USCG Navigation Problems: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

75: What is your ETA at the Memphis Highway Bridge?

175: At 2118, you obtain the following bearings:

Cape Henry Light - 148pgc
Cape Charles Light - 033pgc
Thimble Shoal Light - 291pgc

From this position, you proceed to Norfolk, VA, a distance of approximately 26.0 miles. To arrive at Norfolk by 0200 the next day, what is the speed to make good from your 2118 position to arrive at this time?

198: While navigating inbound Thimble Shoal Channel system you must __________.

224: Which statement concerning your 1920 position is TRUE?

    N a. You are governed by the Inland Rules of the Road.
    Y b. You are entering a restricted area.
    N c. You are within the Chesapeake Bay Entrance traffic separation scheme.
    N d. You can expect differences of as much as 6 from the normal magnetic variation of the area.

238: At 0910, your DR position is LAT 4111.9'N, LONG 7247.8'W. Your vessel is on course 097T at 9.5 knots, and the weather is foggy. At 0915, Branford Reef Light is sighted through a break in the fog bearing 318T. At 0945, Falkner Island Light is sighted bearing 042T. What is your 0945 running fix position?

    N a. LAT 4111.1'N, LONG 7241.2'W
    N b. LAT 4111.3'N, LONG 7241.3'W
    Y c. LAT 4111.5'N, LONG 7240.7'W
    N d. LAT 4111.8'N, LONG 7240.2'W

311: A vessel at LAT 2010'N, LONG 12200'E is to proceed to LAT 2618'N, LONG 12820'E. What are the course and distance by mid-latitude sailing?

    N a. 041.2T, 501.0 miles
    N b. 041.9T, 503.6 miles
    Y c. 043.5T, 507.3 miles
    N d. 044.7T, 509.7 miles

406: You depart LAT 4945.0'N, LONG 0635.0'W, and steam 3599 miles on course 246.5T. What is the longitude of your arrival by Mercator sailing?

    N a. LONG 7636.2'W
    Y b. LONG 7702.8'W
    N c. LONG 7814.0'W
    N d. LONG 7822.6'W

410: A vessel steams 666 miles on course 135T from LAT 4024.0'N, LONG 7430.0'W. What is the latitude and longitude of the point of arrival by Mercator sailing?

    N a. LAT 3230.0'N, LONG 6441.0'W
    Y b. LAT 3233.0'N, LONG 6446.0'W
    N c. LAT 3236.0'N, LONG 6449.0'W
    N d. LAT 3239.0'N, LONG 6453.0'W

412: A vessel steams 1650 miles on course 077T from LAT 1247'N, LONG 4510'E. What is the latitude and longitude of the point of arrival by Mercator sailing?

    N a. LAT 1854'N, LONG 7258'E
    Y b. LAT 1858'N, LONG 7252'E
    N c. LAT 1902'N, LONG 7244'E
    N d. LAT 1906'N, LONG 7236'E

484: You are on a great circle track departing from position LAT 2550'N, LONG 7700'W. The position of the vertex is LAT 3735.6'N, LONG 2557.8'W. The distance along the great circle track from the vertex to a point (X) is 600 miles westward. Determine the position of point (X) on the great circle track.

    N a. LAT 3647.5'N, LONG 3821.8'W
    N b. LAT 3650.4'N, LONG 3825.6'W
    Y c. LAT 3655.6'N, LONG 3830.0'W
    N d. LAT 3702.3'N, LONG 3834.4'W

551: You are on course 092T, and the engines are turning for 8 knots. At 0452, you take the following bearings:
Stratford Point Light 020pgc Stratford Shoal (Middle Ground) Light 141pgc

What is your 0452 position?

    Y a. LAT 4105.2'N, LONG 7307.8'W
    N b. LAT 4105.0'N, LONG 7307.5'W
    N c. LAT 4105.0'N, LONG 7307.3'W
    N d. LAT 4104.8'N, LONG 7307.3'W

559: At 0615, Stratford Point Light bears 292pgc, Falkner Island Light bears 052pgc, and Branford Reef Light bears 018pgc. What was the current since 0530?

