Ann's Test No. 6 (Long Island)

Parameters for this test
      Var =      14 W
      Dev =     0: 2w          30: 3W          60: 2W          90: 1W
              120: 0W         150: 1E         180: 2E         210: 1E
              240: 0W         270: 1W         300: 2W         330: 3W 
10600a: At 1520 your loran set indicates a position of LAT 4109.0' N, LONG 7240.0' W. You are on course 125 per standard magnetic compass at a speed of 10 knots. At 1700 your loran set indicates your position as LAT 4105.3' N, LONG 7233.7' W. What were the set and drift? 11005: What is the maximum speed permitted in the Main Entrance Channel to Port Jefferson Harbor? 11404: At 2115 your loran indicates a position of LAT 4103.3' N, LONG 7237.9' W. At 0027 another loran fix places your vessel at LAT 4114.4' N, LONG 7207.2' W. What was your speed made good? 11800: What is the course to steer between Port Jefferson Approach buoy "PJ" and New Haven Lighted Buoy "NH"? Your engine speed is 12 knots and you allow for a current of 93 T at 0.8 knot. A NW'ly wind causes 3 leeway.
    Y A: 031 T
    N B: 034 T
    N C: 037 T
    N D: 044 T
11804: Your engines are making turns for 8 knots and a norhterly wind is causing 3 of leeway. There is a current of 220 T at 1.5 knots. What is the course to steer between Branford Reef Light and Faulkner Island Light?
    Y A: 084 T
    N B: 095 T
    N C: 102 T
    N D: 108 T
13003: At 2102 your position is LAT 4102.9' N, LONG 7257.4' W. You are making turns for 16 knots. What is your ETA at a position 5 miles due south of Falkner Island Light?
    N A: 2149
    Y B: 2155
    N C: 2159
    N D: 2204
13405: At 0400 your vessel is dead in the water and in heavy fog. Your loran set fixes your position at LAT 4112.1' N, LONG 7243.5' W. Bottom samples are taken and indicate a composition of soft mud and shell. Your fathometer reads 40 feet. If the vessel draws 9 feet of water, which of the following is TRUE?
    Y A: The bottom samples and fathometer reading prove the loran fix is reliable.
    N B: The bottom samples and fathometer readings indicate that the loran fix is unreliable.
    N C: The information collected indicates that the fathometer may be in error.
    N D: The information collected indicates that the chart is most
13801: You are operating in the area approximately 2 miles southeast of Kelsey Point when you realize that your vessel's intended track will carry you over the wreck charted at LAT 4113.5' N, LONG 7229.6' W. Which statement is TRUE?
    N A: The chart indicates the exact position of the wreck.
    N B: The wreck has been cleared by wire drag to a depth of 39 ft.
    Y C: The wreck represents a danger to surface navigation.
    N D: The wreck is visible above the sounding datum.
15238: At 0930, at a course of 182 psc, you obtain a position from the following information: Race Rock Light bears 122 psc at a range of 1.4 miles, and Goshen Point bears 342 psc at a range of 3.3 miles. What are your present latitude and longitude?
    N A: 4116.0' N, 7209.5' W
    Y B: 4115.1' N, 7204.6' W
    N C: 4117.4' N, 7206.0' W
    N D: 4114.6' N, 7203.0' W
15760: As you near Little Gull Island, you use your loran to insure that you do not come within 0.5 mile of the island. Which loran reading will act as a danger line and keep you off Little Gull Island by a minimum of 0.5 mile?
    N A: Not more than 9960-W-14735.9
    N B: Not more than 9960-X-26149.0
    N C: Not less than 9960-X-26140.0
    Y D: Not less than 9960-Y-43953.5
15906: As you enter the New Haven Outer Channel, you sight the range markers in line directly over the stern. Your heading at the time is 155.5 per gyrocompass. What is the gyro error?
    N A: 1.0 E
    N B: 1.0 W
    Y C: 2.0 W
    N D: 0