Only a Mini Season

Sailing with Mattie Kay


After our last passage to Nova Scotia, the Admiral stated that no new cruising until October 2017. Well, October '17 is now here. Our plans were big but our bodies are getting tuckered out. So this season is titled "Only a Mini Season".

We will be heading South once the tropical stuff slows down, probably around Halloween. We'll see how far down the Archipeligo we go. In the summer we will catch up with our family and friends. Maybe we will do another road trip to Nova Scotia and a Disney cruise to Bermuda (belay that, Hurricane Florence had othere ieas). Hopefully the Fall will begin a Maxi Season.

  1. Heading South to Abaco,
  2. Holidays in Green Turtle Cay
  3. A Little Exploring
  4. Going Home
  5. Postlogs