    N a. 083 at 0.9 knots
    Y b. 083 at 1.2 knots
    N c. 263 at 1.2 knots
    N d. 263 at 0.9 knots

566: Your cargo vessel is berthed near Lamberts Point in Norfolk. You are on a voyage to Baltimore, Maryland. Which larger scale chart should you use to show the area from Lamberts Point to Hampton Roads?

    N a. 12224
    N b. 12241
    Y c. 12245
    N d. 12256

611: At 0600 zone time, on 22 October , you depart Manila, LAT 1435.0'N, LONG 12058.0'E (ZD -8). You are bound for Los Angeles, LAT 3346.0'N, LONG 11811.0'W, and you estimate your speed of advance at 20.2 knots. The distance is 6,385.9 miles. What is your estimated zone time of arrival at Los Angeles?

    Y a. 1808, 3 November
    N b. 0208, 4 November
    N c. 1008, 4 November
    N d. 0208, 5 November

702: If the highest point of your towboat is 54 feet above the water and the Natchez Gage reads 24.8 feet, what will be your vertical clearance when passing under the Natchez-Vidalia westbound Highway Bridge?

    N a. 35.9 feet
    N b. 43.2 feet
    Y c. 47.2 feet
    N d. 57.5 feet

1185: On 31 January , your 0920 zone time DR position is LAT 2416.0'S, LONG 15133.0'E. Your vessel is on course 258T at a speed of 18.5 knots. What is the zone time of local apparent noon (LAN)?

    N a. 1202
    N b. 1207
    Y c. 1211
    N d. 1215

1245: The highest point on your towboat is 67 feet above the water, and the Helena Gage reads +22.3 feet. What is the vertical clearance when you pass under the A-span of the Helena Highway Bridge?

    N a. 74.7 feet
    N b. 52.4 feet
    N c. 49.8 feet
    Y d. 30.1 feet

1255: On 12 June , your 0400 ZT DR position is LAT 2231.0'N, LONG 3145.0'W. You are on course 240T at a speed of 16.5 knots. What will be the zone time of sunrise at your vessel?

    N a. 0507
    N b. 0515
    Y c. 0523
    N d. 0645

1274: On 13 February , at 0325 zone time, your DR position is LAT 2320'N, LONG 15515'W. You are steering 240T at a speed of 13.6 knots. What is the zone time of sunrise?

    N a. 0652
    Y b. 0657
    N c. 0706
    N d. 0711

1736: What are the color and shape of Joseph Henry Daymark at mile 445.2 AHP?

    N a. Red - Triangle
    N b. Green - Square
    N c. Green - Triangle
    Y d. Red - Diaomond

1890: On 22 July , your 1759 DR position is LAT 2450.2'S, LONG 0516.0'E. You observe an unidentified star bearing 100T at an observed altitude (Ho) of 6148.2'. The chronometer reads 06h 01m 31s, and is 02m 15s fast. What star did you observe?

    N a. Regulus
    Y b. Antares
    N c. Miaplacidus
    N d. Suhail

2030: Which of the following statements regarding buoys on the Mississippi River is TRUE?

    Y a. Buoys should be given as wide a berth as possible in passing.
    N b. Buoy positions on the chart are exact.
    N c. The buoys are maintained on station year round.
    N d. The buoys do not shift positions due to permanent moorings.

2051: On which map would you find Redman Point, Arkansas?

    N a. 23
    Y b. 20
    N c. 17
    N d. 5

2107: At 0045, you obtain the following bearings:

Rocky Point lookout tower 072T
Horton Point lighthouse 213T

What were the set and drift between 0005 and 0045?

    N a. 272true, 0.9 knot
    N b. 272true, 1.4 knots
    N c. 092true, 0.9 knot
    Y d. 092True, 1.4 knots

2112: At 0130, you obtain the following bearings:

Horton Point Lighthouse 078T
Mattituck Breakwater Light tower 196T

What were the course and speed made good between 0100 and 0130?

