USCG Navigation Problems: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

158: Which daymark should you see as you approach French Point Light (mile 915.4 AHP)?

230: At 2123, your position is LAT 3720.0'N, LONG 7603.0'W. What is your distance offshore of Savage Neck?

242: At 1210, you are in position LAT 4114.3'N, LONG 7216.5'W. What is the depth of water below your keel?

242: At 1210, you are in position LAT 4114.3'N, LONG 7216.5'W. What is the depth of water below your keel?

    N a. 92 feet (28.0 meters)
    Y b. 97 feet (29.4 meters)
    N c. 108 feet (32.7 meters)
    N d. 115 feet (35.0 meters)

294: What is the maximum allowable speed of vessels underway up river from Tue Marshes Light?

    Y a. 12 knots
    N b. 10 knots
    N c. 8 knots
    N d. 6 knots

308: A vessel at LAT 2000'N, LONG 10730'W is to proceed to LAT 2440'N, LONG 11230 W. What is the course and distance by mid-latitude sailing?

    N a. 314.0T, 389.0 miles
    Y b. 315.3T, 394.0 miles
    N c. 317.2T, 397.0 miles
    N d. 318.3T, 399.0 miles

398: You depart LAT 3216.6'N, LONG 6828.0'W. What is the course and distance as calculated by Mercator sailing to a position at LAT 4312.2'N, LONG 5539.0'W?

    Y a. 042.8T, 896.2 miles
    N b. 049.1T, 955.1 miles
    N c. 132.8T, 896.2 miles
    N d. 136.6T, 955.1 miles

408: You depart LAT 3736'N, LONG 12300'W, and steam 2022 miles on course 241T. What is the longitude of your arrival by Mercator sailing?

    N a. LONG 16328.2'W
    N b. LONG 16318.2'W
    Y c. LONG 15651.7'W
    N d. LONG 15418.3'W

471: The great circle distance from LAT 3557.2'N, LONG 0545.7'W to LAT 2425.3'N, LONG 8302.6'W is 3966.5 miles and the initial course is 283.7T. The latitude of the vertex is 3809.4'N. What is the longitude of the vertex?

    N a. 2802.6'W
    Y b. 2818.2'W
    N c. 2846.3'W
    N d. 2854.7'W

523: At what time will you cross the 60 foot curve if you make good 12 knots?

    N a. 0544
    N b. 0541
    N c. 0534
    Y d. 0528

615: Your vessel departs Yokohama from position LAT 3527.0'N, LONG 13939.0'E (ZD -9), at 1330 ZT, on 23 July, bound for Seattle at position LAT 4736.0'N, LONG 12222.0'W (ZD +8). The distance by great circle is 4,245 miles, and you estimate that you will average 13.6 knots. What is your estimated ZT of arrival?

    N a. 0438, 4 August
    Y b. 2038, 4 August
    N c. 0438, 5 August
    N d. 1238, 5 August

825: On 15 August , an ex-meridian altitude of the Sun's lower limb at upper transit was observed at 1130 ZT. Your DR position is LAT 2624.0'S, LONG 15502.0'E, and your sextant altitude (hs) is 4845.9'. The index error is 2.6' on the arc, and your height of eye is 51.5 feet. The chronometer time of the observation is 01h 27m 38s, and the chronometer error is 02m 14s slow. Find the latitude at meridian transit from the ex-meridian observation.

    N a. LAT 2632.6'S
    Y b. LAT 2651.6'S
    N c. LAT 2657.0'S
    N d. LAT 2709.9'S

846: On 22 February , your 0612 zone time fix gives you a position of LAT 2716.2'S, LONG 3741.6'W. Your vessel is on course 298T, and your speed is 14.2 knots. Local apparent noon (LAN) occurs at 1147 zone time, at which time a meridian altitude of the Sun's lower limb is observed. The observed altitude (Ho) for this sight is 7333.3'. What is the calculated latitude at LAN?

    Y a. 2631.4'S
    N b. 2629.5'S
    N c. 2627.1'S
    N d. 2624.8'S

983: On 17 January , your 0730 zone time position was LAT 2226.0'N, LONG 15217.0'E. Your vessel was steaming on course 136T at a speed of 17.0 knots. An observation of the Sun's lower limb was made at 1015 ZT. The chronometer read 00h 13m 23s and was slow 01m 49s. The observed altitude (Ho) was 4025.7'. LAN occurred at 1222 zone time. The observed altitude (Ho) was 4748.1'. What was the longitude of your 1200 zone time running fix?

