Ann's Test No. 2 (Chesapeake Bay)

Parameters for this test
      Var =      10 W
      Dev =     0: 2w          30: 3W          60: 2W          90: 1W
              120: 0W         150: 1E         180: 2E         210: 1E
              240: 0W         270: 1W         300: 2W         330: 3W 
15964a: Your 1900 position is LAT 3712.9' N, LONG 7613.5' W. You change course to 326 pgc. What is the course per standard magnetic compass? (Assume 3 E gyro deviation) 15965: If the visibility is 5 miles, what is the luminous range of New Point Comfort Spit Light "4"? 192?a: At 2100, Cape Charles Light bears 335 psc, and Cape Henry Light bears 261 pcc. Your course is 270 psc. Your latitude is _________. 184: At 1930, your position is LAT 3716.7' N, LONG 7537.7' W. The depth of water is approximately _____________.
    N A: 40 feet (12.2 meters)
    Y B: 50 feet (15.2 meters)
    N C: 60 feet (18.3 meters)
    N D: 70 feet (23.2 meters)
197a: At 2215, Cape Henry Light bears 256 psc, Cape Charles Light bears 024.5 psc, and Chesapeake Channel Tunnel North Light bears 333 pgc. You are heading 285 psc. What is the relative bearing of Thimble Shoal Light?
    Y A: 014
    N B: 017
    N C: 280
    N D: 332
198: While navigating inbound Thimble Shoal Channel system you must ____________.
    N A: navigate in the main channel when between Trestles A & B
    Y B: use the north auxiliary channel
    N C: remain 1500 yards (1360 meters) from large naval vessels
    N D: maintain a speed of six knots
319: At 2100, you have passed through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel and determine your position to be LAT 3701.3' N, LONG 7603.0' W. The current is flooding in a direction of 303 T at 2.5 knots. Adjusting your course for set and drift, which course would you steer while turning RPMs for 6 knots to make good a course of 175 T?
    N A: 190 T
    N B: 183 T
    N C: 164 T
    Y D: 156 T
320: At 2150, your position is LAT 3657.2' N, LONG 7601.3' W. In this position on the chart, you note a light magenta line running in a direction of 030 T. This line indicates the limits of _____________.
    Y A: a pilotage area
    N B: a precautionary area
    N C: the Cape Henry Light red sector
    N D: chart 12222
6844: At 1010 your vessel passes close abeam to Buoy "NCB" in the inbound traffic lane. At this time the Chesapeake Bay Pilot informs you that he will not board your vessel until 1100. The pilot boat is located 1.5 miles northeast of Cape Henry Light. What should you reduce your speed to in order to arrive at the pilot boat at this time?
    N A: 5.9 knots
    N B: 7.5 knots
    Y C: 8.2 knots
    N D: 9.8 knots
16062a: At 1930, your vessel is between York River Entrance Channel Lighted Buoys "1YR" and "2". From this position, you change course to 150 psc at an engine speed of 8.0 knots. At 2001, you take the following bearings. What were the set and drift been between 1930 and 2001? Chesapeake Channel Tunnel North Light - 139 psc Thimble Shoal Light - 255 psc
    N A: 140 T at 0.4 knot
    Y B: 140 T at 0.2 knot
    N C: 320 T at 0.4 knot
    N D: 320 T at 0.2 knot