Voyage 2008: Chapter 1

Getting ready for Fall

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08 Sep 2008, The season begins , 34 05.96 N/ 077 55.09 W

The puppies are doing as well as can be expected for old pooches. They will be staying with our son Chris during our trip from the Chesapeake to Wilmington, NC. However, they will help us prepare Jule III for this season's commissioning. After Wilmington, we will continue our vigil with the pups They like camping so we will organize a couple of doggie-friendly land voyages.
Hurricane Hanna decided to delay our work on Jule. She made landfall just south of Carolina Beach which forced all of the boats at our marina to vacate. This is why we keep Jule out of Wilmington during the season. This is the first time that we have seen Mona Black marina empty. We helped shuttle some of the crews to and from their hurricane destinations. Quite a busy day! However, Hanna was not very impressive with her near hurricane force winds. Rain and wind were limited to a 4 hour period in the middle of the night (of course). After leaving Wilmington, Hanna aimed for Jule III in Deale MD. Reports indicate that she faired well.

30 Sep 2008, Working on the hard and the splash(es), 38 46.63 N/ 076 33.85 W

Finally got back to Herrington Harbour yard to finish Jule for here splash in a week. We took Lilli to 'help' us paint the bottom and other yard chores. But first we had to say hi to Miss Robin and Jake. The Jakester is not feeling too good and the prognosis is not too good but today is a good day. We spent so much time talking we did not get too much done at the yard.
We are staying with our puppies at Shipwright Harbour marina in the RV until we can move the boat to a slip there. Shipwright is a doggy friendly place that allows RVs. Plus we know some of the folks there pretty well. The dogs really enjoy the view of Tracy's creek with SV Legend (Butch and Vicki) in the background. However, the pups are not cooperating too much in this picture. Still, the weather is great, the boat is doing well, and life is good.
The yard launched Jule on Tuesday and had her delivered to Shipwright. Great being back on the boat! But wait! Why do I have a couple of drops of water next to the thru hull in the head? Either the caulking is giving way or the specially made fitting over the thru hull is failing. Sigh. We will have to be hauled out for the repair. However, a 'blow' is coming for the next couple of days so we will have to wait until Monday to be hauled! Yesterday we were on the hard again where Buster replaced the thru-hull and the seacock and we were ready again. Today we were 'splashed' and we are ready for a Thursday departure. Cross you fingers!

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