Voyage 2021: Chapter 3

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6 Oct 2021, Our Fall Micro Cruise, 38 46.518 N/ 076 33.786 W

It has been a slow season as there is some concern of a recurring cancer in Ann's continuing struggle. Still we managed to have a good time at home, on the boat, and on the RV. Our first trip is Solomon's for a couple days, then back to home port to get Jule III for her winter hibernation, then cancer treatments, followed by a week of RVing, then the Holidays. Everything will be enjoyable except for the cancer thing. So here we go.

8 Oct 2021, Solomon's and the Mooring Ball, 38 19.908 N/ 076 27.684 W

As we get older, we are practicing role reversals. For instance, when Jule III needs a mooring ball, Bob drives the boat and Ann picks up the ball. But not today. Ann is behind the wheel and Bob is the ball hooker. Well, Ann started the approach to the ball, backed up, and almost whacked a nice power boat behind us. No crunch, no foul. Bob was stellar in his first ball grab. Piece of cake. Life is good, at least for the next couple days.

We didn't do much in Solomon's as we are stressed out with Covid, cancer, and Ann's impeding treatments. Bob made his yearly walk to Roy Rogers to get our favorite burgers. The next day we headed for Mill Creek for our last anchorage of the year. (I ran out of pictures so I stuck this nice sunset on the Cape Fear River). Oh well.

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