USCG Navigation Problems: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

62: The Greenville Gage reads 10.6 feet. The high point of your towboat is 54 feet above water. What is the vertical clearance as you pass under the Greenville Highway Bridge?

68: The river will be temporarily closed to navigation at mile 531.3 AHP due to repairs to the bridge. This will occur at 1300, 5 January, and last for six hours. What minimum speed over the ground must you make from Red River Landing Gage in order not to be delayed?

297: What course should you steer per standard magnetic compass in order to navigate down the center of York River Entrance Channel (ignore set and drift)?

318: From your 1915 fix you come right and steer a course of 200T. At 2000, your position is LAT 3705.5'N, LONG 7607.0'W. Your intention is to pass through Chesapeake Channel. If there are no set and drift, what course would you steer per standard magnetic compass to make good a course of 145T?

    Y a. 156
    N b. 151
    N c. 139
    N d. 134

336: What speed have you made good from 1710 to 1810?

    Y a. 6.3 knots
    N b. 5.5 knots
    N c. 4.9 knots
    N d. 4.2 knots

378: A vessel at LAT 3724.0'N, LONG 17815.0'W, heads for a destination at LAT 3418.0'N, LONG 17825.0E. Determine the true course and distance by Mercator sailing.

    N a. 041T, 273.9 miles
    N b. 047T, 273.9 miles
    Y c. 221T, 247.2 miles
    N d. 227T, 247.2 miles

817: On 15 December , in DR position LAT 2324.0'N, LONG 5536.0'W, you take an ex-meridian observation of the Sun's lower limb. The chronometer time of the sight is 03h 45m 19s, and the chronometer error is 00m 00s. The sextant altitude (hs) is 4302.3'. The index error is 2.6' on the arc, and your height of eye is 65.0 feet. What is the latitude at meridian transit?

    Y a. LAT 2333.5'N
    N b. LAT 2335.8'N
    N c. LAT 2338.1'N
    N d. LAT 2340.6'N

829: On 8 May , in DR position LAT 3026.0'N, LONG 4655.1'W, you take an ex-meridian observation of Dubhe. The chronometer time of the sight is 11h 10m 54s, and the chronometer error is 01m 18s slow. The sextant altitude (hs) is 5835.0'. The index error is 1.5' on the arc, and your height of eye is 44 feet. What is the latitude at meridian transit?

    N a. LAT 3012.5'N
    Y b. LAT 3019.8'N
    N c. LAT 3027.6'N
    N d. LAT 3035.8'N

990: On 24 March , your 0800 zone time fix gives you a position of LAT 2216.0'N, LONG 3145.0'W. Your vessel is steaming a course of 285T at a speed of 16.5 knots. An observation of the Sun's upper limb is made at 0938 zone time, and the observed altitude (Ho) is 4632.2'. The chronometer reads 11h 41m 01s, and the chronometer error is 02m 50s fast. Local apparent noon occurs at 1214 zone time, and a meridian altitude of the Sun's lower limb is made. The observed altitude (Ho) for this sight is 6855.8'. Determine the vessel's 1200 zone time position.

    N a. LAT 2235.0'N, LONG 3029.0'W
    Y b. LAT 2235.0'N, LONG 3251.0'W
    N c. LAT 2236.0'N, LONG 3210.5'W
    N d. LAT 2236.0'N, LONG 3255.2'W

1143: Which town is located at mile 663.5 AHP?

    N a. Friers Point
    Y b. Helena
    N c. St. Francis
    N d. Rodney

1149: As you approach Dean Island Light (mile 754.8 AHP), which type of daymark will be observed at the light?

    N a. Green triangle
    Y b. Green diamond
    N c. Green square
    N d. Red-and-green banded square

1150: The highest point on your towboat is 48 feet above the water, and the Memphis Gage reads +7.5 feet. What is the vertical clearance when you pass under the Hernando Desoto Bridge in Memphis?

    Y a. 53.2 feet
    N b. 58.1 feet
    N c. 68.2 feet
    N d. 96.3 feet

1202: Your 0830 DR position is LAT 2733'S, LONG 7917'E. Your vessel is on a course of 066T, at a speed of 19.5 knots. Determine the time of LAN on 10 December .

    Y a. 1131
    N b. 1136
    N c. 1153
    N d. 1215

1220: Anchorage regulations for this area may be obtained from __________.

    N a. Chesapeake Bay Port Authority, Hampton VA
    N b. Virginia - Maryland Pilots Association
    Y c. Office of the Commander 5th Coast Guard District
    N d. Commanding General, Corps of Engineers, Washington, D.C.

1268: On 25 December , your 0330 ZT DR position is LAT 2515.0'N, LONG 3216.0'W. You are on course 145T at a speed of 20 knots. What will be the zone time of sunrise at your vessel?

    N a. 0623
    N b. 0635
    N c. 0641
    Y d. 0647

1720: As you approach mile 427.6 AHP, you see on the right side a white buoy with orange bands and open face diamond. This buoy shows __________.

