USCG General Navigation: Master's License

This is an interactive test. Read each question and select the proper answer by clicking on the appropriate answer. If a "Y" appears, your choice is correct. If a "N" appears, more study may be in order.

71: A preferred-channel buoy may be __________.

95: The difference in local time between an observer on 114W and one on 119W is __________.

136: Which Beaufort force indicates a wind speed of 65 knots?

168: Your vessel is making way through the water at a speed of 12 knots. Your vessel traveled 30 nautical miles in 2 hours 20 minutes. What current are you experiencing?

    N a. A following current at 2.0 knots
    N b. A head current of 2.0 knots
    Y c. A following current of 0.9 knot
    N d. A head current of 0.9 knot

202: On charts of U.S. waters, a magenta marking is NOT used for marking a __________.

    N a. radio beacon
    N b. lighted buoy
    N c. prohibited area
    Y d. 5-fathom curve

241: A spherical buoy may be __________.

    N a. numbered
    Y b. lettered
    N c. green
    N d. red

276: The region of high pressure extending around the Earth at about 35N latitude is called the __________.

    N a. prevailing westerlies
    Y b. horse latitudes
    N c. troposphere
    N d. doldrums

293: The use of pulse groups and extremely precise timing at each Loran-C station makes possible the use of __________.

    N a. high frequency pulses
    N b. combinations of high and low frequency pulses
    Y c. the same frequency for all stations in a chain
    N d. varied long and short pulses

344: A marine sextant has the index arm set at zero and the reflected image of the horizon forms a continuous line with the actual image. When the sextant is rotated about the line of sight the images separate. The sextant has __________.

    N a. error of perpendicularity
    Y b. side error
    N c. prismatic error
    N d. centering error

431: When a buoy marks a channel bifurcation, the preferred channel is NOT indicated by __________.

    N a. the shape of an unlighted buoy
    N b. the light color of a lighted buoy
    N c. the color of the topmost band
    Y d. whether the number is odd or even

444: A sylphon cell is a part of a __________.

    N a. maximum thermometer
    Y b. barograph
    N c. thermograph
    N d. hygrometer

454: On what does the operation of an aneroid barometer depend?

    Y a. Thin, metal, air tight cell
    N b. Curved tube containing alcohol
    N c. Column of mercury supported by atmospheric pressure
    N d. Expansion of mercury in a closed tube

502: A gnomonic projection is based on a(n) __________.

    Y a. plane tangent at one point
    N b. cylinder tangent at the equator
    N c. cone tangent at one parallel
    N d. infinite series of cones tangent at selected parallels

544: The instrument most commonly used to gather the data for determining the relative humidity is the __________.

    N a. hydrometer
    Y b. psychrometer
    N c. barometer
    N d. anemometer

544: The instrument most commonly used to gather the data for determining the relative humidity is the __________.

    N a. hydrometer
    Y b. psychrometer
    N c. barometer
    N d. anemometer

552: A Mercator chart is a __________.

    Y a. cylindrical projection
    N b. simple conic projection
    N c. polyconic projection
    N d. rectangular projection

562: You wish to measure the distance on a Mercator chart between a point in latitude 4230'N and a point in latitude 4030'N. To measure 30 miles at a time you should set the points of the dividers at __________.

    Y a. 4115' and 4145'
    N b. 4145' and 4215'
    N c. 4215' and 4245'
    N d. 4200' and 4230'

649: You are on course 226T. In order to check the latitude of your vessel, you should observe a celestial body on which bearing?

    N a. 226
    N b. 270
    Y c. 000
    N d. 026

683: A radar contact will remain stationary on a relative motion radar display only when it is __________.

    N a. on the same course as your vessel
    N b. at the same speed as your vessel
    Y c. on the same course and speed as your vessel
    N d. on a reciprocal course at the same speed as your vessel

793: The permanent magnetism of a vessel may change in strength due to __________.

    N a. a collision with another vessel
    N b. being moored on a constant heading for a long period of time
    N c. being struck by lightning
    Y d. All of the above

793: The permanent magnetism of a vessel may change in strength due to __________.

    N a. a collision with another vessel
    N b. being moored on a constant heading for a long period of time
    N c. being struck by lightning
    Y d. All of the above

820: A position obtained by crossing lines of position taken at different times and advanced to a common time is a(n) __________.

    N a. dead-reckoning position
    Y b. running fix
    N c. estimated position
    N d. fix

834: In many areas "atoll" clouds (clouds of vertical development) are produced over small islands. These are the result of __________.