    N a. LONG 15304.2'E
    N b. LONG 15308.3'E
    Y c. LONG 15313.1'E
    N d. LONG 15318.6'E

988: On 29 June , your 0800 zone time fix gives you a position of LAT 2616.0'S, LONG 6104.0'E. Your vessel is steaming a course of 079T at a speed of 15.5 knots. An observation of the Sun's upper limb is made at 0905 zone time, and the observed altitude (Ho) is 2520.1. The chronometer reads 05h 08m 12s, and the chronometer error is 02m 27s fast. Local apparent noon occurs at 1154 zone time, and a meridian altitude of the Sun's lower limb is made. The observed altitude (Ho) for this sight is 4044.2'. Determine the vessel's 1200 zone time position.

    Y a. LAT 2602.0'S, LONG 6205.0'E
    N b. LAT 2602.0'S, LONG 6223.2'E
    N c. LAT 2605.1'S, LONG 6206.3'E
    N d. LAT 2556.0'S, LONG 6203.0'E

1126: What are the dotted lines crossing at mile 529.7 AHP?

    Y a. submarine cables
    N b. power cables
    N c. gated dams
    N d. workboat crossings

1179: On 26 September , your 0830 zone time DR position is LAT 2604.0'N, LONG 12916.0'W. Your vessel is on course 119T at a speed of 20.0 knots. What is the zone time of local apparent noon (LAN)?

    Y a. 1124
    N b. 1127
    N c. 1130
    N d. 1133

1185: On 31 January , your 0920 zone time DR position is LAT 2416.0'S, LONG 15133.0'E. Your vessel is on course 258T at a speed of 18.5 knots. What is the zone time of local apparent noon (LAN)?

    N a. 1202
    N b. 1207
    Y c. 1211
    N d. 1215

1186: On 16 November , your 0800 zone time DR position is LAT 2511.0'N, LONG 11741.0'W. Your vessel is on course 252T at a speed of 14.5 knots. What is the zone time of local apparent noon (LAN)?

    N a. 1131
    N b. 1135
    Y c. 1139
    N d. 1144

1275: At 1730 zone time, on 3 March , your DR position is LAT 1600'S, LONG 8000'W. You are steering 000T at a speed of 7.5 knots. What is the zone time of sunset?

    N a. 1829
    N b. 1834
    Y c. 1843
    N d. 1852

1286: As you pass under the Vicksburg Bridges, you estimate the current as 3.0 mph. What is the speed over the ground, if your vessel is making turns for 10.5 mph?

    N a. 16.5 mph
    Y b. 13.5 mph
    N c. 10.5 mph
    N d. 7.5 mph

1292: Which of the following statements regarding buoys on the Mississippi River is TRUE?

    N a. Buoy positions on the chart are exact.
    Y b. Buoys should be given as wide a berth as possible in passing.
    N c. The buoys are maintained on station year round.
    N d. The buoys do not shift positions due to permanent moorings.

1342: What is the vertical clearance between the highest point of your towboat, if it is 45 feet above the water, and if the Natchez Gage reads 23.4 feet when passing under the Natchez-Vidalia Westbound Highway Bridge?

    N a. 67.5 feet
    Y b. 57.1 feet
    N c. 52.2 feet
    N d. 45.2 feet

1421: What is your ETA at the Helena Highway Bridge?

    Y a. 1335, 24 Sept
    N b. 1109, 24 Sept
    N c. 0926, 24 Sept
    N d. 0458, 24 Sept

1687: What are the light characteristics of Greenwood Light (mile 288.6 AHP).

    N a. Fixed red light
    N b. 1 red flash every 4 seconds
    Y c. 2 red flashes every 5 seconds
    N d. 2 white flashes every 4 seconds

1873: On 12 June , your 1845 DR position is LAT 2147'N,
LONG 4652'W when you observe a faint unidentifiable star through a break in the clouds. The star bears 174.0T at a sextant altitude (hs) of 1858.6'. The index error is 0.5
on the arc, and the height of eye is 45 feet. The chronometer reads 09h 43m 27s, and the chronometer error is 1m 46s slow. What star did you observe?

    Y a. Muhlifain
    N b. Alpha Hydri
    N c. Almak
    N d. Alpha Muscae

1897: On 22 June , your 0424 DR position is LAT 2618.5'N, LONG 12418.2'W. You observe an unidentified star bearing 249T at an observed altitude (Ho) of 5250.7'. The chronometer reads 00h 23m 24s, and is 01m 32s slow. What star did you observe?

    N a. Peacock
    N b. Schedar
    N c. Ankaa
    Y d. Altair

2012: On 24 March , your vessel is enroute from Cadiz to Norfolk. Evening twilight will occur at 1830 zone time, and your vessel's DR position will be LAT 3506'N, LONG 6048'
W. Considering their azimuth, altitude, and magnitude,
which group of stars is best suited for plotting a star fix at star time?

