Ann's Test No. 5 (Long Island)

Parameters for this test
      Var =      14 W
      Dev =     0: 2w          30: 3W          60: 2W          90: 1W
              120: 0W         150: 1E         180: 2E         210: 1E
              240: 0W         270: 1W         300: 2W         330: 3W 
12600a: You are on course 241 per standard magnetic compass when you take the following bearings: Falkner Island Light 340 psc Mattituck Inlet Light 205 psc Horton Point Light 110 psc What is your position? 13000: Your 2108 position is LAT 4110.0' N, LONG 7230.0' W. You are turning for 12.5 knots. What is your ETA at Buoy NH (LAT 4112.1' N, LONG 7253.8' W)? 13403: Your vessel has become disabled and is dead in the water. Your loran set fixes your position at LAT 4112.1' N, LONG 7243.5' W. You decide to anchor at this position. Which type of bottom should you expect? 13410: You plan to anchor your vessel at LAT 4105.1' N, LONG 7259.3' W. Assuming that normal conditions exist, how much anchor cable should you put out?
    N A: 150 to 300 feet
    N B: 300 to 440 feet
    Y C: 440 to 600 feet
    N D: 640 to 750 feet
13801: You are operating in the area approximately 2 miles southeast of Kelsey Point when you realize that your vessel's intended track will carry you over the wreck charted at LAT 4113.5' N, LONG 7229.6' W. Which statement is TRUE?
    N A: The chart indicates the exact position of the wreck.
    N B: The wreck has been cleared by wire drag to a depth of 39 ft.
    Y C: The wreck represents a danger to surface navigation.
    N D: The wreck is visible above the sounding datum.
13804: What is the significance of the broken magenta lines which roughly parallel the shore between Roanoke Point and Orient Point on Long Island?
    N A: They mark the limits of breakers in that area.
    N B: These lines warn the mariner of submerged rocks.
    Y C: They mark the boundary lines of fish trap areas.
    N D: These lines warn the mariner of submerged pipelines.
13902: A vessel enroute to Long Island Sound from sea will enter waters governed by the Inland Rules of the Road ___________.
    N A: when crossing the Territorial Sea boundary
    N B: between Montauk Point and Block Island
    N C: when north of latitude 4110.0' N
    Y D: when passing through The Race
13905: The Ruins (LAT 4108.5' N, L0NG 7208.8' W) is ____________.
    N A: a classic example of 18th century military fortifications
    N B: in an area of unpredictable, treacherous currents
    N C: restricted to surface navigation due to fishery conservation projects nearby
    Y D: prohibited to the public
15238a: At 0930 you obtain a position from the following information: Race Rock Light bears 122 psc at a range of 1.4 miles, and Goshen Point bears 342 psc at a range of 3.3 miles. Your current heading is 192 psc. What are your present latitude and longitude?
    N A: 4116.0' N, 7209.5' W
    Y B: 4115.1' N, 7204.6' W
    N C: 4117.4' N, 7206.0' W
    N D: 4114.6' N, 7203.0' W
15266, 15267a: From your 1210 position, LAT 4114.3' N, LONG 7216.5' W , you are steering a course of 098 psc. Your engines are turning RPMs for 10 knots. The set and drift of the current are 310 at 1.7 knots. At what time should you expect to enter the red sector of New London Harbor Light?
    Y A: 1243
    N B: 1249
    N C: 1253
    N D: 1301