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On the Hard and Land Voyages

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02 Aug 2006, The Season Begins - on the Road, 41 35.115 N/ 071 16.308 W

    Jule III is on the hard and SV Moony is in Newport RI. So a road trip was ordered by the Jule III crew. We dusted off the RV and pointed her towards Newport. The trip was a nasty one. Betty, our Garmin talking GPS led the way but the roads and drivers in New York and Connecticut made the journey something to remember. At 1430 on Sunday we arrived in Newport and were greeted by Wolfgang and Denise. So good to see them again! Of course we had to have a happy hour at one of the local bars.

    We forgot to mention that the rear brakes on the RV failed. Apparently, some of the NY road jumped up and fractured the rear brake hose. A pin hole leak caused some tense moments, especially on Newport's suspension bridge. Bob and Wolfgang replaced the hose but needed expert help to bleed the brakes (long story).

    Of course the 'babies rode with us. Though it has been hot as Hades, the RV's air conditioner kept them nice and cool. The campground had many trails for their exercise and other business. They also supervised the repair of the RV. Poor Levi needed his Valium several times as there were numerous loud thunderstorms. Poor Levi.

    As a reward for our RV work, we took an hour passage on SV Madeleine, a 72 foot classic schooner around Newport Harbor. We had great wind and only a few passengers so we had the skipper almost to ourselves. She really pointed well and sailed remarkedly flat. Unfortunately, the trip was over much too quickly. and we were back on the dock.

05 Aug 2006, The Season Begins - Returning by Road, 41 35.115 N/ 071 16.308 W

    The Seamen's Church Institute provides welcoming environment for the cruisers and the watermen (as well as the casual tourist). They provide a laundry, showers, and a reasonable eatery. On the second floor is a chapel and an extensive library with free Wi-Fi. The crews of Moony and Jule III had breakfast every day during our stay in Newport.

    What does Eileen Quinn say about ice cream? Well, Denise and Ann were following her advise! This was not the only ice cream incident. In fact any time they were together, they would head for ice cream. Wolfgang and Bob could only sigh in silence. We also had french fries, cold beer, caesar salad, t-bone steak. Not bad.

    The yachts in the harbor were a sight to see. We saw nearly a dozen 12-meter boats and other Americas Cup vessels including the Endeavor. The US Eagle was briefly in the harbor awaiting a Coast Guard exercise. Several of the USNA sailing vessels were making the return trip to Annapolis. An educational experience.

    We could not miss Block Island. However, we did not see it under sail but rather on a lumbering ferry. We drove to Pt Judith and caught the 1045 ferry to Old Harbor, BI. It was hot like it has been most of the week. During this time of the season, the tourists greatly outnumber the cruisers/boaters so it has the flavor of mainland coastal cities. BI will be a future destination for Jule III, but it has lost some of its luster for her crew.

    As always, it was time that we have to say farewell to Moony. This is a short farewell as we will be meeting again in the Chesapeake in September. Nevertheless, it is sad. Ann and Denise cried. Wolfgang and Bob were sad. RV Jule III headed back to Vienna while SV Moony headed for BI.

10 Aug 2006, What no rudder?, 38 46.569 N/ 076 33.956 W

    We returned to Jule III on the hard and we discovered that our rudder was missing. Well, not really. Buster of Phipps Boatworks had taken it off to inspect it for deterioration. More on that later. Progress on the new autopilot (Simrad 1609) was impressive as Steve and his crew from Alpha Rigging were continuing the miracle of forcing equipment where it shouldn't fit. It will fit, wouldn't Steve? Jimmy of Osprey Composites supervised the soda blasting of 10 years of bottom paint off the the hull. Jack of Potomac Sailmakers is repairing our sails and making new sail covers. Michelle of Custom Marine Canvas is re-doing our dodger to fix leaks, sags, and an all too mobile mizzen. Of course, Bob is doing most of the electrical work and taking grief from the yard dogs for not doing all the work himself. Since Bob is still making good money as a "Beltway Bandit", let the yard dogs talk.

    Jule III's rudder has worried Bob for a long time. Of course Bob worries about every aspect of Jule III. The Swedes/Germans build boats well. The rudder was in bristol condition! The mahogany had not deteriorated at all in 28 years. The stainless steel supports have not demonstrated any corrosion or 'bleeding'. We have asked Buster to 'coat' the rudder with fiberglass to protect it from worms when we head to the Caribe and other places (can't let Ann know the plans)

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