Voyage 2008: Chapter 2

Passage to Wilmington NC

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26 Oct 2008, Status of Mate Levi, 34 05.96 N/ 077 55.09 W

Levi has retired from sea service and is not in the best of health. Mate Levi is over 14 years old and is struggling with a variety of health issues. Over the past week, he has stopped eating and predictably is losing weight. Tomorrow he goes to the doctor and we hope that he is treatable. The Jule III crew are praying that he will recover. Wish the boy luck!

02 Nov 2008, The diagnosis is in, 34 05.96 N/ 077 55.09 W

The boy has leukemia! We will not force any painful treatments on him but the vet indicated that cortisone treatments may extend his quality of life a few weeks to a few months. Dr. Steve said that his appetite will return and his arthritis pain may decrease...temporarily. When the appetite fails and the pain returns, that will be it. But for now, his treatments have brought us back our Levi. He is happy, eating, and seems to move better. The only downside is that he pees everywhere. We are coping and it doesn't seem to bother him.

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