Voyage to Bay of Fundy

A Last Hurrah ?


We are slowing down! Medical problems continue to plague us but 'hey', Bob is approaching 73 and Ann xx (oops, can't say). Cardiac, cerebral, diabeties, and arthritic problems are slowing us down. We had planned on replacing our winter cruises to Green Turtle with visiting by air and apartment. Hurricane Dorian had other plans. So we will try in 2021. But we think we have one more Hurrah in us.

Guess not! Covid-19 closed up much the East Coast for cruising. We were discourged from leaving the dock for April. So save the words below for 2021.

Starting in early April, we will leave Deale MD (Shipwright Harbor Marina) and brave the cold water, April showere, foul winds and slowly sail North. We will transit the New Jersey coast, New York Harbor, Long Island, Rhode Island Bay, Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod, Massachusetts Bay, and the Maine Coast. We hope to take a pause at Handy Boat in Falmouth, ME and then head up to the lands with 20-30 ft. tides.

Now we have two mini cruises for the Spring and Fall. Gotta do what you gotta do.

  1. Winter: A Quick Land Voyage
  2. Spring: Covid-19 Mini Cruise
  3. Summer: Who knows?
  4. Fall: A Land Cruise
    Winter: Another Land Cruise?