Voyage 2007-2008: Chapter 5

Heading Back to the Bay

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12 May 2008, The Weather and Levi, 38 46.596 N/ 076 33.846 W

The weather has been wicked in Wilmington since we arrived back from Panama. The winds have been blowing out of the North almost continuously and usually above 20 kts. Not good for a passage to the Chesapeake. Our senior dog, Levi is slowly failing so our trip up must be fast to minimize our time away from him. We gave him a haircut for the approaching hot months but it makes him appear even more frail. It is the sad time of companionship. Still, he does not seem to be in pain.

19 May 2008, The Trip north Begins, 34 37.453 N/ 076 32.761 W

We left Carolina Beach NC at 0545 with no fanfare. Who would be up at 0545 anyways? The wind was out of the SW at 5-15 knots. Good direction but maybe a little more consistent wind. We had all canvas up and Jule was sailing well but maybe our 78 nm goal was too much for the daytime hours of May. So we added 1,800 rpm of engine which promised us a daytime arrival at Cape Lookout. Anchorage was excellent with adequate protection from the waves but little attenuation of the wind. Tomorrow we will decide whether we will continue on the outside or do the ICW thing to Norfolk.

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