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North Atlantic Weather Links

Updated 2021-06-23
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  Below are some of the more useful weather links that we relied on during our coastal passages:

North America Surface Analysis (NWS)
Atlantic Weather Summary (PassageWeather)
Worldwide Weather (PassageWeather)
Worldwide GRIBs (EURO & GFS)
Reporting Buoys
Surface Wx Analysis (N. Atlantic [0000 Z]), [0600]), [1200]), [1800])(NOAA)
Surface Wx Forecast (N. Atlantic [24 Hour], [48 Hour], [96 Hour])
500 mb Wx Analysis (N. Atlantic [0000 Z]) (NOAA).
500 mb Wx Forecast (N. Atlantic [48 hour]), [96 hour])
Sea State Analysis for N. Atlantic ([0000 Z], [1200 Z])(NOAA)
Sea State Forecast for N. Atlantic ([24 hour], [48 hour], [96 hour])(NOAA)
EURO (ECMWF) Weather Model
Gulf Stream (Mid Atl), (SE Atl)
NOAA Hurricane Forecast
Hurricane Models and more
El Niño Discussion

NOAA Coastal Weather Text(T), Discussion (D), and Radar(R):

CHS Maritimes (S, F, E W)
Caribou, ME (T, D, R) Gray, ME (T, D, R) Tauton, MA (T, D, R) New York, NY (T, D, R)
Philadelphia, PA (T, D, R) Washington, DC (T, D, R) Wakefield, VA (T, D, R) Morehead City, NC (T, D, R)
Wilmington,NC (T, D, R) Charleston, SC (T, D, R) Jacksonville FL (T, D, R) Melbourne FL (T, D, R)
Miami FL (T, D, R) Key West, FL (T, D, R) Puerto Rico(T, R) Bahamas( T, R)
Bermuda( T, T)

NOAA Offshore Weather Text(T):
    Gulf of Maine to Hague Line (T)
    Mid Atlantic (T)
    SW & Tropical N. Atlantic (T)

NOAA High Seas Weather Text(T):

    Western North Atlantic (T)
    Caribbean (T)