    Y a. 246T at 9.8 knots
    N b. 253T at 9.4 knots
    N c. 259T at 9.8 knots
    N d. 267T at 9.4 knots

2586: At 2100 Branford Reef Light bears 347psc and Falkner Island Light bears 059psc. You also get a radar range of 5.3 miles from Branford Reef Light. What are your LORAN readings?

    N a. 14994.0, 26473.0, 43982.0
    N b. 14994.5, 26482.0, 43982.0
    Y c. 14996.0, 26477.5, 43981.0
    N d. 14997.5, 26479.5, 43981.0

2594: What will be the current at Port Jefferson entrance at 0130 on December 5, 1983?

    N a. 1.4 knots, flood
    N b. 1.4 knots, ebb
    N c. 0.8 knot, flood
    Y d. 0.8 knot, ebb

2655: You are steering 078T, and a light is picked up dead ahead at a distance of 15.6 miles at 2316. You change course to pass the light 4.5 miles off abeam to port. If you are making 17 knots, what is your ETA at the position 4.5 miles off the light?

    N a. 0006
    Y b. 0009
    N c. 0012
    N d. 0015

2690: While on a course of 066pgc, a light bears 13 on the port bow at a distance of 12.3 miles. What course should you steer to pass 4 miles abeam of the light leaving it to port?

    N a. 067pgc
    Y b. 072pgc
    N c. 079pgc
    N d. 085pgc

2701: You are underway on course 204T at a speed of 17.3 knots. You sight a light bearing 205T at a radar range of 4.7 miles at 1222. If you change course at 1228, what is the course to steer to leave the light abeam to port at 1.5 miles?

    N a. 223T
    N b. 229T
    Y c. 236T
    N d. 240T

3630: You desire to make good a true course of 203. The variation is 19E, magnetic compass deviation is 2W, and gyrocompass error is 1E. A westerly wind produces a 3 leeway. What is the course to steer per standard magnetic compass to make the true course good?

    N a. 183psc
    Y b. 189psc
    N c. 210psc
    N d. 223psc

3772: Your ship is entering port from sea, and you sight a pair of range lights. When in line, they bear 315 per standard magnetic compass. The chart shows that the range bearing is 312T, and that variation is 6W. What is the deviation of your compass at the time of the sighting?

    Y a. 3E
    N b. 3W
    N c. 9E
    N d. 9W

4004: You swung ship and compared the magnetic compass against the gyro compass to find deviation. Gyro error is 2W. The variation is 8W. Find the deviation on a magnetic compass heading of 166.
358.5 - 354 122.5 - 114 239.5 - 234
030.5 - 024 152.0 - 144 269.0 - 264
061.5 - 054 181.0 - 174 298.0 - 294
092.0 - 084 210.0 - 204 327.5 - 324

    N a. 2.0W
    Y b. 1.5W
    N c. 1.0W
    N d. 0.5W

10102: Your GPS position is LAT 3707.5'N, LONG 7539.1'W. What is the course per standard magnetic compass (psc) to a position 0.3 mile due north of North Chesapeake Entrance Buoy NCA (LL #375)?

    N a. 222psc
    N b. 228psc
    N c. 231psc
    Y d. 234psc

11005: What is the maximum speed permitted in the Main Entrance Channel to Port Jefferson Harbor?

    N a. 3 mph
    N b. 5 mph
    N c. 7 mph
    Y d. 12 mph

11103: Point Judith Harbor of Refuge (LAT 4122'N, LONG 7130'W) __________.

    N a. is used only by tows
    N b. has moorings for small craft along the breakwater
    N c. is easily entered in all sea conditions
    Y d. is entered through either the East Gap or the West Gap

13505: What soundings are indicated by a blue tint on this chart?

    N a. 30 fathoms or more
    Y b. 30 feet or less
    N c. 30 feet or more
    N d. 30 fathoms or less

13705: The broken magenta lines (long and short dashes) in and around Mobjack Bay (LAT 3720'N, LONG 7622'W) indicate __________.

