Voyage 2008: Chapter 2

Passage to Wilmington NC

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16 Nov 2008, Oyster Fest at Mona Black, 34 03.066 N/ 077 53.457 W

Yesterday was party day. We were invited to an oyster shin-ding at Mona Black and a pig pickin' at our next door neighbor. We don't do oysters but they had many other goodies there. It was entertaining watching everybody else slurp oysters. Yuck! Around 1900 we headed for the pig pickin' and nobody was feeling any pain there. The pig was great as were Karen's beans. Then we went back to Mona Black for a while and then back to the pickin' for a while. We had a good time. Levi enjoyed watching the pig pickin' but nobody gave him free samples. He was sad.

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