Second Voyage to Nova Scotia

Good Times on Jule III


We have not always achieved our cruising goals as we have articulated on this site. Last year, Ann had a medical issue that changed our 2015 plans. Sammy Jane got sick in 2012 and 2013 which forced us to turn around.

After much thought, we decided that another voyage to Nova Scotia was in order. We would like to celebrate Shelborne's Founders Day and get a look-see of Halifax. Plus, we want to visit our various 'favorite towns' and friends from ILM to NS. So we did and 2,813 nm later we finished this year's voyage. Read what happened.

  1. Refit and Head Out
  2. Heading 'Up' to Nova Scotia
  3. Heading 'Down from Nova Scotia
  4. Return to Homeport, Fix Stuff, and Get Ready