Voyage 2006-2007: Chapter 3

Jule III wintering in Carolina Beach

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03 Nov 2006, Day 16: A Pleasant Surprise, 34 34.440 N/ 076 42.435 W

    We got up at 0500 to wave goodbye to Southern Lady. They were running a bit late but their engines were on by 0515. At 0535, she passed our dockage, we waved, and Sterling said "good luck". We said the same. We started our trek at 0800, with a destination of Carolina Beach. We decided against stopping at Beaufort NC as we felt that it would be overwhelmed by boaters waiting out the gale and the remnants of the participants of the Cruiser's Reunion at New Bern. Bay River and Neuse River were calm. We could do a bit of motor sailing. The current was opposing us in Adam's Creek and the canal. As we arrived in the vicinity of Beaufort, the current became favorable. We arrived at Beaufort Inlet at 1615 and the sea buoy at 1715. There we turned toward the west for Wrightsville Beach. Our bows were pointing to the setting sun. There were no clouds. The sun set. Bob saw something but said nothing. He looked at Ann and they both said 'Green Flash'. We called Moony for a position report. He asked if we saw something 'Green'. A confirmed 'Green Flash'!


11 Nov 2006, Working on the Boats (in Carolina Beach), 34 02.540 N/ 077 53.480 W

    Lots has happened since we pulled into the slip at Mona Black. We arrived here on Halloween and the Halloween bug hit Ann and hit her hard. She had her second bout of pancreatitus and it put her hard in bed (and the hospital). Of course it took us a week to figure this out. Bob was doing some routine boat stuff including climbing up the mast. Yeah right! He got less than 8 feet up the mizzen before he quit. Fortunately, he did the necessary cleaning of the wind generator pedestal before he freaked out.

    Wolfgang came to the rescue to help remove and re-install our Fourwinds III wind generator. Bob cleaned and re-furbished it but Wolfgang did a lot of the hard stuff. We are going to have to train Ann to be a Wolfgang (boatwise). Jule III and Moony received daily visits from us to be sure that both were 'happy'. Ann is slowly recovering from her pancreatitus; Moony's departure weather has soured, and Jule III is enjoying the company! Regardless, the crews have had a great time in Wilmington. Still, it will be sad when Moony has to leave. The dogs will be sad also!


13 Nov 2006, Bye-bye, Moony, 34 02.540 N/ 077 53.480 W

    All good things must come to an end and so it is with our time with Wolfgang and Denise. A small weather window opened which will allow Moony to get as far South as Charleston or Beaufort (SC). So, we headed for Mona Black marina to ready Moony for her voyage trip south. Jule III was going to accompany Moony for a while in the Cape Fear River, but Ann's recent bout with pancreatitus made that less than ideal. Moony shoved off at 1155 with a fair current in Snows Cut and a foul current in the river.

    Bob and Ann hopped in the car and rushed to Snows Cut (like we did last year) and waved to Moony. Then we rushed to the Southport Ferry and tried to catch up with them. Like last year they had to heave to for a couple of minutes until the ferry caught up (like last year). Jule III should be traveling with them. Sigh!

    We got off the ferry and hurried to the Southport fishing pier to get our last wave with Moony. By now the current has turned fair and she was moving at a good spend. We called on the VHF and said our good-bye's. Ann and Denise cried (on the VHF!). Wolfgang and Bob were cool. Yeah, sure. We promised to meet them in Vero Beach (us by car) within the next several weeks. When we got home, Levi, Gina, and Samantha Jane were sad. They missed their new friends.


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