Travels of 2006-2007

SV Jule III, Family, Friends, and Stuff

  No big plans this season. We are taking a couple of years off to enjoy our grandbabies and our aging puppies ('kids'), we will continue the yearly migration of SV Jule III between the Chesapeake Bay and Wilmington NC. We have established ports for Jule III in Baltimore and Wilmington NC (actually Carolina Beach)

In addition, we are 'hardening' Jule III for our return to voyaging. She is spending the summer of 2006 'on the hard' having her systems and infrastructure upgraded and improved. The rudder will be removed, repaired, and re-installed; a larger autopilot will be installed, new navigation components and electrical subsystems will be installed, and who knows what else will need attention.

We will continue to annoy Denise and Wolfgang on SY Moony (Kiel Germany). We are planning a land voyage to Newport RI to meet them on their way South; help them while they are hauled on the Chesapeake; travel to Wilmington together; and chase them south in our RV before they depart the USA for Central America.

We hope to do some weekending on Jule III with our grandkids in the Cape Fear area. Swab Collin has already signed up for Spring Break '07. However, we wil not cruise too far from the 'kids' while they are with us.