    N a. safe water
    N b. preferred channel
    Y c. danger
    N d. special marks

1879: On 13 September , your 1830 ZT DR position was LAT 2303'S, LONG 10516'E when you observed a faint unidentifiable star through a hole in the clouds. The star bore 351.5T at a sextant altitude (hs) of 6205.6'. The chronometer read 11h 24m 39s and is 5m 08s slow. The index error is 1.0' off the arc, and the height of eye is 52 feet. What star did you observe?

    N a. Alpha Herculis
    N b. Kappa Scorpii
    N c. Alpha Arae
    Y d. Beta Ophiuchi

2024: On 3 December , evening twilight for your vessel will occur at 1901 zone time. Your vessel's DR position for this time will be LAT 2418.5'S, LONG 11030.6'W. Considering their magnitude and location, what are the three stars best suited to observe for a fix at star time?

    N a. Canopus, Hamal, Deneb
    Y b. Alpheratz, Achernar, Nunki
    N c. Antares, Fomalhaut, Mirfak
    N d. Rigel, Canopus, Regulus

2062: You are downbound, passing by Spanish Moss Lt. (mile 534.2 AHP), when you observe on your Mississippi River map several black broken lines extending into the river from the bank. These indicate __________.

    N a. fleeting areas
    N b. revetments
    N c. dikes
    Y d. weirs

2186: At 0922, on 24 May, you are abreast the St. Catherine Bar Lt. (mile 348.6 AHP). If you are turning for 8.0 mph, what is the current?

    Y a. 1.0 mph
    N b. 1.4 mph
    N c. 2.0 mph
    N d. 7.0 mph

2340: You have steamed 775 miles at 17 knots, and consumed 145 tons of fuel. If you have to steam 977 miles to complete the voyage, how many tons of fuel will be consumed while steaming at 18 knots?

    Y a. 204 tons
    N b. 181 tons
    N c. 163 tons
    N d. 129 tons

2695: You are underway on course 017T at a speed of 14.2 knots.
You sight a buoy bearing 025T at a radar range of 3.7 miles at 1947. If you change course at 1953, what is the course to steer to leave the buoy abeam to starboard at 0.1 mile?

    N a. 021T
    N b. 024T
    Y c. 027T
    N d. 030T

2780: Which type of daymark will you see as you approach Old Levee Light (mile 385.2 AHP)?

    N a. Green diamond
    N b. Red square
    Y c. Green square
    N d. Private aid - no daymark

2782: What is your ETA at the Helena Highway Bridge?

    Y a. 1335, 24 Sept
    N b. 1109, 24 Sept
    N c. 0926, 24 Sept
    N d. 0458, 24 Sept

2897: You are steaming on a course of 327T at 13 knots. At 0207 you observe a lighthouse bearing 020T. At 0226 the lighthouse bears 042T. What is your distance off at the second bearing?

    N a. 8.5 miles
    Y b. 8.9 miles
    N c. 9.2 miles
    N d. 9.7 miles

2899: You are steaming on a course of 208T at 21 knots. At 2019 you observe a lighthouse bearing 129T. At 2030 the lighthouse bears 103T. What is your distance off at the second bearing?

    N a. 8.2 miles
    Y b. 8.6 miles
    N c. 8.9 miles
    N d. 9.3 miles

2900: You are steaming on a course of 167T at 19.5 knots. At 1837 you observe a lighthouse bearing 224T. At 1904 the lighthouse bears 268T. What is your distance off at the second bearing?

    N a. 8.8 miles
    N b. 9.5 miles
    Y c. 10.4 miles
    N d. 11.3 miles

3096: If the pitch of the propeller is 20.1 feet, and the revolutions per day are 118,178, calculate the day's run allowing 6% negative slip.

    N a. 367.2 miles
    N b. 381.6 miles
    N c. 398.4 miles
    Y d. 414.1 miles

3100: The pitch of the propeller on your vessel is 19'09". You estimate the slip at -3%. If you averaged 82 RPM for the day's run, how many miles did you steam?

    N a. 370.8
    N b. 373.6
    N c. 393.7
    Y d. 395.3

3314: You have steamed 150 miles and consumed 17 tons of fuel. If you maintain the same speed, how many tons of fuel will you consume while steaming 350 miles?

    N a. 12.82 tons
    N b. 29.41 tons
    N c. 34.00 tons
    Y d. 39.66 tons

3621: Your vessel is steering course 216 per standard magnetic compass, variation for the area is 9W, and deviation is 2E. The wind is from the east, producing a 5 leeway. What true course are you making good?

    N a. 204T
    Y b. 214T
    N c. 223T
    N d. 227T

3636: You desire to make good a true course of 279. The variation is 8W, magnetic compass deviation is 3E, and gyrocompass error is 1E. A north-northwesterly wind produces 3 leeway. What is the course to steer per standard magnetic compass (psc) to make the true course good?

    N a. 281psc
    N b. 284psc
    Y c. 287psc
    N d. 290psc

10609: At 1922 your GPS position is LAT 4104.9'N, LONG 7242.1'W. You are on course 085 per standard magnetic compass at a speed of 10 knots. At 2019 your GPS position is 1 mile due south of Twenty-Eight Foot Shoal Lighted Buoy "TE". What were your set and drift?

