USCG Navigation Problems: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

93: Which light characteristics does Quaker Oats Light (mile 952.6) have?

96: As you approach Kate Aubrey Towhead Light (mile 789.5 AHP), your searchlight will show what type of marking at the light?

205: From your 1830 fix, you come left to a course of 290T. Which of the following statements concerning Watch Hill Light is FALSE?

290: What was the speed made good from 1845 to 1930?

    N a. 6.2 knots
    N b. 6.8 knots
    N c. 7.5 knots
    Y d. 8.3 knots

302: A vessel steams 720 miles on course 058T from LAT 3006.0'S, LONG 3142.0'E. What are the latitude and longitude of the point of arrival by mid-latitude sailing?

    N a. LAT 2348'S, LONG 4311'E
    Y b. LAT 2344'S, LONG 4307'E
    N c. LAT 2338'S, LONG 4303'E
    N d. LAT 2334'S, LONG 4300'E

503: What was the speed made good between 2114 and 2142?

    Y a. 11.4 knots
    N b. 11.7 knots
    N c. 12.0 knots
    N d. 12.3 knots

547: At 0705, you change course to head for The Race. You wish to leave Race Rock Light bearing due north at 0.4 mile. If the current is 100T, at 2.8 knots, and you are turning for 12.0 knots, what course (pgc) should you steer?

    N a. 267pgc
    Y b. 263pgc
    N c. 255pgc
    N d. 250pgc

607: At 0915 zone time, on 6 March , you depart Sydney, LAT 3351.5'S, LONG 15113.0'E (ZD -10). You are bound for Kodiak, LAT 5747.0'N, LONG 15225.0'W, and you estimate your speed of advance at 21 knots. The distance is 6,222 miles. What is your estimated zone time of arrival at Kodiak?

    N a. 0732, 17 March
    Y b. 2132, 17 March
    N c. 0732, 18 March
    N d. 2132, 18 March

707: What is the width of the widest span of the Cairo Highway Bridge (Upper Mississippi River mile 1.3)?

    N a. 503 feet
    N b. 625 feet
    Y c. 675 feet
    N d. 800 feet

993: Your 0745 ZT, 15 July , position is LAT 2904.0'N, LONG 7117.5'W. You are on course 165T, and your speed is 8.0 knots. You observed 3 morning sun lines. Determine the latitude and longitude of your 1130 running fix? NP-0003

    Y a. LAT 2835.0'N, LONG 7108.5'W
    N b. LAT 2839.8'N, LONG 7104.0'W
    N c. LAT 2840.5'N, LONG 7113.0'W
    N d. LAT 2843.3'N, LONG 7102.5'W

1090: At 0450 zone time, on 25 June , your DR position is LAT 2126.0'N, LONG 16024.5'W. You are steering course 100T at a speed of 10 knots. You observed 3 celestial bodies. Determine the latitude and longitude of your 0514 running fix. NP-0020

    N a. LAT 2127.0'N, LONG 16017.0'W
    Y b. LAT 2125.0'N, LONG 16018.0'W
    N c. LAT 2122.0'N, LONG 16017.0'W
    N d. LAT 2120.0'N, LONG 16015.5'W

1250: What facility is not found near La Grange Towhead Light (538.2 AHP) on Greenville Harbour?

    N a. Mississippi Limestone
    N b. Ergon, Inc.
    N c. American Commercial Barge Lines
    Y d. Greenville Casino Wharf

1284: On 10 November , your 1630 zone time DR position is LAT 2510.0'N, LONG 7112.0'W. You are on course 335T at a speed of 24 knots. What will be the zone time of sunset at your vessel?

    N a. 1650
    Y b. 1700
    N c. 1715
    N d. 1730

1424: You pass Springfield Bend Lt. (mile 244.8 AHP) at 1242, on 17 October, and estimate the current will average 2.5 mph for the remainder of your trip. What is your ETA at the mouth of the Ohio River if you are making turns for 10.5 mph?

    N a. 1905, 19 October
    N b. 2122, 19 October
    Y c. 0519, 21 October
    N d. 0847, 21 October

1467: On 17 April , your 1610 ZT DR position is LAT 2207.0'N, LONG 15816.0'W. At that time, you observe the Sun bearing 271psc. The chronometer reads 03h 08m 52s, and the chronometer error is 01m 16s slow. The variation is 4E. What is the deviation of the standard magnetic compass?

