USCG Master's License Examination [Updated to June 2007 Questions]

Note: The USCG has discontinued distribution of question and answer material for their 'Deck Examination' which includes 100T and 6 Pack questions. The official notice is here


The folks at Advanced Research Corporation ® initially contracted with one of the local "good old boys" for a course in obtaining a USCG Master's license. You guessed it, he provided a " glossed over" program and skipped on almost half of the classes. So, we developed this Question and Answer Web site that provides the bulk of the USCG questions in an easy to read format. In addition, we developed an interactive program that provides 50 to 60 questions on a given element. We would like to share the aids we used in passing the test. Specifically, we would like to provide to USCG candidates our on-line testing facility based on the USCG questions. A couple of cautions are provided:

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me here.


The sections below provide answers to the vast majority of the questions used by the USCG for the "T-Boat [< 100 GT]" exam. For each element, there are several entries:

Rules of the Road [Book 1]

Deck General [Book 2]

Navigation General [Book 3]

Safety [Book 4]

Navigation Problems [Book 5]

Ann's Suite of Problems