Voyage 2024: Chapter 1

Green Turtle & Brazil

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9 Jan 2024, Green Turtle Cay: Home at Last, 26 46.83 N/ 077 20.526 W

Capt. Bob and Mate Mattie look forward to this time as we know that its time to travel to Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamian Abacos. This is the fifth trip to Green Turtle for Mattie and me: Two by sea and now three by charter plane. Sadly, Capt. Ann passed away after finishing the first charter flight in 2022. Now all of trips to GTC are Trips of Remembrance, New Memories, and Happiness. It is a good time!

9 Jan 2024:Over Budget Crew Comes a visiting

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9 Jan 2024: The People and Friends of GTC

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9 Jan 2024: Ships of the Cay

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9 Jan 2024: Our Restaurants

Not much has changed in Green Turtle Cay in regards to restaurants and business since our first arrival in 2018. Category 5+ Dorian and COVID did a number on GTC where they are still recovering. Most of the restaurants that were opened in 2018, have reopend with exception of the Turtle Crawl and Harvey's. We can't pick a favorite as they have different foods with different memories.

We favor Plymouth Rock Liquor Store for their local breakfasts, their pizza Fridays and of course their box wines; Sundowners for Jule III's Pizza Wednesday; Two Shorty's for the island's fast food and specials; Mcintosh's Restaurant for their local and exotic foods and breakfasts; Wrecking Tree for lunch and dinner with high end meals; Green Turtle Club for great food and great scenery; and Tranquil Turtle for the beach scene. Mosty folks don't believe we have never gone to Pineapples. We are just too old!

9 Jan 2024: Exploring and Enjoying

Take Pictures
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