145 DR position is LAT 2930'S, LONG 12245'E. You are on course 055T at a speed of 22 knots. You observed 3 celestial bodies. Determine the latitude and longitude of your 0600 running fix.

    N a. LAT 2824.6'S, LONG 12421.4'E
    Y b. LAT 2839.9'S, LONG 12418.6'E
    N c. LAT 2841.5'S, LONG 12441.5'E
    N d. LAT 2920.1'S, LONG 12341.0'E

1088: On 9 June , your 0000 DR position is LAT 2614.0'S, LONG 17638.1'E. You are on course 223T, speed 17.8 knots. You observed 4 celestial bodies. Determine the latitude and longitude of your 0630 running fix.

    Y a. LAT 2744.7'S, LONG 17457.1'E
    N b. LAT 2746.2'S, LONG 17503.0'E
    N c. LAT 2741.2'S, LONG 17501.2'E
    N d. LAT 2738.5'S, LONG 17506.3'E

1246: Which of the following statements are TRUE?

    N a. Oil well structures are listed in the Light List.
    N b. All aids to navigation with lights have lateral significance.
    Y c. On the Western Rivers, crossing marks may exhibit white lights.
    N d. None of the above.

1251: On 16 August , your 1600 ZT DR position is LAT 2617.0'N, LONG 16517.0'E. You are on course 301T at a speed of 15 knots. What will be the zone time of sunset at your vessel?

    N a. 1827
    N b. 1832
    Y c. 1838
    N d. 1845

1408: The horizontal clearance of the center span on the Baton Rouge RR and Highway 190 Bridge is __________.

    N a. 443
    N b. 500
    Y c. 623
    N d. 748

1712: What is the distance from Cairo Point, IL, to Arkansas City?

    N a. 28 miles
    N b. 110 miles
    N c. 218 miles
    Y d. 400 miles

1783: At 2048 ZT, on 13 October , in DR position LAT 4402.8'S, LONG 14658.3'E, you observe an amplitude of Venus. The planet is about one Sun's diameter above the visible horizon and bears 222.2psc. The variation is 15E. What is the deviation?

    N a. 0.0
    N b. 1.1E
    Y c. 1.0W
    N d. 1.5W

1877: On 2 October , your 1845 DR position is LAT 2809.2'S, LONG 16748.1'E. You observe a faint star through a hole in the clouds at a sextant altitude (hs) of 6329.1' bearing 237.5T. The index error is 1.3' off the arc, and the height of eye is 42 feet. The chronometer reads 07h 46m 19s and is 0m 51s fast. What star did you observe?

    Y a. Kappa Scorpii
    N b. Beta Ophiuchi
    N c. Alpha Arae
    N d. Beta Draconis

1914: On 14 January , your 0550 DR position is LAT 2526.0'N, LONG 3816.0'W. You observe an unidentified star bearing 192T at an observed altitude (Ho) of 0615.2'. The chronometer reads 08h 48m 51s, and is 01m 22s slow. What star did you observe?

    N a. Gienah
    N b. Kochab
    Y c. Gacrux
    N d. Eltanin

2017: On 2 February , your 0400 zone time DR position is LAT 2414.0'N, LONG 16328.0'W. You are on course 322T at a speed of 22 knots. Considering their magnitude, azimuth, and altitude, which group includes the three bodies best suited for a fix at star time?

    Y a. Saturn, Antares, Rasalhague
    N b. Jupiter, Saturn, Polaris
    N c. Saturn, Polaris, Zubenelgenubi
    N d. Jupiter, Spica, Denebola

2156: At 1300 ZT, on 9 May , your DR position is LAT 2400'N, LONG 8326'W. Determine the computed altitude (Hc) of the Sun for the assumed position (AP) nearest to the above given latitude and longitude, given a chronometer time of 07h 00m 00s.

    N a. Hc 6822.8'
    N b. Hc 6824.1'
    N c. Hc 6825.2'
    Y d. Hc 6826.6'

2677: You sight a light 9 on your starboard bow at a distance of 21 miles. Assuming you make good your course, what will be your distance off the light when abeam?

