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  The Jule III, through the facilities of the Advanced Research Corporation provides a wide range of training and education programs. The curriculum includes :
  • USCG Masters Licence: We provide assistance to the US skipper in acquiring or updating his/her Coast Guard license. Check out our free self testing facility.

  • On Board Electronics: Jule III staff are licensed for marine, air, and shore based installations of radiotelephone (SSB, VHF, Satellite), navigation (GPS, Radar), and entertainment (TV, DVD, Satellite, Computer). We provide educational seminars on the Chesapeake Bay (Spring/Summer) and the East Coast of Florida (Fall/Winter).

  • Crusing for the Novice: We have been there and done that; with a modest vessel and a modest budget. The Jule III staff can assist the cruiser in taming the ICW and the coastal waters of the East Coast of the US.

    For additional information, please contact us at Crew