    N a. 1.1W
    N b. 1.7E
    Y c. 2.3W
    N d. 2.9E

1547: At 0509, on 26 December, you pass under the Helena Highway Bridge (mile 661.7 AHP). What has been the average speed of the current since departing Memphis Harbor, McKellar Lake, if you have been making turns for 7.5 mph?

    N a. 5.6 mph
    Y b. 4.4 mph
    N c. 2.1 mph
    N d. 1.8 mph

1666: On 23 October , your vessel's 1722 zone time DR position is LAT 2736'S, LONG 9616'W, when an amplitude of the Sun is observed. The Sun's lower limb is about 20 minutes of arc above the visible horizon and bears 246 per standard compass. Variation in the area is 14.0E. The chronometer reads 11h 24m 19s and is 01m 43s fast. What is the deviation of the standard compass?

    N a. 2.3E
    N b. 2.7E
    N c. 2.7W
    Y d. 3.1W

1875: On 2 October , your 1845 DR position is LAT 2809.2'S, LONG 16748.1'E. You observe a faint star through a hole in the clouds at a sextant altitude (hs) of 6803.6' bearing 154T. The index error is 1.3' off the arc, and the height of eye is 42 feet. The chronometer reads 07h 46m 19s and is 0m 51s fast. What star did you observe?

    Y a. Alpha Indi
    N b. Epsilon Cygni
    N c. Gamma Aquilae
    N d. Albireo

1914: On 14 January , your 0550 DR position is LAT 2526.0'N, LONG 3816.0'W. You observe an unidentified star bearing 192T at an observed altitude (Ho) of 0615.2'. The chronometer reads 08h 48m 51s, and is 01m 22s slow. What star did you observe?

    N a. Gienah
    N b. Kochab
    Y c. Gacrux
    N d. Eltanin

2019: On 15 October , your 0300 zone time DR position is LAT 2714'S, LONG 9946'E. You are on course 128T at a speed of 19 knots. Considering their magnitude, azimuth, and altitude, which group includes the three bodies best suited for a fix at star time?

    N a. Jupiter, Alphard, Betelgeuse
    N b. Mars, Regulus, Canopus
    N c. Achernar, Suhail, Alphard
    Y d. Achernar, Procyon, Aldebaran

2113: From your 0130 position, you change course to adjust for set and drift, and you later obtain the following bearings:

Mattituck Inlet Light bearing 104.5true
Falkner Island Light bearing 001true

What is the latitude and longitude of your fix?

    N a. LAT 4100.8'N, LONG 7240.8'W
    N b. LAT 4101.2'N, LONG 7240.4'W
    N c. LAT 4101.6'N, LONG 7240.0'W
    Y d. LAT 4102.0'N, LONG 7239.5'W

2201: At 1000, on May 11th, you are passing George Prince Lt. (mile 364.1 AHP) in Natchez, Mississippi and must send an ETA to the Monsanto Terminal in St. Louis (mile 178.0 UMR). Your engines are still turning for 8.5 mph and you estimate the current at 2.5 mph. What will be your arrival time in St. Louis?

    N a. 1919 on 15 May
    N b. 2344 on 15 May
    N c. 1113 on 16 May
    Y d. 1757 on 16 May

2210: The low water reference plane (LWRP) for Bayou Sara is 5.25 feet. If the Bayou Sara Gage reads -0.5 feet, what is the water level in relation to the low water reference plane?

    N a. 4.75 feet above the plane
    N b. 5.75 feet above the plane
    Y c. 5.75 feet below the plane
    N d. 4.75 feet below the plane

2284: You observe the lower limb of the Sun at a sextant altitude (hs) of 3526.3' on 25 June . The index error is 1.5' on the arc. The height of eye is 58 feet (17.6 meters). What is the observed altitude (Ho)?

    N a. 3528.2'
    N b. 3529.9'
    Y c. 3532.1'
    N d. 3536.7'

2701: You are underway on course 204T at a speed of 17.3 knots. You sight a light bearing 205T at a radar range of 4.7 miles at 1222. If you change course at 1228, what is the course to steer to leave the light abeam to port at 1.5 miles?

    N a. 223T
    N b. 229T
    Y c. 236T
    N d. 240T

2858: Your vessel is on a course of 082T at 19 knots. At 0255 a light bears 059.5T, and at 0312 the light bears 037T.
At what time and at what distance off will your vessel be when abeam of the light?