    Y a. 3.3 miles
    N b. 3.7 miles
    N c. 4.0 miles
    N d. 4.3 miles

2856: Your vessel is on a course of 034T at 17 knots. At 0551 a light bears 056.5T, and at 0623 the light bears 079T. At what time and at what distance off will your vessel be when abeam of the light?

    N a. 0636, 5.9 miles
    N b. 0646, 5.9 miles
    N c. 0636, 6.4 miles
    Y d. 0646, 6.4 miles

2873: Your vessel is on a course of 103T at 14 knots. At 1918 a light bears 129.5T, and at 1937 the light bears 148T.
At what time and at what distance off will your vessel be when abeam of the light?

    N a. 1947, 2.8 miles
    N b. 1950, 3.2 miles
    N c. 1953, 3.8 miles
    Y d. 1956, 4.4 miles

3058: The propeller on a vessel has a diameter of 20.9 feet and a pitch of 19.6 feet. What would be the apparent slip if the vessel cruised 447 miles in a 23 hour day (observed distance) at an average RPM of 108?

    N a. -5.6%
    N b. +5.6%
    N c. -7.0%
    Y d. +7.0%

3077: If the speed necessary for reaching port at a designated time is 23.7 knots and the pitch of the propeller is 20.8 feet, how many revolutions per minute will the shaft have to turn, assuming a 7% negative slip?

    Y a. 108
    N b. 112
    N c. 116
    N d. 124

3112: While enroute from Montevideo to Walvis Bay a vessel's course is 116psc. The variation for the locality is 25W and the deviation is 6W. What is the true course made good if a southerly wind produces 1 leeway?

    Y a. 084T
    N b. 086T
    N c. 148T
    N d. 085T

3455: You wish to make good a course of 230T while turning for an engine speed of 12.5 knots. The set is 180T, and the drift is 1.7 knots. What course should you steer?

    N a. 244T
    Y b. 236T
    N c. 231T
    N d. 222T

3638: You desire to make good a true course of 007. The variation is 5E, magnetic compass deviation is 3W, and gyrocompass error is 2E. A southwest by west wind produces a 2 leeway. What is the course to steer per standard magnetic compass to make the true course good?

    Y a. 003psc
    N b. 005psc
    N c. 007psc
    N d. 009psc

3646: The true course between two points is 041. Your gyrocompass has an error of 1W. You make an allowance of 2 leeway for a east-southeast wind. What gyro course should be steered to make the true course good?

    N a. 040pgc
    N b. 042pgc
    N c. 043pgc
    Y d. 044pgc

10101: Your GPS position is LAT 3659.0'N, LONG 7548.6'W. What is the course per standard magnetic compass to a position one mile east of Cape Charles Buoy "14" (LAT 3707.4'N, LONG 7541.0'W)?

    N a. 040psc
    Y b. 045psc
    N c. 049psc
    N d. 053psc

11303: At 0856 your GPS position is LAT 3701.6'N, LONG 7531.7'W. At 0945 your position is LAT 3657.0'N, LONG 7541.0'W. What was the speed made good between the fixes?

    N a. 8.4 knots
    N b. 8.9 knots
    N c. 9.6 knots
    Y d. 10.7 knots

12301: You are on course 055 per standard magnetic compass when you sight Block Island Southeast Point Light in line with the Block Island Aero Beacon bearing 319 per standard magnetic compass. Based on this you __________.

    N a. should use 4W deviation on true courses of 040
    N b. know the compass error is 19W
    Y c. know the deviation table is correct for that heading
    N d. should apply 4W deviation to all bearings

12509: You are on course 027 per magnetic compass when you take the following bearings per magnetic compass: New Point Comfort Light "2" 253
Horn Harbor Entrance Light HH 282
Wolf Trap Light 348
What is the position of the fix?

    N a. LAT 3719.4'N, LONG 7609.5'W
    N b. LAT 3719.4'N, LONG 7609.8'W
    N c. LAT 3719.7'N, LONG 7610.3'W
    Y d. LAT 3719.7'N, LONG 7609.9'W

12602: You are on course 087 per standard magnetic compass (psc) when you take the following bearings: Falkner Island Light - 022.0psc Horton Point Light - 111.5psc Mt. Sinai Breakwater Light - 254.0psc What is your position?

