Voyage 2000: Chapter 3

Layover at Port Canaveral

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The wind and waves became less threatening as dawn approached. Ann got a bit sea sick during the night but perked up at daybreak. Port Canaveral is an excellent all weather inlet. It is filled with submarines, naval ships, freighters, casino ships, tugs, and all aspects of sport fishing boats. Sailboats are a definite minority. We tied up at Cape Marina for a two month stay. We had to return home for several business engagements. Also, there was much to do on the boat. Lastly, it was cold and windy for much of the two month period.

Cape Marina is a very clean, friendly port of call. Though it dominated by sport fishing interests, they are actually kind to the cruising sailor. We made many friends during our stay. Pelicans are very common at the marina, in large part due to the fish scraps from the fisherman. Did you know that pelican 'poop' is impossible to remove from sail covers after it dries. We know from personal experience. We believe that the Central Florida pelican community had a party on our mizzen mast while we were home. The aft portion of the boat was white (it is supposed to be teak in color).

Port Canaveral is a convenient place for us. We have friends and god-kids that live in the Melbourne area (which is about 45 minutes away). There is plenty of room for the kids to play; there are picnic tables and charcoal grills for cooking, and of course beer at the Ships Store. The ICW is about an hour away while the Atlantic is a mere 15 minutes. It is certainly a welcome site when we arrived after an offshore passage.

Cape Marina is one of the few marinas in the area that has a do-it-yourself boat yard. They also have a very capable technical staff and parts department that can satisfy most any requirement. Many sailors use Cape Marina as a point of departure for the Abacos and Bermuda. Several of the larger cruise ships use Port Canaveral as homeport for the Bahamas cruises. Ann loves the slot machines (which are illegal in Florida). However, there are two small cruise ships that travel past the three mile limit where it is legal. They have hundreds of 'slots'' on board. Ann won $60, Bob lost his entire bankroll ($ 0.50), and Toby lost $10 in less than two minutes!

We went back home for a few days before Christmas to catch up on family and work that required Bob's attention at our customer sites. We were greeted with a fairly nasty ice storm. Though it was beautiful looking down our driveway, it was no pleasure driving in it. We enjoy snow but have a decided disgust for ice (except in drinks). We drove back to Port Canaveral with our furry kids. We arrived at Cape Marina at 2330 with a problem: how do we get the dogs on the boat due to the high tide? We struggled, we succeeded, we need to find a better way!

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