USCG Navigation Problems: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

102: The latest available information on the channel conditions above Baton Rouge that includes recommended course and the latest buoy information is found in the __________.

201: What course should you steer by your standard magnetic compass to make good a course of 280T?

225: From your 1920 position, you change course to enter Chesapeake Channel between buoys 9 and 10. What is the course per standard magnetic compass (psc) ?

253: According to the DR track line from your 0100 position, how far off Roanoke Point Shoal Buoy "5" should you be when the buoy is abeam?

    N a. 1.8 mile
    N b. 1.3 mile
    Y c. 0.8 mile
    N d. 0.2 miles

312: A vessel at LAT 0705'N, LONG 8145'W is to proceed to LAT 0840'N, LONG 8800'W. What are the course and distance by mid-latitude sailing?

    N a. 283.1T, 381.2 miles
    Y b. 284.3T, 384.6 miles
    N c. 285.6T, 385.0 miles
    N d. 286.8T, 387.4 miles

494: What action should you take to compensate for the above current?

    N a. Continue on the same course and speed.
    N b. Alter your course to the right.
    N c. Slow to 8.5 knots.
    Y d. Alter your course to the left.

508: Branford Reef is __________.

    N a. a hard sand shoal marked with a light
    Y b. completely submerged at all stages of the tide
    N c. surrounded by rocks awash at low water spring tides
    N d. a small, low, sandy islet surrounded by shoal water

528: You depart LAT 3812'S, LONG 1206'W and steam 1543 miles on course 270. What is the Longitude of arrival?

    Y a. 4449'W
    N b. 4512'W
    N c. 4537'W
    N d. 4542'W

606: At 0915 zone time, on 11 May , you depart Yokohama, LAT 3527.0'N, LONG 13939.0'E (ZD -9). You are bound for Seattle, LAT 4736.0'N, LONG 12222.0'W, and you estimate your speed of advance at 19.5 knots. The distance is 4,276 miles. What is your estimated zone time of arrival at Seattle?

    Y a. 1932, 19 May
    N b. 0332, 20 May
    N c. 1032, 20 May
    N d. 1232, 20 May

733: On 12 March , your 1846 zone time DR position is LONG 12916.5'W. At that time you observe Polaris with a sextant altitude (hs) of 2801.5'. The chronometer time of the sight is 03h 44m 10s, and the chronometer error is 01m 55s slow. The index error is 2.2' off the arc, and the height of eye is 59.8 feet (18.2 m). What is your latitude by Polaris?

    Y a. 2733.7'N
    N b. 2740.9'N
    N c. 2754.4'N
    N d. 2806.9'N

1086: On 15 July , your vessel is enroute from Portland, OR, to Singapore, Malaysia. You are steering course 243T and making a speed of 16 knots. Your 1845 zone time DR is LAT 2742.0'N, LONG 16702.0'E. You observed 3 celestial bodies. Determine the latitude and longitude of your 1945 running fix. NP-0016

    Y a. LAT 2731.1'N, LONG 16643.0'E
    N b. LAT 2738.5'N, LONG 16645.1'E
    N c. LAT 2745.3'N, LONG 16632.2'E
    N d. LAT 2818.1'N, LONG 16639.8'E

1204: On 25 April , your 0930 zone time position is LAT 2835'S, LONG 8230'W. Your vessel is on course 300T at a speed of 20.0 knots. Determine the time of LAN.

    Y a. 1131
    N b. 1158
    N c. 1211
    N d. 1225

1234: What is the distance from the Amoco Docks at Baton Rouge, LA, to Pittsburgh, PA?

    Y a. 1681.7 miles
    N b. 1575.3 miles
    N c. 981.7 miles
    N d. 727.9 miles

1263: On 18 October , your 1330 ZT DR position is LAT 2732.0'N, LONG 15447.0'W. You are on course 115T at a speed of 20 knots. What will be the zone time of sunset at your vessel?

    N a. 1715
    N b. 1729
    Y c. 1742
    N d. 1751

1278: On 17 April , your vessel is enroute from the Panama Canal to Kobe, Japan. Your 0400 zone time DR position is LAT 2612.0'N, LONG 12612.0'W. Your vessel is on course 285T at a speed of 18 knots. What will be the zone time of sunrise at your vessel?

    N a. 0535
    N b. 0541
    N c. 0552
    Y d. 0602

1419: Which light will you be passing at 0059, on 22 September, if you make good 9.2 knots?

    Y a. Obion Bar Lt.
    N b. Kate Aubrey Lt.
    N c. Trotter Lt.
    N d. Quaker Oats Lt.

1421: What is your ETA at the Helena Highway Bridge?

