Voyage 2006-2007: Chapter 2

Boat Show, Heading south, Hugging Goodbye

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1 Oct 2006, Moony is Back, 38 46.590 N/ 076 33.930 W

    We picked up Denise and Wolfgang at the airport as they arrived from Germany. The gang headed back to Herrington Harbour North to ready Jule III and Moony for their voyages. Lilli Ann visited the yard and said hi to Moony. Poor Collin could not come as he was attending school. Her visit was brief and the crews had to get back to boat projects.

    Jule III continues her upgrades. A refurbished galley was completed with a new ice box, new oven, and new countertop. The autopilot upgrade ($$$) was completed but we will have to wait until out voyage to complete testing. Over the past several days, we tested the navigation lights, pumps, communications, power plants, and other systems. During all of this fun, we decided to go to the Annapolis Boat Show.


9 Oct 2006, Annapolis Boat Show 06, 38 46.590 N/ 076 33.930 W

    The crews of SV Moony and SV Jule III attended the boat show on Saturday. Of course we picked the day where it was raining and the tides were so high that much of the area was flooded. We managed to see Butch (Shiver Me Timbers) and Vicki (Integrity Yacht Sales) at their booths. Sadly, we missed John C (our old rigger) and John M (the kind gentleman who was Jule III's broker). We noticed that the new boats were getting bigger, more plastic, and more expensive. We will stick with what we have.


14 Oct 2006, Departure Tomorrow, 38 46.590 N/ 076 33.930 W

    All systems have been checked: sails, engine, below waterline stuff, communications, power, and comfort things. These tasks take a lot longer than we thought. Moony and Jule III worked together and it was great! Friends of Moony and Dances with Dragons (MoonSail) arrived in HHN yesterday. They had a severely damaged rudder and came here for repairs. Unfortunately, they may have to spend a week or two here for repairs. Our friends Jim and Karen (Wanderer II) came by and said goodbye to Moony and gave them a Bon Voyage present. Hey! Where is our BV present?


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