Voyage 2022: Chapter 2

Spring-Summer: [Grand Hurrah]

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2 Apr 2022, Her Final Resting Place Here, 38 19.77 N/ 077 31.872 W

The Todds, Snellings, and Karen, were instrumental in making her Memorial Service and Funeral a most beautiful a proper affair. Capt. Dunsel (rather Bob) was mostly an observer. He was not coping very. But it was beautiful. The Memorial Service was held at Hulls Memorial Baptist Church in Falmouth. This was the Snellings ancestral church since the Civil War. The adjacent Cemetery has been there 'forever'

Chris Todd led the praise for his Mother, Bob followed by an tribute to 
his wife, friend, lover, and of course, his co-captain (she got her 100 
tone rating before Bob. Imagine).  Karen Cook represented the Snellings 
family and Ann's 'Sis' in two great recitals. Bobs oldest friend and 
wife were there where Sheila gave heartfelt feeling from the Strunz 
family.  And their cruising community colleagues, where they were in 
goodly numbers, gave personal encounters of her heart, soul, and love 
whoever she met.

A while back, Bob was a bit worried of those rusty barrels on the 
perimeter of the Cemetery.  After, Roy's funeral, the barrels were much 
better.  So Bob and Ann agreed that this was our place.  Chris and team 
were responsible for the design and implementation of the tombstone. I 
asked for a rendition of our boat, SV Jule III, and the team did a most 
admirable job.

The Hull's congregation, pastor, and everybody associated with this 
event were perfect.  When all was over, everybody went back home.  Each 
grieved their own way.  My grief was beyond belief.  Not 'boo-hoo' 
grief, but emptiness, a special loneliness, fear, anxiety, dread, love, 
unknown future, closeness to God, and an assurance that my Ann was in a 
better place.

This page, like the previous was written in June 2022. I am doing 
better, missing her with happy tears, and hoping I have found a course 
until I meet her again.  Always with her.

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