    N a. Adhara, Rigel, Suhail
    N b. Regulus, Denebola, Alkaid
    N c. Adhara, Procyon, Alphard
    Y d. Sirius, Dubhe, Mirfak

2086: Ar your current speed of 22 knots you only have enough fuel remaining to travel 440 miles. You must travel 618 miles to reach your destination. What should you reduce your speed (knots) to in order to reach your destination?

    N a. 17.8
    Y b. 18.6
    N c. 19.4
    N d. 20.2

2180: On 12 April , at 0515 ZT, morning stars were observed, and the vessel's position was determined to be LAT 2105'S, LONG 1630'W. Your vessel is steaming at 19 knots on a course of 278T. A sextant observation of the Sun's lower limb is made at 0930 ZT. The chronometer reads 10h 28m 25s, and the sextant altitude (hs) is 4015.9'. The index error is 2.5' off the arc, and the chronometer error is 2m 15s slow. Your height of eye on the bridge is 57 feet. What are the intercept (a) and azimuth (Zn) from the assumed position of this sight?

    N a. Zn 057.7, a 15.4' T
    Y b. Zn 057.0, a 17.7' A
    N c. Zn 122.3, a 17.7' A
    N d. Zn 123.0, a 22.7' A

2208: What is the total length of the trip?

    N a. 906.3 miles
    Y b. 922.3 miles
    N c. 1155.8 miles
    N d. 1187.3 miles

2663: You are on course 035T, speed 18.3 knots. At 0719 you see a buoy bearing 036T at a range of 4.1. If you change course at 0725 to leave the buoy abeam to port at 1.0 mile,
at what time will the buoy be abeam?

    N a. 0740
    N b. 0738
    N c. 0735
    Y d. 0732

2680: While on course 321pgc with a 1W gyro error, you pick up a buoy on radar bearing 001 relative at 5.2 miles. What will be the course to pass the buoy by 1 mile abeam to starboard, if you change course when the buoy is 4.5 miles away?

    N a. 305T
    Y b. 310pgc
    N c. 316T
    N d. 336pgc

3277: While steaming at 12.3 knots, your vessel burns 168 bbls of fuel per day. What will be the rate of fuel consumption if you increase speed to 13.5 knots?

    N a. 192 bbls/day
    N b. 204 bbls/day
    Y c. 222 bbls/day
    N d. 238 bbls/day

3451: You are underway and intend to make good a course of 040T. You experience a current with a set and drift of 190T at 1.4 knots, and a northwest wind produces a leeway of 3. You adjust your course to compensate for the current and leeway, while maintaining an engine speed of 10 knots. What will be your speed made good over your intended course of 040T?

    N a. 7.8 knots
    Y b. 8.8 knots
    N c. 9.8 knots
    N d. 11.0 knots

3645: The true course between two points is 119. Your gyrocompass has an error of 3E. You allow of 4 leeway for a south-southwest wind. What gyro course should be steered to make the true course good?

    N a. 112pgc
    N b. 118pgc
    Y c. 120pgc
    N d. 126pgc

3766: Your vessel is proceeding down a channel, and you see a pair of range lights that are in line dead ahead. The chart indicates that the direction of this pair of lights is 229T, and variation is 6W. If the heading of your vessel at the time of the sighting is 232 per standard magnetic compass, what is the deviation?

    Y a. 3E
    N b. 9E
    N c. 3W
    N d. 9W

4012: You swung ship and compared the magnetic compass against the gyro compass to find deviation. Gyro error is 2W. The variation is 8W. Find the deviation on a magnetic compass heading of 210.
358.5 - 354 122.5 - 114 239.5 - 234
030.5 - 024 152.0 - 144 269.0 - 264
061.5 - 054 181.0 - 174 298.0 - 294
092.0 - 084 210.0 - 204 327.5 - 324

    Y a. 0.0
    N b. 0.5W
    N c. 0.5E
    N d. 1.0E

11404: At 2115 your GPS position is LAT 4103.3'N, LONG 7237.9'W. At 0027 your position is LAT 4114.4'N, LONG 7207.2'W. What was your speed made good?

    N a. 7.0 knots
    N b. 7.5 knots
    Y c. 8.0 knots
    N d. 8.5 knots

11509: At 1014 you depart the entrance to Lake Montauk with light "1" close aboard. Your course is 066 per standard magnetic compass, and the speed is 8.6 knots. At 1232 your position is LAT 4120.0'N, LONG 7140.0'W. What is the course made good?