    N a. 0333, 5.1 miles
    N b. 0321, 4.7 miles
    N c. 0327, 4.3 miles
    Y d. 0324, 3.8 miles

2872: Your vessel is on a course of 272T at 15 knots. At 2113 a light bears 245.5T, and at 2120 the light bears 227T.
At what time and at what distance off will your vessel be when abeam of the light?

    N a. 2124, 1.3 miles
    Y b. 2127, 1.8 miles
    N c. 2131, 2.3 miles
    N d. 2135, 2.7 miles

3089: If the pitch of the propeller is 22.4 feet, and the revolutions per day are 103,690, calculate the day's run allowing 9% positive slip.

    N a. 321.7 miles
    Y b. 347.6 miles
    N c. 382.0 miles
    N d. 416.4 miles

3091: If the pitch of the propeller is 25.1 feet, and the revolutions per day are 91,591, calculate the day's run allowing 7% positive slip.

    Y a. 351.6 miles
    N b. 378.1 miles
    N c. 390.0 miles
    N d. 404.6 miles

3604: You wish to make good a course of 258T, allowing 4 leeway for northerly winds. The variation is 21W. What should you steer per standard magnetic compass to make good 258T?
285 5E
270 3E
255 1E
240 1W

    N a. 242psc
    N b. 271psc
    Y c. 278psc
    N d. 288psc

3766: Your vessel is proceeding down a channel, and you see a pair of range lights that are in line dead ahead. The chart indicates that the direction of this pair of lights is 229T, and variation is 6W. If the heading of your vessel at the time of the sighting is 232 per standard magnetic compass, what is the deviation?

    Y a. 3E
    N b. 9E
    N c. 3W
    N d. 9W

11011: According to the U.S. Coast Pilot, what is the depth of the channel between State Pier No. 1 and the U.S. Navy Submarine Base in New London Harbor?

    N a. 40 feet (12.1 meters)
    N b. 38 feet (11.5 meters)
    Y c. 36 feet (10.9 meters)
    N d. 34 feet (10.3 meters)

11101: Great Salt Pond on Block Island is __________.

    Y a. entered through a dredged cut
    N b. not accessible in easterly gales
    N c. available for vessels up to a maximum draft of 8 feet (2.4m)
    N d. not affected by the tide

11404: At 2115 your GPS position is LAT 4103.3'N, LONG 7237.9'W. At 0027 your position is LAT 4114.4'N, LONG 7207.2'W. What was your speed made good?

    N a. 7.0 knots
    N b. 7.5 knots
    Y c. 8.0 knots
    N d. 8.5 knots

11409: At 0647 your position is LAT 4108.6'N, LONG 7241.6'W. At 0729 your position is LAT 4110.3'N, LONG 7229.2'W. What were your true course and speed made good?

    N a. 074 at 9.5 knots
    Y b. 080 at 13.6 knots
    N c. 253 at 9.7 knots
    N d. 258 at 13.5 knots

12600: You are on course 243 per standard magnetic compass when you take the following bearings: Falkner Island Light 342psc Mattituck Inlet Light 207psc Horton Point Light 112psc What is your position?

    N a. LAT 4105.9'N, LONG 7232.7'W
    N b. LAT 4105.7'N, LONG 7231.8'W
    Y c. LAT 4105.5'N, LONG 7232.6'W
    N d. LAT 4105.3'N, LONG 7231.9'W

13004: At 1815 your position is LAT 4105.5'N, LONG 7247.3'W. You are making turns for 12.6 knots. What is your ETA at Plum Island Mid Channel Buoy PI (LAT 4113.3'N, LONG 7210.8'W)?

    N a. 2019
    N b. 2028
    Y c. 2032
    N d. 2038

13805: What is the danger associated with anchoring your vessel within a 300 yard radius of Gardiners Point?

    N a. An unusually strong current exists in this area.
    N b. The bottom is not suitable for holding the anchor.
    N c. Submerged pilings may exist in this area.
    Y d. Your anchor could become fouled on undetonated explosives.

13807: The chart symbol depicted at LAT 4058.5'N, LONG 7243.4'W indicates a(n) __________.

