Voyage 2018: Chapter 1

Heading South to Abaco

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1 Oct 2017, Getting Ready for the Mini Season , 34 15.174 N/ 077 56.97 W

Jule III lies at Bennett Brothers north of Wilmington NC waiting out the hurricane season. Fates were kind to us (so far), not so much for many of our favorite places, from Sint Maarten to the Florida Keys to SW Texas. All Jule needs before we head South is a main sail furled and provisioning. She looks good!

22 Oct 2017, Before We Leave, 34 15.24 N/ 077 56.904 W

We have unfinished stuff to complete before we head off. Jim and Karen (formally of Wanderer II) are in Houston for a while to go through some scary medical stuff. Things look great but we wanted to say 'hi' before we headed South. Wow, it was a long drive there (and back) but the Houston gang looked great. We had a great time visiting; unfortunately Bob got an upset tummy the last day so we had to cut the visit a bit short.
We are fortunate enough to get our doggy fixes from our neighbor's dog when they go on travel. This week, we have Hunter for a long weekend while their folks go to Cherokee for some fun. Hunter and Mattie get along great!

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