    Y a. 1335, 24 Sept
    N b. 1109, 24 Sept
    N c. 0926, 24 Sept
    N d. 0458, 24 Sept

1500: On September 9 , your 2130 zone time (ZD +5) DR position is LAT 4508'N, LONG 8238'W. At that time, you observe Polaris bearing 000.5pgc. The chronometer time of the observation is 02h 26m 09s, and the chronometer is 1m 43s slow. The variation is 8.7W. What is the gyro error?

    Y a. 0.7E
    N b. 1.2E
    N c. 0.8W
    N d. 9.4W

1721: What is the total length of the trip?

    Y a. 850.6 miles
    N b. 894.8miles
    N c. 922.5 miles
    N d. 946.5 miles

1733: What are the dimensions of the channel maintained at Baton Rouge, LA?

    N a. 30 feet x 300 feet
    N b. 40 feet x 300 feet
    Y c. 45 feet x 500 feet
    N d. 30 feet x 500 feet

2001: On 3 February , your 0451 zone time DR position is LAT 2415.0'S, LONG 12424.0'W. Considering their magnitude, azimuth and altitude, which group includes the three bodies best suited for a fix at star time?

    Y a. Alphard, Denebola, Acrux
    N b. Spica, Venus, Procyon
    N c. Jupiter, Dubhe, Antares
    N d. Mars, Arcturus, Spica

2086: Ar your current speed of 22 knots you only have enough fuel remaining to travel 440 miles. You must travel 618 miles to reach your destination. What should you reduce your speed (knots) to in order to reach your destination?

    N a. 17.8
    Y b. 18.6
    N c. 19.4
    N d. 20.2

2094: At your current speed of 20 knots you only have enough fuel remaining to travel 218 miles. You must travel 395 miles to reach your destination. What should you reduce your speed (knots) to in order to reach your destination?

    N a. 17.4
    N b. 16.2
    Y c. 14.9
    N d. 13.7

2172: On 11 October , at 0516 ZT, morning stars were observed, and the vessel's position was determined to be LAT 2321.0'N, LONG 13927.0'W. Your vessel is steaming at 14.0 knots on a course of 293T. A sextant observation of the Sun's lower limb is made at 0927 ZT. The chronometer reads 06h 30m 21s, and the sextant altitude (hs) is 3948.7'. The index error is 2.0' on the arc, and the chronometer error is 02m 56s fast. Your height of eye on the bridge is 63.0 feet. What is the azimuth (Zn) of this sight using the assumed position?

    N a. 116.2T
    Y b. 123.4T
    N c. 126.2T
    N d. 128.4T

2500: You are underway and intend to make good a course of 227T. You experience a current with a set and drift of 350T at 2.1 knots, and a northwest wind produces a leeway of 5. You adjust your course to compensate for the current and leeway, while maintaining an engine speed of 11 knots. What will be your speed made good over your intended course of 227T?

    N a. 18.5 knots
    N b. 18.1 knots
    N c. 17.6 knots
    Y d. 17.2 knots

2582: From your 1750 GPS position at LAT 4115.6'N, LONG 07211.5'W, you plot a course of 255T at 8.5 kts. At what time would you see Falkner Island Light, if visibility is 10 miles?

    N a. 1819
    Y b. 1850
    N c. 1910
    N d. 1917

2667: Your vessel is on a course of 255T, at 14 knots. At 2126 a lighthouse is sighted dead ahead at a distance of 11 miles. You change course at this time to pass the lighthouse 3 miles abeam to port. What will be your ETA at this position off the lighthouse?

    N a. 2149
    N b. 2201
    Y c. 2211
    N d. 2228

3057: The propeller on a vessel has a diameter of 25.3 feet and a pitch of 23.2 feet. What would be the apparent slip if the vessel cruised 515 miles in a 23 hour day (observed distance) at an average RPM of 93?

    N a. -3.6%
    N b. +3.6%
    Y c. -5.2%
    N d. +5.2%

3616: You desire to make good a true course of 046. The variation is 6E, magnetic compass deviation is 12W, and the gyrocompass error is 3W. A northerly wind produces a 5 leeway. What is the course to steer per standard magnetic compass to make good the true course?

    Y a. 047psc
    N b. 049psc
    N c. 052psc
    N d. 057psc

3627: Your vessel is steering course 243psc. Variation for the area is 5E, and deviation is 2W. The wind is from the south-southeast, producing a 2 leeway. What true course are you making good?

    N a. 242T
    N b. 244T
    N c. 246T
    Y d. 248T

3641: You desire to make good a true course of 174. The variation is 17W, magnetic compass deviation is 4W, and gyrocompass error is 4E. A west-southwest wind produces a 4 leeway. What is the course to steer per standard magnetic compass to make the true course good?

    N a. 195psc
    N b. 197psc
    Y c. 199psc
    N d. 203psc

3650: The true course between two points is 194. Your gyrocompass has an error of 2W and you make an allowance of 1 leeway for a southwest wind. What gyro course should you steer to make the true course good?