    N a. abandoned lighthouse
    N b. light ship
    N c. wreck with only its mast visible
    Y d. wreck showing a portion of the hull above the sounding datum

14001: At 1745 Lady Island Range is in line dead ahead and Government Island Upper Range is in line on your starboard bow. Your vessel is steaming in a westerly direction. At 1851 you pass under the Interstate 5 highway bridge. What speed have you averaged?

    N a. 10 mph
    Y b. 11 mph
    N c. 12 mph
    N d. 13 mph

14005: At 0800 your vessel is at mile 110 on the Columbia River. You are steaming in an easterly direction. At 0854 Lady Island Range is in line dead astern and Government Island Upper Range is in line on your port quarter. What speed have you averaged?

    N a. 8.1 mph
    N b. 8.5 mph
    Y c. 9.4 mph
    N d. 10.2 mph

15045: From your 0841 position, you are steering a course of 241
true to the northeasterly inbound channel entrance, your speed is now 15 knots. What is your ETA abeam of buoy "NCA" (LL#375)?

    N a. 0850
    Y b. 0855
    N c. 0901
    N d. 0911

15067: At 0946, the radar range to Hammonasset Point is 2.5 miles.
The range to the eastern most point of Falkner Island is 3.3 miles, and the range to Horton Point is 10.1 miles. What is your position at 0946?

    Y a. LAT 4113.1'N, LONG 7234.8'W
    N b. LAT 4113.0'N, LONG 7234.5'W
    N c. LAT 4112.8'N, LONG 7235.1'W
    N d. LAT 4112.8'N, LONG 7234.4'W

15358: At 0507, Stratford Shoal Middle Ground Light bears 208pgc. What is the position of your 0507 running fix?

    N a. LAT 4104.8'N, LONG 7305.0'W
    N b. LAT 4104.9'N, LONG 7304.8'W
    Y c. LAT 4105.1'N, LONG 7305.1'W
    N d. LAT 4105.3'N, LONG 7304.8'W

15406: At 1400, your position is LAT 3714.7'N, LONG 7622.3'W. From this position, you head for the York River Entrance Channel Buoy "17". What should you steer per standard magnetic compass for this heading?

    N a. 108psc
    N b. 119psc
    N c. 122psc
    Y d. 125psc

15438: At 2038 you are on course 272T when Chesapeake Light is bearing 348 true at a range of 5.3 nm

Based on this fix, which statement is TRUE?

    Y a. You are inside a ten fathom depth curve.
    N b. You are less than five miles from Chesapeake Light.
    N c. You are 0.6 mile north of a wreck.
    N d. You are inside the contiguous zone.

15515: You decide to use the 9960-Y and 9960-W rates. At 1915,
you obtain the following readings:


What is your 1915 position?

    N a. LAT 4113.0'N, LONG 7154.0'W
    N b. LAT 4113.1'N, LONG 7153.9'W
    N c. LAT 4113.2'N, LONG 7154.3'W
    Y d. LAT 4113.2'N, LONG 7153.7'W

15866: What is your ETA at a point where Stratford Shoal Middle Ground Light bears 180T if you make good 9.0 knots?

    N a. 0409
    Y b. 0416
    N c. 0425
    N d. 0433

15957: At 1752, your position is LAT 3704.3'N, LONG 7606.4'W. On an ebb current you should expect to be set to the __________.

    N a. north northeast
    Y b. south southeast
    N c. south southwest
    N d. north northwest

16246: From your 2259 fix, you alter course to 250T. At 2300 Cape Henry Light bears 250T. At 2326 Cape Henry Light bears 252T. Which statement is TRUE?

    N a. You are being set to the right.
    N b. The bearing change should be expected as you transit the inbound lane.
    Y c. You should alter course to starboard.
    N d. You should slow to reduce the effect of the current.

16318: What true course and speed did you make good between 0730 and 0900?

    N a. 273T, 8.7 knots
    Y b. 277T, 8.4 knots
    N c. 279T, 8.0 knots
    N d. 284T, 7.5 knots

16417: You are encountering heavy weather. What action should you take based on your 1430 fix?

    Y a. Alter course to the right, to pass well clear of Southwest Ledge.
    N b. Continue on the same course at the same speed.
    N c. Slow to 8.3 knots to compensate for the current.
    N d. Continue on the same course but increase speed.

16507: What is your speed from your 0630 position, with Buoy "PI"
close abeam, to your 0654 position?

    N a. 8.2 knots
    N b. 9.3 knots
    Y c. 10.5 knots
    N d. 11.4 knots