Ann's Test No. 1 (Chesapeake Bay)

Parameters for this test
      Var =      10 W
      Dev =     0: 2w          30: 3W          60: 2W          90: 1W
              120: 0W         150: 1E         180: 2E         210: 1E
              240: 0W         270: 1W         300: 2W         330: 3W 
359a: Your current location is midway between Buoys "37" and "38" at the North entrance of York Split Channel. You are turning for 9 knots, a westerly wind is causing 3 of leeway, and the current is 320 T at 1.2 knots. What course should you steer to remain in the northern leg of York Spit Channel? 15110a: From your 1752 position, you steer 180 psc at 9 knots. At 1805, you obtain the visual bearings. What are the latitude and longitude of your 1805 position? Old Pt. Comfort Light 242 psc. Chesapeake Bay Tunnel North Light 140 psc. 15117: At 1930, you take a fix using the following radar ranges: York Spit Light - 3.6 miles; New Point Comfort Spit Light "2" - 2.0 miles; York Spit Swash Channel Light "3" - 2.5 miles. Your longitude is _____________. 15310: Which chart could you use for greater detail of the area at the south end of York Spit Channel?
    Y A: 12222
    N B: 12224
    N C: 12226
    N D: 12254
15407a: At 1430, your position is LAT 3712.8' N, LONG 7617.7' W. At this time, you come left and steer 057 psc. This course will lead you through a channel bordered by yellow buoys. The dashed magenta lines between the buoys mark ___________.
    N A: York River Entrance Channel
    N B: New Point Comfort shoal area
    N C: the piloting channel for Mobjack Bay
    Y D: fish trap areas
15414a: At 2100, you have passed through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel and determine your position to be LAT 3701.3' N, LONG 7603.0' W. The current is flooding in a direction of 303 T at 2.5 knots. Adjusting your course for set and drift, which course would you steer while turning RPMs for 6 knots to make good a course of 175 T?
    Y A: 164 psc
    N B: 172 psc
    N C: 191 psc
    N D: 198 psc
15439-15440a: You arrive at Chesapeake Bay Entrance Buoy "CB" at the entrance to the inbound lane of the traffic separation scheme at 2058. Your ETA at Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel between trestles B + C is 2300. If your engine speed is 9.8 knots, what will be your approximate speed over the ground, at that time, allowing for the predicted current?
    N A: 7.0 knots
    N B: 8.2 knots
    N C: 11.4 knots
    Y D: 12.7 knots
15459a: At 0823, while holding a true course of North, Old Point Comfort Light bears 012 psc at 0.6 mile. What is your 0823 position?
    Y A: LAT 3659.5' N, LONG 7618.4' W
    N B: LAT 3659.0' N, LONG 7621.6' W
    N C: LAT 3659.0' N, LONG 7619.6' W
    N D: LAT 3655.5' N, LONG 7618.6' W
15612: At 1920, Cape Henry Light bears 225 pgc, and Chesapeake Channel Tunnel North Light bears 288 pgc. If your heading is 268 T, what is the relative bearing of Chesapeake Light? (assume dev = 0 ??)
    N A: 194
    N B: 205
    Y C: 213
    N D: 220
15161a: From your 1815 position (37 01.1', 75 42.7'), you want to make good course 275 psc. Your engines are turning RPMs for 12 knots. The current is 050 T at 1.9 knots. Adjusting your course for set and drift, at what time should you expect to enter the red sector of Cape Henry Light?
    N A: 1851
    N B: 1857
    Y C: 1904
    N D: 1911