Voyage to Bay of Fundy

A Last Hurrah ?

Plan C

We are slowing down even more! 2020 gave us Covid, lockdowns everywhere, critical medical situations for Ann, and political junk everywhere. We had planned on replacing our winter cruises to Green Turtle with visiting by air and apartment. Hurricane Dorian killed that for 2020 and Covid/medical for 2021. So we will try yet again in early 2022.

Starting in mid April, Jule will leave the Chesapeake Bay (Shipwright Harbor Marina), brave the cold water, April showers, foul winds and slowly sail North. We will transit the Delaware Bay, New Jersey coast, New York Harbor, Long Island Sound, Rhode Island Bay, and Buzzards Bay to Onset MA (Cape Cod). But wait, we are headed for a Plan C due to continuing medical problems with the Admiral: status of her lung cancer (presumably cured) and her newly acquired shingles. Right now it looks like a couple Chesapeake Bay tours. We will see!

  1. Spring: Splash and Sail Chesapeake
  2. Marco and a Northern RV voyage
  3. Fall Jule III mini Cruise