    Y a. rising air currents produced by the warm islands
    N b. warm air from the sea rising over higher land areas
    N c. cool land air mixing with warm sea air
    N d. descending air over the islands

836: In North America the majority of the weather systems move from __________.

    N a. north to south
    N b. south to north
    N c. east to west
    Y d. west to east

871: Under the IALA-A Buoyage System, a buoy marking the starboard side of the channel when approaching from seaward must have a(n) __________.

    N a. pillar shape
    Y b. green color
    N c. square topmark
    N d. even number

1004: A low, uniform layer of cloud resembling fog, but not resting on the ground, is called __________.

    N a. cumulus
    N b. nimbus
    Y c. stratus
    N d. cirrus

1243: Magnetic heading differs from compass heading by __________.

    N a. compass error
    N b. true heading
    N c. variation
    Y d. deviation

1340: The annual change in variation for an area can be found in __________.

    N a. the handbook for Magnetic Compass Adjustment, Pub 226
    Y b. the center of the compass rose on a chart of the area
    N c. the compass deviation table
    N d. Variation does not change.

1378: The latitude of the upper vertex of a great circle is 36N. What is the latitude of the lower vertex?

    N a. 36N
    N b. 0
    Y c. 36S
    N d. Cannot be determined from the information given

1460: What is the major advantage of a rhumb line track?

    Y a. The vessel can steam on a constant heading (disregarding wind, current, etc.).
    N b. The rhumb line is the shortest distance between the arrival and departure points.
    N c. It is easily plotted on a gnomonic chart for comparison with a great circle course.
    N d. It approximates a great circle on east-west courses in high latitudes.

1494: Cirrocumulus clouds are indicated by which number? (D039NG )

    N a. 7
    N b. 5
    Y c. 3
    N d. 1

1539: You are steaming in the open ocean of the North Pacific between the Aleutian Chain and Hawaii. A warning broadcast indicates that an earthquake has occurred in the Aleutians and has generated a tsunami that is predicted to hit Hawaii. What action is necessary for the ship's safety?

    N a. Calculate the tsunami's ETA at your position and turn to a course that will head into the Tsunami.
    N b. Securely stow all loose gear, check deck lashings, and prepare for extreme rolls.
    Y c. No special action as tsunamis are inconspicuous in the open ocean
    N d. Prepare for sudden, high-velocity wind gusts from rapidly changing directions.

1567: Buoys and day beacons exhibiting a yellow triangle or square painted on them are used __________.

    N a. in minor harbors where the controlling depth is 10 feet (3 meters) or less
    N b. on isolated stretches of the ICW to mark undredged areas
    Y c. where the ICW and other waterways coincide
    N d. at particularly hazardous turns of the channel

1578: The LMT of sunrise on the standard meridian is 0552. Your longitude is 9915'E. What is your ZT of sunrise?

    N a. 0512
    N b. 0529
    N c. 0552
    Y d. 0615

1585: The sidereal day begins when the __________.

    Y a. first point of Aries is over the upper branch of the reference meridian
    N b. Sun is over the lower branch of the reference meridian
    N c. Sun is over the upper branch of the reference meridian
    N d. first point of Aries is over the lower branch of the reference meridian

1586: A green buoy has a yellow triangle on it. This is a(n) __________.

    N a. information or regulatory buoy that has lateral significance
    N b. buoy that is off-station and is marked to warn mariners of its wrong position
    Y c. dual purpose marking used where the ICW and other waterways coincide
    N d. buoy that was set in error and will be replaced with a red nun buoy

1684: Which type of frontal passage is associated with a relatively narrow band of precipitation?

    Y a. A cold front
    N b. A warm front
    N c. A stationary front
    N d. None of the above

1745: When your vessel is on the storm track but behind the storm's center the __________.

    N a. wind direction remains steady
    N b. wind speed decreases
    N c. barometer rises
    Y d. All of the above

1804: Magnetic information on a chart may be __________.

    N a. found in the center(s) of the compass rose(s)
    N b. indicated by isogonic lines
    N c. found in a note on the chart
    Y d. All of the above

1806: Sometimes foreign charts are reproduced by NGA (NIMA). On such a chart a wire dragged (swept) area may be shown in purple or __________.

    Y a. green
    N b. red
    N c. magenta
    N d. yellow

1815: Which weather system produces strong cold winds called "Northers" during the winter months in the Gulf of Mexico?