    N a. amphibious training areas
    N b. grounds for dredge spoil
    Y c. fish trap areas
    N d. gunnery exercise areas

15015: At 2100, Cape Charles Light bears 321pgc, and Cape Henry Light bears 247pgc. Your latitude is __________.

    N a. 3700.0'N
    N b. 3659.7'N
    Y c. 3659.4'N
    N d. 3659.1'N

15042: From your 0741 position, you wish to change course in order to pass 2.2 miles easterly of Cape Charles Lighted Bell Buoy "14". Your engine speed is now 14.0 knots. You estimate the current to be 240 true at 1.8 knots. What is the true course to steer to make good the desired course?

    N a. 179true
    N b. 185true
    Y c. 190 true
    N d. 197true

15118: What was the speed made good from 1845 to 1930?

    N a. 6.2 knots
    N b. 7.5 knots
    Y c. 8.3 knots
    N d. 9.4 knots

15520: NOAA VHF-FM weather broadcasts from New London, CT are on __________.

    N a. 162.25 MHz
    N b. 162.30 MHz
    N c. 162.40 MHz
    Y d. 162.55 MHz

15562: The two wavy magenta lines running to Green Hill Point represent __________.

    N a. recommended approaches to Green Hill Point
    Y b. submarine cables
    N c. prohibited fishing areas
    N d. fish trap areas

15626: What type of daymark will you see as you approach Joe Pierce Light (mile 335.4 AHP)?

    N a. Private aid - no daymark
    N b. Red square
    Y c. Red triangle
    N d. Red diamond

15663: At 0748, you change course to 160T. Which loran reading will insure you clear Great Eastern Rock?

    Y a. Nothing more than 9960-W-14645
    N b. Nothing more than 9960-X-25970
    N c. Nothing more than 9960-Y-43850
    N d. Nothing more than 9960-Y-43960

15744: Montauk Point Light has a radar range of 3.9 miles and bears 170T at 2232. What is the depth of water below your keel?

    Y a. 40 feet
    N b. 60 feet
    N c. 70 feet
    N d. 80 feet

15760: As you near Little Gull Island, you use your loran to insure that you do not come within 0.5 mile of the island. Which loran reading will act as a danger line and keep you off Little Gull Island by a minimum of 0.5 mile?

    N a. Not more than 9960-W-14735.9
    N b. Not more than 9960-X-26149.0
    N c. Not less than 9960-X-26140.0
    Y d. Not less than 9960-Y-43953.5

16062: At 1930, your vessel is between York River Entrance Channel Lighted Buoys "1YR" and "2". From this position, you change course to 142pgc at an engine speed of 8.0 knots. At 2000, you take the following bearings: Chesapeake Channel Tunnel North Light - 131pgc Thimble Shoal Light - 247pgc
What were the set and drift between 1930 and 2000?

    N a. 140T at 0.2 knot
    Y b. 140T at 0.4 knot
    N c. 320T at 0.2 knot
    N d. 320T at 0.4 knot

16414: At 1110, you increase speed to 12 knots. What is your ETA at the new position?

    N a. 1157
    N b. 1208
    Y c. 1215
    N d. 1219

16518: At 0845, Montauk Pt. Light is bearing 205T at a radar distance of 6.6 miles. What is your speed made good from your 0815 position?

    Y a. 8.2knots
    N b. 9.2 knots
    N c. 10.0 knots
    N d. 10.5 knots

16544: At 2347 you are advised that your assistance is no longer needed. At 2350 you change course to make good 268T. At 0015 you take the following round of bearings:
Kelsey Point Breakwater light 024pgc
Horton Point Light 100pgc
Falkner Island Light 333pgc

At 0030 Falkner Island Lt. bears 000T at 5.9 miles.

What is the course and speed made good between 0015 and 0030?

    N a. CMG 262T, SMG 10.4 knots
    N b. CMG 268T, SMG 10.8 knots
    N c. CMG 268T, SMG 10.4 knots
    Y d. CMG 272T, SMG 10.8 knots