Ann's Test No. 3 (Chesapeake Bay)

Parameters for this test
      Var =      10 W
      Dev =     0: 2w          30: 3W          60: 2W          90: 1W
              120: 0W         150: 1E         180: 2E         210: 1E
              240: 0W         270: 1W         300: 2W         330: 3W 
99999a. At 1130, your fix places you between G "15" and R "16" in York Split Channel. Your course is 330 T. Your take a bearing of R "16" in Latimer Shoals of 035 T. What is the relative bearing: 15211: You have just passed York River Entrance Channel Lighted Buoys "13" and "14". The chart shows a light approximately 1.0 mile off your port beam with a light characteristic "Fl 6 sec". What is the name of this light? 15465: What is indicated by the dashed magenta line crossing York Spit Channel between buoys "20" and "22"? 15956: The National Weather Service provides 24-hour weather broadcasts to vessels transiting the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The broadcasts may be found on _________________.
    N A: 202.35 MHz
    N B: 181.15 MHz
    Y C: 162.55 MHz
    N D: 147.45 MHz
15960-15961a: Your position is approximately 3705.9' N, 7608.0' W at a course of 321 psc. A red buoy bears 010 relative. This buoy marks _____________.
    N A: the side of York Spit Channel
    N B: the visibility limit of the red sector of Cape Henry Light
    N C: a submerged obstruction in York Spit Channel
    Y D: the York River Entrance Channel
16060: The short-long dashed, magenta lines parallel to York River Entrance Channel mark ____________.
    Y A: fish trap areas
    N B: naval exercise areas
    N C: underwater cables
    N D: recommended track lines
16064: At 2015, your vessel is at the Chesapreake Bay Bridge and Tunnel midway between buoys "13" and "14". If the height of tide is -1 foot (-.3 meter). What is the approximate depth under the keel?
    N A: 51 feet (15.5 meters)
    Y B: 45 feet (13.6 meters)
    N C: 40 feet (12.1 meters)
    N D: 35 feet (10.6 meters)
16107: If the visibility is 5 miles and you are in the red sector, at what distance off should you sight Cape Henry Light?
    N A: 15 miles
    N B: 13 miles
    N C: 11 miles
    Y D: 09 miles
16160a: You are in York Split Channel near buoy "29" heading towards the Bay Bridge Tunnel. You are turning for 9 knots, an easterly wind is causing 3 of leeway, and the current is 320 T at 1.2 knots. What true course should you steer to remain in the middle leg of York Spit Channel?
    N A: 162 T
    Y B: 165 T
    N C: 168 T
    N D: 171 T
16168: You will enter waters governed by the International Rules when _____________.
    N A: you cross the territorial sea boundary line
    N B: enter the pilotage area
    N C: you cross the boundary of the contiguous zone
    Y D: Cape Henry Light bears 202 T