    Y a. An anticyclone
    N b. A polar maritime air mass
    N c. A cyclone
    N d. A low pressure system

1949: "Revolution" is the __________.

    N a. wobbling of the Earth about its axis
    N b. motion of bodies in the solar system relative to the stars
    Y c. motion of a celestial body in its orbit
    N d. spinning of a celestial body about its axis

2040: A vessel heading NNE is on a course of __________.

    Y a. 022.5
    N b. 045.0
    N c. 067.5
    N d. 090.0

2053: When outbound from a U.S. port, a buoy displaying a flashing red light indicates __________.

    N a. a sharp turn in the channel to the right
    Y b. the port side of the channel
    N c. a junction with the preferred channel to the left
    N d. a wreck to be left on the vessel's starboard side

2067: The Light List indicates that a light has a nominal range of 10 miles and is 11 feet high. If the visibility is 5 miles and your height of eye is 20 feet, at what approximate distance will you sight the light?

    Y a. 6.3 miles
    N b. 7.4 miles
    N c. 8.4 miles
    N d. 9.0 miles

2115: Vessels regularly navigating rivers above Cairo, Illinois, shall at all times have on board a copy of __________.

    Y a. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regulations (Blue Book)
    N b. Light List Vol. V
    N c. U.S. Coast Pilot
    N d. None of the above

2232: A vessel is heading magnetic north and its magnetic compass indicates a heading of 003. Which action should be taken to remove this error during compass adjustment?

    N a. If the red ends are to starboard you should raise the athwartships tray.
    Y b. If the red ends are to starboard, and the athwartships tray is at the bottom, you should remove some magnets.
    N c. If the red ends are to port, and the athwartships tray is at the top, you should reverse the magnets.
    N d. If the red ends are to port, and the athwartships tray is at the top, you should lower the tray.

2246: The speed of an ocean current is dependent on __________.

    Y a. the density of the water
    N b. the air temperature
    N c. the presence of a high pressure area near it
    N d. underwater soil conditions

2328: Universal time (UTI) is another name for __________.

    N a. sidereal time
    Y b. Greenwich mean time
    N c. ephemeris time
    N d. atomic time

2375: The shortest distance between any two points on earth defines a __________.

    N a. small circle
    Y b. great circle
    N c. rhumb line
    N d. hyperbola

2498: The light characteristic of flashing is used in the Aids to Navigation System on the Western Rivers for lights on __________.

    Y a. the right descending bank
    N b. the left descending bank
    N c. preferred channel buoys
    N d. daymarks with no lateral significance

2688: The 10-cm radar as compared to a 3-cm radar of similar specifications will __________.

    N a. be more suitable for river and harbor navigation
    N b. provide better range performance on low lying targets during good weather and calm seas
    Y c. have a wider horizontal beam width
    N d. have more sea return during rough sea conditions

2722: The paths of intended travel between three or more points is the __________.

    N a. course
    Y b. track
    N c. bearing
    N d. course over the ground

2764: You are in a channel inbound from sea. A daymark used to mark a channel junction when the preferred channel is to port will have the shape indicated by what letter in illustration D045NG?

    N a. A
    N b. B
    N c. C
    Y d. D

2821: The height of tide is the __________.

    N a. difference between the depth of the water at high tide and the depth of the water at low tide
    N b. depth of water at a specific time due to tidal effect
    Y c. difference between the depth of the water and the area's tidal datum
    N d. difference between the depth of the water and the high water tidal level

2831: A coastal chart could have a scale of __________.

    N a. not more than 1:25,000
    N b. 1:35,000
    Y c. 1:100,000
    N d. 1:500,000

2844: The signal from a ramark will show on the PPI as a __________.

    N a. coded signal on the same bearing and at a greater range then the transponder
    N b. circle surrounding the transponder
    Y c. radial line from the transponder to the center of the PPI
    N d. dashed circle at the same range as the transponder

2924: You take a bearing of 264 of a lighthouse. What bearing of another object would give the best fix?

    N a. 289
    Y b. 350v
    N c. 081
    N d. 120

2941: During daylight savings time the meridian used for determining the time is located farther __________.

    N a. west in west longitude and east in east longitude
    N b. east in west longitude and west in east longitude
    Y c. east
    N d. west

3028: The channel under a bridge is marked with aids from the lateral system. The centerline of the channel is marked on the bridge with __________.

    N a. a yellow triangle
    N b. three white lights
    N c. a black-and-white diamond
    Y d. a red-and-white octagon