    N a. 193pgc
    N b. 195pgc
    Y c. 197pgc
    N d. 199pgc

4013: You swung ship and compared the magnetic compass against the gyro compass to find deviation. Gyro error is 2W. The variation is 8W. Find the deviation on a gyro heading of 039.
358.5 - 354 122.5 - 114 239.5 - 234
030.5 - 024 152.0 - 144 269.0 - 264
061.5 - 054 181.0 - 174 298.0 - 294
092.0 - 084 210.0 - 204 327.5 - 324

    N a. 0.8E
    N b. 0.0
    N c. 0.5W
    Y d. 1.0W

10602: At 1815 your GPS position is LAT 4109.2'N, LONG 7236.9'W. You are steering course 285 per standard magnetic compass at a speed of 16 knots. At 1909 you fix your position by plotting several compass bearings on nearby known fixed objects. These result in a position of LAT 4108.5'N, LONG 7253.7'W. What were your set and drift?

    N a. 292T at 1.8 knots
    N b. 243T at 1.0 knot
    N c. 118T at 1.9 knots
    Y d. 111T at 2.1 knots

10701: At 0947 your position is LAT 4115.9'N, LONG 7141.7'W. You are on course 182 per magnetic compass at 11.3 knots. At 1020 your position is LAT 4109.2'N, LONG 7140.6'W. What were the set and drift?

    N a. 211T at 1.0 knot
    Y b. 229T at 2.0 knots
    N c. 058T at 1.8 knots
    N d. 043T at 1.1 knots

11306: At 1919 your position is LAT 3700.0'N, LONG 7530.0'W. At 1950 your position is LAT 3659.5'N, LONG 7537.0'W. What is the speed made good?

    N a. 5.6 knots
    N b. 8.2 knots
    N c. 9.1 knots
    Y d. 10.9 knots

12901: Your 1152 position is LAT 3723.9'N, LONG 7605.5'W. You are turning for 10.3 knots. What is your ETA at Trestle C of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel if you follow York Spit Channel?

    Y a. 1404
    N b. 1349
    N c. 1342
    N d. 1339

13703: NOAA weather broadcasts can be received on what frequency while navigating off Cape Henry?

    N a. 162.45 MHz
    Y b. 162.55 MHz
    N c. 162.65 MHz
    N d. 162.70 MHz

15026: The highest point on your towboat is 53 feet above the water, and the Helena Gage (mile 663 AHP) reads 6.7 feet. What is the vertical clearance when you pass under the Helena Highway Bridge in Helena?

    Y a. 59.9 feet
    N b. 62.5 feet
    N c. 64.1 feet
    N d. 65.5 feet

15107: At 1752, your position is LAT 3704.3'N, LONG 7606.4'W. On a flood current you should expect to be set to the __________.

    Y a. north northwest
    N b. south southwest
    N c. east southeast
    N d. east

15119: What is the height above water of Davis Creek Channel Light "1"?

    N a. 6 feet (1.8 meters)
    Y b. 15 feet (4.6 meters)
    N c. 17 feet (5.2 meters)
    N d. 24 feet (7.3 meters)

15306: Your 0200 position is LAT 3723.5'N, LONG 7609.2'W. Your speed is 8 knots, and your course is 095T. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. The depth of the water in your vicinity is about 38 to 40 fathoms (69.1 meters to 72.7 meters).
    Y b. You are less than a mile from a sunken wreck which could interfere with your tow.
    N c. The closest major aid to navigation is New Point Comfort Light.
    N d. You will pass through a disposal area on your present course.

15365: Which loran line can you follow to remain clear of all danger until south of New London?

    N a. 9960-W-15000
    N b. 9960-W-14900
    N c. 9960-X-26450
    Y d. 9960-Y-43960

15456: On 25 February, your vessel is berthed near Lamberts Point in Norfolk. You are preparing to sail for Baltimore and wish to be transiting York Spit Channel while the morning flood current is at its maximum speed. At what time should you be between buoys "33" and "34"? And, what will be the speed of the flood at this time?

    N a. 0513, 0.8 k
    Y b. 0810, 1.2 k
    N c. 0810, 1.5 k
    N d. 1124, 1.2 k

16320: Which course should you change to per standard magnetic compass as you pass SW Ledge Light to remain in the channel?

    N a. 007psc
    N b. 014psc
    Y c. 021psc
    N d. 026psc

16515: What action should you take to compensate for the above current?

    N a. Continue on the same course and speed.
    Y b. Alter your course to the left.
    N c. Slow to 8.5 knots.
    N d. Alter your course to the right.

16707: Point Judith Harbor of Refuge __________.

    N a. is used mostly by towing vessels
    N b. has a maximum depth of 14 feet at MHW
    N c. is easily accessible in heavy southerly seas
    Y d. is entered through the East Gap or the West Gap