Voyage 2007-2008: Chapter 1

Underway Again

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04 Aug 2007, A New Season Begins, 38 56.920 N/ 074 54.550 W

Welcome aboard for a light and leisurely trip on the Jule III. Lots has happened on the off season. Ann has almost healed from her winter surgery but she will have to go through the knife again this winter. The puppies are doing well but slowing down a bit. Jule III has been fixed (we think) of her diesel leak so we are ready! Our first trip is to NYC through Cape May. Of course we are going to meet our friends on SV Moony at the 79th St. Boat Basin. But first we have to 'splash' Jule III.
Herrington Harbour did their usually fine job of launching Jule III. The mechanics did their final check on the engine and she got a clean bill of health. We had a visit from our oldest and youngest grandbabies (sorry Collin) and they are potential crew members for the next Spring Break cruise. We were waiting for the perfect weather window that could have us to NYC by Monday. Let's hope so! On Saturday, we left our slip and headed for the Delaware Bay. Weather was good but the wind was a bit light.

05 Aug 2007, Heading for the Delaware Bay, 38 56.920 N/ 074 54.550 W

It is a typical motoring day with enough wind to fill the jib. However, the current gods were good to us most of the day. It did not turn foul until we passed the Sassafras River. But it is very hot! We are not very bright doing a cruise in August. Oh well, we are on the water! But where are we going to anchor? We are heading for the eastern side of the C&D canal and will anchor near the 'General Anchorage'i we hope.
Wow! There is quite a bit of current here. We are experiencing over 3 knots of current. We have over 5:1 of chain scope so we should not drag. Still, we will use our anchor alarm just in case. Current will change around 0100 so we will be prepared just in case. The morning found the power plant where it was supposed to be so we did not drag (much). Fortunately, the current went slack as we were ready to leave so the anchor came up quickly and cleanly.

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