    N a. 036T
    Y b. 040T
    N c. 044T
    N d. 047T

12300: You are on course 244 per standard magnetic compass when you sight Block Island Southeast Point Light in line with Block Island Aero Beacon bearing 326 per standard magnetic compass. Based on this you __________.

    N a. should swing your vessel to check the deviation table
    N b. know the compass error is 12W
    N c. should suspect that there is a local magnetic disturbance
    Y d. should apply 3W deviation to any bearing (psc) while on a heading of 244psc

13702: What chart should you use in Lynnhaven Bay (west of Cape Henry)?

    N a. 12221
    N b. 12256
    N c. 12205
    Y d. 12254

14504: You are proceeding in a westerly direction on the Columbia River. The pool level of the Bonneville reservoir stands at 72 feet above MSL. If the highest point on your vessel is 44 feet above the water, what will be the vertical clearance as you pass under the overhead power cables at mile 173.8?

    N a. 43 feet
    N b. 68 feet
    N c. 111 feet
    Y d. 115 feet

15027: You are passing the Memphis Gage at 0405, 18 March. If you are turning for 8 mph and estimate the current at 0.9 mph, what is your ETA at Cairo Point, IL (mile 954.5 AHP)?

    N a. 0447, 19 Mar
    Y b. 1052, 19 Mar
    N c. 1518, 19 Mar
    N d. 1808, 19 Mar

15108: Your 1752 position places you __________.

    Y a. less than 0.5 mile westward of York Spit Channel
    N b. less than 0.5 mile eastward of York Spit Channel
    N c. greater than 0.5 mile westward of York Spit Channel
    N d. greater than 0.5 mile eastward of York Spit Channel

15158: At 1630, you reach point "A" and come right to 204T. Your engine speed is 12 knots. Your 1715 position is LAT 3709.8'N, LONG 7537.4'W. The current was __________.

    N a. 067T at 1.1 knots
    Y b. 067T at 1.5 knots
    N c. 247T at 1.1 knots
    N d. 247T at 1.6 knots

15240: At 1130, Horton Point Light bears 172 true at a range of 3.45nm

The fathometer reads 81 ft. Your position is __________.

    N a. north of your intended track line
    N b. 4109.4'N, 7222.6'W
    N c. three miles southeast of Six Mile Reef Buoy "8A"
    Y d. 4108.5'N, 7227.3'W

15358: At 0507, Stratford Shoal Middle Ground Light bears 208pgc. What is the position of your 0507 running fix?

    N a. LAT 4104.8'N, LONG 7305.0'W
    N b. LAT 4104.9'N, LONG 7304.8'W
    Y c. LAT 4105.1'N, LONG 7305.1'W
    N d. LAT 4105.3'N, LONG 7304.8'W

15643: The light on Block Island Sound South Entrance Obstruction Buoy "BIS" is reported extinguished. Which of the following will serve as a positive warning that you are being set onto the obstruction?

    N a. Radar ranges to Southwest Point of less than 7.9 miles
    N b. Soundings of less than 50 feet
    N c. Shagwong Reef Lighted Bell Buoy "7SR" 3.1 miles off abeam
    Y d. Race Rock Light bearing 299T and decreasing

15813: According to the DR track line from your 0100 position, how far off Roanoke Point Shoal Buoy "5" should you be when the buoy is abeam?

    N a. 0.2 mile
    Y b. 0.6 mile
    N c. 1.3 mile
    N d. 1.8 miles

16068: From your 2118 position, you proceed to Norfolk, VA, a distance of approximately 26.0 miles. To arrive at Norfolk by 0200 the next day, what is the minimum speed to make good from your 2118 position to arrive at this time?

    N a. 5.0 knots
    N b. 5.3 knots
    N c. 5.8 knots
    Y d. 5.5 knots

16338: At 2209 your position is latitude 40 47.7'N, longitude 71 35.5'W. There is a strong WSW'ly wind causing an estimated 3 leeway. What course will you steer by standard magnetic compass from your 2209 position to make good 340T?

    N a. 322
    N b. 348
    Y c. 356
    N d. 002

16646: The Tidal Current Tables indicate the following for the Race:
0328 0642 3.9 F
0947 1301 3.2 E

What current should you expect when transiting the Race?

    N a. 3.9 knots, flooding
    Y b. 3.5 knots, flooding
    N c. 3.3 knots, flooding
    N d. 3.0 knots, flooding

16742: At 2352 you hear a MAYDAY call from a vessel reporting her position as 1.5 miles due east of Block Island Southeast Point Light. What is the course to steer, per gyrocompass to the distress site, if you change course at midnight and allow 1 leeway for easterly winds?

    N a. 049.5pgc
    N b. 052.5pgc
    N c. 055.5pgc
    Y d. 059.0pgc