    Y a. 343T at 0.7 knot
    N b. 340T at 1.2 knots
    N c. 164T at 0.9 knot
    N d. 161T at 1.1 knots

11013: What will be the height of the tide at Horton Pt., New York, on 16 June 1983, at 1845 DST (ZD +4)?

    N a. 0.2 foot
    Y b. 2.7 feet
    N c. 4.1 feet
    N d. 5.5 feet

12109: You sight Tue Marshes Light (LAT 3714.1'N, LONG 7623.2'W) in line with Goodwin Thorofare Light "16" (LAT 3713.7'N, LONG 7625.0'W) dead ahead bearing 264 per standard magnetic compass. Which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. The compass error is 11W.
    N b. The deviation table must be corrected for the change in date.
    N c. The deviation is 1W for a bearing of 264 only.
    N d. The variation is 9W for a bearing of 264 only.

12701: You are on course 298 per standard magnetic compass when you take the following bearings: Block Island Southeast Point Light - 058psc Block Island Aero Beacon - 005psc Montauk Point Light - 268psc What is your position?

    N a. LAT 4108.3'N, LONG 7135.0'W
    Y b. LAT 4108.2'N, LONG 7134.4'W
    N c. LAT 4108.1'N, LONG 7133.8'W
    N d. LAT 4108.0'N, LONG 7134.1'W

14102: Your vessel is awaiting lockage at Bonneville Locks when you notice that the lock is displaying an amber signal light. What type of vessel is allowed to enter the chamber under this signal?

    N a. Vessels owned or operated by the United States
    N b. Passenger vessels
    Y c. Commercial freight and log-tow vessels
    N d. All vessels

14303: What is the height above the water of light No. 84 on the Columbia River below Bonneville lock & dam?

    N a. 10 feet
    Y b. 14 feet
    N c. 18 feet
    N d. 24 feet

15025: What is the mile point of the Arkansas City Gage?

    Y a. 554.1 AHP
    N b. 556.8 AHP
    N c. 560.0 AHP
    N d. 562.8 AHP

15029: What type of daymark will you see as you approach Gold Dust Bar Light (mile 793.3 AHP) ?

    Y a. Red diamond
    N b. Red triangle
    N c. Green square
    N d. Green diamond

15162: At 1920, Cape Henry Light bears 231pgc, and Chesapeake Channel Tunnel North Light bears 294pgc. If your heading is 268T, what is the relative bearing of Chesapeake Light?

    Y a. 213
    N b. 201
    N c. 194
    N d. 179

15239: At 1000 buoy "PI" is abeam to starboard a distance of 0.5 mile. From this position, with a set of 295 and a drift of 1.6 knots, what course must you steer to arrive at a point with Buoy "TE" one mile abeam to starboard?

    Y a. 247T
    N b. 249T
    N c. 251T
    N d. 253T

15462: Visibility has decreased to 1 mile in haze. At 0948, you take the following radar ranges. What course should you steer per gyrocompass from this fix to enter the channel between buoys "19" and "20"?

Thimble Shoal Light - 5.9 miles
South end of trestle C of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
and Tunnel - 3.8 miles
South end of trestle B of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge
and Tunnel - 5.4 miles

    N a. 001pgc
    N b. 004pgc
    N c. 007pgc
    Y d. 010pgc

15716: At 1210, you are in position LAT 4114.3'N, LONG 7216.5'W. What is the depth of water below your keel?

    Y a. 97 feet (29.4 meters)
    N b. 108 feet (32.7 meters)
    N c. 119 feet (36.1 meters)
    N d. 125 feet (37.9 meters)

15938: At 1910 you obtain the following bearings:

Bartlett Reef Light 268T
Race Rock Light 147T
Little Gull Island Light 198T

Which of the following is your position at 1910?

    N a. LAT 4117.4'N, LONG 7205.6'W
    N b. LAT 4117.0'N, LONG 7207.1'W
    Y c. LAT 4116.6'N, LONG 7204.6'W
    N d. LAT 4116.2'N, LONG 7206.4'W

16264: Which statement about your 0400 position is true?

    N a. You are governed by the Inland Rules of the Road.
    N b. Anchoring, trawling and fishing are prohibited.
    N c. The ocean floor is composed of shingle.
    Y d. You are within the Territorial Sea and the contiguous zone.

16318: What true course and speed did you make good between 0730 and 0900?

    N a. 273T, 8.7 knots
    Y b. 277T, 8.4 knots
    N c. 279T, 8.0 knots
    N d. 284T, 7.5 knots

16839: At 0800 you reduce speed from sea speed. Speed was reduced by the time you passed abeam of Cape Charles Lighted Bell Buoy "12" at 0814. At this time Buoy "12" was abeam on your starboard side at a distance of 0.65 mile. Assuming you continue to make good your course of 202T, what is your new speed if you pass abeam of Cape Charles Lighted Bell Buoy "14" at a distance of 1.5 miles at 0907?

    N a. 13.6 knots
    Y b. 12.9 knots
    N c. 12.3 knots
    N d. 12.0 knots