    N a. LAT 4113.6'N, LONG 7246.6'W
    N b. LAT 4110.5'N, LONG 7240.5'W
    N c. LAT 4107.0'N, LONG 7244.5'W
    Y d. LAT 4106.8'N, LONG 7240.7'W

13109: At 1113 you are in the entrance to Great Salt Pond on Block Island with buoy "5" close aboard. What is your ETA at light "1" at the mouth of the approaches to Lake Montauk if you make good 9.6 knots?

    N a. 1310
    Y b. 1301
    N c. 1254
    N d. 1249

13905: The Ruins (LAT 4108.5'N, L0NG 7208.8'W) is __________.

    N a. a classic example of 18th century military fortifications
    N b. in an area of unpredictable, treacherous currents
    N c. restricted to surface navigation due to fishery conservation projects nearby
    Y d. prohibited to the public

15010: At 1950, your position is LAT 3712.3'N, LONG 7538.6'W. The set and drift from 1930 to 1950 were __________.

    N a. 150T at 0.6 knot
    Y b. 150T at 1.6 knots
    N c. 330T at 0.6 knot
    N d. 330T at 1.6 knots

15266: At 1210, you are in position LAT 4114.3'N, LONG 7216.5'W. What is the charted depth of water?

    N a. 97 feet (29.4 meters)
    Y b. 108 feet (32.7 meters)
    N c. 119 feet (36.1 meters)
    N d. 125 feet (37.9 meters)

15359: Based on your running fix, you __________.

    N a. have a head current
    Y b. have a following current
    N c. are being set to the north
    N d. are not affected by a current

15464: What is the course per standard magnetic compass on the southern leg of York Spit Channel between buoys "15" and "23"?

    N a. 319
    N b. 322
    Y c. 339
    N d. 341

15612: At 1920, Cape Henry Light bears 225pgc, and Chesapeake Channel Tunnel North Light bears 288pgc. If your heading is 268T, what is the relative bearing of Chesapeake Light?

    N a. 194
    N b. 205
    Y c. 213
    N d. 220

15627: What is the vertical clearance of the Natchez Highway Bridge (westbound) when the river level is the same as the Low Water Reference Plane (6.1 ft)?

    N a. 102.2 ft
    N b. 108.3 ft
    Y c. 119.4 ft
    N d. 125.6 ft

16017: What is the approximate distance to New Bedford, MA, from your 0530 DR position, if your 0352 position was 7 miles from Bridgeport, CT?

    N a. 77 miles
    N b. 91 miles
    Y c. 104 miles
    N d. 115 miles

16067: At 2118, you obtain the following information:
Cape Henry Light 151pgc;
Cape Charles Light 033pgc;
Thimble Shoal Light 291pgc

What is your 2118 position?

    Y a. LAT 3657.4'N, LONG 7601.9'W
    N b. LAT 3657.5'N, LONG 7601.4'W
    N c. LAT 3657.6'N, LONG 7601.8'W
    N d. LAT 3657.6'N, LONG 7602.2'W

16258: What is the course to steer per standard magnetic compass from the anchorage to point A, if easterly winds are causing 3 of leeway?

    N a. 187
    Y b. 191
    N c. 194
    N d. 197

16312: Assuming no current, at what time can you expect to be abeam of Townshend Ledge Lighted Buoy?

    N a. 0859
    N b. 0902
    N c. 0905
    Y d. 0910

16358: What is the distance from the anchorage to point "A"?

    N a. 13.9 miles
    Y b. 15.1 miles
    N c. 15.9 miles
    N d. 17.0 miles

16464: At 0405, you increase speed. At 0500, your position is LAT 3706.0'N, LONG 7541.1'W. What is the approximate depth of the water under the keel?

    N a. 66 feet (20.0 meters)
    N b. 62 feet (18.8 meters)
    N c. 54 feet (16.4 meters)
    Y d. 46 feet (13.9 meters)