Voyage 2002-2003

Destination: Outer Bahamas

  After nearly a year layup for work on the deck and other assorted jobs, S/V Jule III was ready for another trip to the Bahamas. We left the Chesapeake Bay on 17 October 2002 and arrive in Vero (aka Velcro) Beach Florida in mid November. We had a great Turkey Day at Velcro and headed home for the holidays. We were set to leave Vero on New Year's Day with S/V Chautauqua but a family emergency called us back home until mid February 2003. Favorable conditions (sort of) enabled our 52 hour motorsail to Nassau. We enjoyed two months in the Exumas including the cruiser's mecca, Georgetown. We wanted to do the other areas of the Bahamas but ran out of time. We left Nassau in mid April and arrived in Vero 36 hours later (motorsail of course). Then began the long trip North. Weather was so unstalbe that we could only go offshore once for 36 hours. We arrived in the Chesapeake Bay in early May. Not much happened after that until Hurricane Isabel.